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Wampler/Wampfler NewsLetter, Nov. 1996

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I thought I would discipline myself to send only one message a month to the list (which now has ~120 e-mail addresses) and I'll keep it short so as not to clutter up your mail boxes. Items will be THUMBNAILED with a fuller set of information posted on the Web page under the heading "News Letters" or the URL pointer there. AS ALWAYS if you want your name and e-mail address removed from my list, simply let me know.
New Stuff on Web Page (since Oct 7 message) see Updates & Changes:

Family Trees for descendants of Heinrich Wampfler completed.

SPOUSE Surname Index added.

Bibliography page, Resources, updated to include references to new sources.

Added News Letters link.

Thank you's:
Donna Massey Dixon for info and stories (see below) on Ephriam Wampler and descendants (branch starting at hg4-146).

James W Wampler II for info on [hm3-11]Solomon Wampler and descendants.

Shirley Watkins for info on [hg3-37]Valentine Wampler and [hg3-40]Thomas J Wampler and descendants.

Kurt E. Wampler has updated the information on the branch from Christian [hg3-42].

Donna Massey Dixon ( has related two stories of her Wampler ancestors,

Rufus Price Wampler died in a salt mine cave in in Mangum OK and is buried in the same grave with his best friend who died trying to save Rufus's life. They are buried at Rock Cem[etary] there in Duke Ok.
Hayes Preston [Wampler] was shot and killed over a cow, March 29 1929. The cow would wonder over to the next farm and Hayes, was having to get it on a day to day basis, the farmer told Hayes "If the cow come over here one more time I will keep it and you have no more rights to the cow." So when the cow got out again, Hayes got his brother in law to go with him to get the cow. He was shot while he and his brother-in-law were trying to retrieve the cow. The farmer shot him with a shotgun point blank in the head, he died right then at the farmers home. Odell Massey and his father William Massey (husband and son of Fannie Bell Wampler, Hayes's sister) were there with Hayes when he was shot. Odell and Will drove Hayes back to his home where is wife, Aunt Myrtle scooped up his brains in a teacup from the inside of the truck and buried them in her yard. The murderer got off with no punishment, but later was jailed for 2 years for killing a cow. Note, it was not the same cow, but it was said that all Jackson's County cows would some how end up on this farm, one time or the other. My father and I visited Aunt Myrtles house many time, she died in 1984. She didn't have running water or lights in her house until about 1969.

Requests for Help:
Sandra Chizek ( requests info about Daniel Wampler, born April 12, 1812, possibly in Missouri. He married America HENRY in Louisiana MO, 1839.

Shawn Gray ( requests info on Joseph Wampler who married Rachel MILLS. Joseph and Rachel lived in Madison Co. IN and he died in the 1860's.

Call for Biography:
I've been scanning libraries (both virtual and real) for published biographical info on Wamplers. If you know of any, let me know.

I'm still trying to get together enough material for a "Old Photos" page. If you have old photo of Wampler ancestors and a scanner, consider sending some of them..JW
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