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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spM.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
MACE Hal hm6-228 Tree Jessie Ellen WAMPLER
MACMILLAN David jc6-3 Tree Ilda Estelle WAMPLER
MAHEY Florence na7-15 Tree Lyman Everette WAMPLER
MAJIER E. Charles hg7-223 Tree Eleanor WAMPLER
MAJOR Lucy hg6-86 Tree Walter Kenneth WAMPLER
MALONE Dorothy M hg6-170 Tree Sam Andrew WAMPLER
MAMANOFF Larissa hp9-15 Tree Todd William WAMPLER
MANALAN Sam hg7-66 Tree Ruth Louise WAMPLER
MANI Marianna ja0-6 Tree Jakob WAMPFLER
MANN Clara B hm6-132 Tree Oren Blane WAMPLER
MANSPEAKER Helen L mc5-1 Tree Allan Dahlin WAMPLER
MANTHY Grace hg7-56 Tree Marion Milton WAMPLER
MARKEY Nathaniel hp4-12 Tree Anna Louise WAMPLER
MARM Rufus hm6-71 Tree Maggie WAMPLER
MARRS Dr Greenup hm5-154 Tree Arkansas WAMPLER
MARSH Frank hm5-59 Tree Amanda Jane WAMPLER
MARSHALL Frank hg6-190 Tree Ida WAMPLER
MARTIN Orpha hg6-26 Tree Miller Ashbrook WAMPLER
MARTIN Anna Mary jc3-3 Tree Johann Leonard WAMPLER
MARTIN Barbara Adelina mc2-66 Tree Theodore Richard (Rick) WAMPLER
MARTIN Casper hm8-93 Tree Julia E WAMPLER
MARTIN Charles hm7-157 Tree Regina WAMPLER
MARTIN Florence jc5-45 Tree Joseph P WAMPLER
MARTIN J R hg7-233 Tree J Pauline WAMPLER
MARTIN Roy hm7-206 Tree Charlotte WAMPLER
MARTIN hg8-163 Tree Janet WAMPLER
MARTIN hm7-19 Tree Mildred WAMPLER
MARTZ John William hp6-39 Tree Mollie Vernala WAMPLER
MARTZ Ernest (Edward) hp6-42 Tree Nina E WAMPLER
MARTZ Kathryn hg6-199 Tree Leon WAMPLER
MARXSON Virginia hg7-171 Tree Glen WAMPLER
MARY hg2-8 Tree Henry WAMPLER
MASON John hg5-78 Tree Rebecca J WAMPLER
MASON Mary Angie hg5-89 Tree Thomas W WAMPLER
MASON Roy H hp6-139 Tree Edna Ann WAMPLER
MASSEY William Washington hg5-241 Tree Fannie Belle WAMPLER
MATHES Thelma Christene hg7-198 Tree Gerald Ray WAMPLER
MATHIUS Mary Ann jc3-17 Tree John Henry WAMPLER
MATSON Roy hg6-186 Tree Ruby WAMPLER
MAWBRY William hg7-188 Tree Joyce Elaine WAMPLER
MAXWELL Lee hp7-98 Tree Rachel WAMPLER
MAXWELL Lillie J hp5-56 Tree John J WAMPLER
MAY Ed hm5-123 Tree Racie E WAMPLER
MAY John hm8-111 Tree Dorothy WAMPLER
MAY Sara Nora hm5-127 Tree Charles E WAMPLER
MAY Walter hm8-115 Tree Lucille WAMPLER
MCALLIDER Robert hm5-173 Tree Caroline WAMPLER
MCARTHUR Lisa hm8-50 Tree Gary WAMPLER
MCBRIDE hp8-55 Tree Alice WAMPLER
MCCALLAY Edmund S mc1-59 Tree Henrietta H WAMPLER
MCCAMBODY Ruth hm6-212 Tree Thomas WAMPLER
MCCANLESS Elsie LaVon hg7-232 Tree Lon Leroy WAMPLER
MCCARTHY Mona hg4-17 Tree William WAMPLER
MCCARTY Elizabeth mc0-20 Tree Isaac WAMPLER
MCCASH Oscar H hg6-237 Tree Ruby Ellen WAMPLER
MCCLARY Viola hm7-203 Tree Woodrow WAMPLER
MCCLELAN Harrison hg4-129 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
MCCLELLAN John mc1-54 Tree Anna Rebecca WAMPLER
MCCLINTOCK Edward hm6-254 Tree Mamie WAMPLER
MCCLURE Alva hg4-61 Tree Jane WAMPLER
MCCLURE Thomas hg4-56 Tree Matilda WAMPLER
MCCOIN Etta G hg6-96 Tree Curtis Vorhees WAMPLER
MCCONNELL Florence hm5-35 Tree Francis Marion WAMPLER
MCCONNELL Rev S W hm5-37 Tree Rosanna M E WAMPLER
MCCONNELL Temple Isabel hm6-1 Tree James Anderson WAMPLER
MCCONNELL Wayne hm8-21 Tree Judy WAMPLER
MCCONNELL William G hm5-34 Tree Martha WAMPLER
MCCORMACK Janet hg8-155 Tree Jim DeWayne WAMPLER
MCCORMACK William hg5-145 Tree Esther Katherine WAMPLER
MCCOSKEY Eva hg5-258 Tree Tyler Milton WAMPLER
MCCOY B W na6-5 Tree Aeriadna Ruth (Ariadna) WAMPLER
MCCOY Kate A hm5-105 Tree John Harbison WAMPLER
MCCULLEN Harrison hm4-12 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
MCDOWELL J M jc5-13 Tree Mary Sabina WAMPLER
MCEWING Vernie hm5-169 Tree David M WAMPLER Jr
MCFADDIN Patricia hm8-198 Tree Billy Wayne Ingle WAMPLER
MCGEE Mary A hg5-209 Tree Henry M WAMPLER
MCGLOTHIN Rose hm7-232 Tree Floyd WAMPLER
MCHARGE Mary jc2-2 Tree Ludwig WAMPLER
MCHENRY John C hm6-103 Tree Dorothea Mae WAMPLER
MCHENRY Charles hg6-191 Tree Orpha WAMPLER
MCHENRY Elizabeth hg6-6 Tree Carl Cecil WAMPLER
MCINTOSH jc5-19 Tree Susan Elizabeth (Lizzie) WAMPLER
MCKEE Lillian Kathleen hp7-51 Tree Stanley June WAMPLER
MCKENZIE Marion hm8-177 Tree Ilene WAMPLER
MCKINLEY Wm hg6-63 Tree Fannie WAMPLER
MCKINNEY Alonzo hp7-2 Tree Mary Ellen WAMPLER
MCKINNEY John I. mc2-49 Tree Amelia C WAMPLER
MCKINNEY Wm hg6-111 Tree Beatrice Mural WAMPLER
MCMANUS Robert hp9-17 Tree Cheri Lynn WAMPLER
MCQUEEN Goldie hm6-215 Tree William WAMPLER
MCREYNOLDS Marilyn hm8-38 Tree William Page WAMPLER
MEADE Elizabeth hm5-52 Tree Thomas J WAMPLER
MEAGHER Opal hg7-166 Tree Woodrow Wilson WAMPLER
MEEKS Will W jc5-12 Tree Anna Amanda WAMPLER
MEFFORD hg8-164 Tree Linda WAMPLER
MELTON John F. hp4-51 Tree Elizabeth J WAMPLER
MERRYFIELD William hm7-290 Tree Jo Anne WAMPLER
MESSENGER Mike hm8-152 Tree Hazel WAMPLER
METTAUER Samuel he0-9 Tree Anna Magdalena (Madlen) WAMPFLER
METTS Mary Ann hp5-207 Tree John Perry WAMPLER
MEYER Carol Ann hm7-118 Tree Donald Huston WAMPLER
MEYER Percy hm8-61 Tree Connie WAMPLER
MEYERS Emma hg4-91 Tree Clinton Lafayette WAMPLER
MEYERS Horasce jc5-23 Tree Susan Mina WAMPLER
MEYERS Anna Rebecca hp5-67 Tree Daniel Saylor WAMPLER
MICKEY Mary Ann hg4-27 Tree Henry WAMPLER
MIELE Augusta hg6-21 Tree Frank Carl WAMPLER
MILLER Bertie hp5-106 Tree William Charles WAMPLER
MILLER Eda (Ida) hp5-106 Tree William Charles WAMPLER
MILLER Georgie hp7-99 Tree Paul A WAMPLER
MILLER Sandra Kaye na9-14 Tree Bradley Ray WAMPLER
MILLER Vida Eunice hp5-77 Tree Ernest Michael WAMPLER
MILLER Al hp5-190 Tree Emma Josephine WAMPLER
MILLER Anthony hp5-144 Tree Magdalene WAMPLER
MILLER Benjamin A hp5-102 Tree Annie Rebecca WAMPLER
MILLER Catherine hp4-13 Tree John WAMPLER
MILLER Clairis Grace hp7-13 Tree Dee Franklin WAMPLER
MILLER David B. hp5-74 Tree Sarah Frances WAMPLER
MILLER Elizabeth Anna hp5-143 Tree David William WAMPLER
MILLER Emma R hg5-234 Tree Grover Cleveland WAMPLER
MILLER Florence A hg5-232 Tree Kelly Fielder WAMPLER
MILLER George hp4-10 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
MILLER Isaac hg3-2 Tree Sarah (Sallie) WAMPLER
MILLER Issac William hp5-163 Tree Mary S WAMPLER
MILLER John D. hp5-69 Tree Minnie Catherine WAMPLER
MILLER Laura Elizabeth hp5-60 Tree Frederick Cline WAMPLER
MILLER Mary hp7-8 Tree Byron Joseph WAMPLER Jr
MILLER Mary Virginia hp7-114 Tree Byron Joseph WAMPLER
MILLER Maud hg6-56 Tree Pearl WAMPLER
MILLER Minnie hg5-21 Tree Edward O WAMPLER
MILLER Norma D hm7-217 Tree James W WAMPLER Jr
MILLER S A hp5-35 Tree Mary WAMPLER
MILLER Susan hp4-8 Tree John WAMPLER
MILLER Teresa hp8-82 Tree Earl Steven WAMPLER
MILLER Vickie hp9-7 Tree George Gilbert WAMPLER
MILLER William hm6-183 Tree Clettes WAMPLER
MILLIS Wesley W hg5-290 Tree Alice WAMPLER
MILLS Rachel Elizabeth jc4-2 Tree Joshua Martin WAMPLER
MILLS Martha Jane hg4-47 Tree John David WAMPLER
MINDLER Kirmet hp6-46 Tree Eula Kathryn WAMPLER
MINIX James hp6-192 Tree Vina B WAMPLER
MINNICK Minnie hp5-137 Tree John C WAMPLER
MINNIE hm7-82 Tree Ray M WAMPLER
MITCHELL Roxanna na9-13 Tree Bruce Wesley WAMPLER
MITCHELL Charles P hm6-293 Tree Myrtle Ann WAMPLER
MITCHELL Odis hm7-173 Tree Lelia WAMPLER
MIZE Troyless hm4-48 Tree Elizabeth Jane WAMPLER
MIZERAK Jacqueline hg8-154 Tree Michael Allen WAMPLER
MOAN Donna hg7-150 Tree John R WAMPLER
MOBLEY Sharon hm7-95 Tree James Richard WAMPLER
MOCK Bette Louise hg7-122 Tree Maurice Achel WAMPLER
MONEY Charles Fred ja1-8 Tree Louisa WAMPFLER
MONICAL Margaret B hg5-113 Tree David Cloyd WAMPLER
MONK Theodore hg6-238 Tree Marie WAMPLER
MONTGOMERY Lucinda hg4-73 Tree John W WAMPLER
MOODY Col. C. hm5-96 Tree Virginia (Jennie) E WAMPLER
MOODY Winnie hg7-26 Tree Miller Gene WAMPLER
MOONEY Francis hg6-217 Tree Lois Lillian WAMPLER
MOORE Blanche hm5-40 Tree Nathanial Buchanan WAMPLER
MOORE Albert hm6-69 Tree Berthia WAMPLER
MOORE Belle Josephine hm5-41 Tree Samuel Farley WAMPLER
MOORE Evelyn R hg6-216 Tree George Walter WAMPLER
MOORE Jacob hm6-34 Tree Dona E WAMPLER
MOORE Margorie hp7-88 Tree Charles Russell WAMPLER
MOORE Mary E hg7-6 Tree Paul Cecil WAMPLER
MOORE Melvin hg5-26 Tree Nora B WAMPLER
MOORE Sally (Sallie) F hm5-29 Tree Charles P WAMPLER
MOORE Willie A hm6-72 Tree Thersia (Thersa) WAMPLER
MOREHEAD Eliz hg3-1 Tree Jeremiah WAMPLER
MORGAN Alice Mertie hm6-16 Tree James Monroe WAMPLER
MORGAN Frank hg6-27 Tree Bernice Dale WAMPLER
MORRIS ? mc3-4 Tree Clotild (Clotila) WAMPLER
MORRIS David Richard hg8-212 Tree Karen Sue WAMPLER
MORRIS Raymond hm6-317 Tree Beulah Mary WAMPLER
MORSE Lois hg6-287 Tree W Norman WAMPLER
MOSES Mary Margaret hp7-119 Tree David Wayland WAMPLER
MOSIER Thomas J hg7-229 Tree Helen Elizabeth WAMPLER
MOSS Violet hp7-99 Tree Paul A WAMPLER
MOYER Rebecca hg3-12 Tree Stephen WAMPLER
MOYER Susannah hg3-11 Tree John WAMPLER
MOYERS George hp4-47 Tree Susan WAMPLER
MOYES Frances Ann hg7-138 Tree Walter Guy WAMPLER
MULHOLLAND Clinton mc1-120 Tree Anna WAMPLER
MULQUEEN John hm4-29 Tree Sarah (Sally) WAMPLER
MUNDAY Charles hp6-165 Tree Leticia Josephine WAMPLER
MUNDY ? hp7-47 Tree Eva WAMPLER
MURPHY mc1-79 Tree Alice WAMPLER
MUSGRAVE Eva Nellie hm6-109 Tree James Buell WAMPLER
MUSGRAVE Frank D. hm6-112 Tree Mary Blanche WAMPLER
MYERS Nellie hp5-211 Tree David Solomon WAMPLER
MYERS Catherine hp3-14 Tree Martin WAMPLER
MYERS John W. hp5-70 Tree Elizabeth Susan WAMPLER
MYERS Reuben hp6-170 Tree Jessie Alberta WAMPLER
MYERS hp5-176 Tree Magdalena WAMPLER

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