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Descendants of Johann Christian Wampfler who immigrated in 1747


Last Update: 10-31-2011

True MAIN SOURCE: see Acknowlegements and References here

Other sources are given on source lines (sc.) at the entries. In some cases sources are referenced by abreviations in {} at the individual database entries or by reference to another entry. For details and contacts for all sources see source list.

The format of this family tree file has each generation aligned vertically. See Appendix A.9. How to Read Family Trees.

To see an entry, click on the name in the family tree (Note: some of the data files are rather large (~250K bytes).

[jc1-1] Hans George, WAMPLER (1716) [jc2-4] Johnn Gorg, WAMPLER (1758) [jc2-5] Maria Catharine, WAMPLER (1760) [jc2-6] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1762) [jc2-7] Barbara, WAMPLER (1764) [jc2-8] Jacob, WAMPLER (1769) [jc2-9] Christina, WAMPLER (1771) [jc2-10] Margaretha, WAMPLER (1774) [jc2-11] Christian, WAMPLER (1777) (1805) [jc3-17] John Henry, WAMPLER (1806) [jc3-18] George, WAMPLER (1808) [jc4-11] Mary Matilda, WAMPLER (1845) [jc4-12] Catherine Gartman, WAMPLER (1847) [jc4-13] Julia Buehler, WAMPLER (1851) [jc4-14] Anna Rebecca, WAMPLER (1853) [jc4-15] Martha Alice, WAMPLER (1857) [jc5-31] Parker, WAMPLER (1877) [jc3-19] Jacob, WAMPLER (1810) [jc3-20] Elias, WAMPLER (1810) [jc3-21] Jacob, WAMPLER (1812) [jc3-22] Lewis, WAMPLER (1814) [jc4-17] Mary B, WAMPLER (1838) [jc4-18] Julia, WAMPLER (1840) [jc4-19] Susan C, WAMPLER (1841) [jc4-20] George B, WAMPLER (1842) [jc4-21] Laura V, WAMPLER (1849) [jc3-23] Julia Ann, WAMPLER (1816) [jc3-24] Samuel, WAMPLER (1818) [jc4-22] George Schmucker, WAMPLER (1844) [jc5-22] Clora Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1872) [jc5-23] Susan Mina, WAMPLER (1875) [jc5-24] Georgianna, WAMPLER (1879) [jc5-25] Samuel Earl, WAMPLER (1883) [jc6-1] Henry George, WAMPLER [jc4-23] Mary Armanda, WAMPLER (1845) [jc4-24] John Royer, WAMPLER (1847) [jc4-25] Rosealetha, WAMPLER (1849) [jc4-26] Samuel Elwood, WAMPLER (1854) [jc4-27] Ella Pat, WAMPLER (1856) [jc4-28] Annie E, WAMPLER (1858) [jc4-29] Lewis, WAMPLER (1861) [jc5-26] Grace Iona, WAMPLER (1887) [jc5-27] Arthur Brink, WAMPLER (1891) [jc5-28] Edith Mae, WAMPLER (1893) [jc5-29] Samuel Wilton, WAMPLER (1899) [jc6-2] Anna Marie, WAMPLER (1929) [jc5-30] Lyle Newton, WAMPLER (1903) [jc4-30] Henry M, WAMPLER [jc2-12] Mary (Polly), WAMPLER (1780) [jc1-2] Christian, WAMPLER (1718) [jc2-1] John, WAMPLER (1745) [jc3-1] John Lewis, WAMPLER (1782) [jc3-2] Jonas (James Jonas), WAMPLER (1782) [jc3-3] Johann Leonard, WAMPLER (1782) [jc4-1] William, WAMPLER (1807) [jc4-2] Joshua Martin, WAMPLER (1808) [jc5-37] Anne L, WAMPLER (1835) [jc5-38] William, WAMPLER (1839) [jc5-39] John S, WAMPLER (1841) [jc5-40] Joshua L, WAMPLER [jc5-41] Mary Ellen, WAMPLER (1849) [jc5-42] Sarah Jane, WAMPLER (1851) [jc5-43] James, WAMPLER (1853) [jc5-44] Catherine Isabella, WAMPLER (1856) [jc5-45] Joseph P, WAMPLER (1858) [jc5-46] Allen C, WAMPLER (1860) [jc5-47] Jacob B, WAMPLER (1862) [jc6-8] Mary, WAMPLER (1887) [jc6-9] Bessie, WAMPLER (1895) [jc6-10] Louis, WAMPLER (1899) [jc5-48] Agnes Savannah, WAMPLER (1865) [jc5-49] Rachel E, WAMPLER (1866) [jc4-3] John M, WAMPLER (1810) [jc4-4] Lewis, WAMPLER (1810) [jc4-5] Ann Catherine Swank, WAMPLER (1813) [jc4-6] Magdalena, WAMPLER (1815) [jc4-7] Savilla, WAMPLER (1819) [jc4-8] James, WAMPLER (1823) [jc5-1] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1847) [jc5-2] Catherine Clarrissa, WAMPLER (1849) [jc5-3] John Calvin, WAMPLER (1851) [jc5-4] James D, WAMPLER (1854) [jc5-5] Charles, WAMPLER (1856) [jc5-6] A Belle, WAMPLER (1858) [jc5-7] Bertha Savilla, WAMPLER (1860) [jc5-8] William L, WAMPLER (1867) [jc5-9] Carey, WAMPLER (1867) [jc3-4] Johann Friedrick (Frederick), WAMPLER (1785) [jc4-9] Sabina, WAMPLER (1815) [jc4-10] Daniel, WAMPLER (1818) [jc5-10] William Fugate, WAMPLER (1848) [jc5-11] George Lewis, WAMPLER (1849) [jc5-12] Anna Amanda, WAMPLER (1853) [jc5-13] Mary Sabina, WAMPLER (1854) [jc5-14] Maria Abigal, WAMPLER (1856) [jc5-15] Emma Louisa, WAMPLER (1857) [jc5-16] John Jeremiah, WAMPLER (1859) [jc5-17] Paul David, WAMPLER (1862) [jc6-3] Ilda Estelle, WAMPLER (1890) [jc6-4] Asa Walter, WAMPLER (1892) [jc6-5] Faith Wampler;, WAMPLER (1896) [jc6-6] Olga Wampler, WAMPLER (1898) [jc5-18] Barbara Francis, WAMPLER (1865) [jc5-19] Susan Elizabeth (Lizzie), WAMPLER (1868) [jc5-20] Amos Jacob, WAMPLER (1870) [jc5-21] Margaret Jane, WAMPLER (1873) [jc3-5] Johann George, WAMPLER (1788) [jc3-6] Daniel, WAMPLER (1791) [jc3-7] Johann Caspar (John Sparbar Casper), WAMPLER (1795) [jc3-8] Susanna, WAMPLER (1793) [jc3-9] Eva (Mary Eve), WAMPLER (1776) [jc3-26] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1797) [jc2-2] Ludwig, WAMPLER (1752) [jc3-11] John (Johannes), WAMPLER (1773) [jc4-31] Catharine, WAMPLER [jc4-32] Sarah Ann, WAMPLER [jc4-33] Lydia, WAMPLER [jc4-34] Henry H, WAMPLER (1812) [jc5-32] Annie, WAMPLER [jc5-33] Mary, WAMPLER [jc4-35] Maria L, WAMPLER [jc4-36] James L, WAMPLER [jc4-37] George E, WAMPLER [jc4-38] William A, WAMPLER [jc4-39] Emily Jane, WAMPLER [jc4-40] Samuel, WAMPLER [jc3-12] Jacob, WAMPLER (1777) [jc3-13] Henry Christoph, WAMPLER (1781) [jc4-49] Gustavius E, WAMPLER [jc4-50] Henriette, WAMPLER [jc4-51] Clarissa A N, WAMPLER [jc3-14] David, WAMPLER (1789) [jc3-15] Abraham, WAMPLER (1791) [jc3-16] Lewis, WAMPLER (1794) (1794) (1799) [jc4-41] Lycurgus (Licingus), WAMPLER (1827) [jc5-50] Mary, WAMPLER (1851) [jc5-51] Emily, WAMPLER (1854) [jc5-52] Henrietta, WAMPLER (1856) [jc5-53] Eliza, WAMPLER (1857) [jc5-54] Martha, WAMPLER (1859) [jc4-42] Francis (Frank) A, WAMPLER (1829) (1793) [jc5-56] Laura M, WAMPLER (1871) [jc4-43] James L, WAMPLER (1834) [jc5-34] Lydia, WAMPLER [jc5-35] Lewis, WAMPLER [jc5-36] Atlee Willis, WAMPLER (1871) [jc6-7] Atlee W, WAMPLER Jr. (1914) [jc7-1] Atlee Willis, WAMPLER III (1942) [jc8-1] Atlee Willis, WAMPLER IV [jc8-2] Brittainy, WAMPLER [jc8-3] Marian, WAMPLER [jc8-4] Janet, WAMPLER [jc5-58] J. Morris, WAMPLER (1876) [jc4-44] John Thomas, WAMPLER (1831) (1832) [jc5-57] Edgar, WAMPLER (1865) [jc4-45] Lydia E, WAMPLER (1841) (1840) [jc4-46] Clarissa Ann, WAMPLER (1837) [jc4-47] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1823) [jc4-48] August H, WAMPLER (1825) (1825) [jc3-27] Mary (Polly), WAMPLER (1773) [jc3-28] Elizabeth (Betsy), WAMPLER (1784) [jc3-29] Rachael, WAMPLER (1787) (1788) [jc2-3] Anna Margaretha, WAMPLER [jc2-13] Maria Catharina, WAMPLER (1746) [jc2-14] Anna Rosina (Rosey), WAMPLER (1756) [jc2-15] Anna Justina, WAMPLER (1762) [jc2-16] Anna Margaret, WAMPLER (1765) [jc1-3] Johann Ludowig (Lutwich) (Ludwig), WAMPLER (1730) [jc2-17] Ludowich, Jr, WAMPLER (1760) [jc3-30] Daniel, WAMPLER (1794) [jc3-31] Anna Marie, WAMPLER (1795) [jc3-32] Sarah, WAMPLER (1797) [jc3-33] Carl, WAMPLER (1800) [jc3-34] Julian, WAMPLER [jc3-35] Catherine, WAMPLER [jc2-18] Joseph, WAMPLER [jc1-4] Maria Christian (Catharina), WAMPLER [jc1-5] Anna Magdalena, WAMPLER [jc1-6] Margaretha, WAMPLER [jc1-7] Maria Barbara, WAMPLER [jc1-8] Hans Adam, WAMPLER [jc5-54] Martha, WAMPLER (1859)

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