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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spR.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
RABEHL Selma mc1-25 Tree John Oscar WAMPFLER
RABER William jc4-25 Tree Rosealetha WAMPLER
RAINER Robert na6-16 Tree Lottie A WAMPLER
RALSTON jc5-18 Tree Barbara Francis WAMPLER
RANDALL ? hm8-197 Tree Tina WAMPLER
RAPPORT Henry jc3-35 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
RASNICK Louisa Jane hg5-289 Tree Arnold Alonzo WAMPLER
RAWLINGS Benton hg3-10 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
RAWLINGS Benton V hg4-173 Tree Jane WAMPLER
RAWLINS Angelina hg3-37 Tree Valentine (Felty) WAMPLER
RAY Cora E hm6-84 Tree Walter M WAMPLER
RAY Nancy Catherine hg3-40 Tree Thomas Jefferson WAMPLER
RAYL Harley hm7-177 Tree Bessie WAMPLER
REAGAN Danielle Lynn hm9-131 Tree Randall Curtis WAMPLER
REAGAN Sarah hg4-92 Tree Millard F WAMPLER
REARICK Frank (Francis, Frantz) na5-5 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
REDERICK Ollie hm6-213 Tree Minnie WAMPLER
REED David Presley mc1-55 Tree Sarah Eliza WAMPLER
REED Mary C hg7-69 Tree Lawrence Wayne WAMPLER
REED Offerrel J. hm6-56 Tree Letha Otelia WAMPLER
REEDER Theresa hg8-190 Tree Randy Roy WAMPLER
REEDY Edward Napoleon hm6-11 Tree Surelda Alice WAMPLER
REEVE Emma hg6-94 Tree Dexter Alexander WAMPLER
REGES Oscar Valentine jc6-5 Tree Faith Wampler; WAMPLER
REID Jeffrey Vernon na9-10 Tree Victoria Rae WAMPLER
RENFRO Akie hm6-65 Tree Lewis WAMPLER
RENFRO Nora hm6-66 Tree Claude WAMPLER
REYNOLDS Eliz hm5-159 Tree William Robert WAMPLER
REYNOLDS Louisa Jane hm5-12 Tree William Gordon WAMPLER
RHEA Edith hg6-86 Tree Walter Kenneth WAMPLER
RHINEHART Ben hm7-201 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
RHODES Odean hp6-235 Tree Robert Elmo WAMPLER
RICCITELLI James I. hm8-11 Tree Rutha Janette WAMPLER
RICE Frank hm5-206 Tree Ethyl N WAMPLER
RICE John Earl hm9-19 Tree Catherine Elizabeth WAMPLER
RICE William hm8-153 Tree Patricia Ann WAMPLER
RICHARDSON Bessie hm6-244 Tree Ray WAMPLER
RICHARDSON Ella hp5-165 Tree Vernon E WAMPLER
RICHARDSON James hm8-202 Tree Carol WAMPLER
RICHARDSON Kenneth hm8-117 Tree Sally LaVerne WAMPLER
RICHMOND Lon hm5-155 Tree America WAMPLER
RICHTER Doris hg7-48 Tree Wendell Allen WAMPLER
RICKETTS William S hg4-124 Tree Sarah A WAMPLER
RICKWELL Sarah hm5-55 Tree Andrew Jackson WAMPLER
RIDDEL mc2-90 Tree Ruth WAMPLER
RIDDLE David Jess Sr. hm8-222 Tree Susan Louise WAMPLER
RIDDLE Nora Bell hp6-40 Tree Whitfield Early WAMPLER
RIDGE America hm6-82 Tree Thomas Benton WAMPLER
RIDGEWAY Georgia K hg7-74 Tree Joe Milton WAMPLER
RIGGS Roy hg7-35 Tree Dorothy Jean WAMPLER
RIGHTER Jacob jc3-29 Tree Rachael WAMPLER
RITTER Caleb ja1-6 Tree Rosina (Rosa) WAMPFLER
RIX Coral hp6-15 Tree Clarence Ernest WAMPLER
ROBERTS Dorothy Ann hg7-137 Tree Sammy Isham WAMPLER
ROBERTS Laura Belle hm5-145 Tree John Albert WAMPLER
ROBERTS Una Lee hm6-168 Tree Frank Hobison WAMPLER
ROBIN John hp7-126 Tree Claranell WAMPLER
ROBIN Tony hm6-10 Tree Hannah Caroline WAMPLER
ROBINETTE Nannie hm7-3 Tree Cicero Patrick WAMPLER
ROBINETTE Daniel hm7-4 Tree Cora E WAMPLER
ROBINSON Denise hm8-98 Tree Jeffery B WAMPLER
ROBINSON Lida hg4-91 Tree Clinton Lafayette WAMPLER
ROCKWELL Sarah Ann hg4-98 Tree Andrew Jackson WAMPLER
RODEFFER George Conrad hp6-164 Tree Mayme (Mamie) Elizabeth WAMPLER
RODEFFER Henry hp5-87 Tree Laura Elizabeth WAMPLER
ROGERS Christine hg8-223 Tree John Robert WAMPLER
ROGERS Comodore hg4-133 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
ROGERS Elsie hg5-23 Tree Thomas C WAMPLER
ROGERS Joel hm5-187 Tree Sarah Alice WAMPLER
ROGERS Nellie hg5-22 Tree Frank WAMPLER
ROGERS Robert J. hp6-193 Tree Nettie WAMPLER
ROLE A H hp5-41 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
ROLLER Samuel hp4-16 Tree Annie WAMPLER
ROLSIK Joann hg7-38 Tree James Richard WAMPLER
ROMERO Ann na9-8 Tree Raymond WAMPLER
ROOKS Carolyn mc1-76 Tree Charles WAMPLER
ROOP Lydia hp4-4 Tree David W WAMPLER
ROOP Mary hp4-5 Tree William WAMPLER
ROOT Albert hg5-24 Tree Rebecca E WAMPLER
ROSE Carl Walter hp6-69 Tree Rutha Lou WAMPLER
ROSE Emson Hastings hg4-121 Tree Julia A WAMPLER
ROSS Gladys Irene hg6-308 Tree Daniel Edgar WAMPLER
ROUGHTEN Allen hm5-168 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
ROYER Catherine hp3-1 Tree Philip WAMPLER
RUDY Nancy jc4-10 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
RUEGSEGGER Christian mc1-103 Tree Susanna Katharina WAMPFLER
RUFENER Jakob ja0-9 Tree Elisabeth WAMPFLER
RUNGE hp8-58 Tree Polly WAMPLER
RUNION Silas S hg4-125 Tree Mary Jane WAMPLER
RUPE Pearl May hg6-236 Tree Ray Lloyd WAMPLER
RYANS Judy Carol hm8-39 Tree Thomas Wayne WAMPLER

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