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MISC. Unlinked family trees, lineage to European ancestors uncertain


Last Update: 10-31-2011

True MAIN SOURCES: Sources for these entries are listed at each entry (see list).

Each tree on the MC family tree page is separated by a RULE LINE and starts with an separate unknown ancestor identified as ?n where n is an integer.

Other sources are given on source lines (sc.) at the entries. In some cases sources are referenced by abreviations in {} at the individual database entries or by reference to another entry. For details and contacts for all sources see source list.

The format of this family tree file has each generation aligned vertically. See Appendix A.9. How to Read Family Trees.

To see an entry, click on the name in the family tree (Note: some of the data files are rather large (~250K bytes).

[mc0-1] Jacob, WAMPLER [mc1-1] Joseph P, WAMPLER (1800) [mc2-1] Jackson, WAMPLER [mc2-2] John, WAMPLER (1827) [mc3-9] James Neel, WAMPLER (1867) [mc4-8] Robert James, WAMPLER (1900) [mc5-1] Allan Dahlin, WAMPLER (1931) [mc6-1] Allan Edwin, WAMPLER (1957) [mc7-1] Caitlin Colleen, WAMPLER (1987) [mc7-2] Emily Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1989) [mc4-12] John W, WAMPLER [mc4-13] Allen James, WAMPLER [mc4-14] Olive May, WAMPLER [mc4-15] Anna, WAMPLER [mc2-3] Joseph, WAMPLER [mc2-4] David, WAMPLER [mc2-5] William P, WAMPLER (1844) [mc3-57] Frank Cook, WAMPLER [mc4-16] Natalie, WAMPLER [mc4-17] William P II, WAMPLER [mc3-58] Ralph Davis, WAMPLER
[mc0-2] John, WAMPFLER [mc1-2] John Victor, WAMPFLER [mc2-6] Ivan John, WAMPFLER [mc2-7] Norman Stanley, WAMPFLER [mc0-3] Fred, WAMPFLER [mc0-4] Jacob John, WAMPFLER (1877) [mc1-24] Jacob Gottlieb, WAMPFLER (1903) [mc2-35] Albert Jacob, WAMPFLER (1927) [mc2-36] Evelyn Lorraine, WAMPFLER (1928) [mc2-37] Robert Clarence, WAMPFLER (1929) [mc3-20] Dale Robert, WAMPFLER (1962) [mc3-21] Nancy Ann, WAMPFLER (1964) [mc3-22] Becky Kay, WAMPFLER (1968) [mc2-38] Rose Marie, WAMPFLER (1934) [mc2-39] Ernest Gottfred, WAMPFLER (1937) [mc2-40] Elaine Bernice, WAMPFLER (1939) [mc2-41] Gene LeRoy, WAMPFLER (1945) [mc1-25] John Oscar, WAMPFLER (1905) [mc1-26] Emil, WAMPFLER (1907) [mc1-27] Emily, WAMPFLER (1907) [mc1-28] Clara Bertha, WAMPFLER (1909) [mc1-29] Fred Albert, WAMPFLER (1910)
[mc0-5] Joseph, WAMPLER (1783) [mc1-3] Fletcher, WAMPLER (1804) [mc1-4] Wesley, WAMPLER (1806) [mc2-8] Joseph Fletcher, WAMPLER (1846) [mc3-1] Reason Welch, WAMPLER (1868) [mc4-1] Hazel, WAMPLER (1890) [mc4-2] Hallie, WAMPLER (1893) [mc4-3] Gertrude, WAMPLER (1896) [mc4-4] Ralph, WAMPLER (1899) [mc4-5] Fred, WAMPLER (1894) [mc4-6] Roy, WAMPLER (1901) [mc4-7] Thomas, WAMPLER (1903) [mc3-2] Fred, WAMPLER [mc3-3] Nell, WAMPLER [mc3-4] Clotild (Clotila), WAMPLER [mc3-5] Minnie Payne, WAMPLER [mc3-6] Ettie Bell (Etta), WAMPLER (1817) [mc3-7] Lilly Mae (Lillie), WAMPLER (1872) [mc3-8] William Wesley, WAMPLER [mc2-9] Lawrence A, WAMPLER (1858) [mc2-10] Tom, WAMPLER [mc1-5] Mary, WAMPLER (1809) [mc1-6] Sarah, WAMPLER (1811) [mc1-7] Newton, WAMPLER (1813) [mc1-8] Matilda, WAMPLER (1815) [mc1-9] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1818) [mc1-10] Lucinda, WAMPLER (1821)
[mc0-7] John W, WAMPLER (1857) [mc1-30] Claude, WAMPLER (1880) [mc1-31] Royal Burr, WAMPER (1883) [mc2-42] Bertha, WAMPLER [mc2-43] Lorrene, WAMPLER [mc2-44] Harold, WAMPLER [mc3-23] Patricia Joanne, WAMPLER [mc3-24] Dennis Harold, WAMPLER [mc3-25] Jan Elizabeth, WAMPLER [mc3-26] Stephen Kent, WAMPLER [mc3-27] Michael Dean, WAMPLER [mc2-45] Gladys, WAMPLER [mc1-32] Orville Ernest, WAMPLER (1885) [mc1-33] Henry Marrion, WAMPLER (1890) [mc1-34] Oliver Vernon, WAMPLER (1893) [mc1-35] Ivey Ellen, WAMPLER (1895) [mc1-36] Evangeline, WAMPLER (1892) [mc1-37] Walter Elmer, WAMPLER (1898) [mc1-38] Ifa Edna, WAMPLER (1901)
[mc0-8] William, WAMPLER (1813) [mc1-39] John, WAMPLER (1833) [mc1-40] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1836) [mc1-41] William Jacob, WAMPLER (1838) [mc2-46] William Pius, WAMPLER (1860) [mc2-47] John T, WAMPLER (1863) [mc2-48] Edward Lewis, WAMPLER (1865) [mc3-28] Clara, WAMPLER [mc3-29] Mary, WAMPLER [mc3-30] Lillie, WAMPLER [mc3-31] Ada Naomi, WAMPLER [mc3-32] Lucy, WAMPLER [mc2-49] Amelia C, WAMPLER (1868) [mc2-50] Cyrus J, WAMPLER (1872) [mc3-33] Effie Elizabeth, WAMPLER [mc3-34] William Edward, WAMPLER [mc3-35] Myrtle Estelle, WAMPLER [mc3-36] Ernest Cyrus, WAMPLER [mc3-37] Esther Anne, WAMPLER [mc3-38] Margaret Lilly, WAMPLER [mc2-51] George Albert, WAMPLER (1873) [mc2-52] Sevanna I, WAMPLER (1878) [mc2-53] Henry Elias, WAMPLER (1886) [mc3-39] William Edward, WAMPLER (1916) [mc3-40] Mary Frances, WAMPLER (1923) [mc3-41] Roy Henry, WAMPLER (1927) [mc2-54] Cora Clementine, WAMPLER [mc2-55] Esta Elizabeth, WAMPLER [mc2-56] Benjamin Franklin, WAMPLER (1896) [mc3-42] Othela Marie, WAMPLER [mc3-43] Naomi Harriet, WAMPLER [mc3-44] Charles Franklin, WAMPLER [mc3-45] Dallas Calvin, WAMPLER [mc1-42] Abraham, WAMPLER (1841) [mc1-43] Daniel David, WAMPLER (1846) [mc1-44] Henry L, WAMPLER (1853) [mc1-45] Amelia C, WAMPLER (1855)
[mc0-9] George Washington, WAMPLER (1821) [mc1-46] William Peeler, WAMPLER (1869) [mc1-47] James Egeleton, WAMPLER (1871) [mc2-57] Lania, WAMPLER [mc2-58] Virgle, WAMPLER [mc2-59] William, WAMPLER [mc2-60] Joseph L, WAMPLER [mc2-61] Ida, WAMPLER [mc2-62] Dortha, WAMPLER [mc2-63] Susie, WAMPLER (1905) [mc1-48] Dorothy Jane, WAMPLER (1867)
[mc0-10] Wesely Allen, WAMPLER (1959) [mc1-140] Kristen, WAMPLER (1984) [mc1-141] Vance Patrick, WAMPLER (1990)
[mc0-12] Gustavus Vint, WAMPLER [mc1-52] Henry G, WAMPLER (1836) [mc1-53] Louis, WAMPLER (1837) [mc1-54] Anna Rebecca, WAMPLER (1840) [mc1-55] Sarah Eliza, WAMPLER (1842) [mc1-56] Clarissa G, WAMPLER (1844) [mc1-57] unnamed, WAMPLER [mc1-58] Gustavus, WAMPLER (1848) [mc1-59] Henrietta H, WAMPLER (1851) [mc1-60] Emma J, WAMPLER (1852) [mc1-61] Augustus, WAMPLER (1855)
[mc0-13] Elton, WAMPLER [mc1-62] Stephen Craig, WAMPLER [mc2-66] Theodore Richard (Rick), WAMPLER (1977) [mc3-54] Mikayla Alana, WAMPLER (2003) [mc3-55] Grace Colleen, WAMPLER (2006) [mc4-11] Adelaide, WAMPLER [mc2-100] Karl Eric, WAMPLER (1984) [mc2-101] Morgan Heather, WAMPLER (1986) [mc2-102] Alexandra, WAMPLER
[mc0-14] John, WAMPFLER (1868) [mc1-63] Lena R, WAMPFLER (1900) [mc1-64] Mabel R, WAMPFLER (1903) [mc1-65] John Jacob, WAMPFLER (1905) [mc2-67] Beverly Ruth, WAMPFLER (1928) [mc2-68] John Francis, WAMPFLER (1930) [mc2-69] Carolyn Ann, WAMPFLER (1932) [mc2-70] David Charles, WAMPFLER (1938) [mc3-46] Shelley Lynn, WAMPFLER (1966) [mc2-71] Judith Marie, WAMPFLER (1940) [mc2-72] Susan Eleanor, WAMPFLER (1943) [mc2-73] Frederick Walter, WAMPFLER (1944) [mc3-47] John Anthony, WAMPLFLER (1970) [mc3-48] Carmen, WAMPFLER (1973) [mc1-66] Fred W, WAMPFLER (1906) [mc2-74] Cecelia, WAMPFLER [mc2-75] Celeste, WAMPFLER [mc2-76] Margaret Rose, WAMPFLER [mc2-77] Frederick (Ted), WAMPFLER [mc1-67] Walter, WAMPFLER (1911) [mc0-15] Katherine, WAMPFLER
[mc0-16] Charles Ransom, WAMPLER [mc1-68] Wade Franklin, WAMPLER (1955) [mc2-78] Linda Lee, WAMPLER [mc2-79] Isabelle Julia, WAMPLER [mc2-80] Wade Franklin II, WAMPLER [mc2-81] Ella Marie, WAMPLER [mc1-69] John L. Lewis, WAMPLER [mc1-70] Charles, WAMPLER [mc1-71] Richard Allen, WAMPLER [mc1-72] William (Billy) Jean, WAMPLER [mc1-73] James Darryl, WAMPLER [mc1-74] Edward Joseph, WAMPLER [mc1-75] Vina Louise, WAMPLER [mc0-17] Pearl, WAMPLER [mc0-18] Lury, WAMPLER
[mc0-19] Emmett, WAMPLER [mc1-76] Charles, WAMPLER (1940) [mc2-82] Bobby, WAMPLER [mc2-83] Michael, WAMPLER [mc2-84] Wendy Leigh, WAMPLER [mc1-77] J A, WAMPLER [mc1-78] Ruth, WAMPLER [mc1-79] Alice, WAMPLER [mc1-80] Mary, WAMPLER [mc1-81] Kay, WAMPLER [mc1-82] Sally, WAMPLER
[mc0-20] Isaac, WAMPLER [mc1-83] Eliza Ann, WAMPLER (1856) [mc1-84] Rebecca Matilda, WAMPLER (1856) [mc1-85] Armettia Jane, WAMPLER (1851)
[mc0-21] Jakob, WAMPFLER [mc1-86] Hans, WAMPFLER (1569) [mc1-87] Anna, WAMPFLER (1572) [mc1-88] Margreth, WAMPFLER (1574) [mc1-89] Anthoni, WAMPFLER (1580) [mc1-90] Gilgen, WAMPFLER (1582) [mc1-91] Balthauser, WAMPFLER (1585) [mc2-85] Hans, WAMPFLER (1610) [mc2-86] Margretha, WAMPFLER (1612) [mc2-87] Niklaus, WAMPFLER (1616) [mc1-92] Magdalena, WAMPFLER (1586) [mc1-93] Elsbeth, WAMPFLER (1589) [mc1-94] Michel, WAMPFLER (1577)
[mc0-22] Christian, WAMPFLER [mc1-95] Christian, WAMPFLER (1813) [mc1-96] David, WAMPFLER (1827) [mc1-97] Jakob, WAMPFLER (1811) [mc1-98] Samuel, WAMPFLER (1824) [mc1-99] John, WAMPFLER (1816) [mc1-100] Catarina, WAMPFLER (1819)
[mc0-23] Jakob, WAMPFLER [mc1-101] Magdalena, WAMPFLER (1838) [mc1-102] Anna Barbara, WAMPFLER (1840) [mc1-103] Susanna Katharina, WAMPFLER (1841) [mc1-104] Lisette, WAMPFLER (1843) [mc1-105] Jakob, WAMPFLER (1845) [mc1-106] Johannes, WAMPFLER (1846) [mc1-107] Friedrich, WAMPFLER (1850) [mc1-108] Luise, WAMPFLER (1853) [mc1-109] Rosalie, WAMPFLER (1857)
[mc0-24] John Anderson, WAMPLER (1845) [mc1-110] Wesley A, WAMPLER (1868) [mc1-111] Mariah E, WAMPLER (1872) [mc1-112] Arden F, WAMPLER (1878) [mc1-113] Martha Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1884) [mc1-114] Mary E, WAMPLER (1870) [mc1-115] Cora Ann, WAMPLER (1881) [mc1-118] Mary Virginia, WAMPLER (1859) [mc1-119] Joseph, WAMPLER, Jr (1860) [mc1-120] Anna, WAMPLER (1862)
[mc0-25] Joseph, WAMPLER (1831) [mc1-116] William, WAMPLER (1850) [mc1-117] Louisa, WAMPLER (1853)
[mc0-26] Herbert D, WAMPLER [mc1-121] Harry, WAMPLER [mc1-122] Mary Alice, WAMPLER [mc1-123] Ruth Valentine, WAMPLER [mc1-124] Arthur, WAMPLER [mc2-88] Raymond, WAMPLER [mc2-89] Robert, WAMPLER [mc2-90] Ruth, WAMPLER [mc2-91] Edna, WAMPLER [mc2-92] Helen, WAMPLER
[mc0-27] Andrew, WAMPLER [mc1-125] Joseph Antonie Henry, WAMPLER [mc2-93] Larry Ray, WAMPLER (1942) [mc2-94] Norma, WAMPLER (1943) [mc2-95] Earl Lee, WAMPLER [mc2-96] Michael, WAMPLER [mc2-97] Caroline, WAMPLER [mc1-126] Earl, WAMPLER [mc1-127] Harry, WAMPLER [mc1-128] Betty, WAMPLER
[mc0-29] Robert, WAMPLER (1836) [mc1-132] William Robert, WAMPLER (1873) [mc2-98] Claude, WAMPLER (1898) [mc2-99] Carl Euian, WAMPLER (1921) [mc3-49] Carla Jean, WAMPLER (1944)
[mc0-39] Thomas Jefferson, WAMPLER (1801) [mc1-142] John Morris, WAMPLER (1830) [mc2-103] James Thomas (Tommy), WAMPLER (1853) [mc3-55] Thomas Morris, WAMPLER (1884) [mc3-56] Nelson, WAMPLER (1886) [mc2-104] Catherine Rochester (Kate), WAMPLER (1855) [mc2-105] Annie Erwin, WAMPLER (1857) [mc2-106] Julia Cummings, WAMPLER (1858) [mc2-107] Lena Morris (Morrie), WAMPLER (1861)
[mc0-40] Joseph, WAMPLER [mc1-143] Samuel, WAMPLER [mc2-108] Samuel Cleophus, WAMPLER (1862) [mc3-59] Milton L, WAMPLER (1904)

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