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Wampler/Wampfler NewsLetter, Summer 1997

Section 1.8.a.4


This newsletter announces a major revison of the Wampler/Wampfler family web site with several additions and changes. Give it a look at
NOTE: the internet address change of our domain from biochem to bmb is effective immediately, but for a time the old addresses may still work.

REMEMBER: if you have recently viewed the pages, you may have to clear your cache or reload to see the new ones!

This project has gotten a bit big for one person, so I have enlisted the help of some of you as an Editorial Advisory Board. The first two members are Terry L. Wampler and Shirley Jo Watkins. They have both made big contributions to these pages already and have consented to continue working to make them better.

We have had a big increase in information on several of our trees of descendants in the last months:

Allan Edwin Wampler of McKeesport PA has added information about the descendants of Jacob Wampler [mc0-1].

A tree of ancestors and descendants of 1880's immigrants has been added thanks to Ted Thrasher, Rome, NY.

Richard Wampler of Granite Bay, CA, has sent a tree of descendants of Joseph Wampler of Paris, IL, which is not yet linked to any of the other files.

We have a big boost in the tree of Johann Christian Wampfler's family (1747 immigrants) from Harry G. Wampler, Bellevue, WA.

Gina L. Wampler has added a number of descendants of John Wampler [hp2-9] to the Hans Peter, Jr. tree from information that she obtained that was compiled by Dee F. Wampler.

Other Recent Changes:
A pointer to a brief discussion of Calendars and genealogical dates has been added to the home page.

Several of the discussion pages have been revised (see Updates). NOTE A CHANGE IN ID TAGS HAS BEEN MADE WHICH AFFECTS MANY OF THE EARLY ENTRIES.

An entry submission form has finaly been added.

Both Terry and I have mailing address changes. Terry has actually moved from New Jersey to North Carolina (307 Cross Creek Dr., Cherryville, NC, 28021) and my address has changed due to addition of 911 services to our county ("165 Lakeside Dr." from "Rt. 1 Box 180C").
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