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Descendants of Hans Michael Wampfler who immigrated in 1741


Last Update: 10-31-2011

True MAIN SOURCE: see Acknowlegements and References here.

Other sources are given on source lines (sc.) at the entries. In some cases sources are referenced by abreviations in {} at the individual database entries or by reference to another entry. For details and contacts for all sources see source list.

The format of this family tree file has each generation aligned vertically. See Appendix A.9. How to Read Family Trees.

To see an entry, click on the name in the family tree (Note: some of the data files are rather large (~250K bytes).

[hm2-1] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1752) [hm2-2] George"-the-Miller", WAMPFLER (1757) [hm3-1] George, Jr, WAMPLER (1780) [hm4-1] James Israel, WAMPLER (1812) [hm5-1] Henderson, WAMPLER (1842) [hm6-306] Margaret, WAMPLER (1868) [hp6-307] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1870) [hm6-308] Joseph, WAMPLER (1872) [hm7-258] Mary, WAMPLER (1896) [hm7-259] Lance, WAMPLER (1899) [hm7-260] John, WAMPLER (1902) [hm7-261] Katherine, WAMPLER (1904) [hm7-262] Millard, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-263] Fred, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-264] Robert, WAMPLER (1914) [hm6-309] Sarah, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-310] Isaac, WAMPLER (1880) [hm5-2] Melissa, WAMPLER (1844) [hm5-3] Corintha (Carrintha), WAMPLER (1846) [hm5-4] Leanna (Leannah), WAMPLER (1847) [hm5-5] Amanda Jane, WAMPLER (1849) [hm5-6] John W, WAMPLER (1850) [hm6-312] Javen S, WAMPLER [hm7-265] Earl William, WAMPLER [hm8-195] Jeff, WAMPLER [hm8-196] Michelle, WAMPLER [hm8-197] Tina, WAMPLER [hm7-266] Jamie, WAMPLER [hm7-267] Pauline, WAMPLER [hm5-7] Margaret G., WAMPLER [hm4-2] John Wilson 'Hokie', WAMPLER (1816) [hm5-8] Anna Laura, WAMPLER (1839) [hm5-9] George B, WAMPLER (1841) [hm6-1] James Anderson, WAMPLER (1866) [hm7-1] George Francis, WAMPLER (1888) [hm8-1] Bernice, WAMPLER [hm8-2] George F, Jr, WAMPLER [hm9-1] Carlos, WAMPLER [hm9-2] Frank, WAMPLER [hm9-3] Sidney, WAMPLER [hm9-4] Phyllis, WAMPLER [hm9-5] Curtis, WAMPLER [hm8-3] Billie, (female) [hm7-2] Worley Lee, WAMPLER (1890) [hm8-4] Ruth, WAMPLER [hm7-3] Cicero Patrick, WAMPLER (1891) [hm8-5] Carl, WAMPLER [hm7-4] Cora E, WAMPLER (1895) [hm7-5] John Sevier, WAMPLER [hm8-6] William Creed, WAMPLER (1926) [hm9-6] Barbara Irene, WAMPLER [hm9-7] William Creed, Jr, WAMPLER [hm8-7] John Sevier, Jr, WAMPLER [hm9-8] Ruby, WAMPLER [hm9-9] Pamela, WAMPLER [hm9-10] Lillian Ann, WAMPLER [hm8-8] James Anderson, WAMPLER [hm9-11] Rebecca Fulton, WAMPLER [hm9-12] James Anderson, Jr, WAMPLER [hm9-13] John Nathan, WAMPLER [hm6-2] Hulda Jane, WAMPLER (1870) [hm6-3] Surelda (Serelda), WAMPLER [hm5-10] Martha, WAMPLER (1844) [hm5-11] Arminda Jane (Armenda), WAMPLER (1846) [hm5-12] William Gordon, WAMPLER (1849) [hm6-4] George, WAMPLER (1874) [hm6-5] Tazewell G (Taze), WAMPLER (1875) [hm7-6] Charlie, WAMPLER [hm7-7] Pearl, WAMPLER [hm7-9] Laura, WAMPLER [hm7-10] Mabel, WAMPLER [hm7-11] Herman, WAMPLER [hm7-257] Cassie, WAMPLER [hm6-6] Laura Ann, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-7] ReAllie Victoria, WAMPLER (1878) [hm6-8] Willie Franklin, WAMPLER (1879) [hm7-12] Gordon, WAMPLER [hm7-13] Tory, WAMPLER [hm7-14] Hester, WAMPLER [hm7-15] Maggie, WAMPLER [hm7-16] Henry, WAMPLER [hm6-9] Joe Cicero, WAMPLER (1882) [hm6-10] Hannah Caroline, WAMPLER (1884) [hm6-11] Surelda Alice, WAMPLER (1885) [hm6-12] James Patrick, WAMPLER (1888) [hm7-17] Ruth, WAMPLER [hm7-18] Thelma, WAMPLER [hm7-19] Mildred, WAMPLER [hm7-20] Arnold, WAMPLER [hm7-21] Edith, WAMPLER [hm6-311] Elizabeth Jane, WAMPLER (1890) [hm5-13] Israel Franklin, WAMPLER (1852) [hm6-13] Gilbert Creed, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-14] Orbin McKinley, WAMPLER (1896) [hm5-14] Sarah E, WAMPLER (1856) [hm5-15] Lydia Margaret (Margaret Lydia), WAMPLER (1858) [hm5-16] John Ransome (Johnnie) (Hoggie), WAMPLER (1860) [hm6-281] Gordon, WAMPLER (1881) [hm7-250] Hester, WAMPLER (1905) [hm7-251] Hillard James, WAMPLER (1907) [hm7-252] Harriet, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-253] Hilma, WAMPLER [hm7-254] Hansford, WAMPLER (1918) [hm7-255] Herman, WAMPLER [hm6-282] Dan, WAMPLER [hm6-283] Pearl, WAMPLER [hm6-284] Lurie, WAMPLER [hm6-285] Charles (Charlie), WAMPLER [hm4-3] William, WAMPLER (1818) [hm4-4] Sarah, WAMPLER (1820) [hm4-5] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1813) [hm5-238] Samuel Logan, WAMPLER (1840) [hm6-322] Tempia, WAMPLER (1866) [hm6-323] Alvonia, WAMPLER (1867) [hm6-324] Benjamin Patrick, WAMPLER (1867) [hm7-296] James Logan, WAMPLER (1908) [hm7-297] Thelma, WAMPLER (1911) [hm7-298] William Edgar, WAMPLER (1914) [hm7-299] Benjamin Kenneth, WAMPLER (1917) [hm8-212] Benjamin Kenneth Jr., WAMPLER (1943) [hm8-213] David Henry, WAMPLER (1946) [hm8-214] Georgann, WAMPLER (1949) [hm7-300] Virginia, WAMPLER (1920) [hm7-301] Anna Lou, WAMPLER (1923) [hm6-325] Susan, WAMPLER (1872) [hm6-326] Rebecca (Maggie), WAMPLER (1876) [hm5-239] William Henry, WAMPLER (1843) [hm6-327] Emma Rantha, WAMPLER (1871) [hm6-328] Mary Ann, WAMPLER (1873) [hm6-329] Esther Virginia, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-330] Lucinda Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1880) [hm6-331] Eugene Blake, WAMPLER (1882) [hm6-332] Mattie Elane, WAMPLER (1884) [hm6-333] John Barbour, WAMPLER (1887) [hm5-240] James M, WAMPLER (1859) [hm4-6] Martha (Patsy), WAMPLER (1828) [hm4-7] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hm4-8] Frank, WAMPLER [hm5-17] Frank, Jr, WAMPLER [hm5-18] Milton, WAMPLER [hm5-19] William, WAMPLER [hm5-20] Lettie, WAMPLER (1871) [hm5-21] Emma, WAMPLER (1870) [hm3-2] John, WAMPLER (1781) [hm4-9] Jesse, WAMPLER (1814) (1914) [hm5-22] Malissa C, WAMPLER (1840) [hm5-23] Henry M, WAMPLER (1845) [hm6-15] Sarah Ellen, WAMPLER (1870) [hm6-16] James Monroe, WAMPLER (1869) [hm7-22] Holly Elisha, WAMPLER (1898) [hm8-159] James Edward, WAMPLER (1920) [hm9-93] James Edward, Jr, WAMPLER (1945) [hm9-94] Edward Holly, WAMPLER (1947) [hm9-95] Claudette, WAMPLER (1949) [hm9-96] Sandra, WAMPLER (1956) [hm8-160] Loyd Hollis, WAMPLER (1921) [hm9-97] Dianna Lee, WAMPLER (1946) [hm7-23] Dora Almira, WAMPLER (1901) [hm7-24] Deila Ester, WAMPLER (1903) [hm7-25] Ira Henderson, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-26] Delpha Ellen, WAMPLER (1908) [hm7-27] Viola, WAMPLER (1902) [hm6-17] Priscilla, WAMPLER [hm6-18] William Henderson, WAMPLER (1877) [hm7-28] Ira L, WAMPLER (1902) [hm8-9] Retha Glenna (Rhetha), WAMPLER (1920) [hm8-10] Burlie Gus (Burley), WAMPLER (1923) [hm9-14] Roger Lee, WAMPLER (1949) [hm10-13] Roger Lee, Jr, WAMPLER (1967) [hm10-14] Lisa Diane, WAMPLER (1970) [hm10-19] William Gus, WAMPLER (1974) [hm10-20] Timothy Scott, WAMPLER (1999) [hm8-11] Rutha Janette, WAMPLER (1926) [hm8-12] Everette Lawrence, WAMPLER (1931) [hm9-15] Kevin Dean, WAMPLER (1960) [hm9-16] Danna Ann, WAMPLER (1961) [hm9-17] Stephen G, WAMPLER (1964) [hm7-29] Arthur, WAMPLER [hm8-13] Clyde Edward, WAMPLER (1925) [hm9-18] Clarence Edward, WAMPLER (1949) [hm10-21] Darrell Lee, WAMPLER (1976) [hm9-19] Catherine Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1950) [hm9-20] Ronnie Lee, WAMPLER (1951) [hm10-15] Juywina Ann, WAMPLER (1972) [hm9-21] John Wayne, WAMPLER (1954) [hm9-22] Delvie Mae, WAMPLER (1956) [hm9-23] Ray Arnold, WAMPLER (1957) [hm9-24] Sharon Marie, WAMPLER (1958) [hm9-25] Barbara Ann, WAMPLER (1959) [hm9-26] Carolyn Lee, WAMPLER (1960) [hm8-14] Virginia, WAMPLER [hm8-15] Maudie, WAMPLER [hm8-16] Clarence, WAMPLER (1928) [hm9-27] Thelma Jean, WAMPLER (1955) [hm9-28] Clarence Willard, WAMPLER (1957) [hm9-29] Stuart Michael, WAMPLER (1957) [hm9-30] Lorraine Marie, WAMPLER (1959) [hm9-31] Charles Arthur, WAMPLER (1961) [hm9-32] Theresa Ann, WAMPLER (1962) [hm9-33] Kimberly Ann, WAMPLER (1970) [hm8-147] Edith, WAMPLER [hm8-148] Harold, WAMPLER [hm7-30] Maude, WAMPLER (1907) [hm7-31] Myrtle, WAMPLER (1908) [hm7-32] Josie, WAMPLER (1910) [hm7-33] Nathan, WAMPLER (1912) [hm8-17] Regina K, WAMPLER (1948) [hm7-34] Dorothy, WAMPLER (1914) [hm7-35] Roxie, WAMPLER (1916) [hm7-36] Charles, WAMPLER (1918) [hm8-18] Alvin Leon, WAMPLER (1946) [hm9-34] Sheila, WAMPLER (1968) [hm9-35] Scott Curtis, WAMPLER (1969) [hm8-19] Douglas Wayne, WAMPLER (1948) [hm8-20] Yvonne, WAMPLER (1951) [hm8-21] Judy, WAMPLER (1955) [hm7-37] Ollie, WAMPLER (1919) [hm7-38] Agnes, WAMPLER (1922) [hm7-39] Eugene Elden, WAMPLER (1923) [hm8-22] Rebecca Lynne, WAMPLER (1955) [hm8-23] Stephen Eugene, WAMPLER (1957) [hm7-40] Cuba Arbutus, WAMPLER (1955) [hm7-41] Lacy Lee, WAMPLER (1929) [hm8-24] Betty Jean, WAMPLER (1950) [hm8-25] David Lee, WAMPLER (1953) [hm8-26] Michael Wayne, WAMPLER (1953) [hm9-36] Michelle, WAMPLER [hm8-27] Theresa Diane, WAMPLER (1954) [hm8-28] Pamela Sue, WAMPLER (1955) [hm7-42] Jack Herndon, WAMPLER (1933) [hm8-29] Donna Ruth, WAMPLER (1957) [hm6-19] Rose Margaret, WAMPLER (1883) [hm6-20] Elbert Ezra, WAMPLER (1883) [hm7-231] Zed Junius, WAMPLER (1903) [hm8-167] Zed Junius, II, WAMPLER [hm9-101] Zed Lee, WAMPLER [hm9-102] Lynn, WAMPLER [hm8-168] Richard Garland, WAMPLER [hm9-103] Sharon Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1972) [hm7-232] Floyd, WAMPLER (1905) [hm8-169] Pauline, WAMPLER (1929) [hm8-170] June Bernice, WAMPLER (1931) [hm8-171] Floyd Edmond, WAMPLER (1942) [hm8-172] Sherry, WAMPLER (1947) [hm7-233] Grace Ellen, WAMPLER (1906) [hm8-186] Marvin, WAMPLER (1928) [hm7-234] James Roy, WAMPLER (1908) [hm8-173] James Buford, WAMPLER (1931) [hm8-174] Jeanette, WAMPLER [hm7-235] Jarrett Willis, WAMPLER (1910) [hm8-175] Lois, WAMPLER (1933) [hm8-176] Eugene, WAMPLER (1935) [hm9-104] Darrell, WAMPLER (1956) [hm9-105] Dwayne, WAMPLER (1960) [hm9-106] Dale, WAMPLER (1962) [hm8-177] Ilene, WAMPLER (1938) [hm8-178] Wendell, WAMPLER (1940) [hm9-107] Kimberlea, WAMPLER (1959) [hm7-236] Fannie Mae, WAMPLER (1911) [hm7-237] Delphia, WAMPLER (1913) [hm7-238] William Ellis, WAMPLER (1916) [hm7-239] Eulys, WAMPLER (1918) [hm8-179] James Richard, WAMPLER (1941) [hm9-108] Jamie Eulys, WAMPLER (1967) [hm9-109] Jeff Everette, WAMPLER (1968) [hm9-110] Jason William, WAMPLER (1971) [hm8-180] Paul Elbert, WAMPLER (1944) [hm9-111] Brian Paul, WAMPLER (1968) [hm9-112] Chad Eulys, WAMPLER (1971) [hm8-181] Michael Keith, WAMPLER (1946) [hm8-182] Jenifer Elaine, WAMPLER (1957) [hm7-240] Meridith, WAMPLER (1921) [hm7-241] Helen Mayne, WAMPLER (1923) [hm7-242] Elbert, II, WAMPLER (1925) [hm7-243] Glenda, WAMPLER (1949) [hm7-244] Gloria, WAMPLER (1951) [hm7-245] Regina, WAMPLER (1952) [hm7-246] Kester, WAMPLER (1954) [hm6-21] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hm6-22] Mary, WAMPLER (1879) [hm6-23] Hattie, WAMPLER (1886) [hm6-24] Maude Virgie, WAMPLER (1893) [hm6-25] Clyde Freeman, WAMPLER (1899) [hm7-247] Myra Nell, WAMPLER (1921) [hm7-248] Elva Imogene, WAMPLER (1926) [hm7-249] Henry Boyd, WAMPLER (1928) [hm8-183] Kathy Anita, WAMPLER (1951) [hm8-184] Donald Boyd, WAMPLER (1954) [hm8-185] Jeffrey, WAMPLER (1960) [hm6-26] Ava, WAMPLER (1897) [hm6-271] Maude Lillie, WAMPLER (1894) [hm5-24] Sarah E, WAMPLER (1847) [hm5-25] William A, WAMPLER (1852) [hm6-27] Ollie A (Ollia), WAMPLER [hm6-28] Addie, WAMPLER [hm6-29] Singleton C, WAMPLER [hm6-30] Seldon A, WAMPLER [hm6-31] Danna (Dana), WAMPLER [hm6-32] Cleo, WAMPLER [hm6-33] Ruby, WAMPLER [hm5-26] James, WAMPLER (1854) [hm5-27] Nancy E, WAMPLER (1856) [hm5-28] Nathan S, WAMPLER (1862) [hm6-34] Dona E, WAMPLER [hm6-35] Cosby R, WAMPLER [hm6-36] Virgie L, WAMPLER [hm6-37] Loy L, WAMPLER [hm6-38] Lawton, WAMPLER [hm6-39] Flora, WAMPLER [hm5-29] Charles P, WAMPLER (1864) [hm6-40] Roy Everette, WAMPLER [hm6-41] Pearl A, WAMPLER [hm6-42] Sophia M, WAMPLER [hm6-43] Callie L, WAMPLER [hm6-44] Estelle, WAMPLER [hm6-45] Myrtle M, WAMPLER [hm6-46] Lona G, WAMPLER [hm5-30] George W, WAMPLER (1867) [hm5-31] Serepta F, WAMPLER (1877) [hm5-32] Martha, WAMPLER [hm4-10] William Walker, WAMPLER (1818) [hm5-33] John C, WAMPLER (1849) [hm6-47] George Beecher, WAMPLER (1889) [hm7-43] Fred Delmar, WAMPLER (1915) [hm8-30] Fred Benny, WAMPLER (1943) [hm9-37] Valerie Kay, WAMPLER (1965) [hm9-38] Kevin Benny, WAMPLER [hm9-39] Susan Michelle, WAMPLER (1971) [hm7-44] Carlus Ralph, WAMPLER (1918) [hm7-45] George Beecher, Jr, WAMPLER (1924) [hm6-48] Laura H, WAMPLER (1875) [hm6-49] Lilburn L, WAMPLER (1878) [hm7-46] Olos Patton, WAMPLER (1904) [hm8-31] Robert Lee, WAMPLER (1927) [hm9-40] Brenda Kay, WAMPLER [hm9-41] Deborah Ann, WAMPLER [hm8-32] Olos Patton, Jr, WAMPLER (1929) [hm9-42] Cheryl Darlene, WAMPLER [hm8-33] Jack Donald, WAMPLER (1931) [hm9-43] Terri Lynne, WAMPLER [hm8-34] Jorita Jane, WAMPLER [hm7-47] Homer Eugene, WAMPLER (1905) [hm7-48] Monnie E, WAMPLER [hm7-49] Ray Curtis, WAMPLER (1910) [hm8-35] Shirley Fay, WAMPLER [hm8-36] Phyllis Jacqueline, WAMPLER [hm7-50] Howard Douglas, Sr, WAMPLER (1913) [hm8-37] Howard Douglas, Jr, WAMPLER (1937) [hm9-44] Douglas Keith, WAMPLER [hm9-45] Penny Annette, WAMPLER [hm8-38] William Page, WAMPLER (1941) [hm9-46] Amy Michelle, WAMPLER [hm8-39] Thomas Wayne, WAMPLER (1942) [hm8-40] Carolyn Jane, WAMPLER [hm8-41] Seima Jean, WAMPLER [hm7-51] Fred Cash, Sr, WAMPLER (1914) [hm8-42] Brenda Joyce, WAMPLER [hm8-43] Fred Cash, Jr, WAMPLER [hm9-47] Vicki, WAMPLER [hm9-48] Stephen, WAMPLER [hm7-52] Lena May, WAMPLER [hm7-53] Henry W, WAMPLER (1919) [hm8-44] Judy Jean, WAMPLER [hm8-45] Wyatt Henry, WAMPLER (1955) [hm8-46] Becky Jane, WAMPLER [hm7-54] Mary Ruth, WAMPLER [hm6-50] Robert C, WAMPLER (1880) [hm6-51] John M, WAMPLER (1880) [hm6-52] Henry I, WAMPLER (1883) [hm7-55] Raymond, WAMPLER [hm7-56] Letha, WAMPLER [hm6-53] William Sylvester, WAMPLER (1885) [hm7-57] Hubert Onsby, WAMPLER (1910) [hm8-47] Donald Hubert, WAMPLER (1937) [hm9-49] Don Michael, WAMPLER (1961) [hm9-50] Deonna Michelle, WAMPLER (1964) [hm9-51] Melissa Beth, WAMPLER (1969) [hm8-48] Brenda Sue, WAMPLER (1942) [hm7-58] Otis Lee, WAMPLER (1912) [hm8-49] Helen Imogene, WAMPLER (1937) [hm8-50] Gary, WAMPLER (1945) [hm9-52] Amy Christine, WAMPLER [hm7-59] Harold Sebastian, WAMPLER (1916) [hm8-51] Judy Lynn, WAMPLER (1939) [hm6-54] Clarence Alfred (Alfred Clarence), WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-60] Mary Lucille, WAMPLER [hm6-55] Malla A, WAMPLER (1895) [hm6-56] Letha Otelia, WAMPLER (1897) [hm5-34] Martha, WAMPLER (1851) [hm5-35] Francis Marion, WAMPLER (1853) [hm6-57] Hop, WAMPLER [hm6-58] Helen, WAMPLER [hm6-59] Loula, WAMPLER [hm6-60] Ava, WAMPLER [hm6-61] Walker W, WAMPLER (1889) [hm7-61] Lowell Dale, WAMPLER [hm7-62] Garnie Murrel, WAMPLER [hm7-63] Mazella Faye, WAMPLER [hm6-62] Dovey Ethyl, WAMPLER [hm6-63] Bertha, WAMPLER [hm5-36] Helen Josephine Jane, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-37] Rosanna M E, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-38] William Thurman, WAMPLER (1858) [hm6-64] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-65] Lewis, WAMPLER [hm6-66] Claude, WAMPLER [hm6-67] Leanna, WAMPLER [hm6-257] Princess Eulala Mae, WAMPLER (1899) [hm5-39] Robert F J, WAMPLER (1862) [hm5-40] Nathanial Buchanan, WAMPLER (1863) [hm6-68] Mary, WAMPLER [hm6-69] Berthia, WAMPLER [hm6-70] Arnold G, WAMPLER [hm7-64] Dorothy Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hm7-65] Herbert Fred, WAMPLER [hm8-52] Billy, WAMPLER [hm8-53] Lisa, WAMPLER [hm7-66] Emma Sue, WAMPLER [hm6-71] Maggie, WAMPLER [hm6-72] Thersia (Thersa), WAMPLER [hm6-73] Chloe, WAMPLER [hm6-74] Rufus A, WAMPLER [hm7-67] J B, WAMPLER [hm7-68] Reba, WAMPLER [hm7-69] June, WAMPLER [hm7-70] Helen, WAMPLER [hm7-71] Fred, WAMPLER [hm6-75] Roy, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-72] Martha Ann, WAMPLER [hm7-73] Marilyn, WAMPLER [hm6-76] Vernon (Bill), WAMPLER (1911) [hm7-74] Doris, WAMPLER [hm7-75] June, WAMPLER [hm6-77] Lois G, WAMPLER (1913) [hm5-41] Samuel Farley, WAMPLER (1866) [hm6-78] Helen Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hm5-42] Sylvester P, WAMPLER (1869) [hm4-11] Patricia Martha, WAMPLER (1808) [hm4-12] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1822) [hm4-13] John W, WAMPLER (1814) [hm5-43] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1836) [hm5-44] William, WAMPLER (1838) [hm5-45] Nancy, WAMPLER (1839) [hm5-46] Sarah, WAMPLER (1842) [hm4-14] Sarah (Sally), WAMPLER (1809) [hm3-3] George Christian, WAMPLER (1794) [hm4-15] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1818) [hm4-16] George Christian, Jr, WAMPLER (1826) [hm5-47] Mary A, WAMPLER [hm5-48] Martha J, WAMPLER [hm5-49] John B F, WAMPLER (1861) [hm6-258] Uriah R, WAMPLER (1891) [hm6-259] Arthur W, WAMPLER (1892) [hm6-260] Minnie L, WAMPLER (1893) [hm5-50] Louisa M, WAMPLER [hm5-51] William J, WAMPLER [hm5-52] Thomas J, WAMPLER [hm5-53] Thuliah, WAMPLER [hm4-17] Jesse, WAMPLER (1819) [hm5-202] Canary Drayton, WAMPLER (1851) [hm6-272] Louisa Emory, WAMPLER (1878) [hm6-273] Angline Victory, WAMPLER (1870) [hm6-274] Tchisha Bell, WAMPLER (1872) [hm6-275] Martha, WAMPLER (1876) [hm6-276] Thomas Jessie, WAMPLER (1881) [hm7-302] Ethyl, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-303] Columbus Canary, WAMPLER (1907) [hm7-304] Arthur M, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-305] Noah Lee, WAMPLER (1911) [hm7-306] Martin V, WAMPLER (1912) [hm7-307] Minnie C, WAMPLER (1913) [hm7-308] Sarah Catherine, WAMPLER (1917) [hm7-309] Evelyn E, WAMPLER (1919) [hm7-310] Gladys Pauline, WAMPLER (1921) [hm6-277] Catherine, WAMPLER (1885) [hm6-278] Causley Clementine, WAMPLER (1888) [hm6-279] Riley, WAMPLER (1890) [hm6-280] Columbus, WAMPLER (1893) [hm6-334] Elijah C, WAMPLER (1894) [hm5-203] William Patton, WAMPLER (1845) [hm6-335] Robert Jackson, WAMPLER (1876) [hm7-311] Friddy L, WAMPLER (1898) [hm7-312] Cosby J, WAMPLER (1871) [hm7-313] Holland H, WAMPLER (1902) [hm8-215] Wilson Lee, WAMPLER (1922) [hm7-314] Eller C, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-315] Leote, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-316] Walter W, WAMPLER (1912) [hm7-317] Lileather Jane, WAMPLER (1916) [hm6-336] Cosby, WAMPLER (1870) [hm5-204] Melville, WAMPLER (1848) [hm5-241] George H, WAMPLER (1854) [hm6-350] Liliann B C, WAMPLER (1886) [hm6-351] Thurston J, WAMPLER (1887) [hm6-352] Thomas C, WAMPLER (1885) [hm6-353] George W, WAMPLER (1884) [hm6-354] Canary R, WAMPLER (1889) [hm5-242] Thomas Jefferson, WAMPLER (1856) [hm6-337] Thomas Vernon, WAMPLER (1908) [hm5-243] Martha W, WAMPLER (1859) [hm5-244] Baxter O, WAMPLER (1863) [hm6-338] Charley F, WAMPLER (1886) [hm6-339] Troy B, WAMPLER (1888) [hm6-340] William A, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-341] Samuel J, WAMPLER (1892) [hm6-342] Elvira Virtie, WAMPLER (1895) [hm6-343] Allen, WAMPLER (1899) [hm6-344] Adney, WAMPLER (1893) [hm6-345] Carrie, WAMPLER (1904) [hm6-346] Riley Olds, WAMPLER (1906) [hm6-347] Waldo, WAMPLER (1922) [hm6-348] Fern, WAMPLER (1924) [hm6-349] Gerald, WAMPLER (1926) [hm5-245] Mary E, WAMPLER (1863) [hm5-246] Jessee, WAMPLER (1866) [hm5-247] Harvey, WAMPLER (1861) [hm4-18] Mary A., WAMPLER (1823) [hm4-19] Sarah Jane, WAMPLER (1830) [hm4-20] Peter W, WAMPLER (1830) [hm4-21] Harvey George, WAMPLER (1832) [hm5-223] Clarence Augusta, WAMPLER (1874) [hm6-313] Alverta Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1904) [hm6-314] Charles Abel, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-268] Lephia Dove, WAMPLER [hm7-269] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER [hm7-270] Charles Alfred, WAMPLER [hm7-271] Shirley Fern, WAMPLER [hm7-272] Mary Margaret, WAMPLER [hm6-315] Ray Pierce, WAMPLER (1908) [hm7-273] Eugene Pierce, WAMPLER [hm7-274] Bobby Elwood, WAMPLER [hm7-275] Cecil Edwin, WAMPLER [hm7-276] Jane Ellen, WAMPLER [hm7-277] Daniel Ray, WAMPLER [hm7-278] Jeffrey Lynn, WAMPLER [hm6-316] Ernest Levi, WAMPLER (1910) [hm7-279] George Kenneth, WAMPLER (1933) [hm8-198] Billy Wayne Ingle, WAMPLER (1953) [hm9-116] Kenneth Stewart, WAMPLER (1973) [hm9-117] Amy Lynne, WAMPLER (1981) [hm8-199] Clarence Willis, WAMPLER (1954) [hm7-280] Billy Hubert, WAMPLER (1938) [hm8-200] Richard Hubert, WAMPLER (1958) [hm6-317] Beulah Mary, WAMPLER (1912) [hm6-318] Alice Belle, WAMPLER (1915) [hm6-319] Iris Ellen, WAMPLER (1916) [hm6-320] Stuart David, WAMPLER (1919) [hm7-281] Bonnie, WAMPLER [hm7-282] Elaine, WAMPLER [hm7-283] Teresa, WAMPLER [hm6-321] Frances Martha, WAMPLER (1921) [hm4-22] David A, WAMPLER (1844) [hm5-54] Thomas J, WAMPLER (1867) [hm4-23] William, WAMPLER [hm3-4] Mary, WAMPLER (1785) [hm3-5] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1790) [hm3-6] Barbara, WAMPLER [hm2-3] Catherine, WAMPLER (1758) [hm2-4] Michael, Jr, WAMPLER (1765) [hm3-7] Anna Mary (Maria), WAMPLER (1795) [hm3-8] Benjamin, WAMPLER (1798) [hm4-86] Margaret, WAMPLER (1825) [hm4-87] John Andrew, WAMPLER (1829) [hm4-88] Joseph, WAMPLER (1835) [hm4-89] Susannah, WAMPLER (1840) [hm3-9] Frederick, WAMPLER (1804) [hm4-97] Mary, WAMPLER (1831) [hm4-98] William, WAMPLER (1833) [hm4-99] Jacob, WAMPLER (1835) [hm4-100] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1837) [hm4-101] Levina, WAMPLER (1840) [hm4-102] John W, WAMPLER (1845) [hm4-103] Martha, WAMPLER (1848) [hm3-10] Susanna (Susannah), WAMPLER (1810) [hm3-11] Soloman (Solomon), WAMPLER (1793) [hm4-77] James Soloman, WAMPLER (1843) [hm5-174] Mary E, WAMPLER (1863) [hm5-175] James Alexander, WAMPLER (1864) [hm5-176] Issac A, WAMPLER (1867) [hm5-177] George W, WAMPLER (1868) [hm5-178] Nora C, WAMPLER (1883) [hm5-179] Garfield H, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-261] Robert F, WAMPLER (1906) [hm6-262] Ida B, WAMPLER (1907) [hm6-263] James W, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-217] James W, Jr, WAMPLER (1931) [hm8-155] James W, III, WAMPLER (1960) [hm8-156] Scott Doyle, WAMPLER (1962) [hm8-157] Jami Lee, WAMPLER (1964) [hm7-218] Patricia, WAMPLER (1934) [hm7-219] Allen Keith, WAMPLER (1935) [hm7-220] Jerry, WAMPLER (1948) [hm7-221] Rodney, WAMPLER (1950) [hm7-222] Dana, WAMPLER (1952) [hm6-264] Edgar L, WAMPLER (1912) [hm6-265] Herbert L, WAMPLER (1915) [hm6-266] L B, WAMPLER (1918) [hm6-267] Glenna L, WAMPLER (1920) [hm5-180] Ollie A, WAMPLER (1895) [hm4-78] Issac (Jesse Issac), WAMPLER (1845) [hm5-192] John Wesley, WAMPLER (1867) [hm5-193] Nolan V, WAMPLER (1869) [hm5-194] Ella Cordelia, WAMPLER (1872) [hm5-195] Lydia M, WAMPLER (1875) [hm5-196] Dempsey William, WAMPLER (1878) [hm5-197] Cora Margaret, WAMPLER (1880) [hm5-198] Dennis F, WAMPLER (1883) [hm5-199] Coy E, WAMPLER (1885) [hm5-200] Bruce E, WAMPLER (1887) [hm5-201] Fannie Lee, WAMPLER (1890) [hm4-79] William Anderson, WAMPLER (1851) [hm4-80] Martha, WAMPLER (1852) [hm4-81] John A, WAMPLER (1872) [hm4-82] George W (Greg or Gary), WAMPLER (1837) [hm5-219] Sudie, WAMPLER (1899) [hm5-220] Lucy, WAMPLER (1902) [hm5-221] Anna, WAMPLER (1906) [hm5-222] Georgia, WAMPLER (1941) [hm4-83] Louisa C, WAMPLER (1877) [hm4-84] Lewis M, WAMPLER (1880) [hm4-90] Henry, WAMPLER (1825) [hm5-182] Daniel Jackson, WAMPLER (1849) [hm5-183] Margaret Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1851) [hm5-184] Andrew, WAMPLER (1853) [hm5-185] John Wesley, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-186] Nancy Jane, WAMPLER (1858) [hm5-187] Sarah Alice, WAMPLER (1860) [hm5-188] Malinda, WAMPLER (1861) [hm5-189] Mary Polly, WAMPLER (1862) [hm5-190] James A, WAMPLER (1870) [hm5-191] William H, WAMPLER (1870) [hm6-355] Charles Frederick, WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-318] Alma Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1912) [hm7-319] Edna Alberta, WAMPLER (1913) [hm7-320] Raymond Carson, WAMPLER (1915) [hm8-216] Wanda Muriel, WAMPLER (1934) [hm8-217] Randall Carson, WAMPLER (1935) [hm9-131] Randall Curtis, WAMPLER (1958) [hm10-23] Randall Carson, WAMPLER (1995) [hm10-24] Conner Harrison, WAMPLER (1998) [hm9-132] Wendy Lynn, WAMPLER (1960) [hm8-218] Naomi Jean, WAMPLER (1938) [hm8-219] Janice Sue, WAMPLER (1939) [hm8-220] John Frederick, WAMPLER (1946) [hm9-141] Kim Denise, WAMPLER (1975) [hm9-142] Kristy Dawn, WAMPLER (1977) [hm8-221] Wayne Carson, WAMPLER (1948) [hm9-143] Carson Anthony, WAMPLER (1983) [hm9-144] Sam Johnson, WAMPLER (1990) [hm8-222] Susan Louise, WAMPLER (1950) [hm7-321] Marchie Marie, WAMPLER (1917) [hm7-322] Darwin Doyle, WAMPLER (1919) [hm8-223] Darwin Doyle Jr, WAMPLER (1940) [hm9-133] Darwin Doyle, III, WAMPLER (1959) [hm9-134] Darrell Dean, WAMPLER (1962) [hm9-135] Dawn Delane, WAMPLER (1963) [hm9-136] Darren Dale, WAMPLER (1967) [hm8-224] Richard Duane, WAMPLER (1949) [hm9-137] Kimberly Ann, WAMPLER (1969) [hm8-225] Danny Ray, WAMPLER (1954) [hm7-323] Opal Fine, WAMPLER (1921) [hm7-324] Wallace Frederick, WAMPLER (1923) [hm8-226] Wallace Steven, WAMPLER (1947) [hm9-138] Steven Brett, WAMPLER (1966) [hm9-139] Lori Michelle, WAMPLER [hm8-227] Phyllis Yvonne, WAMPLER (1948) [hm8-228] Janice Lea, WAMPLER (1952) [hm7-325] William Walter, WAMPLER (1926) [hm8-229] William Douglas, WAMPLER (1946) [hm8-230] Sandra Lea, WAMPLER (1953) [hm7-326] Jack Dempsey, WAMPLER (1927) [hm8-231] Kathy Dianne, WAMPLER (1952) [hm8-232] Jack Dempsey, Jr, WAMPLER (1954) [hm8-233] Timothy Allen, WAMPLER (1958) [hm8-234] Christi Dawn, WAMPLER (1970) [hm7-327] Gene Tunney, WAMPLER (1927) [hm8-235] Gene Tunney, Jr, WAMPLER (1954) [hm8-236] Betty Ann, WAMPLER (1956) [hm7-328] Dorothy Maude, WAMPLER (1929) [hm7-329] Barbara Gay, WAMPLER (1932) [hm7-330] Bobby Ray, WAMPLER (1932) [hm8-237] Sharyn Raye, WAMPLER (1953) [hm8-238] Charles Larry, WAMPLER (1956) [hm9-140] Stephanie Kaye, WAMPLER (1973) [hm8-239] Eric Scott, WAMPLER (1964) [hm6-356] Andrew M, WAMPLER [hm6-357] Wiley Hobart, WAMPLER (1910) [hm6-358] Earl, WAMPLER (1910) [hm6-359] John W, WAMPLER (1899) [hm6-360] Richard A, WAMPLER (1895) [hm7-331] Lucille, WAMPLER [hm7-332] Lois, WAMPLER [hm7-333] Larry, WAMPLER [hm7-334] Cecil, WAMPLER [hm7-335] John, WAMPLER [hm7-336] Willard, WAMPLER [hm7-337] Richard, WAMPLER [hm6-361] Pearl, WAMPLER (1908) [hm6-362] Carl W, WAMPLER (1904) [hm6-363] Alvin, WAMPLER (1895) [hm4-91] Maria Barbara, WAMPLER (1827) [hm4-92] Mary, WAMPLER (1829) [hm4-93] Andrew, WAMPLER (1831) [hm4-94] Sally, WAMPLER (1834) [hm4-95] Sarah Jane, WAMPLER (1838) [hm4-96] Elizabeth Ann (Betty), WAMPLER (1841) [hm4-110] Viola F, WAMPLER (1882) [hm3-35] Mary, WAMPLER (1795) [hm3-36] Elizabeth (Betsey), WAMPLER (1801) [hm3-37] Esther, WAMPLER (1810) [hm2-5] Peter, WAMPLER (1770) [hm3-12] Jacob, Sr, WAMPLER (1791) [hm4-24] Hiram, WAMPLER (1815) [hm5-55] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1839) [hm5-56] Rachel Ann, WAMPLER (1843) [hm5-57] Austin, WAMPLER (1846) [hm5-58] James Harvey, WAMPLER (1840) [hm5-59] Amanda Jane, WAMPLER (1854) [hm5-60] John William, WAMPLER (1858) [hm6-79] Emmett, WAMPLER [hm6-80] Loulie, WAMPLER [hm4-25] Andrew, WAMPLER (1817) [hm5-61] Margaret, WAMPLER (1841) [hm5-62] Peter W, WAMPLER (1844) [hm5-63] Doctor Franklin, WAMPLER (1845) [hm6-81] Eva Jane, WAMPLER (1867) [hm6-82] Thomas Benton, WAMPLER (1869) [hm7-76] Ethyl, WAMPLER [hm6-83] Perry 'Dick', WAMPLER (1871) [hm7-77] Berthie May, WAMPLER (1894) [hm7-78] Leota, WAMPLER (1898) [hm6-84] Walter M, WAMPLER (1874) [hm7-79] Claude, WAMPLER (1900) [hm7-80] Ralph, WAMPLER (1902) [hm7-81] Orbin, WAMPLER [hm7-82] Ray M, WAMPLER [hm7-83] Alva, WAMPLER [hm8-188] Lloyd E, WAMPLER (1935) [hm9-113] Scott, WAMPLER [hm9-114] Steve, WAMPLER [hm9-115] Shelby, WAMPLER [hm8-189] Phillip, WAMPLER [hm8-190] Walter, WAMPLER [hm8-191] --, WAMPLER [hm8-192] --, WAMPLER [hm7-84] Fred, WAMPLER [hm7-85] Archie, WAMPLER [hm6-85] Dollie Oct, WAMPLER (1879) [hm6-86] John Franklin, WAMPLER (1882) [hm7-86] Mary, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-87] Wade H, WAMPLER (1907) [hm8-56] Karen June, WAMPLER (1936) [hm8-57] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1934) [hm8-58] Kenneth Frank, WAMPLER (1940) [hm9-53] Lori Ann, WAMPLER (1964) [hm8-59] Janice Ann, WAMPLER (1932) [hm7-88] Lillian, WAMPLER (1912) [hm5-64] Amanda Jane, WAMPLER (1848) [hm5-65] Sarah E, WAMPLER (1850) [hm5-66] Jackson, WAMPLER (1859) [hm5-67] Ephraim M, WAMPLER (1853) [hm6-87] Homer M, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-88] Lora Estelle, WAMPLER (1879) [hm6-89] Maude E, WAMPLER [hm6-90] James Curtis, WAMPLER (1881) [hm6-91] Mable C, WAMPLER (1886) [hm6-92] Grace C, WAMPLER (1888) [hm6-93] Emma, WAMPLER [hm6-94] Bonnie, WAMPLER [hm6-95] Anna B, WAMPLER (1891) [hm6-96] James Curtis, WAMPLER [hm5-68] James Buck, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-69] John H, WAMPLER (1862) [hm6-97] Edna, WAMPLER [hm6-98] Ella, WAMPLER [hm5-71] Thomas Benton, WAMPLER (1874) [hm6-99] Raymond, WAMPLER (1902) [hm6-100] Robert Glen, WAMPLER (1906) [hm7-89] Robert Glen, Jr, WAMPLER (1930) [hm8-60] Robert, WAMPLER [hm8-61] Connie, WAMPLER (1955) [hm8-62] David, WAMPLER [hm7-90] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER (1932) [hm6-101] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1907) [hm6-102] Lester Howard, WAMPLER (1910) [hm7-91] Lillie, WAMPLER (1938) [hm7-92] Shirley, WAMPLER (1936) [hm7-93] Don Wayne, WAMPLER (1940) [hm8-63] Ben, WAMPLER (1964) [hm8-64] Charlotte, WAMPLER (1970) [hm7-94] Larry Joe, WAMPLER (1943) [hm8-65] Alan, WAMPLER (1962) [hm6-103] Dorothea Mae, WAMPLER (1912) [hm6-104] James Holland, WAMPLER (1916) [hm7-95] James Richard, WAMPLER (1936) [hm8-66] James Harold, WAMPLER (1960) [hm8-67] Madonna Faith, WAMPLER (1969) [hm8-68] Thomas Scott, WAMPLER (1962) [hm8-69] Jason Aaron, WAMPLER (1972) [hm7-96] David, WAMPLER (1943) [hm8-70] Angela, WAMPLER (1974) [hm6-105] Gladys Marie, WAMPLER (1920) [hm5-72] Flora Belle, WAMPLER (1876) [hm5-224] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hm4-26] Anna, WAMPLER [hm4-27] Jacob, Jr, WAMPLER (1821) [hm5-73] James Madison, WAMPLER (1863) [hm6-106] Maude Pearl, WAMPLER (1885) (1889) [hm6-107] William Grover, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-108] Jacob Lewis, WAMPLER (1890) [hm7-98] James, WAMPLER [hm7-99] Shireman, WAMPLER [hm6-109] James Buell, WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-100] Robert, WAMPLER (1918) [hm8-71] Robert, Jr, WAMPLER [hm8-72] John, WAMPLER [hm6-110] Elizabeth Esther, WAMPLER (1893) [hm6-111] Dorothy Ann, WAMPLER (1895) [hm6-112] Mary Blanche, WAMPLER (1897) [hm6-113] John Joshua (Pete), WAMPLER (1898) [hm7-101] William James (Pete), WAMPLER (1925) [hm6-114] Franklin Wayne, WAMPLER (1903) [hm7-102] Joan, WAMPLER [hm7-103] Kenneth, WAMPLER [hm7-104] Frederick, WAMPLER [hm7-105] Eugene, WAMPLER [hm5-74] Mary Ellen, WAMPLER (1851) [hm5-75] John Henry, WAMPLER (1851) [hm6-115] Walter, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-116] James Madison, WAMPLER (1878) [hm7-284] Gayle, WAMPLER (1906) [hm6-117] Lora, WAMPLER [hm6-118] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1884) [hm6-119] Catherine, WAMPLER (1886) [hm6-120] James, WAMPLER [hm6-121] Lorena, WAMPLER [hm5-76] Joshua 'Buck', WAMPLER (1855) [hm6-122] Anna, WAMPLER [hm6-123] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1893) [hm6-124] John Elmer, WAMPLER (1985) (1895) [hm6-125] Faye, WAMPLER (1897) [hm5-77] Jacob 'Dudley', WAMPLER (1854) [hm6-126] Willard L, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-127] Joshua H, WAMPLER (1880) [hm6-128] Jacob, WAMPLER [hm6-129] Luthern, WAMPLER [hm6-130] Richard, WAMPLER [hm5-78] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1858) [hm5-79] Catherine A, WAMPLER (1860) [hm5-80] William T, WAMPLER (1869) [hm5-81] Sylvester Lee, WAMPLER (1868) [hm4-28] Mary (Polly), WAMPLER (1824) [hm4-29] Sarah (Sally), WAMPLER (1826) [hm4-30] Henry, WAMPLER (1828) [hm5-82] Mary Ann, WAMPLER [hm5-83] Addie, WAMPLER (1868) [hm5-84] Jane, WAMPLER [hm5-85] George, WAMPLER (1863) [hm5-86] Doctor, WAMPLER [hm5-87] Charlie, WAMPLER (1874) [hm5-88] Sarah, WAMPLER (1859) [hm5-89] Hiram, WAMPLER (1865) [hm5-90] Emanda, WAMPLER [hm4-31] Sophia, WAMPLER (1830) [hm5-91] Joseph, WAMPLER [hm4-32] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1832) [hm4-33] Amanda, WAMPLER (1839) [hm4-34] John J, WAMPLER (1837) [hm3-13] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1804) [hm3-14] Margarete (Margareth), WAMPLER [hm3-15] Mary, WAMPLER [hm3-16] Mary Magdalene (Magdalena) (Molly), WAMPLER (1789) [hm3-17] Anna Mary, WAMPLER (1796) [hm3-18] Joseph, WAMPLER (1799) [hm3-19] Peter, WAMPLER (1808) [hm4-35] John K, WAMPLER (1930) [hm4-36] William G, WAMPLER (1834) [hm4-37] Rebecca A, WAMPLER (1836) [hm4-38] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1840) [hm4-39] Evaline, WAMPLER (1842) [hm4-40] Grace A, WAMPLER (1847) [hm3-20] Henry, WAMPLER (1793) [hm4-41] Josiah Beatty, WAMPLER (1828) [hm5-92] William Crockett, WAMPLER (1856) [hm6-131] Walter Cicero, WAMPLER (1881) [hm6-132] Oren Blane, WAMPLER (1882) [hm7-106] Harry Blane, WAMPLER (1914) [hm8-73] Marie Carmen, WAMPLER [hm8-74] Harriet Anne, WAMPLER [hm8-75] Blane Lee, WAMPLER [hm8-76] Phyllis Arnett, WAMPLER [hm8-77] Oren Ralph, WAMPLER [hm8-78] Lisa Jean, WAMPLER [hm6-133] Amy Myrtle, WAMPLER (1885) [hm6-134] Arthur Clyde, WAMPLER (1887) [hm6-135] Elmer Glen, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-136] Ethyl Hope, WAMPLER (1890) [hm6-137] Ralph Earl, WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-107] Joseph Crockett, WAMPLER [hm8-150] Donna, WAMPLER [hm8-151] Joseph, WAMPLER [hm9-85] Joleen, WAMPLER [hm9-86] Napua, WAMPLER [hm8-152] Hazel, WAMPLER [hm7-108] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hm7-109] Derral Linville, WAMPLER [hm8-153] Patricia Ann, WAMPLER [hm8-154] Randall Linn, WAMPLER [hm7-110] Vernon Earl, WAMPLER [hm7-111] Hazel Ruth, WAMPLER [hm7-112] Donna Jean, WAMPLER [hm6-138] Harry Leland, WAMPLER (1894) [hm7-113] Mary Ellen, WAMPLER (1927) [hm7-114] Ernest Ray, WAMPLER (1929) [hm8-79] Rebecca Lynn, WAMPLER (1952) [hm8-80] Ernest Glen, WAMPLER (1954) [hm7-115] Dorthea Mae, WAMPLER (1931) [hm7-116] Hazel Annetta, WAMPLER (1937) [hm7-117] Harry LeeRoy, WAMPLER (1942) [hm8-187] Paul Edward, WAMPLER (1963) [hm8-193] Harold LeeRoy, WAMPLER (1964) [hm8-194] Edith Anne, WAMPLER (1967) [hm6-139] Wilmer Saul, WAMPLER (1897) [hm6-140] Ernest Silver, WAMPLER (1898) [hm7-118] Donald Huston, WAMPLER (1932) [hm8-81] Darrell Wayne, WAMPLER [hm8-82] Cherilyn Elaine, WAMPLER [hm8-83] Gordon Kent, WAMPLER [hm6-141] Wilford Clare, WAMPLER (1901) [hm5-93] Florence, WAMPLER [hm5-94] Thomas E, WAMPLER [hm5-95] Marion Boyd, WAMPLER (1861) [hm6-142] Cleon M, WAMPLER (1890) [hm7-119] Viola Marguerite, WAMPLER [hm7-120] Mary Ann, WAMPLER [hm7-121] Grace Flora, WAMPLER [hm7-122] William Marion, WAMPLER [hm6-143] Charles Albert, WAMPLER [hm6-144] Belva, WAMPLER [hm6-145] George W, WAMPLER [hm6-146] Robert A, WAMPLER [hm6-147] Arthur G, WAMPLER [hm6-148] Boyd, WAMPLER [hm5-96] Virginia (Jennie) E, WAMPLER (1865) [hm5-97] Winfield Scott, WAMPLER (1868) [hm6-149] Morris Glen, WAMPLER [hm7-123] Glen, Jr, WAMPLER [hm7-124] Jerry, WAMPLER [hm6-150] Leo Vance, WAMPLER [hm7-125] Nancy, WAMPLER [hm6-151] Beal, WAMPLER [hm5-98] Dora B, WAMPLER [hm5-99] Charles Albert, WAMPLER (1873) [hm6-152] Raymond Michael, WAMPLER (1898) [hm6-153] Ivan Harold, WAMPLER (1897) [hm7-126] Iva Jean, WAMPLER [hm7-127] Wilbur Dale, WAMPLER (1923) [hm7-128] Betty Ruth, WAMPLER (1926) [hm7-129] Lena Marie, WAMPLER (1922) [hm7-130] Kenneth Wayne, WAMPLER (1930) [hm8-84] LaDonna Irene, WAMPLER (1960) [hm8-85] Arlena Gail, WAMPLER (1966) [hm6-154] Blanche, WAMPLER (1900) [hm6-155] Charles Leo, WAMPLER (1903) [hm6-156] Kenneth W, WAMPLER [hm5-100] Josiah Beatty, Jr, WAMPLER (1875) [hm6-157] Eulah, WAMPLER [hm6-158] Edwin, WAMPLER [hm5-101] Thomas, WAMPLER [hm5-102] Frankie M, WAMPLER [hm4-42] Mary, WAMPLER (1829) [hm4-43] Sally, WAMPLER (1830) [hm4-44] George, WAMPLER (1833) [hm5-103] Virginia T, WAMPLER [hm5-104] Victorya, WAMPLER [hm5-105] John Harbison, WAMPLER (1861) [hm5-106] Callie C, WAMPLER (1836) [hm5-107] Robert Isaac, WAMPLER (1866) [hm6-160] Emma Rose, WAMPLER [hm6-161] Ethyl May, WAMPLER [hm6-162] Clara B, WAMPLER [hm6-163] Clarence Albert, WAMPLER (1905) [hm7-131] John Robert, WAMPLER (1936) [hm8-86] John Robert, WAMPLER (1974) [hm8-87] Sue Ann, WAMPLER (1975) [hm7-132] Albert Allen, WAMPLER (1938) [hm8-88] Christene, WAMPLER (1963) [hm8-89] Cathy Jo, WAMPLER (1964) [hm8-90] Christopher Allen, WAMPLER (1970) [hm7-133] Anna Mae, WAMPLER [hm5-108] Ella A, WAMPLER [hm5-109] Florence B, WAMPLER [hm5-110] Laura, WAMPLER [hm5-111] William Marco, WAMPLER (1874) [hm6-164] Susan Edith, WAMPLER [hm6-165] Lollie Maiden, WAMPLER [hm6-166] Mary, WAMPLER [hm6-167] Willie May, WAMPLER [hm6-168] Frank Hobison, WAMPLER (1907) [hm7-134] Frances Mae, WAMPLER [hm7-135] George Fred, WAMPLER (1933) [hm8-91] Fred Arlington, WAMPLER [hm8-92] James Rodney, WAMPLER [hm6-169] John Robert, WAMPLER [hm5-112] Lulia Gay, WAMPLER [hm5-113] James Victor, WAMPLER [hm4-45] David, WAMPLER (1834) [hm5-114] Samuel, WAMPLER [hm5-115] Bar, WAMPLER [hm5-116] Whites, WAMPLER [hm5-117] John, WAMPLER [hm5-118] Henry, WAMPLER [hm5-119] Belle, WAMPLER [hm5-120] Washington, WAMPLER [hm6-170] William, WAMPLER [hm6-171] George, WAMPLER [hm6-172] Albert, WAMPLER [hm6-173] Nora, WAMPLER [hm6-174] Flora, WAMPLER [hm6-175] Trula, WAMPLER [hm6-176] Etta, WAMPLER [hm6-177] Charlie, WAMPLER [hm4-46] Ann, WAMPLER (1838) [hm4-47] Henry Mitchell, WAMPLER (1840) [hm5-121] William H, WAMPLER [hm5-122] Rice E F, WAMPLER (1873) [hm5-123] Racie E, WAMPLER (1875) [hm5-124] Margaret E, WAMPLER (1877) [hm5-125] Flora M, WAMPLER (1879) [hm3-34] Sally, WAMPLER [hm2-6] Louisa (Lovice or Louise), WAMPLER (1764) [hm2-7] Christopher (Stophel), WAMPLER (1763) [hm3-21] Adam, WAMPLER (1811) [hm4-48] Elizabeth Jane, WAMPLER (1835) [hm4-49] Nancy, WAMPLER (1838) [hm4-50] Nancy, WAMPLER (1842) [hm4-51] Joseph, WAMPLER (1839) [hm5-126] William Addison, WAMPLER (1862) [hm6-178] Lydia, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-179] Synthia, WAMPLER (1889) [hm6-180] Pearl, WAMPLER (1891) [hm6-181] Serepta, WAMPLER (1892) [hm6-182] Phoebe E, WAMPLER (1894) [hm6-183] Clettes, WAMPLER (1897) [hm6-184] Charlotte, WAMPLER (1900) [hm6-185] George W, WAMPLER (1903) [hm7-136] Susie, WAMPLER (1927) [hm6-186] Hester, WAMPLER [hm6-187] William Wayne, WAMPLER (1909) [hm7-137] Robert, WAMPLER (1929) [hm8-93] Julia E, WAMPLER [hm8-94] Gary B (Brad), WAMPLER [hm9-120] Christopher, WAMPLER [hm8-95] Ronda E, WAMPLER [hm8-96] LeeAnn E, WAMPLER [hm8-97] Kerry V, WAMPLER [hm9-121] Isaiah, WAMPLER [hm10-22] Mackinah, WAMPLER [hm9-122] Kristen, WAMPLER [hm9-123] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hm9-124] Andrew, WAMPLER [hm9-125] Sarah, WAMPLER [hm8-98] Jeffery B, WAMPLER [hm9-126] Natasha Marie, WAMPLER (1979) [hm9-127] Brandon Robinson, WAMPLER (1980) [hm9-128] Tayler Brianne, WAMPLER (1994) [hm8-158] Katherine (Catherine), WAMPLER [hm7-138] Donald Richard, WAMPLER [hm8-99] Mark E, WAMPLER [hm9-89] Amy M, WAMPLER (1985) [hm9-90] Jason A, WAMPLER (1988) [hm8-100] John, WAMPLER [hm9-91] Kyle, WAMPLER [hm9-92] Kayla, WAMPLER [hm7-139] Don, WAMPLER [hm5-127] Charles E, WAMPLER (1866) [hm5-128] James A, WAMPLER (1868) [hm5-129] John W, WAMPLER (1868) [hm5-130] Sarah, WAMPLER (1870) [hm5-131] Amanda Ellen, WAMPLER [hm5-132] Indiana, WAMPLER (1864) [hm5-133] Mary, WAMPLER (1899) [hm5-134] Cruden, WAMPLER (1899) [hm4-52] Sarah, WAMPLER (1842) [hm4-53] Mary Ann (Polly), WAMPLER (1844) [hm4-54] Dulcina (Delsenna), WAMPLER (1847) [hm4-55] Isaac Jackson, WAMPLER (1850) [hm5-208] Luther Marion, WAMPLER (1873) [hm6-290] Veroka, WAMPLER (1907) [hm5-209] Emmet Jackson, WAMPLER (1894) [hm6-286] Kathryn Ellen, WAMPLER (1917) [hm6-287] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1919) [hm6-288] Dorothy Eleanor, WAMPLER (1922) [hm6-289] Emmet Jack, Jr, WAMPLER (1924) [hm7-256] Bryan E, WAMPLER [hm5-210] Cora Ellen, WAMPLER (1900) [hm4-56] Adam E, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-135] Joel Edward, WAMPLER [hm6-188] Lillian, WAMPLER [hm6-189] Ira, WAMPLER (1903) [hm6-190] Lillian, WAMPLER [hm6-192] Raymond, WAMPLER [hm6-193] Robert, WAMPLER [hm5-136] Sarah Matilda, WAMPLER [hm5-137] Luther, WAMPLER [hm5-138] Rosa, WAMPLER [hm5-139] William Paris, WAMPLER (1882) [hm6-194] Irene, WAMPLER [hm6-195] Meryl, WAMPLER [hm6-196] Carl A, WAMPLER [hm7-140] Carl, WAMPLER [hm7-141] Jackie, WAMPLER [hm6-197] Robert, WAMPLER [hm4-57] Paris Gorman, WAMPLER (1860) [hm5-181] Leonard A, WAMPLER (1891) [hm5-205] Garman, WAMPLER (1886) [hm5-206] Ethyl N, WAMPLER (1889) [hm5-207] Dewey E, WAMPLER (1898) [hm6-268] James Gorman (Jerry), WAMPLER (1922) [hm7-223] Dollie Elayne, WAMPLER [hm7-224] Jerry Glen, WAMPLER [hm7-225] Mary Lucille, WAMPLER [hm7-226] Leonard, WAMPLER [hm7-227] Sharon, WAMPLER [hm7-228] Joye, WAMPLER [hm7-229] Edna, WAMPLER [hm6-269] Leonard, WAMPLER (1923) [hm6-270] Loren Harding, WAMPLER (1940) [hm4-58] Emma, WAMPLER [hm4-59] William, WAMPLER [hm3-22] Alexander, WAMPLER (1812) [hm4-60] Stephen Alexander, WAMPLER (1846) [hm5-140] Christina, WAMPLER [hm5-141] Georgia Lake, WAMPLER [hm5-142] Ella Nora, WAMPLER [hm5-143] Julia Lee, WAMPLER [hm5-144] Margaret Matilda, WAMPLER [hm5-145] John Albert, WAMPLER [hm6-198] Joseph, WAMPLER [hm6-199] James Edward, WAMPLER [hm6-200] Irene, WAMPLER [hm6-201] Ruby Christine, WAMPLER [hm6-202] Mary Lake, WAMPLER [hm4-61] Mary Ann, WAMPLER (1842) [hm4-62] Leanze, WAMPLER (1847) [hm3-23] Mary Magdalena (Molly), WAMPLER (1797) [hm3-24] Christenia, WAMPLER [hm3-25] John, WAMPLER [hm3-26] Michael W, WAMPLER (1798) [hm4-63] William Henry, WAMPLER (1820) [hm5-146] Henry Christopher, WAMPLER (1842) [hm6-203] Louis Edward, WAMPLER (1868) [hm7-142] Dean, WAMPLER [hm8-101] Dean, Jr, WAMPLER [hm8-102] Patricia Rose, WAMPLER [hm7-143] Leo Edward, WAMPLER (1914) [hm8-103] Connie, WAMPLER [hm7-144] Cleo Augustus, WAMPLER (1914) [hm7-145] Naomi, WAMPLER [hm7-146] Dorothy, WAMPLER [hm7-147] Burl, WAMPLER [hm8-104] Joyce, WAMPLER [hm8-105] Phillip, WAMPLER [hm7-292] Francis Reuel, WAMPLER (1923) [hm8-207] Deborah, WAMPLER [hm8-208] David, WAMPLER [hm8-209] Bruce, WAMPLER [hm8-210] Bryan, WAMPLER [hm8-211] Betsy, WAMPLER [hm7-293] Carl Edward Jr, WAMPLER [hm7-294] Galen W., WAMPLER [hm7-295] Dorothy, WAMPLER [hm6-204] George Elmer, WAMPLER (1879) [hm7-148] Mary Ruth, WAMPLER (1917) [hm7-149] Betty Lou, WAMPLER (1912) [hm7-150] Glodyne (Clodine) (Goldine), WAMPLER (1914) [hm7-151] Harold, WAMPLER (1910) [hm8-201] Daniel, WAMPLER [hm8-202] Carol, WAMPLER [hm8-203] Patricia, WAMPLER [hm7-152] Lloyd, WAMPLER (1907) [hm6-205] Thomas, WAMPLER [hm7-153] Beulah, WAMPLER [hm6-206] James Berry, WAMPLER (1887) [hm7-154] Maudline, WAMPLER [hm7-155] Barbara, WAMPLER [hm6-207] Alonzo, WAMPLER (1889) [hm7-156] Phyllis, WAMPLER (1918) [hm7-157] Regina, WAMPLER (1925) [hm6-208] AltaBelle, WAMPLER (1874) [hm6-209] Samantha, WAMPLER (1881) [hm6-210] Aaron, WAMPLER [hm6-211] Charlie, WAMPLER [hm5-147] Isaac J, WAMPLER [hm5-148] Sarah Eliz, WAMPLER (1844) [hm5-149] Emily, WAMPLER (1846) [hm5-150] George W, WAMPLER (1849) [hm6-212] Thomas, WAMPLER [hm7-158] Roger, WAMPLER [hm7-159] Virginia, WAMPLER [hm7-160] Ione, WAMPLER [hm6-213] Minnie, WAMPLER [hm6-214] Oscar, WAMPLER [hm7-161] Beatrice Ione, WAMPLER [hm7-162] Lorene, WAMPLER [hm7-163] Raymond, WAMPLER [hm8-106] Donna, WAMPLER [hm8-107] Elaine, WAMPLER [hm6-215] William, WAMPLER [hm7-164] Thelma, WAMPLER [hm7-165] Carter, WAMPLER [hm8-108] Jimmy, WAMPLER [hm8-109] Charlene, WAMPLER [hm6-216] India, WAMPLER [hm6-217] Maude, WAMPLER [hm6-218] David, WAMPLER [hm7-166] Harold, WAMPLER [hm7-167] Lawrence, WAMPLER [hm6-219] Mary, WAMPLER [hm6-220] Verba, WAMPLER [hm6-221] Charles, WAMPLER [hm5-151] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1851) [hm6-223] Ora May, WAMPLER (1877) [hm6-224] Ophia Myrtle, WAMPLER (1879) [hm6-225] Lila Agnes, WAMPLER (1883) [hm6-226] James William, WAMPLER (1885) [hm7-214] Gladdys Marie, WAMPLER [hm6-227] George Milo, WAMPLER (1890) [hm7-215] Lloyd Myron, WAMPLER (1912) [hm8-149] Bruce Edward, WAMPLER (1952) [hm9-83] Van Robert, WAMPLER (1989) [hm9-84] Risa Claire, WAMPLER (1992) [hm7-216] Melba, WAMPLER (1915) [hm6-228] Jessie Ellen, WAMPLER (1896) [hm6-229] David Henry, WAMPLER (1888) [hm5-152] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1851) [hm5-153] Angeline, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-154] Arkansas, WAMPLER (1858) [hm5-155] America, WAMPLER (1858) [hm5-156] William J, WAMPLER (1859) [hm5-157] Mary M, WAMPLER (1863) [hm4-64] Barbara Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1823) [hm4-65] John G, WAMPLER (1826) [hm5-158] Michael, WAMPLER (1845) [hm6-230] John Washington, WAMPLER (1868) [hm7-168] William E, WAMPLER (1905) (1888) [hm8-110] Jewett, WAMPLER (1907) [hm9-54] Judith, WAMPLER (1930) [hm9-55] Robert Dale, WAMPLER (1932) [hm10-16] DeAnna, WAMPLER (1953) [hm10-17] David, WAMPLER (1954) [hm10-18] Douglas Scott, WAMPLER (1963) [hm11-1] Zachary Robert, WAMPLER (1994) [hm11-2] Holly Erica, WAMPLER (1994) [hm8-111] Dorothy, WAMPLER (1908) [hm8-112] Frances, WAMPLER (1909) [hm8-113] Basil, WAMPLER [hm9-56] Patricia, WAMPLER [hm9-57] Ronald, WAMPLER [hm9-58] Mark, WAMPLER [hm9-59] Pamela, WAMPLER [hm7-169] Aaron, WAMPLER (1889) [hm8-115] Lucille, WAMPLER (1908) [hm8-116] Viola, WAMPLER (1914) [hm8-117] Sally LaVerne, WAMPLER (1916) [hm8-118] Wilma Jean, WAMPLER (1920) [hm8-119] Wendell Marshall, WAMPLER (1914) [hm9-60] Linda, WAMPLER [hm8-120] John Lee, WAMPLER (1923) [hm9-118] Jeffrey, WAMPLER [hm9-119] Michael, WAMPLER [hm8-121] James W, WAMPLER (1926) [hm9-61] James, WAMPLER (1963) [hm9-62] Mary Jo, WAMPLER (1965) [hm8-122] Richard L, WAMPLER (1918) [hm8-123] Georgia, WAMPLER (1922) [hm8-124] Mary Jo, WAMPLER (1930) [hm8-204] Robert, WAMPLER (1914) [hm7-170] Sarah (Sally), WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-171] Parmelia, WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-172] Belle Percy, WAMPLER (1899) [hm7-173] Lelia, WAMPLER (1902) [hm7-174] Vannie Violet, WAMPLER (1904) [hm7-175] Marshall Thomas, WAMPLER (1909) [hm8-125] Michael Thomas, WAMPLER (1940) [hm9-87] Beth Ann, WAMPLER (1961) [hm9-88] Bruce Alan, WAMPLER (1964) [hm8-126] Alice Marie, WAMPLER [hm7-176] Ray, WAMPLER (1912) [hm6-231] Sarah Eliz, WAMPLER (1869) [hm6-232] Alma, WAMPLER (1879) [hm6-233] David Henry, WAMPLER (1873) [hm6-234] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1876) [hm6-236] Nannie, WAMPLER (1881) [hm6-237] William Fuget, WAMPLER (1871) [hm7-177] Bessie, WAMPLER (1901) [hm7-178] Anna, WAMPLER [hm5-159] William Robert, WAMPLER (1847) [hm6-238] Mary, WAMPLER (1872) [hm6-239] Hugh, WAMPLER [hm7-180] Theodore, WAMPLER [hm7-181] Eliz, WAMPLER [hm7-182] Christina, WAMPLER [hm6-240] George, WAMPLER [hm5-160] Martha Jane, WAMPLER (1849) [hm5-161] David P, WAMPLER (1851) [hm5-162] Hannah E, WAMPLER (1853) [hm5-163] Mary Rebecca, WAMPLER (1855) [hm5-164] Emma Christina, WAMPLER (1862) [hm5-165] Sarah F, WAMPLER (1864) [hm4-66] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1828) [hm4-67] Christina, WAMPLER (1832) [hm4-68] David Martin, WAMPLER (1835) [hm5-166] Samantha, WAMPLER (1854) [hm5-167] John Francis, WAMPLER (1867) [hm6-242] John, WAMPLER [hm7-184] Edward, WAMPLER [hm7-185] Gladys, WAMPLER [hm7-186] Bettie, WAMPLER [hm7-187] Junior, WAMPLER [hm7-188] Olive, WAMPLER [hm7-189] Martha, WAMPLER [hm7-190] Paul, WAMPLER [hm7-191] Jinnie, WAMPLER [hm6-243] Basil Glen, WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-192] Dale, WAMPLER (1918) [hm7-193] Helon, WAMPLER (1910) [hm7-194] Donald, WAMPLER (1928) [hm7-195] David, WAMPLER (1916) [hm6-244] Ray, WAMPLER [hm7-196] Carol Lee, WAMPLER [hm7-197] Phyllis, WAMPLER [hm6-245] Ross, WAMPLER [hm7-198] Mary, WAMPLER [hm7-199] Jane, WAMPLER [hm7-200] Frederick, WAMPLER [hm6-246] Carl, WAMPLER [hm7-201] Catherine, WAMPLER [hm7-202] Mabel, WAMPLER [hm7-203] Woodrow, WAMPLER [hm8-128] Martha, WAMPLER (1944) [hm8-129] Gary Carl, WAMPLER (1946) [hm9-63] Rodney Carl, WAMPLER (1968) [hm9-64] Tina Marie, WAMPLER (1971) [hm9-65] Rusty Carl, WAMPLER (1974) [hm9-66] Crystal Irene, WAMPLER (1977) [hm8-130] Susan Lynn, WAMPLER (1951) [hm7-204] Eva, WAMPLER [hm7-205] Amy, WAMPLER [hm7-206] Charlotte, WAMPLER [hm7-207] Freda, WAMPLER [hm6-247] Bonnie, WAMPLER (1898) [hm6-248] Flossie, WAMPLER [hm6-249] Catherine, WAMPLER [hm6-250] Joseohine, WAMPLER [hm6-251] Amy, WAMPLER [hm5-168] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hm5-169] David M, Jr, WAMPLER (1863) [hm6-252] Helen, WAMPLER [hm6-253] Laura, WAMPLER (1888) [hm6-254] Mamie, WAMPLER (1885) [hm6-255] Olive, WAMPLER [hm6-256] Gertrude, WAMPLER [hm5-170] Lulu, WAMPLER [hm5-171] Rebecca K, WAMPLER (1857) [hm5-172] William K, WAMPLER (1855) [hm3-27] Abraham, WAMPLER (1800) [hm4-69] Ephraim, WAMPLER (1828) [hm5-173] Caroline, WAMPLER (1857) [hm4-70] Eliza Chatwell, WAMPLER [hm4-71] Abraham, Jr, WAMPLER (1832) [hm4-72] George, WAMPLER (1834) [hm4-73] Jane, WAMPLER (1836) [hm4-74] Clark, WAMPLER (1840) [hm4-75] James, WAMPLER (1844) [hm4-76] Lewis, WAMPLER (1846) [hm3-28] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1804) [hm3-29] Stephen, WAMPLER [hm3-38] Elias, WAMPLER (1802) [hm4-85] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1836) [hm4-104] Galen E, WAMPLER (1830) (1834) [hm5-211] George William, WAMPLER (1857) [hm6-291] Bertha May, WAMPLER (1886) [hm6-292] Lloyd Elliott, WAMPLER (1888) [hm7-285] Betty May, WAMPLER (1925) [hm7-286] Josephine, WAMPLER (1926) [hm6-293] Myrtle Ann, WAMPLER (1890) [hm6-294] Charles Leonard, WAMPLER (1892) [hm7-287] Dean Delos, WAMPLER (1923) [hm7-288] Joe Forest, WAMPLER (1926) [hm8-205] David Brian, WAMPLER (1952) [hm8-206] Dean Kelvin, WAMPLER (1954) [hm9-129] Travis Lance, WAMPLER (1978) [hm9-130] Ashley Nicole, WAMPLER (1980) [hm6-295] Luke Maurice, WAMPLER (1894) [hm7-289] Galen Warren, WAMPLER (1922) [hm7-290] Jo Anne, WAMPLER (1931) [hm6-296] Eva Belle, WAMPLER (1897) [hm6-297] Mabel Marie, WAMPLER (1901) [hm6-298] Edward Eugene, WAMPLER (1905) [hm7-291] Wanda Frances, WAMPLER (1928) [hm5-212] Joseph, WAMPLER (1859) [hm5-213] Martha Belle, WAMPLER (1861) [hm5-214] Erasmus C, WAMPLER (1864) [hm6-299] Gilbert, WAMPLER (1901) [hm6-300] Agnes, WAMPLER (1899) [hm6-301] Rena, WAMPLER (1894) [hm5-215] Edward Bruce, WAMPLER (1870) [hm6-302] Anna Bell, WAMPLER (1893) [hm6-303] Carl Edward, WAMPLER (1896) [hm6-304] Donald Galeon, WAMPLER [hm6-305] Ruby Beth, WAMPLER (1937) [hm5-225] Parker N, WAMPLER (1866) [hm5-226] Phidelia J, WAMPLER (1869) [hm5-235] John H, WAMPLER (1854) [hm5-236] James Elias, WAMPLER (1856) [hm4-105] Augustus Haden, WAMPLER (1831) [hm5-227] James L, WAMPLER (1858) [hm5-228] John William, WAMPLER (1861) [hm5-229] Sarah E, WAMPLER (1865) [hm5-230] Gwilam E, WAMPLER (1867) [hm5-231] Philander, WAMPLER (1869) [hm5-232] Josephine, WAMPLER (1871) [hm5-233] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1873) [hm5-234] Augustus Haden, Jr, WAMPLER (1876) [hm4-106] George Alfred, WAMPLER (1846) [hm5-216] Ethel, WAMPLER (1878) [hm5-217] Charles, WAMPLER (1880) [hm5-218] Lena, WAMPLER (1882) [hm5-237] Edna, WAMPLER (1885) [hm4-107] Sarah Jane, WAMPLER (1933) [hm4-108] Susannnah Ellen, WAMPLER (1844) [hm4-109] Rachael A, WAMPLER (1849) [hm4-111] John G, WAMPLER (1842) [hm4-112] Arthenia P, WAMPLER (1852) [hm4-113] Neoplian Cairns, WAMPLER (1855) [hm2-8] Esther, WAMPLER

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