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Descendants of Hans George WAMPFLER who immigrated in 1741


Last Update: 10-31-2011

True MAIN SOURCE: See Acknowledgements and References here.

Other sources are given on source lines (sc.) at the entries. In some cases sources are referenced by abreviations in {} at the individual database entries or by reference to another entry. For details and contacts for all sources see source list.

The format of this family tree file has each generation aligned vertically. See Appendix A.9. How to Read Family Trees.

To see an entry, click on the name in the family tree (Note: some of the data files are rather large (~250K bytes).

[hg2-1] Maria (Mary), WAMPLER (1759) [hg2-2] John, WAMPLER (1761) [hg3-1] Jeremiah, WAMPLER (1794) [hg4-1] Susan, WAMPLER (1822) [hg4-2] John M, WAMPLER (1824) [hg5-1] Adison, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-2] Emma B, WAMPLER (1854) [hg5-3] Anna E, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-4] Franklin, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-5] Rosa, WAMPLER (1863) [hg5-6] George Lincoln, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-7] James W, WAMPLER (1869) [hg4-3] Mary Ann, WAMPLER (1829) [hg4-4] Emaline, WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-8] George W, WAMPLER (1838) [hg5-8] Tilman Milton, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-310] Lennie, WAMPLER [hg5-9] Dora, WAMPLER (1872) [hg5-10] Mary E, WAMPLER (1874) [hg5-11] Otto, WAMPLER (1876) [hg5-12] Gracie, WAMPLER (1880) [hg3-2] Sarah (Sallie), WAMPLER (1796) [hg3-3] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1799) [hg3-4] Joshua, WAMPLER [hg3-5] Jefferson H, WAMPLER (1805) [hg4-9] Thomas, WAMPLER (1834) [hg5-13] John, WAMPLER (1858) [hg6-1] Thomas, WAMPLER [hg6-2] Harmon Ritter, WAMPLER [hg6-3] William Augustus, WAMPLER [hg6-4] George D, WAMPLER [hg6-5] Charles Austin, WAMPLER (1883) [hg7-1] Ruth, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-2] Esther, WAMPLER (1912) [hg7-3] Richard Lincoln, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-1] John Richard, WAMPLER (1969) [hg7-4] Mary A, WAMPLER (1905) [hg6-6] Carl Cecil, WAMPLER (1885) [hg7-5] Carl Park, WAMPLER (1907) [hg8-2] Mark, WAMPLER (1950) [hg7-6] Paul Cecil, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-3] Jeri Lea, WAMPLER (1950) [hg8-4] Joyce Ann, WAMPLER (1951) [hg8-5] John Robert, WAMPLER (1953) [hg6-7] John Wesley, WAMPLER (1887) [hg7-7] John Lewis, WAMPLER (1910) [hg8-6] Judith Lyn, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-8] Austin Eugene, WAMPLER (1912) [hg7-9] Thomas Lee, WAMPLER (1923) [hg8-7] Kathleen, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-8] Wendy, WAMPLER (1956) [hg8-9] Michael West, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-10] Thomas Alan, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-11] Jonathon Todd, WAMPLER (1968) [hg7-10] Don Michael, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-12] Cynthia L, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-11] James David, WAMPLER (1930) [hg8-13] John David, WAMPLER (1955) [hg9-38] Kathryn Denise, WAMPLER (1981) [hg9-39] Nathan Luke, WAMPLER (1983) [hg9-40] Zackary David, WAMPLER (1985) [hg9-41] Jacob Michael, WAMPLER (1988) [hg8-14] Joyce Annette, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-15] Stephen Michel, WAMPLER (1958) [hg9-49] Matthew, WAMPLER (1998) [hg9-50] Joseph, WAMPLER (2003) [hg9-51] Nicholas, WAMPLER (2008) [hg8-16] Roxanne B, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-17] Timothy Neil, WAMPLER (1970) [hg7-12] J Phillips, WAMPLER (1932) [hg8-18] Julia Ann, WAMPLER (1956) [hg8-19] John Wesley, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-20] James Luther, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-21] Jennifer W, WAMPLER (1962) [hg8-22] Laura I, WAMPLER (1968) [hg6-8] Robert Guy, WAMPLER (1890) [hg6-9] James Vernon, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-13] Betty Lee, WAMPLER (1926) [hg7-14] Mary Lou, WAMPLER (1929) [hg6-10] Elelia May, WAMPLER (1892) [hg6-11] Zelema Ellen, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-12] Leslie, WAMPLER (1896) [hg6-13] Orestes, WAMPLER [hg6-14] Houston, WAMPLER (1895) [hg6-15] Louis L, WAMPLER (1883) [hg7-242] Richard M, WAMPLER [hg8-223] John Robert, WAMPLER (1949) [hg9-47] Ben, WAMPLER (1981) [hg9-48] Jason, WAMPLER (1979) [hg8-224] Janet A (Jana), WAMPLER [hg5-14] Jefferson Hamilton, WAMPLER (1859) [hg6-16] Hattie Grace, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-17] Samuel Jerry, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-15] Jerry Hamilton, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-23] Susan K, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-24] Judith Ann, WAMPLER (1944) [hg8-25] Jerry Hamilton, II, WAMPLER (1946) [hg9-44] Christina, WAMPLER (1968) [hg9-45] Samuel, WAMPLER [hg8-26] James Richard, WAMPLER (1951) [hg9-42] Nikki Ann, WAMPLER (1984) [hg8-27] Cristi Lynne, WAMPLER (1959) [hg7-16] Nellie, WAMPLER (1919) [hg6-18] Hazel Maude, WAMPLER (1896) [hg6-19] Mark Hanna, WAMPLER (1901) [hg6-20] Lillian Ruth, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-21] Frank Carl, WAMPLER (1911) [hg7-17] Roseann, WAMPLER (1955) [hg6-22] Daniel Herbert, WAMPLER (1908) [hg7-18] Daniel Ray, WAMPLER (1944) [hg7-19] Doris Kay, WAMPLER (1947) [hg7-20] William Jay, WAMPLER (1951) [hg6-23] Mary Mabel, WAMPLER (1898) [hg6-24] Archibald Glen, WAMPLER (1905) [hg7-21] Robert Glen, WAMPLER (1932) [hg8-28] Linda Marie, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-29] Michael Robert, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-30] Diane Lynne, WAMPLER (1966) [hg7-22] Barbara Alice, WAMPLER (1934) [hg6-25] Nellie Fay, WAMPLER (1891) [hg5-15] James, WAMPLER (1874) [hg5-16] Ida Grace, WAMPLER (1863) [hg5-17] Maryetta, WAMPLER (1867) [hg5-18] Laura Mae, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-19] Thomas J, WAMPLER (1871) [hg5-20] Emma, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-21] Edward O, WAMPLER (1865) [hg6-26] Miller Ashbrook, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-23] Judith Ann, WAMPLER (1939) [hg7-24] Geraldine E, WAMPLER (1940) [hg7-25] Jay Lee, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-31] David Jay, WAMPLER (1960) [hg8-32] Terry Michael, WAMPLER (1962) [hg8-33] Gregory Allen, WAMPLER (1964) [hg8-34] Mellisa Sue, WAMPLER (1969) [hg7-26] Miller Gene, WAMPLER (1946) [hg8-35] Jeffrey Allen, WAMPLER (1965) [hg7-27] Frances Ellen, WAMPLER (1952) [hg6-27] Bernice Dale, WAMPLER (1911) [hg6-315] Kayle, WAMPLER [hg6-316] Geneva, WAMPLER [hg4-10] John, WAMPLER (1832) [hg5-22] Frank, WAMPLER (1875) [hg5-23] Thomas C, WAMPLER (1870) [hg5-24] Rebecca E, WAMPLER (1860) [hg5-25] James W, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-26] Nora B, WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-27] Charles E, WAMPLER (1866) [hg6-28] Louis E, WAMPLER (1886) [hg6-29] Bert S, WAMPLER (1889) [hg7-32] Geraldine, WAMPLER (1907) [hg7-33] Jane, WAMPLER (1920) [hg6-30] Myrtle, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-31] Frederick Lee, WAMPLER (1895) [hg7-34] Charles Robert, WAMPLER (1918) [hg7-35] Dorothy Jean, WAMPLER (1921) [hg7-36] Frederick Lee, WAMPLER (1923) [hg8-43] Karla, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-44] Lee Ann, WAMPLER (1963) [hg7-37] Louis Joseph, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-45] Monica Ann, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-46] David Louis, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-47] Susan Kay, WAMPLER (1962) [hg7-38] James Richard, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-48] Michael David, WAMPLER (1956) [hg8-49] Kathryn Jean, WAMPLER (1957) [hg8-50] Richard Patrick, WAMPLER (1959) [hg8-51] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER (1961) [hg6-32] Russell, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-33] Clyde, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-34] Hattie Grace, WAMPLER [hg6-35] Hazel Maude, WAMPLER [hg6-36] Frank Carl, WAMPLER [hg6-37] Mary Mabel, WAMPLER [hg6-38] Archibald Glen, WAMPLER [hg6-39] Nellie Fay, WAMPLER [hg5-28] Margaret E, WAMPLER (1872) [hg5-29] Ella, WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-30] Marietta, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-31] Jefferson, WAMPLER (1855) [hg4-11] Laurence, WAMPLER (1838) [hg4-12] Katherine, WAMPLER (1841) [hg4-13] James, WAMPLER (1841) [hg4-14] Jefferson, WAMPLER (1844) [hg4-15] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1847) [hg4-16] Joseph, WAMPLER (1849) [hg5-32] David Nixon, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-33] George C, WAMPLER (1875) [hg4-17] William, WAMPLER (1851) [hg4-18] America, WAMPLER [hg4-19] Marrieta, WAMPLER [hg3-6] William, WAMPLER [hg3-7] Catherine, WAMPLER (1809) [hg3-8] Mary, WAMPLER [hg2-3] Mary Margaret, WAMPLER (1764) [hg2-4] George, Jr, WAMPLER (1765) (1770) [hg3-9] Henry, WAMPLER (1790) [hg4-20] Sarah, WAMPLER [hg4-21] Angeline, WAMPLER (1825) [hg4-22] Felix, WAMPLER (1826) [hg4-23] Hannah, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-24] John Boyd, WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-25] William David, WAMPLER (1836) [hg4-26] George, WAMPLER (1838) [hg5-34] William Henry, WAMPLER (1863) [hg6-40] Lester L, WAMPLER [hg6-41] Edna B, WAMPLER [hg6-42] Nora A, WAMPLER [hg6-43] Sallie L, WAMPLER [hg6-44] Henry C, WAMPLER [hg5-35] Thomas Calvin, WAMPLER (1867) [hg6-45] Elrey Cloud (Elray), WAMPLER (1895) [hg7-222] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg7-223] Eleanor, WAMPLER [hg6-46] Charles Edwin, WAMPLER [hg6-47] Anna Mathel, WAMPLER [hg6-48] Edna Leon, WAMPLER [hg5-36] James Leonard, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-49] Harmon Valentine, WAMPLER (1894) [hg6-50] Pearl Marie, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-51] Gilbert Leonard, WAMPLER (1900) [hg6-52] Mary Lenora, WAMPLER (1902) [hg5-37] Mary, WAMPLER [hg5-38] Josephine, WAMPLER [hg5-39] Franklin, WAMPLER [hg4-27] Henry, WAMPLER (1842) [hg5-40] Mary Alice, WAMPLER [hg5-41] Charles Calvin, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-53] Edward, WAMPLER [hg6-54] Frederick Jackson, WAMPLER [hg5-42] George Harvey, WAMPLER [hg5-43] John Arthur, WAMPLER (1855) [hg6-55] Bessie Hill, WAMPLER [hg6-56] Pearl, WAMPLER (1902) [hg6-57] John Henry, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-39] Patricia Ruth, WAMPLER [hg7-40] Lyda Louise, WAMPLER [hg7-41] Barbara Jean, WAMPLER [hg6-58] Alice May, WAMPLER (1923) [hg6-59] Frank, WAMPLER (1932) [hg6-60] James Edward, WAMPLER [hg7-42] Jimmy Wayne, WAMPLER (1943) [hg8-52] Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-53] Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-44] Dora Ellen, WAMPLER (1871) [hg5-45] Thomas Clinton, WAMPLER [hg4-28] Alvira Jane, WAMPLER [hg4-29] Joseph P, WAMPLER (1845) [hg4-173] Jane, WAMPLER (1843) [hg3-10] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1792) [hg3-11] John, WAMPLER (1794) [hg4-30] Joel, WAMPLER (1817) (1814) [hg5-46] Mary Ann (Polly), WAMPLER (1839) [hg5-47] John, WAMPLER (1842) [hg5-48] William, WAMPLER (1844) [hg5-49] George Riley, WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-50] James Mitchell, WAMPLER (1849) [hg6-62] David Newton, WAMPLER (1873) [hg7-44] James Merle, WAMPLER [hg7-45] Emily Ghnelle, WAMPLER [hg7-46] David T, WAMPLER [hg6-63] Fannie, WAMPLER (1874) [hg6-64] Avah, WAMPLER [hg6-65] Albert Mitchell, WAMPLER (1886) [hg7-47] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-66] Letta May, WAMPLER [hg6-67] Hettie Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-68] Alieen, WAMPLER [hg5-51] Theodore, WAMPLER (1851) [hg6-69] Charles Edgar, WAMPLER (1884) [hg7-48] Wendell Allen, WAMPLER (1925) [hg8-54] Dianne, WAMPLER [hg8-55] Jay, WAMPLER [hg6-70] William Cyrus, WAMPLER (1886) [hg7-49] William Howard, WAMPLER (1913) [hg8-56] William Ronald, WAMPLER [hg8-57] Gary, WAMPLER [hg6-71] Joel Riley, WAMPLER (1888) [hg7-50] Joel Deroy, WAMPLER (1920) [hg6-72] Nobel Eldo, WAMPLER (1898) [hg7-51] Marjorie Ellen, WAMPLER (1920) [hg7-52] Harold Richard, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-58] Nancy Ellen, WAMPLER [hg8-59] Deborah Denise, WAMPLER [hg5-52] David, WAMPLER (1855) [hg6-74] Harmon Earl, WAMPLER (1899) [hg7-53] Vera Mae, WAMPLER [hg7-54] Wesley Earl, WAMPLER (1922) [hg8-60] Linda Lou, WAMPLER [hg8-61] Vicki Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-76] David Guy, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-55] Lois Marie, WAMPLER [hg5-53] Milton, WAMPLER (1857) [hg6-77] Myrtle Viola, WAMPLER (1882) [hg6-78] Winfield Silas, WAMPLER (1884) [hg7-56] Marion Milton, WAMPLER (1908) [hg8-62] Ronald, WAMPLER (1935) [hg9-3] Daniel, WAMPLER [hg9-4] Grace, WAMPLER [hg9-5] Ronald, WAMPLER [hg9-6] James, WAMPLER [hg9-7] Mary Jo, WAMPLER [hg9-8] Bill, WAMPLER [hg9-9] John, WAMPLER [hg8-63] Barbara, WAMPLER [hg8-64] Mary Margaret, WAMPLER [hg8-65] Karen, WAMPLER [hg8-66] Kathy, WAMPLER [hg8-67] Christine, WAMPLER [hg7-57] Carl, WAMPLER (1909) [hg8-68] Nancy Mae, WAMPLER [hg8-69] Carol Ruth, WAMPLER [hg8-70] Carl Duane, WAMPLER (1946) [hg9-10] Daron Duane, WAMPLER [hg9-11] Amanda Joanne, WAMPLER [hg8-71] James, WAMPLER [hg7-58] Norman, WAMPLER (1911) [hg7-59] Dorothy, WAMPLER [hg7-60] Wilma Frieda, WAMPLER (1924) [hg7-61] Juanita, WAMPLER [hg6-79] William Fletcher, WAMPLER (1885) [hg7-62] Mary Gwendolyn, WAMPLER [hg6-80] Joel Stanley, WAMPLER (1887) [hg7-63] Mildred G, WAMPLER [hg7-64] Maybelle, WAMPLER (1890) [hg7-65] Liveneviene, WAMPLER [hg6-81] Arlie Catherine (Katharine), WAMPLER (1890) [hg6-82] Effie Kathleen, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-83] Golda Floyd, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-66] Ruth Louise, WAMPLER [hg7-67] Donald Floyd, WAMPLER (1922) [hg8-72] Susan Kay, WAMPLER [hg8-73] Danny Craig, WAMPLER [hg9-12] James Michael, WAMPLER [hg8-74] James Michel, WAMPLER [hg6-84] Ralph Phillippe, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-68] Mildred Louise, WAMPLER [hg7-69] Lawrence Wayne, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-75] Deborah Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-76] Lynn Marie, WAMPLER [hg8-77] Beth Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-78] Laurie Sue, WAMPLER [hg6-85] Armeta Mavis, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-86] Walter Kenneth, WAMPLER (1904) [hg7-70] Sandra Sue, WAMPLER [hg7-71] Betty Lou, WAMPLER [hg7-72] Linda Lee, WAMPLER [hg7-73] Judith Ann, WAMPLER [hg7-74] Joe Milton, WAMPLER (1948) [hg8-79] Kenneth Robert, WAMPLER [hg8-80] Katherine L, WAMPLER [hg8-81] Keith Joseph, WAMPLER [hg4-31] Anna, WAMPLER (1815) [hg4-32] George, WAMPLER (1823) [hg5-56] Elizabeth C, WAMPLER [hg5-57] Sophia J, WAMPLER [hg5-58] John A, WAMPLER [hg5-59] H L, WAMPLER [hg5-60] A L, WAMPLER [hg5-61] S A, WAMPLER [hg5-62] W J, WAMPLER [hg4-33] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg4-34] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg4-35] Theodore, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-36] John Jacob, WAMPLER (1830) [hg5-63] Ephraim, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-64] Isaac Scomp, WAMPLER (1853) [hg6-91] John Edward, WAMPLER (1877) [hg7-75] Charles Ralph, WAMPLER (1900) [hg8-82] George H, WAMPLER [hg7-76] Bessie, WAMPLER [hg7-77] Earl, WAMPLER [hg7-78] Hugh, WAMPLER [hg7-81] Edward, WAMPLER [hg7-82] Marie, WAMPLER [hg7-83] John, WAMPLER [hg7-84] Lloyd William, WAMPLER (1921) [hg8-83] David, WAMPLER [hg6-92] Hester Harrison, WAMPLER (1878) [hg6-93] Emma J, WAMPLER [hg6-94] Dexter Alexander, WAMPLER (1883) [hg7-85] Eloise, WAMPLER [hg7-86] Laura Mae, WAMPLER [hg7-87] Emma Katherine (Kate), WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-88] Andrew Issac, WAMPLER [hg6-95] Mary Colista, WAMPLER (1887) [hg5-65] Joel Frederick, WAMPLER (1855) [hg6-96] Curtis Vorhees, WAMPLER (1882) [hg7-89] Edith Adele, WAMPLER [hg7-90] Dallas Merlin, WAMPLER (1903) [hg8-84] Dallas Merlin, Jr, WAMPLER [hg8-85] Joan, WAMPLER [hg7-91] Dolores Dale, WAMPLER [hg7-92] Woodrow, WAMPLER [hg7-93] Gordon Doyle, WAMPLER [hg6-98] Clarence, WAMPLER (1886) [hg7-94] Perry Steen, WAMPLER (1908) [hg8-86] Laura Florence, WAMPLER [hg8-87] Barbara Jean, WAMPLER [hg7-95] Mildred, WAMPLER [hg7-96] Grace, WAMPLER [hg6-99] Lulu, WAMPLER [hg6-100] Blanche, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-101] Herman, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-97] Winston Chansler, WAMPLER [hg5-66] Mary Jane, WAMPLER [hg5-67] Henry Franklin, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-68] George W, WAMPLER (1861) [hg6-306] George Washingon, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-227] Hartwell Harrison, WAMPLER (1914) [hg7-228] Thelma Moden, WAMPLER (1918) [hg7-229] Helen Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1919) [hg7-230] Raymond Eugene, WAMPLER (1921) [hg7-231] Dorothy Lavada Arvigene, WAMPLER (1922) [hg7-232] Lon Leroy, WAMPLER (1924) [hg8-211] Jacky Lon, WAMPLER (1946) [hg9-37] John Marvin, WAMPLER (1971) [hg9-37] Deirdre Ellen, WAMPLER (1973) [hg8-212] Karen Sue, WAMPLER (1947) [hg7-233] J Pauline, WAMPLER (1926) [hg7-234] George Wayne, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-213] Donna Fern, WAMPLER (1947) [hg8-214] Danny Joe, WAMPLER (1952) [hg9-37] Lisa Rene, WAMPLER (1971) [hg9-37] JoAnn Marie, WAMPLER (1973) [hg8-215] Gale Jean, WAMPLER (1955) [hg7-235] Marguerite Bonita, WAMPLER (1930) [hg6-307] John Edward, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-308] Daniel Edgar, WAMPLER (1897) [hg5-69] Susanna Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg5-70] Anna Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-71] Margaret Eve, WAMPLER [hg5-72] Sarah Catherine, WAMPLER [hg5-73] Harriet, WAMPLER [hg5-74] Helen Elvira, WAMPLER [hg3-12] Stephen, WAMPLER (1795) [hg4-37] Polly, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-38] Daniel, WAMPLER (1819) [hg5-75] Henry Fairchild, WAMPLER (1850) [hg5-76] Mary Catherine, WAMPLER (1852) [hg5-77] Franklin Pierce, WAMPLER (1853) [hg6-104] Charles, WAMPLER [hg6-105] Royal Edward, WAMPLER (1880) [hg7-98] Royal Franklin, WAMPLER (1960) [hg7-99] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER (1969) [hg6-106] Josiah, WAMPLER (1882) [hg7-100] Marjorie Hope, WAMPLER [hg6-107] Austin, WAMPLER [hg6-108] Grover Cleveland, WAMPLER (1885) [hg6-109] Don C, WAMPLER [hg6-110] Alfred, WAMPLER (1899) [hg7-101] William Lewis, WAMPLER [hg6-111] Beatrice Mural, WAMPLER [hg6-112] Ruth, WAMPLER (1895) [hg5-78] Rebecca J, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-79] Stephen J, WAMPLER (1857) [hg5-80] Margaret E, WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-81] Martin L, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-82] Elvira, WAMPLER [hg5-83] Dora M, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-84] Rosetta A, WAMPLER (1870) [hg4-39] James, WAMPLER (1820) [hg4-40] Susanna, WAMPLER (1823) [hg4-41] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg4-42] Malina, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-43] Austin C, WAMPLER (1831) [hg5-85] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1853) [hg4-44] Mahala, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-45] Henry, WAMPLER (1836) [hg5-86] Malinda, WAMPLER (1858) [hg5-87] Lennard, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-88] Francis Marion, WAMPLER [hg5-89] Thomas W, WAMPLER (1862) [hg6-113] Myrtle V, WAMPLER [hg6-114] Lula M, WAMPLER [hg6-115] Ora, WAMPLER [hg5-90] Florence J, WAMPLER [hg5-91] Laura A, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-92] Willard, WAMPLER (1868) [hg5-93] Maria, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-94] Cora, WAMPLER [hg5-95] Walter, WAMPLER [hg5-96] Rolly, WAMPLER [hg4-46] Martha Jane, WAMPLER (1870) [hg4-47] John David, WAMPLER (1840) [hg5-97] Walter Calvin, WAMPLER [hg5-98] Iva E, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-99] James, WAMPLER [hg5-100] Stephen, WAMPLER (1867) [hg5-101] Lucinda M, WAMPLER [hg5-102] Mary, WAMPLER [hg5-103] John Fletcher, WAMPLER (1875) [hg6-116] Floyd Gerald, WAMPLER (1902) [hg7-102] Joy Lucille, WAMPLER [hg7-103] Floyd Gerald, WAMPLER [hg7-104] Hollis D, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-88] Carla Jean, WAMPLER [hg8-89] Michael, WAMPLER (1953) [hg9-13] Christopher, WAMPLER [hg9-14] Ryan Michael, WAMPLER [hg8-90] Gary, WAMPLER [hg8-91] Mark, WAMPLER [hg8-92] Greg, WAMPLER [hg6-117] Dorothy M, WAMPLER [hg6-118] Clyve Ancile, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-105] Ancile Lee, WAMPLER (1930) [hg8-93] Kim Allan, WAMPLER [hg8-94] Bonnie Sue, WAMPLER [hg7-106] Charles Fletcher, WAMPLER (1932) [hg8-95] Debra Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-96] Mary Darlene, WAMPLER [hg7-107] John Nelson, WAMPLER (1939) [hg8-97] Tim Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-98] Christy Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-99] Elaine Adell, WAMPLER [hg8-100] David Nelson, WAMPLER [hg7-108] Dora Mae, WAMPLER [hg7-109] Nancy, WAMPLER [hg7-110] Cheryl Diane, WAMPLER [hg6-120] Louie Virgil, WAMPLER [hg5-104] Blanche Vivian, WAMPLER [hg5-105] Alda L, WAMPLER [hg5-106] Dicie Lillian, WAMPLER [hg4-48] Elvira, WAMPLER (1848) [hg3-13] David, WAMPLER (1798) [hg4-49] Ann Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-50] Nancy J, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-51] Sarah E, WAMPLER (1834) [hg4-52] Mary C, WAMPLER (1836) [hg4-53] Rebecca, WAMPLER (1838) [hg4-54] George W, WAMPLER (1840) [hg4-55] John Byars, WAMPLER (1843) [hg5-107] Lorena May, WAMPLER [hg5-108] Walter, WAMPLER [hg4-56] Matilda, WAMPLER (1844) [hg4-57] David Fleming, WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-109] Thelma, WAMPLER [hg5-110] Maude M, WAMPLER [hg5-111] Ellen G, WAMPLER [hg5-112] Lula, WAMPLER [hg5-113] David Cloyd, WAMPLER (1879) [hg6-121] Cleo Monical, WAMPLER [hg6-122] Walter Eugene, WAMPLER [hg5-114] Jessie, WAMPLER [hg5-115] Barbara, WAMPLER [hg4-58] Adaline, WAMPLER (1849) [hg4-59] Reece, WAMPLER (1852) [hg4-60] Thomas J, WAMPLER (1854) [hg3-14] Mary, WAMPLER (1800) [hg3-15] Margaret, WAMPLER (1804) [hg3-16] George W, WAMPLER (1806) [hg4-61] Jane, WAMPLER [hg4-62] Abraham, WAMPLER (1831) [hg5-116] Eliza Jane, WAMPLER [hg5-117] Alice Eliz, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-118] Mary Isabelle, WAMPLER (1858) [hg5-119] Emma Isadore, WAMPLER (1860) [hg5-120] Sarah Ellen (Sara), WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-121] John Elmer, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-122] William Franklin, WAMPLER [hg5-123] Belle, WAMPLER [hg5-124] Eliza J, WAMPLER (1854) [hg4-63] Isaac, WAMPLER (1835) [hg4-64] Nancy Ann, WAMPLER [hg4-65] Jacob, WAMPLER (1839) [hg4-66] Martin J, WAMPLER (1841) [hg5-125] Henry Allen, WAMPLER (1864) [hg6-123] James Hugh, WAMPLER (1889) [hg7-111] Joyce Etta, WAMPLER [hg7-112] Robert Allen, WAMPLER [hg7-113] Barbara Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-124] Lewis Scott, WAMPLER (1891) [hg7-114] James Thornton, WAMPLER [hg7-115] Everett Lewis, WAMPLER [hg7-116] Ray Franklin, WAMPLER [hg7-117] Floyd Herman, WAMPLER [hg7-118] Margaret L, WAMPLER [hg7-119] Doris L, WAMPLER [hg7-120] Rex Hubert, WAMPLER [hg6-125] Fleming Willis, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-121] Fern Nedra, WAMPLER [hg7-122] Maurice Achel, WAMPLER (1917) [hg8-101] Maurrica Lou, WAMPLER [hg8-102] Roy Al, WAMPLER [hg7-123] Fleming Willis, Jr, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-103] Donna Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-104] Allen Wayne, WAMPLER (1948) [hg9-15] Lonnie Allen, WAMPLER [hg9-16] Stephanie Lynn, WAMPLER [hg7-124] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-126] Elizabeth Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-127] Cora Mae, WAMPLER [hg5-126] William Frank, WAMPLER (1867) [hg6-128] Nellie Edyth, WAMPLER [hg6-129] Mary Alma, WAMPLER [hg5-127] George Milton, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-130] Lela Pearl, WAMPLER [hg6-131] Odessa, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-132] Zada Opal, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-133] Stella Lucille, WAMPLER [hg6-134] Carl Russell, WAMPLER [hg6-135] Garnet Marie, WAMPLER [hg6-136] Thelma Lorena, WAMPLER [hg5-128] Jane E, WAMPLER [hg5-129] Jenny, WAMPLER [hg5-130] Edward David, WAMPLER (1877) [hg6-137] William Earl, WAMPLER [hg6-138] Paul Edward, WAMPLER [hg6-139] Ray Oliver, WAMPLER [hg6-140] Leona Aline, WAMPLER [hg6-141] Aletha, WAMPLER [hg6-142] Don Lawrence, WAMPLER (1915) [hg7-125] Donald Larry, WAMPLER [hg7-126] William Robert, WAMPLER [hg6-143] Esco Maurice, WAMPLER [hg6-144] Mildred Lorene, WAMPLER [hg5-131] Edith, WAMPLER [hg5-132] Minnie A, WAMPLER (1877) [hg5-133] Cora M, WAMPLER [hg5-134] Thornton A, WAMPLER (1885) [hg5-299] Luther, WAMPLER [hg4-67] Ephraim, WAMPLER (1844) [hg4-68] William Lane, WAMPLER (1847) [hg5-135] Marion Harmon, WAMPLER (1870) [hg6-145] Ethyl Winifred, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-146] Louis Clinton, WAMPLER (1893) [hg7-252] Louis Clinton Jr, WAMPLER [hg8-225] Mary Katherine, WAMPLER [hg6-147] George Paul, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-149] Albert Eldon, WAMPLER (1900) [hg6-311] Winifred, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-312] Louis Clinton, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-313] George Paul, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-314] Albert Eldon (Mick), WAMPLER (1900) [hg5-136] Luther Marshall (Martin), WAMPLER (1872) [hg6-150] Lloyd Thomas, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-151] Firman Charles, WAMPLER [hg6-152] Wayne Walter, WAMPLER (1907) [hg6-153] Edith, WAMPLER [hg6-154] Iva, WAMPLER [hg6-155] Bonnie Faye, WAMPLER [hg5-137] Willard Augustus, WAMPLER (1875) [hg5-138] Cora May, WAMPLER (1880) [hg5-139] Martin Lewis, WAMPLER (1884) [hg6-156] Geraldine, WAMPLER [hg6-157] Alfred, WAMPLER [hg6-158] Loretta M, WAMPLER [hg6-159] Robert Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-140] Georgia Ann, WAMPLER (1886) [hg5-141] Nellie, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-142] Mattie Olive, WAMPLER (1891) [hg4-69] Mary E, WAMPLER (1849) [hg4-70] Milton, WAMPLER (1852) [hg5-143] Ralph G, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-144] Anna Mary, WAMPLER (1893) [hg5-145] Esther Katherine, WAMPLER [hg3-17] Anna, WAMPLER (1809) [hg3-18] Felix, WAMPLER (1816) [hg4-71] Rebecca, WAMPLER [hg4-72] Mary, WAMPLER [hg4-73] John W, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-146] Samuel Ferman, WAMPLER (1872) [hg6-160] Leonard Leslie, WAMPLER (1892) [hg7-128] Raymond Leslie, WAMPLER (1917) [hg8-105] Paul Ray, WAMPLER [hg8-106] James Carl, WAMPLER [hg7-129] August Leigh, WAMPLER (1919) [hg8-107] Sandra, WAMPLER [hg8-108] Karen Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-109] Jerry Leigh, WAMPLER [hg8-110] Gary Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-111] Gregory Allan, WAMPLER [hg8-112] Michael Eugene, WAMPLER [hg7-130] Lloyd Ellsworth, WAMPLER (1922) [hg8-113] Harry David, WAMPLER (1941) [hg9-17] Tina Jo, WAMPLER [hg9-18] Tammy Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-114] Thomas Ray, WAMPLER (1943) [hg9-19] Douglas Ray, WAMPLER [hg8-115] Joyce Ellen, WAMPLER [hg8-116] Donna Joanne, WAMPLER [hg8-117] Stephen Lloyd, WAMPLER [hg8-118] Carl Wayne, WAMPLER [hg7-131] Maurice Leathers, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-119] Shirley Jean, WAMPLER [hg8-120] Terry Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-121] Larry Dean, WAMPLER [hg8-122] Peggy Sue, WAMPLER [hg7-132] Mary Frances, WAMPLER [hg6-161] Charles Vernon, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-133] Irene, WAMPLER [hg7-134] Loraine, WAMPLER [hg6-162] John Zehner, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-135] Gloria Iris, WAMPLER (1925) [hg7-136] Myrna Myrle, WAMPLER (1927) [hg7-137] Sammy Isham, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-123] Doris Ruth, WAMPLER (1953) [hg8-124] John Harlan, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-125] Dee Ann, WAMPLER (1964) [hg6-163] Sharon Traber, WAMPLER (1898) [hg6-164] Raymond William, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-138] Walter Guy, WAMPLER (1931) [hg8-126] Cathy, WAMPLER [hg8-127] Steve, WAMPLER [hg8-128] David, WAMPLER [hg8-129] Joyce, WAMPLER [hg7-139] Thelma June, WAMPLER [hg7-140] Lee Roy, WAMPLER (1935) [hg8-130] Steve, WAMPLER [hg8-131] Mark, WAMPLER [hg8-132] Mike, WAMPLER [hg8-133] Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-141] Monna Fay, WAMPLER [hg7-142] Donna Ray, WAMPLER [hg7-143] Linda Lue, WAMPLER [hg7-144] Gail, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-134] Shelley Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-135] Lisa Dawn, WAMPLER [hg8-136] Raymond Gail, WAMPLER [hg7-145] James William, WAMPLER (1944) [hg8-137] Stacy Jo, WAMPLER [hg8-138] James Keith, WAMPLER [hg8-139] Melissa Rae, WAMPLER [hg7-146] Lonnie Gene, WAMPLER (1948) [hg8-140] Beth Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-141] Lori Ann, WAMPLER [hg7-147] Ronnie Dean, WAMPLER [hg6-165] Alma, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-166] Alice, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-167] Mildred, WAMPLER (1908) [hg6-168] Eugene Stanley, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-148] Bud, WAMPLER [hg7-149] Ray Gene, WAMPLER [hg6-169] Bonnie, WAMPLER (1909) [hg6-170] Sam Andrew, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-150] John R, WAMPLER (1936) [hg8-142] Jon A, WAMPLER [hg7-151] Charles W, WAMPLER (1938) [hg8-143] Brenda K, WAMPLER [hg8-144] Angela D, WAMPLER [hg8-145] Diana L, WAMPLER [hg7-152] Julia E, WAMPLER [hg7-153] M Jane, WAMPLER [hg7-154] G Susie, WAMPLER [hg7-155] Samy K, WAMPLER [hg6-171] Walter Nathan, WAMPLER (1915) [hg7-156] Julia Marie, WAMPLER [hg5-147] Andrew Felix, WAMPLER (1874) [hg6-172] Agnes E, WAMPLER [hg6-173] Randolph Willard, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-157] Randolph Willard, Jr, WAMPLER (1924) [hg8-146] William Randolph, WAMPLER [hg8-147] Phyllis Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-148] Janice Elaine, WAMPLER [hg7-158] Earl Eugene, WAMPLER (1925) [hg8-149] Mark Eugene, WAMPLER [hg8-150] Lynda Lou, WAMPLER [hg8-151] James, WAMPLER [hg8-152] Kevin Joe, WAMPLER [hg6-174] Leonard, WAMPLER [hg6-175] Noel, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-176] Glenn, WAMPLER [hg6-177] Gladys, WAMPLER [hg5-148] Bertha I, WAMPLER (1880) [hg5-150] John Palmer, WAMPLER (1891) [hg6-178] Georgia I, WAMPLER [hg6-179] John Robert, WAMPLER [hg6-180] Mary Carolyn, WAMPLER [hg4-74] Ferman (F. N.), WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-151] Dora, WAMPLER [hg5-152] Charles Byrl, WAMPLER [hg5-153] Willard Roscoe, WAMPLER (1886) [hg6-181] Willard Roscoe, Jr, WAMPLER (1923) [hg7-159] Marsha, WAMPLER [hg7-160] Christopher L, WAMPLER [hg7-161] Craig M, WAMPLER [hg7-162] William J, WAMPLER [hg6-182] Norma Lea, WAMPLER [hg5-154] Iona Myrtle, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-156] Guy M, WAMPLER [hg5-157] Oscar, WAMPLER [hg2-5] Katherine (Catherine), WAMPLER (1768) [hg2-6] Anna Magdalena, WAMPLER (1772) [hg2-7] Joseph, Sr, WAMPLER (1774) [hg3-28] Joseph, Jr, WAMPLER (1800) [hg4-75] William Jackson, WAMPLER (1829) [hg5-159] Lucy Amanda, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-160] Pleasant Clinton, WAMPLER (1859) [hg6-183] Lettie, WAMPLER (1882) [hg7-163] Catherine, WAMPLER [hg6-184] Wayne Horace, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-164] Robert Paul, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-165] Claude, WAMPLER (1915) [hg8-153] Terry Lee, WAMPLER (1938) [hg9-20] David Wayne, WAMPLER (1969) [hg9-21] Mark Andrew, WAMPLER (1971) [hg8-154] Michael Allen, WAMPLER (1946) [hg7-166] Woodrow Wilson, WAMPLER (1917) [hg8-155] Jim DeWayne, WAMPLER (1940) [hg9-22] Steven Lee, WAMPLER (1960) [hg9-23] Michael Dwayne, WAMPLER (1961) [hg9-24] Michelle Lynn, WAMPLER (1964) [hg9-25] Julie Ann, WAMPLER (1971) [hg9-26] Jack, Jr, WAMPLER [hg7-167] William Jackson, WAMPLER (1919) [hg8-156] Jack, WAMPLER (1944) [hg8-157] John Edward, WAMPLER (1946) [hg7-168] Mary Lucille, WAMPLER (1921) [hg6-185] Roland, WAMPLER (1897) [hg7-169] Robert Morrison, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-219] John Gregory, WAMPLER (1956) [hg9-43] Robert Morrison, II, WAMPLER (1981) [hg8-220] Susie Maloy, WAMPLER (1958) [hg8-221] Nancy Diane, WAMPLER (1961) [hg8-222] Tom Henry, WAMPLER (1963) [hg7-170] Evelyn, WAMPLER (1947) [hg7-171] Glen, WAMPLER (1928) [hg5-161] Serena, WAMPLER (1864) [hg4-76] Martha J, WAMPLER (1825) [hg4-77] David, WAMPLER (1837) [hg5-162] Robert, WAMPLER (1872) [hg5-163] Dollie Arabell, WAMPLER (1876) [hg4-78] George W, WAMPLER (1845) [hg5-164] Beatrice, WAMPLER [hg5-165] Lillie, WAMPLER [hg5-166] Geo, Jr, WAMPLER [hg5-167] Hettie, WAMPLER [hg5-168] Anna, WAMPLER [hg5-169] Truman, WAMPLER [hg5-170] Mildred, WAMPLER [hg5-171] Downey, WAMPLER [hg4-79] Martha Louisa, WAMPLER [hg4-80] Teresa C, WAMPLER [hg4-81] James, WAMPLER [hg4-82] Hezekiah Morgan, WAMPLER [hg4-84] Rufus M, WAMPLER [hg4-85] Joseph Harvey, WAMPLER (1827) [hg5-172] William H, WAMPLER (1859) [hg6-186] Ruby, WAMPLER (1892) [hg6-187] Leslie H, WAMPLER (1894) [hg7-172] William E, WAMPLER (1913) [hg7-173] Peggy, WAMPLER (1925) [hg7-174] Gene Edward, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-160] Michael D, WAMPLER (1954) [hg8-161] Terry Lyn, WAMPLER (1956) [hg9-27] Gene E, WAMPLER (1975) [hg6-188] Richard O, WAMPLER (1895) [hg7-175] Richard O, Jr, WAMPLER (1919) [hg8-162] Jerry Keith, WAMPLER (1942) [hg8-163] Janet, WAMPLER (1943) [hg8-164] Linda, WAMPLER (1946) [hg8-165] Teresa, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-243] Rodney O, WAMPLER [hg6-189] William Lloyd, WAMPLER (1906) [hg5-173] Mary E, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-174] Candace, WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-175] Emmit O, WAMPLER (1869) [hg5-176] Martha Victoria (Vicky), WAMPLER (1857) [hg5-177] Joseph Riley, WAMPLER (1854) [hg6-190] Ida, WAMPLER (1879) [hg6-191] Orpha, WAMPLER (1881) [hg6-192] Harvey, WAMPLER (1888) (1888) [hg7-176] Glasten Verl, WAMPLER (1914) [hg8-203] Rebecca Sue, WAMPLER [hg6-193] Charles, WAMPLER (1890) [hg7-177] Lloyd C, WAMPLER (1920) [hg8-166] Natalie, WAMPLER (1953) [hg7-178] Argyle T, WAMPLER (1911) [hg8-167] Roderick Argyle, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-168] Vivian, WAMPLER (1934) [hg6-194] Merle, WAMPLER (1885) [hg6-195] Orville, WAMPLER (1884) [hg5-178] Eliz Catherine, WAMPLER (1852) [hg4-86] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg4-87] Mary Ann, WAMPLER [hg4-174] Tracy C, WAMPLER [hg3-29] David, WAMPLER (1803) [hg3-30] Hezekiah, WAMPLER (1805) [hg4-88] Esther Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1832) [hg4-90] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1843) [hg4-91] Clinton Lafayette, WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-179] Thomas, WAMPLER (1878) [hg6-196] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1912) [hg6-197] Robert A, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-179] Brenda, WAMPLER [hg5-180] Ernest, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-198] Clinton, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-199] Leon, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-244] Carolyn Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg7-245] Eleanor Jean, WAMPLER [hg7-246] Helen Kathryn, WAMPLER [hg7-247] Madge Evelyn, WAMPLER [hg7-248] Nancy Ann, WAMPLER [hg7-249] Ginnie Lee, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-250] Loretta Gale, WAMPLER [hg6-200] Pauline, WAMPLER [hg6-201] Kathleen, WAMPLER [hg6-202] Margaret, WAMPLER [hg6-203] Ernest, Jr, WAMPLER [hg7-180] Lynn, WAMPLER (1945) [hg7-181] Carolyn, WAMPLER (1948) [hg7-182] Given, WAMPLER [hg5-181] William, WAMPLER [hg5-182] Edith, WAMPLER [hg5-183] Crede, WAMPLER [hg5-184] Clinton, Jr, WAMPLER [hg4-92] Millard F, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-185] Millard, Jr, WAMPLER (1878) [hg5-186] Mary, WAMPLER (1880) [hg4-93] Hubert, WAMPLER [hg4-94] Elelia W (lilly), WAMPLER (1858) [hg4-95] Anna T, WAMPLER (1849) [hg4-96] Asahel Hezekiah (Zala), WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-187] Jane, WAMPLER (1895) [hg5-188] Mary, WAMPLER (1899) [hg5-189] Kiah, WAMPLER (1901) [hg6-204] Kiahly, WAMPLER [hg6-205] Zeke, WAMPLER [hg5-190] John, WAMPLER [hg6-206] Jane, WAMPLER [hg6-207] Sue, WAMPLER [hg5-191] Asahel, WAMPLER (1894) [hg4-97] Rosa G, WAMPLER (1861) [hg3-31] Anna, WAMPLER [hg3-32] Mary, WAMPLER [hg3-33] Esther (Hetty) Katherine, WAMPLER (1812) [hg3-34] Jacob, WAMPLER (1814) [hg4-98] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1841) [hg5-192] Cassius M, WAMPLER (1876) [hg4-99] Thomas Benton, WAMPLER (1843) [hg4-100] James Whitcomb, WAMPLER (1844) [hg5-193] Abraham Benjamin, WAMPLER (1873) [hg6-208] Vesta B, WAMPLER (1894) [hg6-209] Grace M, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-210] James Henry, WAMPLER (1901) [hg7-183] Robert Wayne, WAMPLER (1928) [hg8-169] Douglas Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-170] Carolyn Marie, WAMPLER [hg8-171] Norma Elaine, WAMPLER [hg8-172] Marilyn E, WAMPLER [hg8-173] Paul Robert, WAMPLER [hg7-184] Harlan James, WAMPLER (1930) [hg8-174] Thomas Harlan, WAMPLER [hg8-175] Richard Lee, WAMPLER [hg8-176] Kenneth Duane, WAMPLER [hg8-177] Susan Elaine, WAMPLER [hg7-185] Edwin Arden, WAMPLER (1936) [hg8-178] Teresa Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-179] Phillip Arden, WAMPLER [hg8-180] Patricia Ann, WAMPLER [hg8-181] Perry Allen, WAMPLER [hg8-182] Pamela Jean, WAMPLER [hg8-183] Peter James, WAMPLER [hg8-184] Paul Dean, WAMPLER [hg8-185] Penn Edward, WAMPLER [hg8-186] Preston Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-186] Donna May, WAMPLER (1938) [hg7-187] Betty Lou, WAMPLER (1943) [hg6-211] Frank A, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-188] Joyce Elaine, WAMPLER (1933) [hg7-189] Dennis Frank, WAMPLER (1943) [hg8-187] Sarah Catherine, WAMPLER [hg8-188] Bethany Noel, WAMPLER [hg6-212] Amy Rebecca, WAMPLER (1914) [hg6-213] Irene V, WAMPLER (1919) [hg5-194] Henry Jacob, WAMPLER (1875) [hg6-214] Roy Forth, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-190] Dorothy Elaine, WAMPLER (1922) [hg7-191] Roy William, WAMPLER (1926) [hg8-189] Phoebe Ann, WAMPLER (1950) [hg8-190] Randy Roy, WAMPLER (1954) [hg9-28] Seth Ryan, WAMPLER (1983) [hg8-191] Eric William, WAMPLER (1955) [hg8-192] Lisa Lou, WAMPLER (1958) [hg6-215] Mary Daisy, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-216] George Walter, WAMPLER (1914) [hg7-192] Robin Carol, WAMPLER (1942) [hg7-193] Mary Alice, WAMPLER (1944) [hg7-194] Nancy Sue, WAMPLER (1944) [hg7-195] Donna Faye, WAMPLER (1944) [hg6-217] Lois Lillian, WAMPLER (1917) [hg4-101] Abraham Welch, WAMPLER (1849) [hg5-195] Emmett, WAMPLER (1876) [hg5-196] Loulie, WAMPLER (1879) [hg4-102] John Liston, WAMPLER (1852) [hg3-35] Lucretia, WAMPLER (1818) [hg3-36] Theresa, WAMPLER (1886) [hg2-8] Henry, WAMPLER (1777) [hg3-37] Valentine (Felty), WAMPLER (1801) [hg4-103] Martin J S, WAMPLER (1826) [hg5-297] Candace America, WAMPLER (1853) [hg5-298] Daniel Pratt, WAMPLER (1858) [hg4-104] Roderick R, WAMPLER (1837) [hg4-105] Millie Jane (Milly), WAMPLER (1831) [hg4-106] Austin, WAMPLER [hg4-107] Albert, WAMPLER [hg4-108] Anemald (Ann E) (Anennald), WAMPLER [hg4-170] Nancy Catherine, WAMPLER [hg4-171] Mary Ann, WAMPLER [hg4-172] Sarah King, WAMPLER [hg3-38] Martin, WAMPLER (1802) [hg4-109] Delila, WAMPLER (1828) [hg4-110] William W, WAMPLER (1828) [hg5-197] Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-198] Charles W, WAMPLER [hg6-218] Charles Preston, WAMPLER (1908) [hg4-111] Peter W, WAMPLER (1830) [hg5-199] Laura M, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-200] Mary L, WAMPLER (1870) [hg5-201] George L, WAMPLER (1866) [hg5-202] Inez Fannie, WAMPLER [hg5-203] Carey (Carrie), WAMPLER (1863) [hg5-204] Dorra E (Dora), WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-205] Joana T, WAMPLER [hg5-206] Emma H, WAMPLER (1873) [hg5-207] Ada E, WAMPLER (1876) [hg5-208] Francis Iona, WAMPLER (1869) [hg4-112] Henry, WAMPLER (1830) [hg5-209] Henry M, WAMPLER (1857) [hg6-219] Nellie Maude, WAMPLER (1886) [hg6-220] Leote Emogeon, WAMPLER (1887) [hg6-221] Clarence Henry, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-222] Fred C, WAMPLER (1892) [hg4-113] Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg4-114] Armilda, WAMPLER (1838) [hg4-115] Jane C, WAMPLER [hg4-116] Mary, WAMPLER [hg3-39] Andrew, WAMPLER (1804) [hg4-117] James H, WAMPLER [hg4-118] George D, WAMPLER [hg4-119] Andrew Jackson, WAMPLER (1848) [hg4-120] Elizabeth S, WAMPLER (1852) [hg4-121] Julia A, WAMPLER [hg3-40] Thomas Jefferson, WAMPLER (1806) [hg4-122] Austin C, WAMPLER [hg4-123] David J, WAMPLER (1831) [hg5-210] Martha A, WAMPLER [hg5-211] Mary B, WAMPLER [hg5-212] Louisa, WAMPLER [hg4-124] Sarah A, WAMPLER [hg4-125] Mary Jane, WAMPLER [hg4-126] Harriet, WAMPLER [hg4-127] Albert M, WAMPLER [hg4-128] William Ray, WAMPLER (1829) [hg5-213] Laura Adlin, WAMPLER (1851) [hg5-214] Mary Louise, WAMPLER (1854) [hg5-215] David Irwin, WAMPLER (1857) [hg6-309] William Harley, WAMPLER [hg7-236] Clarence, WAMPLER [hg7-237] Chester, WAMPLER [hg7-238] Brady, WAMPLER [hg7-239] Earl, WAMPLER [hg7-240] Troy, WAMPLER [hg7-241] William Irvin, WAMPLER [hg8-216] Harvey Lee, WAMPLER [hg9-46] Lexa D'Shaun, WAMPLER (1974) [hg8-217] Wayland Roy, WAMPLER [hg8-218] Danny Lynn, WAMPLER [hg5-216] Austin Emory, WAMPLER (1860) [hg6-223] Emma Catherine, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-224] Willie Samson, WAMPLER [hg6-225] Millie Adeline, WAMPLER (1884) [hg6-226] Albert, WAMPLER [hg6-227] Minnie Lee, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-228] Dicy Mae, WAMPLER (1893) [hg6-229] Arleta, WAMPLER (1896) [hg6-230] Milton Francis, WAMPLER (1901) [hg5-217] Milton Valentine, WAMPLER (1862) [hg5-218] Nancy Ellen (Marie), WAMPLER (1865) [hg5-219] Charles Irvin, WAMPLER (1867) [hg5-220] Harriet E, WAMPLER (1870) [hg5-221] William Ray, WAMPLER [hg5-222] William Jasper, WAMPLER (1872) [hg6-231] Rossie, WAMPLER [hg6-232] Leslie, WAMPLER [hg7-251] Howard Clifton, WAMPLER [hg6-233] Estes, WAMPLER [hg6-234] Emeory Otis, WAMPLER (1896) [hg7-196] Ruth, WAMPLER [hg5-223] Tennie Walter, WAMPLER (1875) [hg6-235] Enoch Willie, WAMPLER (1898) [hg6-236] Ray Lloyd, WAMPLER (1900) [hg7-197] Jessie Ruth, WAMPLER (1927) [hg7-198] Gerald Ray, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-193] Linda Sue, WAMPLER (1953) [hg8-194] Shirley Jo, WAMPLER (1958) [hg7-199] Howard Leon, WAMPLER (1930) [hg7-200] David Wayne, WAMPLER (1933) [hg7-201] Sharon Ruth, WAMPLER (1946) [hg6-237] Ruby Ellen, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-238] Marie, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-239] Tessie, WAMPLER (1909) [hg6-240] Jessie, WAMPLER (1910) [hg7-202] Quetha Jean, WAMPLER (1935) [hg7-203] Jessie Dale, WAMPLER (1939) [hg6-241] Andrew Jack, WAMPLER (1917) [hg7-204] Jackie Dean, WAMPLER (1936) [hg8-195] Sandra, WAMPLER [hg8-196] Gary, WAMPLER [hg6-242] Fay, WAMPLER (1922) [hg6-243] Dede, WAMPLER (1924) [hg3-41] Sally, WAMPLER (1808) [hg3-42] Christian, WAMPLER (1810) [hg4-129] Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1837) [hg4-130] Jesse, WAMPLER (1840) [hg4-131] Mary, WAMPLER [hg4-132] Christian, WAMPLER [hg4-133] Sarah, WAMPLER (1857) [hg4-134] Peter W, WAMPLER [hg4-135] Harvey G, WAMPLER (1832) [hg5-289] Arnold Alonzo, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-276] Clayton Hartford, WAMPLER (1899) [hg7-221] Glenn Edward, WAMPLER (1933) [hg8-202] Kurt Evan, WAMPLER (1956) [hg9-29] Evan Michael, WAMPLER (1988) [hg9-30] Deanna Lee, WAMPLER (1984) [hg8-210] Eric Martin, WAMPLER (1959) [hg9-34] Elise R, WAMPLER (1985) [hg9-35] Kendall D, WAMPLER (1987) [hg9-36] Kathryn E, WAMPLER (1989) [hg6-288] Besse, WAMPLER (1895) [hg6-289] Stella Edith, WAMPLER (1897) [hg6-290] Edgar Lee, WAMPLER (1901) [hg7-225] Ronald, WAMPLER [hg7-226] Robert, WAMPLER [hg8-206] David, WAMPLER [hg9-31] Carolyn, WAMPLER [hg9-32] Amy, WAMPLER [hg9-33] Jacob, WAMPLER [hg8-207] Stephen, WAMPLER [hg8-208] Peter, WAMPLER [hg8-209] Daniel, WAMPLER [hg6-291] Ida Hazel, WAMPLER (1905) [hg6-292] Rebecca Ollivene, WAMPLER (1911) [hg5-290] Alice, WAMPLER (1861) [hg5-291] William Reeves, WAMPLER (1863) [hg6-283] N Fred, WAMPLER (1890) [hg6-284] Walter C, WAMPLER (1892) [hg6-285] Myrtle L, WAMPLER (1899) [hg6-286] Ida, WAMPLER (1903) [hg6-287] W Norman, WAMPLER (1907) [hg7-224] Lee, WAMPLER (1931) [hg8-204] Kirk, WAMPLER [hg8-205] Jay, WAMPLER [hg9-37] Stacey, WAMPLER [hg5-292] Ellen, WAMPLER (1864) [hg5-293] David C, WAMPLER (1869) [hg6-293] Sophia, WAMPLER [hg6-294] Lephia, WAMPLER [hg5-294] John Taze, WAMPLER (1873) [hg6-295] Beulah, WAMPLER [hg6-296] Mildred, WAMPLER [hg5-295] Clarence A, WAMPLER (1874) [hg6-297] Alverta, WAMPLER [hg6-298] Charlie, WAMPLER [hg6-299] Ray, WAMPLER [hg6-300] Ernest, WAMPLER [hg6-301] Beulah, WAMPLER [hg6-302] Alice, WAMPLER [hg6-303] David, WAMPLER [hg6-304] Martha, WAMPLER [hg6-305] Iris, WAMPLER [hg5-296] Mollie A, WAMPLER (1866) [hg4-136] David, WAMPLER [hg4-137] William, WAMPLER (1881) [hg3-43] Mary, WAMPLER (1814) [hg3-44] Jacob, WAMPLER [hg3-45] Henry, WAMPLER [hg3-46] Paris D, WAMPLER (1822) [hg2-9] Jacob, WAMPLER (1778) [hg3-47] Austin C, WAMPLER (1805) [hg4-138] America F, WAMPLER [hg4-139] Virginia C, WAMPLER [hg4-140] Mornington W, WAMPLER (1858) [hg5-225] Lura Ethyl, WAMPLER [hg5-226] Ray Campbell, WAMPLER [hg5-227] Porter Lee, WAMPLER [hg6-244] R.Gibson, Jr, WAMPLER [hg6-245] Jack Porter, WAMPLER [hg5-228] Josephine Eliz, WAMPLER [hg5-230] John Austin, WAMPLER (1910) [hg6-246] Betty Joan, WAMPLER [hg4-141] Missouri K, WAMPLER [hg4-142] Alice Victoria, WAMPLER [hg4-143] Lee F, WAMPLER [hg3-48] Jane A, WAMPLER [hg3-49] Rufus Morgan, WAMPLER (1809) [hg4-144] Mary Jane, WAMPLER (1842) [hg4-145] Austin Alexander, WAMPLER (1845) [hg5-231] Pearly Esther, WAMPLER (1878) [hg5-232] Kelly Fielder, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-247] Lester Phipps, WAMPLER [hg6-248] Early Miller, WAMPLER [hg6-249] Virginia C, WAMPLER [hg6-250] Mabel Pauline, WAMPLER [hg5-233] Ollie Pepper, WAMPLER [hg6-251] Ray, WAMPLER [hg6-252] Helen, WAMPLER [hg6-253] Glen, WAMPLER [hg6-254] Alfred, WAMPLER [hg6-255] Elwood, WAMPLER [hg6-256] Dorothy, WAMPLER [hg6-257] Opal, WAMPLER [hg6-258] Ruth, WAMPLER [hg5-234] Grover Cleveland, WAMPLER (1885) [hg6-259] Kent Austin, WAMPLER (1906) [hg7-205] Helen Virginia, WAMPLER [hg7-206] Donald Kent, WAMPLER [hg6-260] Fred Isaac, WAMPLER (1907) [hg7-207] Dan Ward, WAMPLER (1929) [hg8-197] Dennis Wayne, WAMPLER [hg8-198] Phillip Mark, WAMPLER [hg7-208] Juanita Grace, WAMPLER [hg7-209] Carol Lorraine, WAMPLER [hg4-146] Ephriam Ward (Wythe), WAMPLER (1846) [hg5-235] Marion Brown, WAMPLER (1873) [hg6-277] Esther, WAMPLER (1904) [hg6-278] Fredrick A, WAMPLER (1906) [hg6-279] Annie Elizabeth, WAMPLER (1907) [hg6-280] Vernon M, WAMPLER (1910) [hg6-281] Pauline V, WAMPLER (1913) [hg6-282] Marion B J, WAMPLER (1919) [hg5-236] Virginia Theresa, WAMPLER (1975) [hg5-237] Corlie Easter, WAMPLER (1877) [hg5-238] Rufus Price, WAMPLER (1879) [hg5-239] Margaret Adkins, WAMPLER (1883) [hg5-240] Laura Alice, WAMPLER (1885) [hg5-241] Fannie Belle, WAMPLER (1887) [hg5-242] Preston Hayes, WAMPLER (1889) [hg4-147] Leftwich Porter, WAMPLER (1848) [hg5-243] Flora C, WAMPLER [hg5-244] Ossie L, WAMPLER [hg5-245] Guida N, WAMPLER [hg5-246] French M, WAMPLER [hg5-247] Graves Knox, WAMPLER [hg5-248] Garland E, WAMPLER (1884) [hg5-249] Lera Boyd, WAMPLER [hg5-250] Wythe Fielder, WAMPLER (1889) [hg6-261] Lillian K, WAMPLER [hg6-262] Graves Wythe, WAMPLER [hg7-210] Martha Jo, WAMPLER [hg6-263] Thorton Garland, WAMPLER (1925) [hg7-211] Winifred Kathleen, WAMPLER [hg7-212] Janice Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-213] Louise Garland, WAMPLER [hg6-264] Elbert Hale, WAMPLER (1927) [hg7-214] Elbert Hale, WAMPLER [hg7-215] Carter Wythe, WAMPLER [hg7-216] George Robinson, WAMPLER [hg7-217] David Scott, WAMPLER [hg7-218] Margaret Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-265] Bernard C, WAMPLER [hg6-266] Martha Ann, WAMPLER [hg5-251] Bess Lillian, WAMPLER [hg5-252] Esther C, WAMPLER [hg5-253] Eugene Kyle, WAMPLER [hg4-148] James L, WAMPLER (1850) [hg5-254] Ada Crockett, WAMPLER (1878) [hg5-255] Stella, WAMPLER (1879) [hg5-256] James, WAMPLER (1881) [hg4-149] Margaret Elvira, WAMPLER [hg4-150] George W, WAMPLER (1854) [hg5-258] Tyler Milton, WAMPLER (1880) [hg6-267] George Milton, WAMPLER (1912) [hg7-219] Darlene Jane, WAMPLER [hg7-220] George Edward, WAMPLER (1941) [hg8-199] Douglas Edward, WAMPLER [hg8-200] Tracie Allyne, WAMPLER [hg8-201] Karrie Ann, WAMPLER [hg6-268] Robert M, WAMPLER [hg6-269] G M, WAMPLER [hg6-270] Betty Jo, WAMPLER [hg5-259] James Lacey, WAMPLER (1882) [hg6-271] Marjorie Lenore, WAMPLER [hg6-272] Mary Izora, WAMPLER [hg5-260] Garland S, WAMPLER [hg5-261] Laura A, WAMPLER [hg5-262] Floyd E, WAMPLER [hg5-263] Allen Jones, WAMPLER [hg5-264] George M, WAMPLER (1894) [hg4-151] John McTeer, WAMPLER (1856) [hg5-265] Haller G, WAMPLER [hg5-266] Myrtle Esther, WAMPLER (1886) [hg5-267] Edith May, WAMPLER (1887) [hg5-268] Pearl Austin, WAMPLER [hg5-269] Guy Patterson, WAMPLER (1890) [hg5-270] Ruth Lavina, WAMPLER (1893) [hg5-271] Lena Laura, WAMPLER [hg5-272] Ethyl Edna, WAMPLER [hg4-152] Laura Esther, WAMPLER (1859) [hg4-153] Wythe, WAMPLER [hg3-50] Catherine, WAMPLER [hg3-51] Elizabeth G, WAMPLER [hg3-52] Isaac A, WAMPLER (1812) [hg3-53] Ephraim W, WAMPLER (1818) [hg4-154] Isaac Texas, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-273] Georgie K, WAMPLER [hg4-155] Strother Chatwell, WAMPLER [hg4-156] Alberta W, WAMPLER [hg4-157] Matilda A, WAMPLER (1861) [hg4-158] Robert H, WAMPLER (1861) [hg4-159] Harvey K, WAMPLER [hg4-160] Charles Pomeroy (Pum), WAMPLER (1868) [hg4-161] William H, WAMPLER (1871) [hg4-162] Emma Florence, WAMPLER (1875) [hg4-163] Lillie May, WAMPLER [hg3-54] Evalina Esther, WAMPLER (1812) [hg3-55] William L, WAMPLER (1822) [hg4-164] John Jacob, WAMPLER (1853) [hg5-274] Bertha Allen, WAMPLER [hg5-275] Laura May, WAMPLER [hg5-276] William Edward, WAMPLER [hg5-277] George Floyd, WAMPLER [hg5-278] Minnie, WAMPLER [hg5-279] Julian, WAMPLER [hg4-165] Stewart C, WAMPLER (1855) [hg5-280] William Earnest, WAMPLER [hg5-281] Elizabeth Iona, WAMPLER [hg5-282] Anna Liza, WAMPLER [hg5-283] Albert Victor, WAMPLER (1900) [hg6-273] Mary Elizabeth, WAMPLER [hg6-274] Robert Stewart, WAMPLER [hg6-275] Donna Mural, WAMPLER [hg4-166] Harvey Saftly, WAMPLER [hg4-167] Oswell Rush, WAMPLER (1859) [hg5-284] Ray Anderson, WAMPLER [hg5-285] Mary Dorothy, WAMPLER [hg5-286] Arvel Williams, WAMPLER [hg5-288] Fannie Ellen, WAMPLER [hg4-168] William Floyd, WAMPLER [hg4-169] Mary Jane, WAMPLER [hg3-56] Martha G, WAMPLER (1823) [hg3-57] Harvey S, WAMPLER (1828)

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