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Wampler/Wampfler NewsLetter, Dec. 1996

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This Newsletter is dedicated to Barbara Sue Smith Wampler who researched and collected Wampler genealogy information and published it in the form of a Newsletter (9 issues) and four Journals during the period from 1977 to 1979. Her records can be found in a number of libraries and historical societies around the country. Some of the locations that we have heard about are the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and the Brethren Historical Library and Archives, Elgin, IL. If you know of other sites where these documents are available to the public please let us know and we'll add them to the list.

If you are interested in Wampler/Wampfler genealogy you must examine this material.

Poem: Our Ancestors.... by Barbara S. Wampler, 1977.
      Echoes from the distant past
       Call to each of us at last,
        Tell us of the days of yore
         Begging of us to learn more,
          Of olden Time and ways that were
           Of glimmering dreams and hopes so pure,
            Of pioneers who walked the land
             In search of something special and grand,
              Going forth with each new day
               With family and friends along the way,
                Turning their backs to what lay behind
                 Seeking only what they would find,
                  And, upon reaching their goals, they stayed
                   Working, building as they prayed,
                    And ever under the eye of God
                     They planted the earth they once had trod.
                      Now we can remember them, one by one
                       In the family histories we've just begun.
From Journal #2, "Wampler Ancestors and America, Book #2", Barbara S. Wampler, editor, 310 Thayer Ave. Joliet, Ill. 60432. p. 24.
To whet your appetite for seeing her material, the following is an excerpt from Journal #1 [page 23-25, "Wampler Ancestors and Descendents .... in America, Book #1," Barbara S. Wampler, editor, 310 Thayer Ave. Joliet, Ill. 60432] which was transcribed for us by Shirley Watkins of Oaklahoma.

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...Eva Wampler was born in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1738.... At an early age of seven ...A band of roving Indians came to the house one day, ramsacked it and destroyed everything they could....They carried off the little girl, Eva...
The story contiues with the return of the girl to her parents and details of her subsequent life to age 83!

On the following page (page 25), Barbara points out some problems with this story and other records of Eva, daughter of Hans Peter Jr. In Journal #2, page 20, there is further discussion of this matter submitted by J. Derald Morgan of Rolla, Missouri. If you're interested in this data, let me know.

Requests for Help:
Norm Sechrest ( requests any information about Mary Wampler's marriage to Andrew Sechrist. Mary was born 1800 in Wythe, VA. Andrew (1793, NC) was a Lutheran minister.

New Stuff on Web Page (since Nov. Newsletter) see Updates & Changes:

Addition of a new tree of potential ancestors and descendents of Daniel Wampler (1770-1852) of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Revised texts (surname, immigrant pages).

Additions of maps to the Surname text.

Note: The added information for Daniel Wampler is in partial response to the call for help from Sandra Chizek in the November Newsletter.
Thank you's:
Terry L. Wampler, for his continued generous exchange of information including letting me examine volumes of his own research on the Wampler families of America and his copies of Barbara Wampler's letters, Journals and Newsletters.

Shirley Jo Watkins who transcribed the 1st of the Barbara Wampler Journals for us.

This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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