The Wampfler Coat-of-Arms from Lenk, Switzerland

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i. The Face Page

ii. Preface - The purpose, acknowledgements, cautions and dedication for these pages. Also a history of this site (ii.a)

iii. Contact Us About Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy

Section 1: Articles on Genealogy, History and Sources

Section 2: Paternal Lineage Database and Search Pages <<<Go Here to Find Your Ancestor

Appendices: Will/probate/estate record index, transcripts, data on Eve puzzle, etc.

Return to TOP of page Section 1: Articles on Genealogy, History and Sources

1. The Wampler/Wampfler Surname. A discussion of the Wampler/Wampfler family name: Origins and Etymology, the German Connection, and "Where are they now?." Includes maps of Swiss and Alsatian regions where the 1740's immigrants originated.  
2. The Wampfler Coat-of-Arms. A discussion of Swiss arms and the Wampfler Coat-of-Arms found on the wall of the city building in Lenk, Switzerland, and photographed by Dr. John M. Wampler of Nashville, TN.
3. Why Did They Immigrate to America? Some speculation on the motivation for immigration.  
4. Our Immigrant Ancestors. Synopsis of immigration records and traditional information.  
Return to TOP of page 5. Puzzles of Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy Any genealogical record as extensive and old as that of the Wampler/ Wampfler families has puzzling ambiguities and inconsistencies. This page is devoted to detailing some of these puzzles.
a. The Puzzle of Daniel Wampler of PA
b. The Puzzle of Eva Wampler
c. The Puzzle of Eve Wampler, revisited
d. The Tracks of Peter Wampler (1740-1800)
6. Some information on Genealogy and the Calendar and how differences between the Jullian and Gregorian calendars can be reconciled.
7. Biographical Sketches of Early Wampler/Wampfler AncestorsYou are invited to submit a biographical sketch for these pages or material to be considered as an update to the ones listed (see Appendix A11).
a. [hp3-1] Philip Wampler of Maryland and Ohio
b. [hp4-2] Edward WAMPLER of Maryland, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois
c. [mc1-1] Joseph P. Wampler of McKeesport PA,pioneer in Optics
d. [hg3-30] Hezekiah Wampler of Gosport, IN, Grand Old Man of Gosport.

8. News Letters- Newsletters about Wampler/Wampfler genealogyReturn to TOP of page a. The News Letters of this Web Site (no longer e-mailed)
11-2011 15th Anniv. 10-2011 News 9-Summer 2002 8-Fall 2000 7-Winter 2000 6-Summer 1999
5-1998 4-Summer 1997 3-December 1996 2-November 1996 1-October 1996  
b. The Barbara S. Wampler Newsletters (1977-1979). 1. Description of the Books and Newsletters
2. List of the Publications in my Collection (with links to Tables of Contents and Indices)
3. Cummulative Tables of Contents for the BSW Books and Newsletters, sorted alphabetically
4. List of Library and Private Copies of the BSW publications
5. Cummulative Index to Surnames and Given Names in the BSW publications (File Size: 1 Mb)

9. Resources -- a bibliography of resources used to develop this web site and of potential use in researching the Wampler/Wampfler surname.
a. A summary list of the reference abreviations.
b. Other Bibliograhy: Other Potential Wampler/Wampfler Sources
c. General Web Resources for Genealogical Research
d. Other Wampler/Wampfler Web Sites
e. An Annotated List of Published Works used to Develope this Site
f. Indicies for some books and pamplets 1- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in Nat G. Barnhart, "Barnhart Family History, Augusta County VA 1767-1967"
2- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in W. N. Hurley, Jr., "Neikirk, Newkirk, Nikirk and Related Families vol 2,"
3- Index Entries (surname Wapler) in Mason's {mas}, "A Wampler Family Record: John Wampler and Magdalena Garber of Maryland and Virginia"
4- Contents in Overton's {kso}, "Paternal Ancestors of Kathleen Stoker"
5- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in Roy H. Wampler's {rhw1}, "The Derr Family, 1750-1986"
6- Contents and Indices in Roy H. Wampler's {rhw2}, "John and Ludwig Wampler, Sons of the Immigrant Christian Wampler (1718-1764), with Notes on William Wampler (1813-1886),
7- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in Richard R. Weber, "Stoner Brethren, The History of John Stoner c. 1705-1769) and his descendants"
8- Index Entries (surnames Wampler/Wampfler) in periodical "Western Maryland Genealogy"
9- Index to Entried (Surnames Wampler/Wampfler) in J. Derald Morgan's {jdm} "Wolf Brethren, Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob and Hannah Kinsey Wolf"

Return to TOP of page Section 2. Paternal Lineage (Patrilineal) Database and Search Pages

HOW TO FIND SOMEONE AND THIER FAMILY: Every person with the WAMPLER or WAMPFLER Surname in this database is given an identifying label. This label is alway in brackets, for example [hm5-29] (a Charles P. WAMPLER). These labels are used to link the database to the various indices. For more about them see item 2 below.
  • If their surname is WAMPLER or WAMPFLER start with item 3 below (or click here), find them in the alphabetical list and click on their label in column 3. This takes you to the main database entry for that person. If this is not the one you are seeking, hit the back button on the browser to take you back to the list.
  • If their surname is NOT Wampler or Wampfler, start with item 4 below (or click here). Find them in the alphabetical list and click on their spouse's ID in column 3. As above, this takes you to their entry in the database. Look at the marriage line(s) of the entry and the notes (lines starting with m. and n.). If this is not the person of interest, hit the back button on the browser to take you back to the list.
  • To see their family tree. Once you have found the right individual, click the Back Button on the browser and go back to the Spouse or Given Name Index. Find that person again in the list and click on "Tree" in column 4. Your entry will be a the top of the portion of the larger family tree shown on that page. Scroll up or down to examine the family tree. To see the format of this tree, click here. NOTE: for those without the Wampler/Wamplfler surname, this tree shows the paternal tree for their spouse, not themselves!

1. What is a Paternal Lineage (Patrilineal) Database?

2. Description of the ID tag system used in this database.

3. Given Name Index. An index of given names of all persons listed in the main database with the Wampler/Wampfler surname.

4. Spouse Surname Index. An index to the spouse surnames in the paternal database. Referenced to the ID number of entries of their spouse.

5. Family Trees. The patrilineal family treesReturn to TOP of page that are currently in the database. Each includes all of the people with the WAMPLER or WAMPFLER surname in the corresponding database SORTED into a family tree

a) Heinrich WAMPFLER and his descendants- Id Tags [he...] Heinrich is the Patriarch of most of the family trees on this site.
b) Hans George WAMPFLER's descendants- Id Tags [hg...] Hans George, son of the immigrant Hans Peter Sr., descendant of Heinrich above.
c) Hans Michaiel WAMPFLER's descendants- Id Tags [hm...] Hans Michael, son of the immigrant Hans Peter Sr., descendant of Heinrich above.
d) Hans Peter WAMPFLER Jr's descendants- Id Tags [hp... Hans Peter Jr., son of the immigrant Hans Peter Sr., descendant of Heinrich above.
e) Johann Christian WAMPFLER's descendants- Id Tags [jc...] Johann, descendant of Heinrich, brother of Hans Peter, Sr.
f) Jacob WAMPFLER's descendants- Id Tags [ja...] Jacob, an 1888 immigrant who's descendants continued to spell the name WAMPFLER. We have recently received data from Betsy Johnson which ties this tree to the descendants of Heinrich through Christian, a brother of both Hans Peter Sr. and Johann Christian.
g) Potential Ancestors and descendants of Daniel WAMPLER- Id Tags [na...] DANIEL's ancestors are disputed. One possibility is that he is a son of Hans Peter Jr. and thus also linked back to the patriarch, Heinrich.
h) A group of miscellaneous trees unlinked to above- Id Tags [mc...] Unlike the others, this file is a collection of different family trees separated by ruled lines.

6. Wampfler/Wampler Database -- THESE ARE UNSORTED DATABASE FILES! Siblings are not necessary entered in sequential order. They are entered in the order in which the information is received. You should search the files by given name (item 2.3 above), spouse name (item 2.4) or using one of the family trees (item 2.5). This selection also gives you direct access to downloading the database files (simply save the file). For off-line searching of the downloaded files, see item A8 Below. To submit data see the policy page below (item 2.7) and the data submission pages (item iii). a. The Heinrich Wampfler and his European born descendents. (file size ~19K).
b. The descendents of Hans George Wampfler (file size ~244K).
c. The descendents of Hans Michael Wampfler (files size ~283K)).
d. The descendents of Hans Peter Wampfler JR (file size ~172K)).
e. The descendents of Johann Christian Wampfler (file size ~46K)).
f. Ancestors and descendants of Jakob Wampfler (immigrant ~1888) (file size ~12K)).
g. The possible ancestors and descendants of Daniel Wampler of Armstrong Co. PA (file size ~39K)).
h. A set of misc. trees unlinked to the others (files size ~75K).)

7. Our Database PoliciesReview issues and policies related to submitted data follow this link.
8. Who's this WAMPLER? Review this list of WAMPLERs and WAMPFLERs where we know their names, but not how they are related to others in the extended family.

Return to TOP of page Appendices:

A. Miscellaneous Materials A1. A Record of Updates and Changes to these pages.
A2. Alsace Location of the Immigrant Wampflers.
A3. Swiss Location of the Earliest Wampflers.
A4. Contacts for Archival Copies of the Web Site, Database and other Materials
A5. Michael Wampler's Photoalbum from Alsace
A6. Michael Wampler's Photoalbum from the Diemtigtal, Switzerland
A7. The Format and Abbreviations used in the Database
A8. How to Search the Database Off-Line with Downloaded Files
A9. How to Read Family Trees
A10. How to Read a Database Entry
A11. How to Submit a Biographical Sketch
A12. Notes from I. D. Rupp's 1844 Book
B. Will, Probate and Estate Settlements B1. Index of locations of wills, probate records and estate settlements
B2. Transcripts: a. Barbara Wampler's Will, 1800
b. Daniel Wampler's Will, 1878
c. George Wampler's Will, 1814
d. John Wampler's Will, 1844
e. John Wampler's Will, 1855
f. Michael Wampler's Estate Settlement, 1805
g. Michael Wampler's Probate Record, 1854
h. Peter Wampler's Will, 1792
C. Records and e-mail messages on the Eve Wampler PuzzleReturn to TOP of page C1. Some notes from David Kinzie
C2. Misc. Notes from John MacPhee
C3. Eve and Henry land records, John MacPhee
C4. Concerning Jacob Wolf's military record
C5. J. Derald Morgan's original copy of the Eve Wampler story
C6. Notes from the Journal of E. V. Wampler regarding the Puzzle of Daniel Wampler

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