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References and Sources Used for this Site

Section 1.9.a

Last update: 10/17/2011


The sources of information presented on this web site are referenced either by footnote or by inclusion of an abreviations in "squigly" brackets that point to the list below. The contact information for individuals is the last information provided by that individual.

The base data that was used to bootstrap this project came from a set of spreadsheets provided by Terry L. Wampler {tlw}, copies of materials compiled by Galin L. Wampler {gaw}, copies of the Barbara S. Wampler's newsletters {bsw-n} and books {bsw-j}, one of Fred Wampler's books {fbw-2} and a flurry of e-mail communications from the summer of 1996. By October of that year the data base consisted of about 2800 people. Since then, it has grown to over 4000 people with the Wampler or Wampfler surname and another 2000 of their spouses. This does not count the numerous children of female Wampler's who are not listed separate from their mother. Most of this growth has come directly from family members sending in their individual data.

The unsung heros of this effort are the actual genealogists who contributed their material to various compilations, who combed through census records, cemetaries, public records, etc. to locate and verify individuals and families. In many cases it is hard to trace the genesis of the data, but some of it has been documented. For example, some of the largest contributers to Barbara's Journals were explicit about where they got the data. Many genealogists have also published their own data either privately or through one of the small firms specializing in genealogical data. These works, in turn, show up in the collections of genealogical libraries. Some of the contributors to this site have also identified the source, in many cases it is family members reporting data for their own family. We owe all of them our thanks.

The photograph of the Wampfler coat-of-arms from the wall of the city building in Lenk, Switzerland, was provided by John M. Wampler {jmw} of Nashville, TN. This symbol has become the common identifier of these pages.

Printed sources and large compilations are given more complete references here. Their abbreviations below are in bold, italics.


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