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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spA.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
ABBOTT Rev Herbert Ronald hm7-72 Tree Martha Ann WAMPLER
ABERTSON Stella V hg6-188 Tree Richard O WAMPLER
ABLE Ludwig or M (Lewis) hm2-1 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
ABOTT mc2-76 Tree Margaret Rose WAMPFLER
ACUFF Mildred V hg6-184 Tree Wayne Horace WAMPLER
ADAMS Amanda hm5-69 Tree John H WAMPLER
ADAMS Reeda Mae Adams hm7-324 Tree Wallace Frederick WAMPLER
ADAMS Robert hm6-195 Tree Meryl WAMPLER
ADAMS Willard B hm6-26 Tree Ava WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Frank hm7-64 Tree Dorothy Elizabeth WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Elsie hm6-30 Tree Seldon A WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Henry Clarence hm6-257 Tree Princess Eulala Mae WAMPLER
ADDINGTON John M hm5-24 Tree Sarah E WAMPLER
ADDINGTON L D hm6-27 Tree Ollie A (Ollia) WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Rev. William E hm5-27 Tree Nancy E WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Sylvia A hm6-54 Tree Clarence Alfred (Alfred Clarence) WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Virginia Dare hg5-235 Tree Marion Brown WAMPLER
ADDINGTON Winnie B hm6-47 Tree George Beecher WAMPLER
ADRIANSON Daphne mc0-13 Tree Elton WAMPLER
AEGENTER Margareth ja-2-1 Tree Johannes WAMPFLER
AEGERTER David ja-1-6 Tree Catharina WAMPFLER
AHLEN Larry hg8-12 Tree Cynthia L WAMPLER
AILSHIE Babary E hm4-77 Tree James Soloman WAMPLER
ALBRIGHT Jacob jc3-26 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
ALEXANDER - hp6-57 Tree Edna May WAMPLER
ALEXANDER Jane hg3-30 Tree Hezekiah WAMPLER
ALEXNDER Rosanna hp5-181 Tree Jacob Henry Hashbarger WAMPLER
ALGER Issac hp5-202 Tree Emily Catherine WAMPLER
ALLBRIGHT Richard hm8-192 Tree -- WAMPLER
ALLEE Lois hg6-7 Tree John Wesley WAMPLER
ALLEN Chris Davie hm9-22 Tree Delvie Mae WAMPLER
ALLEN Edith hm6-320 Tree Stuart David WAMPLER
ALLEN Elisha (Tint) hg5-178 Tree Eliz Catherine WAMPLER
ALLEN Kathy hm8-200 Tree Richard Hubert WAMPLER
ALLEN Lula hm5-176 Tree Issac A WAMPLER
ALLEN Mary E hg4-77 Tree David WAMPLER
ALLEN Susie May hg6-69 Tree Charles Edgar WAMPLER
ALLEN mc1-82 Tree Sally WAMPLER
ALLISON Amanda F hg4-74 Tree Ferman (F. N.) WAMPLER
ALLISON Theodore Hedley hm7-328 Tree Dorothy Maude WAMPLER
ALLISTER Jeffrey Mc hp9-14 Tree Pamela Dee WAMPLER
ALONZO Dora E hg5-130 Tree Edward David WAMPLER
ALUMBAUGH hp8-45 Tree Janice Christine WAMPLER
AMER Martha Jane hm4-25 Tree Andrew WAMPLER
AMO Diane Bertha mc2-70 Tree David Charles WAMPFLER
AMSDEN R. C. hp6-199 Tree Mamie WAMPLER
ANDERSON Anna K hg5-259 Tree James Lacey WAMPLER
ANDERSON Esther hg2-9 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
ANDERSON Gertrude hm6-102 Tree Lester Howard WAMPLER
ANDERSON John H. hm4-109 Tree Rachael A WAMPLER
ANDES Mary hp4-59 Tree Issac WAMPLER
ANDES Adam hp4-17 Tree Mary WAMPLER
ANDES Mary K. hp5-208 Tree John Samuel WAMPLER
ANDES Ray C hp7-104 Tree Mildred WAMPLER
ANGERMUELLER George jc5-23 Tree Susan Mina WAMPLER
ANSCHUTZ Edward James hg8-213 Tree Donna Fern WAMPLER
ARLIN Byron A hp5-42 Tree Emma WAMPLER
ARMENTROUT David hp5-99 Tree Amanda C WAMPLER
ARMES James Perry hm8-9 Tree Retha Glenna (Rhetha) WAMPLER
ARMSTRONG Ray hm6-106 Tree Maude Pearl WAMPLER
ARMSTRONG Anna L hm7-49 Tree Ray Curtis WAMPLER
ARNETT Garet Ruth hg7-57 Tree Carl WAMPLER
ARNEY Cora hm7-58 Tree Otis Lee WAMPLER
ARNEY Goldie Irene hm7-57 Tree Hubert Onsby WAMPLER
ARTHUR Marjorie Ann hm7-137 Tree Robert WAMPLER
ARTLEY Ella Belle hg7-165 Tree Claude WAMPLER
ASHBROOK Jane hg3-5 Tree Jefferson H WAMPLER
ASHER Mary hg5-190 Tree John WAMPLER
ASSYLN Loretta Thersia hm8-229 Tree William Douglas WAMPLER
ATKINS Clara hg6-65 Tree Albert Mitchell WAMPLER
AUCUTT Paul Anthony mc3-25 Tree Jan Elizabeth WAMPLER
AULLEY Olaf na6-6 Tree Laura Estella WAMPLER
AUSTIN John P. hm7-312 Tree Cosby J WAMPLER
AUSTIN Philip hp6-229 Tree Marie WAMPLER

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