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Notes from I. D. Rupp (1944)

Appendix A12

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Notes from I. D. Rupp {idr} (1844) "History of the Counties of Berk and Lebanon: Containing a Brief Account of the Indians," G. Hills, Proprietor, Lancaster PA.
This book is available on microfilm. Some notes of interest to this project follow:

Swedes were first amonng the indians in PA ~1638
First three counties were formed in 1683 (Philadelphia, Buck & Chester).
Marriage age for Indians were 13-14 for women, 17-18 for men.
1744 was start of the hostilities between British and French in western PA From 1755 to 1764 Berks and Lebanon were scenes of murder, abductions etc. Accounts on page 74 seem to come from the Pennsylvania Gazette:
"Our accounts, in general, from the frontiers, are most dismal; all agreeing that some of the inhabitants are killed or carried off; Houses burnt and cattle distroyed daily- and that at the same time they are afflicted with severe sickness and die fast, so that in many places, they are neither able to defend themselves, when attacked, nor to run away. (Sept. 8, 1757)

We hear from Lebanon Township, Lancaster (now Lebanon) county, that on last Friday, four children were carried off by the Indians. From Reading, Berks County, that on Thursday and Friday last, some people were murdered in Bern Township by the indians and others carried off."

"A letter from Hanover township, Lancasters county, dated Oct. 1st, 1757, says that the children mentioned of having been carried off from Lebanon Township, belonging to Peter Wampler, that they were going to the meadow for a load of hay; and that the indians took from the house what they thought most valuable, and distroyed what they could not take away, to a considerable value. In the same letter it is said, that the frontiers are almost without inhabitants and on that day, and on the day before, several creatures were killed by the enemy in Hanover Township, and that on Thrusday before, four persons were killed in Berks county and four made prisoners, near the Northkill, by a party of indians, supposed to be about fifty."

(Oct. 6 and Oct 13).

on page 131 it states that there was a colony of United Brethren in Bethel Township of Berks Co. Also in Swatara, most north western, in no township was life more sacrificed.
p. 303. 1st Lebanon Co. amoung settlers were Michael Burst (1729)
p. 307. in 1750 ~130 taxables including Michael Wambler.
p. 308. in 1755, taxables included Michael Wampler, Mathias Boger, Jacob Brenizer and Ulrich Wampler.
p. 371. During the revolutionary ware of 1776, many of the residence of this place... took up arms in common with many of their fellow patriots.. and were engaged in the battle of Trenton, NJ, Dec. 25, 1776. when the Hessians were routed with great slaughter and one thousand of them taken prisoners and not a few of them taken to Reading and to Lebanon, where they were confined in the old Lutheran Church in town and the Morovian Church below town.
p. 312. Lutheran log church was erected in 1766. Prior to this meetings were held in private homes.
p. 318-320. Story of two girls captured by indians and returned in 1764: Regina ~19 and small 11 yearold at Bethel Township, Berks Co PA.

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