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Table of Contents, Book 3

Last update: 02/05/'04
1.8.B.2.c Book 3

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Barbara S. Wampler, Letter from the Editor 1
Pennsylvania German Pioneers 2
Elias Wampler, Census data, Pulaski Co KY 2
Adam Wampler, Will abstract 2
Joseph Wampler, Will abstract 2
Elizabeth Wampler, Will abstract 3
Jefferson Wampler, Will abstract 3
Louis E. Wampler, letter 3
Sarah Hawkins Wampler, Poem 4
Christopher Jacob Lucus, birth announcement 4
County history, Berks & Lebanon counties, PA 4
Church Records, St. Pauls Lutheran, Wythe Co, VA 5
Census, Nodaway Co MO, 1880 5
Joseph Wampler Family 5
Ephraim Wampler, correction 5
Census, Knox Co. IN, 1850 6
Census, Wythe Co, VA 1850 6
York PA, Jacob, Lewis & Joseph Wampler 7
John Wampler Family 7
Michael Wampler.Parmelia Clark Family 7
Cemetery Records, St. Paul, Lawrence Co., IL 9
Cemetery Records, Otterbein, Lawrence Co., IL 9
Cemetery Records, Emmons, Birds, IL 9
Jacob Wampler/Mary Deckard family 10
Ralph O. Wampler, obituary 10
David Lee Wampler, family history 11
John Calvin Wampler, family record 13
Kathleen W. Wampler, news from Portsmouth VA 14
Kettering Family, books by Henry H. Catron 14
Funeral Home Records, McClure & sons, Bruceville IN 15
County Records, Knox County IN marriages 15
Jewett Wampler, obituary 15
Hezekiah Wampller/ Jane Alexander family (w/ pictures) 16
County History, Brown & Monroe Co., IN 18
County History, Morgan, Monroe & Brown Co., IN 19
John Wampler/ Elizabeth Johnson family 21
County History, Morgan, Monroe & Brown Co., IN 21
County Records, Monroe Co, IN, Mortality Schedule 22
John Richard Wampler, drowned child 23
James Wampler, obituary 23
Katherine Wampler, obituary 23
Jennifer Wampler, obituary 23
Sallie Wampler Miller, letter to sister Elizabeth 24
Wampler Cherry Pie, recipe 24
Cemetery Record, Springfield MO 24
Sarah Hawkins Wampler, letter to sister 25
Fred M. Wampler, notes on Sarah Hawkins Wampler 25
Odds and Ends 26
Catherine Wampler, letter to Anna Roop Royer 27
Elizabeth Wampler, Will abstract 27
Henry Wampler, quirey by Bessie Wampler 28
Elizabeth Wampler Turner, family history 28
John Wampler, questions 29
Nathanial Buchanan Wampler, family 29
William Walker Wampler, family 30
County Records, VA 30
Mollie Wampler Yost, happy 97th birthday 30
Reading, PA directories 1860-1907 31
Census, Ohio 1840 31
Census, PA 1810 31
Cemetery records, Jay Bird, Locust Grove OH 31
Cemetery records, Frazer, Boaz MO 32
Cemetery records, Slagle, Polk Co, MO 32
Church Records, PA Brethren 32
County Records, Cass Co IN, Marriages 32
County Records, Crawfordville, IN, births 32
Reeves Wampler family history 33
John Wampler/Susan Miller Family 34
County Records, Monroe Co, IN, Rural residents 35
John H Wampler/Pauline, 50th anniversary 35
County Records, Bloominton Newspaper, property transfers 36
County Records, Monroe County Newspaper - misc 36
Wampler Reunion, Oklahoma 1977 36
Patricia Jo Wampler/John Patrick Reichenback wedding 37
Joseph Wampler/Margaret Lusk family 37
Dorothy M. Hamm, notice to do research 37
Samuel Wampler/Mary Good Family 38
George Wampler/Elizabeth Steffey Addenda 38

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