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Probate records of Michael Wampler, 1854

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Transcript of: Probate Records of Michael Wampler, 1854

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Common Pleas Order Book I, Page 180, Monroe County IN
Dated Jul1854

Probate Order Book I, page 317
Dated 6Oct1854

Common Pleas Order Book I, Page 180, Monroe County IN

Elizabeth Wampler, widow of Michael Wampler, deceased, William Wampler, John Wampler, David Wampler, Christeena Chandler and Issac Chandler, her husband, Joseph Burkart, Guardian of Elizabeth Burkart and John H. Burkart, Children of Barbary Burkart, late Barbary Wampler, deceased. And now comes said widow and the above named heirs by Missr Dunning Stinson, their attorney, having heretofore filed their petition herein for the appointment of Commissioners to assign to said Elizabeth Wampler, widow of said deceased dower in the following discribed real estate rituale in the said county of which her said husband died seized and possessed, namely, the N.W. quarter of section 31 in township no. 8 noldue East, also the ast half of the N. E. Quarter of the S. E. Quarter of Section 30 in Twp. no 8 North of Range No one East All situated in Monroe County Indiana. And not on motion and on due proof of title to said real estate, and the Court being fully advised of the Premises does consider that the said Elizabeth is entitled to dower in the above described land.
It is therefore ordered, Adjuded and decited by the court, that John C. Bennington, George Smith and William H. Davis be commissioners to make said arregments that they meet on the premises nad by meets and bounds assign over and set off to said widow one equal third part in value of the above described land, and that they report such assignments to this court at its present term and day is given.

Probate Order Book I, page 317

It now appearing to the court that the Clerk has in his hands belonging to the heirs of said Michael Wampler, deceased, including the Widow the sum of three hundred and twenty Six dollars and twenty cents ordered that he pay the same out to said Widow and heirs taking into account advancements on to them as proven in Court as follows to whit:

To William Wampler on of said heirs the sum of $78.13
To Isaac Chandler and wife one of said heirs the sum of $73.28
To John Wampler on of the said heirs the sum of $98.04
To David Wampler one of the heirs the sum of $52.28
And it is now ordered by the Court that the Clerk pay to Elizabeth Wampler, the widow of the decedent, the sum of $108.73. Out of said mony now in his hands, and that he pay to said William Wampler the sum of $25.75 and to Isaac Chandler and wife the sum of $30.60. To John Wampler $5.84. To David Wampler the sum of $51.60 and to David Burkart, guardian of Elizabeth and John H. Burkart the sum of $103.88. On page 548 Joseph Burkart reports on guardianship of Elizabeth and John Burkart, heirs of Michael Wampler.
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