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Section 1.9

Last update: 9/22/'11

To keep the database as compact as possible references may be cited by a short abbreviation enclosed in brackets, e. g. {be}. These abbreviations are given in these pages and on the
index page for references and sources used for this site. Since much of the material was submitted by e-mail, there is not easy way to update the e-mail addresses unless the sender keeps us informed. Still, it is important to know who made what contribution.

Within the Bibliography list, there are a number of published materials which are indicated by bold/italics abreviations. These references are given in more detail here. While a large amount of genealogy material is published privately, many of the best libraries have copies of it in addition to the commercially published material. The author has found a wealth of such information in libraries such as the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the University of Georgia Library, the University of Tennessee Library, etc. To facilitate access, I have annotated some of the entries in this bibliography with locations where the material might be found, call numbers are given and some notes on their content.

Still it is difficult to get access to some of the less well circulated material. It would be useful to know more about these works before attempting to travel to find them or have them sent for interlibrary loan. For this reason, we have tried to index some of these books and pamplets for their mentions of the Wampler and Wampfler surnames. This list of indices is also given below.

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a. Index to References and Sources Used for this Site

b. Other Bibliograhy: Other Potential Wampler/Wampfler Sources - these have not been examined by the author.

c. General Web Resources for Genealogical Research

d. Other Wampler/Wampfler Web Sites

e. An annotated reference list of published works used to develope this site.

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f. Indicies for some books and pamplets
1- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in Nat G. Barnhart, "Barnhart Family History, Augusta County VA 1767-1967"

2- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in W. N. Hurley, Jr., "Neikirk, Newkirk, Nikirk and Related Families vol 2,"

3- Index Entries (surname Wapler) in Mason's {mas}, "A Wampler Family Record: John Wampler and Magdalena Garber of Maryland and Virginia"

4- Contents in Overton's {kso}, "Paternal Ancestors of Kathleen Stoker"

5- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in Roy H. Wampler's {rhw1}, "The Derr Family, 1750-1986"

6- Contents and Indices in Roy H. Wampler's {rhw2}, "John and Ludwig Wampler, Sons of the Immigrant Christian Wampler (1718-1764), with Notes on William Wampler (1813-1886),

7- Index Entries (surname Wampler) in Richard R. Weber, "Stoner Brethren, The History of John Stoner c. 1705-1769) and his descendants"

8- Index Entries (surnames Wampler/Wampfler) in periodical "Western Maryland Genealogy"

9- Index to Entried (Surnames Wampler/Wampfler) in J. Derald Morgan's {jdm} "Wolf Brethren, Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob and Hannah Kinsey Wolf"

This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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