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Section 1.8.a

Last update: 09/30/2011

Newsletters will no longer be e-mailed (6/2003). All of us get too much e-mail and the time required to put together the newsletters can be better spent on the web site itself. With a change in server in early 2004, the e-mail list will no longer be used although a private list of contacts will be maintained. The author would appreciate updates from readers.

CAUTION: References to web locations and such in the early newsletters have been superceded and are nolonger valid. Similarly, my address and contact information has changed (see below).

NEWSLETTERS in Reverse Chronological Order:
11- The 15th Anniversary Newsletter for the Wampler/Wampfler Family Genealogy Web Site.

10- 2011 News - details of changes to the web site and its move to a new host along with acknowledgements for recent messages and submitted data.

 9- Summer 2002 - Last e-mail newsletter, a new link between family trees, notes on reorganization of site, change in referencing, a new BIOGRAPHY section.

 8- Fall 2000 - Notice of new postings, requests for help and acknowlegements of recent material received.

 7- Winter, 1999/2000- John M. Wampler's pictures from his 1994 trip to Switzerland give us picture of the Wampfler Coat-of-Arms and the rock face above the original Wampfler lands.

 6- Summer, 1999- Michael Wampler's article, "A Visit to the Wampler/Wampfler Homelands" on his recent trip.

 5- 1998 Newsletter- topics: new location for pages, Joseph P. Wampler, early telescope maker, requests and thanks.

 4- Summer, 1997- topics: major revison of database and these pages, acknowledgements of new sources.

 3- December, 1996- dedicated to Barbara S. Wampler with information from her 1977-1979 Newsletters and Journals.

 2- November, 1996- topics: acknowledgements, Donna Dixon's stories, some requests for help.

 1- October, 1996 - this is the page announcement.

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