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Last update: 9/22/'11
Sections 1.9.c


The links on this page point (or pointed) to web sites of interest to genealogists in general (
see below, section 1.9.c) or to Wamplers specifically (see below, section 1.9.d). Periodically, these links are updated. However, if an update can not be found for an inactive link, the last information will be left here for future reference.

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General Genealogical and Historical Resources:

WorldCat, on-line library catalog search(    The Church of the Brethren Web Site (

Church of the Brethren History Site (

   Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists:Homepage (

The Family Search Internet Site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (

   The Find A Grave Search page (
Swiss History
   Swiss Genealogy (

The Roots Web Surname List (

   The original gendex site is no longer availabe, but several site can be found that search GENDEX files. For example, The Genealogy Today site.

Olive Tree Genealogical Homepage (    RootsWeb, Genealogical Data Cooperative (
USGenWeb Archives (    Roots Web
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs Grave Locator     

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Wampler/Wampfler Specific Resources (if no current link is know, last one is shown in parenthesis)

The Wampler Library of Mountain Empire Community College, Big Stone Gap Virginia (

Wampler Hall, A residence hall at James Madison University (

Wampler Family Genealogy Forum (

Descendants of George Christian Wampler (

Wampler Family in Southwest Virginia (

"The Rudisill, Sponseller, Deardorff, Blettner and Allied Families" site maintained by Vanesss Rudisill Stern ( and Her World Connect pages (

The Sayler Family Web Site (

Driver Family Tree (

Index of Persons, surname WAMPLER, 98988 individuals, 32950 families from file BLEVINS.GED (

Index of Persons, surname WAMPLER, 17337 individuals, 5738 families from file OBLEVINS.GED (

List of Individuals Baptised by Elder Michael Frantz -- 1748-1769 (

Carolyn Burns' page on The National Military Home, Dayton OHIO site of Eve Wampler Kinsey homeplace (

Veterans Affairs site on The National Military Home, Dayton Ohio

The Wampler School, (currently Route 619-Wampler Road) located on the west side of the road a short distance north of the old Wampler cemetery in Rockingham County, VA (

Early American Pioneers held Captive or Killed by Indians ( This site no longer includes a surname index. Previously it had a page addressed as Wampler Family page (

The Mountain People, an article the mentions work of Nellie Wampler (

Articles in the Joplin Globe concerning the murder of a Wampler Family:
The Joplin Globe archives on-line are no longer accessible, the original links are given below. These articles were about the 1986 murders of Harold and Melba Wampler, a Missouri farm couple. They were murdered by Richard Dennis Oxford and Richard Brown who had escaped from an Oklahoma prison. Oxford was executed by lethal injection in 1996. "Sanity hearing scheduled" (, "Court: Man competent for execution" (, "New law at issue in stay" (, "Appeal of inmate rejected (, "Execution not end for family" (

Biographical Pages:

The list of individual sites that was located here was no longer up-to-date. Because of the nature of the internet and social media sites, it would take too much effort to keep an inclusive list of all of the Wampler/Wampfler sites on the web. The big search engines do a much betters job than I could ever do here.

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