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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spB.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
BABBS Carrie hg5-175 Tree Emmit O WAMPLER
BACH Carl he1-11 Tree Maria Eleonara WAMPFLER
BACKUS Marion hg7-191 Tree Roy William WAMPLER
BAILS Robert hm5-148 Tree Sarah Eliz WAMPLER
BAIRS Mary Lou mc2-59 Tree William WAMPLER
BAKER Elizabeth hp5-77 Tree Ernest Michael WAMPLER
BAKER Samantha hg5-63 Tree Ephraim WAMPLER
BAKER Beverly hg7-18 Tree Daniel Ray WAMPLER
BAKER Frank B hg7-231 Tree Dorothy Lavada Arvigene WAMPLER
BAKER John hg5-16 Tree Ida Grace WAMPLER
BAKER Mary Elizabeth hm8-6 Tree William Creed WAMPLER
BAKER Mildred hm8-113 Tree Basil WAMPLER
BAKER Selma hm5-238 Tree Samuel Logan WAMPLER
BAKER Virginia Lee na8-5 Tree Donald Ray WAMPLER
BALDWIN Authur hp6-191 Tree Rosa Lee (Rosie) WAMPLER
BALL Ada hm7-234 Tree James Roy WAMPLER
BALL Dallas Wayne hm7-38 Tree Agnes WAMPLER
BALL Helen Jean hg7-52 Tree Harold Richard WAMPLER
BALL James Coy hm6-17 Tree Priscilla WAMPLER
BALL James Harvey hm6-15 Tree Sarah Ellen WAMPLER
BALL Louis Love hm6-19 Tree Rose Margaret WAMPLER
BALL Olagay Cora hm7-36 Tree Charles WAMPLER
BANISHHAN Nenita na8-1 Tree Gerald Everette WAMPLER
BANYAN Mary C hm5-203 Tree William Patton WAMPLER
BARBEE Howard hp6-195 Tree Ruth WAMPLER
BARBER Marie hm6-163 Tree Clarence Albert WAMPLER
BARG Mary hp2-8 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
BARKER Johathan Mortimer hm5-216 Tree Ethel WAMPLER
BARLOW Ardith J hm8-33 Tree Jack Donald WAMPLER
BARNES Hannah Edith mc0-7 Tree John W WAMPLER
BARNETT Louise hg6-57 Tree John Henry WAMPLER
BARNHART Hannah hp5-36 Tree Benjamin F WAMPLER
BARNHART Martha Sarah (Maggie) hp5-38 Tree Wilson Willis WAMPLER
BARNITZ Eliza Sussana mc0-12 Tree Gustavus Vint WAMPLER
BARNUM Calvin na5-16 Tree Margaret WAMPLER
BARR hm6-272 Tree Louisa Emory WAMPLER
BARRETT Pearl hm6-107 Tree William Grover WAMPLER
BARROW Karman hp9-4 Tree Francis Marion WAMPLER III
BARROW Olive hm6-246 Tree Carl WAMPLER
BARROWS Marshall hg4-69 Tree Mary E WAMPLER
BARSBY Doris hm7-288 Tree Joe Forest WAMPLER
BASS Marg hg6-168 Tree Eugene Stanley WAMPLER
BASTIN Jonathan hm6-91 Tree Mable C WAMPLER
BAUGH Barbara Jane hm4-57 Tree Paris Gorman WAMPLER
BAUGHARD Elizabeth (Betsy) hm3-8 Tree Benjamin WAMPLER
BAUMA Edwin Lee na9-9 Tree Wendy Anne WAMPLER
BAUMBERGER Emma mc0-4 Tree Jacob John WAMPFLER
BAUMBERGER Walter mc1-28 Tree Clara Bertha WAMPFLER
BAXTER Laura hm5-129 Tree John W WAMPLER
BAYER Helen Louise hm7-215 Tree Lloyd Myron WAMPLER
BEACH Emmett hm5-170 Tree Lulu WAMPLER
BEACH John L hm4-96 Tree Elizabeth Ann (Betty) WAMPLER
BEALER Grace Loretta hp7-12 Tree Francis Marion (Marian) WAMPLER
BEASLEY--- Millie A hg5-63 Tree Ephraim WAMPLER
BEAVER Beatrice hm6-206 Tree James Berry WAMPLER
BEECH Laura hg6-15 Tree Louis L WAMPLER
BEENE Reece A hm8-237 Tree Sharyn Raye WAMPLER
BEER A. J. na6-15 Tree Della N WAMPLER
BEER Elizabeth na5-4 Tree John B WAMPLER
BEER Jacob na4-2 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
BEER Susannah na4-3 Tree David WAMPLER
BEHR Maria hp2-8 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
BEKELSIMER Mary E. na6-8 Tree Daniel Arthur WAMPLER
BELL John W hm5-98 Tree Dora B WAMPLER
BELLE Nora hm6-18 Tree William Henderson WAMPLER
BELMEAR Florence mc3-55 Tree Thomas Morris WAMPLER
BELT Bryan hp9-37 Tree Jullie Elizabeth WAMPLER
BELTZ Annie E hm5-99 Tree Charles Albert WAMPLER
BELTZ Nettie V hm5-100 Tree Josiah Beatty WAMPLER Jr
BELZ Vicki hm8-206 Tree Dean Kelvin WAMPLER
BENDER James hm5-149 Tree Emily WAMPLER
BENDER Tena Sue hm8-68 Tree Thomas Scott WAMPLER
BENDOR Deborah hm4-68 Tree David Martin WAMPLER
BENEDETTI Tony hm7-108 Tree Mary Elizabeth WAMPLER
BENJAMIN George D hg5-204 Tree Dorra E (Dora) WAMPLER
BENNETT Richard Sherrard hm8-172 Tree Sherry WAMPLER
BENNETT Cyrus Seigal jc5-22 Tree Clora Elizabeth WAMPLER
BENSON Margaret Ruth hp7-1 Tree Oliver Nelson WAMPLER Jr
BENTLEY Frances (Frankie) hm6-308 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
BENTLEY Sylvester hm5-10 Tree Martha WAMPLER
BERENS Mary Ellens hg7-106 Tree Charles Fletcher WAMPLER
BERRY Barbara Ann hp4-26 Tree John WAMPLER III
BERRY Elizabeth F hp4-24 Tree Benjamin Franklin WAMPLER
BERRY Issac hp5-144 Tree Magdalene WAMPLER
BERRY John H hp5-104 Tree Sarah Magdalene WAMPLER
BERWICK hm7-155 Tree Barbara WAMPLER
BEVAN hp8-54 Tree Sherry WAMPLER
BIANCHINI Sandra Jean hp8-36 Tree Jeffrey Arthur WAMPLER
BICKHAM George jc5-37 Tree Anne L WAMPLER
BICKNELL Helen hg6-142 Tree Don Lawrence WAMPLER
BICKNELL Ulla hg6-70 Tree William Cyrus WAMPLER
BIGGS Dee hg6-169 Tree Bonnie WAMPLER
BILAWA David mc2-71 Tree Judith Marie WAMPFLER
BINKLEY Julia Ann hm7-94 Tree Larry Joe WAMPLER
BISE William McKinley hm5-143 Tree Julia Lee WAMPLER
BISH ? na7-10 Tree Nora WAMPLER
BISH Anna Mary mc1-39 Tree John WAMPLER
BISHOP Thomas R. hp8-31 Tree Dolores Ann WAMPLER
BISHOP William Jesse hm6-323 Tree Alvonia WAMPLER
BLACK Josephine Byroad hg6-26 Tree Miller Ashbrook WAMPLER
BLACK Clara Amanda hg5-127 Tree George Milton WAMPLER
BLACK Maybelle G hg6-80 Tree Joel Stanley WAMPLER
BLACKBURN hm7-272 Tree Mary Margaret WAMPLER
BLACKURD Rhoda hm7-163 Tree Raymond WAMPLER
BLACKWELL Edward hg6-77 Tree Myrtle Viola WAMPLER
BLACKWELL Tom hg5-85 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
BLAKE Eleanor hp6-146 Tree Ward Edward WAMPLER Sr
BLANKENBECKLER Anita hm7-249 Tree Henry Boyd WAMPLER
BLANKENSHIP Henderson hm5-14 Tree Sarah E WAMPLER
BLANKENSHIP Mary C hm5-202 Tree Canary Drayton WAMPLER
BLANTON Edith hm7-1 Tree George Francis WAMPLER
BLANTON Rosa hm6-354 Tree Canary R WAMPLER
BLATTNER Faye J hm7-106 Tree Harry Blane WAMPLER
BLEVINS Janette hg7-20 Tree William Jay WAMPLER
BLYTHE Adam hm5-11 Tree Arminda Jane (Armenda) WAMPLER
BOBBITT Twila Margret hp6-211 Tree Claude Daniel WAMPLER
BODDY John hg4-108 Tree Anemald (Ann E) (Anennald) WAMPLER
BOEHRINGER Howard Lewis na8-2 Tree Sylvia Evon WAMPLER
BOGGS Jane hm6-5 Tree Tazewell G (Taze) WAMPLER
BOLEN Peggy Jane hm8-18 Tree Alvin Leon WAMPLER
BOND Charlie F hm6-73 Tree Chloe WAMPLER
BOND Willie I hp6-169 Tree Clarence Samuel WAMPLER
BONNETT Anna I hg7-185 Tree Edwin Arden WAMPLER
BONTA --- hp5-33 Tree David WAMPLER
BONTRAGER Wyman hm9-132 Tree Wendy Lynn WAMPLER
BOOHER Nancy hm5-120 Tree Washington WAMPLER
BOOZE Rebecca Anne hp7-6 Tree Jeffrey Randolph WAMPLER
BORDEN Nannie hp4-33 Tree William WAMPLER
BORONSKI Connie hp9-5 Tree Paul Kevin WAMPLER
BORUFF Oscar hm6-103 Tree Dorothea Mae WAMPLER
BOSHEARS Philip hm7-185 Tree Gladys WAMPLER
BOSHEARS Thelma hm7-144 Tree Cleo Augustus WAMPLER
BOTTOMS Steven Randall hm8-228 Tree Janice Lea WAMPLER
BOWERS Beulah mc1-65 Tree John Jacob WAMPFLER
BOWERS Caroline J hm4-87 Tree John Andrew WAMPLER
BOWERS Caroline J hm4-93 Tree Andrew WAMPLER
BOWERS Harrison hp6-47 Tree Mary Ethyl WAMPLER
BOWERS Robert hg7-250 Tree Loretta Gale WAMPLER
BOWERS Thelma mc1-66 Tree Fred W WAMPFLER
BOWLES Effie E hm6-360 Tree Richard A WAMPLER
BOWLING Mary D hg5-209 Tree Henry M WAMPLER
BOWMAN Anna na6-7 Tree Henry Oscar WAMPLER
BOWMAN Clare hp7-118 Tree John Earl Jr WAMPLER
BOWMAN Jacob hp5-82 Tree Sarah Catherine (Kate) WAMPLER
BOWMAN Joseph H hp5-90 Tree Bessie Viola WAMPLER
BOWMAN Mary hp5-2 Tree Ezra WAMPLER
BOWMAN Norma hm8-121 Tree James W WAMPLER
BOWMAN Samuel hp5-71 Tree Anna Rebecca WAMPLER
BOXELL Betty Jean hm7-101 Tree William James (Pete) WAMPLER
BOYD Frank hp6-149 Tree Bessy Lovelia WAMPLER
BOYD Mary Margaret hm4-60 Tree Stephen Alexander WAMPLER
BOYD Nancy hg3-9 Tree Henry WAMPLER
BOYDSTON H L hg4-126 Tree Harriet WAMPLER
BOYER Mathias he1-1 Tree Anna Magdalena WAMPFLER
BOZZELL Mary Elizabeth hm4-10 Tree William Walker WAMPLER
BRACKAL Mary Ann hm5-1 Tree Henderson WAMPLER
BRADY Tillie J hp5-153 Tree Jonathon WAMPLER
BRANHAM Pearl hm7-151 Tree Harold WAMPLER
BRANNER Philip hp7-126 Tree Claranell WAMPLER
BREEDLOVE Ida hm6-243 Tree Basil Glen WAMPLER
BRENNEISEN Anna Barbara he1-2 Tree Hans Peter WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.d, File: hp1-tre.html Jr
BRENNEISEN Johann Jacob he1-4 Tree Anna Veronica (Fronica) WAMPFLER
BREWER John Bruce hm7-321 Tree Marchie Marie WAMPLER
BREWER Susan hg8-15 Tree Stephen Michel WAMPLER
BREWER Thomas Jefferson hm7-323 Tree Opal Fine WAMPLER
BRIDENBACH Cindy hp8-38 Tree Barry Dale WAMPLER
BRIGHTON John William hg7-2 Tree Esther WAMPLER
BRINEGAR Edward hm8-116 Tree Viola WAMPLER
BRINER Dacy Ann hm7-131 Tree John Robert WAMPLER
BRINSON Irene M hm5-134 Tree Cruden WAMPLER
BRISCOE Alice hm5-122 Tree Rice E F WAMPLER
BROADSTREET Josie hm7-100 Tree Robert WAMPLER
BROADWATER Ackland hm6-61 Tree Walker W WAMPLER
BROADWATER Jeanette hm7-43 Tree Fred Delmar WAMPLER
BROCKSMITH Evelyn hg6-98 Tree Clarence WAMPLER
BROOKHART Bessie M hg5-150 Tree John Palmer WAMPLER
BROOKS Crystal hm9-116 Tree Kenneth Stewart WAMPLER
BROOKS Harold mc2-43 Tree Lorrene WAMPLER
BROUGHTON Leona Effie hm5-215 Tree Edward Bruce WAMPLER
BROWN Bertha A hg5-130 Tree Edward David WAMPLER
BROWN Martha hg5-13 Tree John WAMPLER
BROWN Alice Louise mc2-108 Tree Samuel Cleophus WAMPLER
BROWN Ben M hg5-10 Tree Mary E WAMPLER
BROWN Carol S hg8-167 Tree Roderick Argyle WAMPLER
BROWN Charles hg5-9 Tree Dora WAMPLER
BROWN Emma hm5-80 Tree William T WAMPLER
BROWN Emma hp5-114 Tree William H WAMPLER
BROWN George W. hp6-307 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
BROWN Lineller Edna hm5-191 Tree William H WAMPLER
BROWN Lucille hp7-53 Tree Dyerle Bell WAMPLER
BROWN Mary hp3-20 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
BROWN Mary jc3-6 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
BROWN Matilda hm3-22 Tree Alexander WAMPLER
BROWN Richard hg4-34 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
BROWNEN Clifford hg7-228 Tree Thelma Moden WAMPLER
BROWNING William hm6-209 Tree Samantha WAMPLER
BRUCE Addie hp5-22 Tree Amos WAMPLER
BRUMMETT Mary hm6-8 Tree Willie Franklin WAMPLER
BRYAN Shermine O' hm6-208 Tree AltaBelle WAMPLER
BRYANT Mary Ann mc2-37 Tree Robert Clarence WAMPFLER
BRYANT Melva Edith mc1-31 Tree Royal Burr WAMPER
BRYANT Nancy hm7-96 Tree David WAMPLER
BUCHMAN Ary Pheobe jc5-36 Tree Atlee Willis WAMPLER
BUCK Osie Orlena hm5-97 Tree Winfield Scott WAMPLER
BUCK David hg4-31 Tree Anna WAMPLER
BUCK Minnie hg4-55 Tree John Byars WAMPLER
BUCK Sylvia hm6-124 Tree John Elmer WAMPLER
BUEHLER George E jc3-23 Tree Julia Ann WAMPLER
BUELER Elsbeth he0-6 Tree Christian File: ja0-tre.html WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.f
BULLA hm6-201 Tree Ruby Christine WAMPLER
BULLOCK Libby hp5-203 Tree William Martin WAMPLER
BUNCE Timothy S. hg9-46 Tree Lexa D'Shaun WAMPLER
BUNTS Kevin mc3-21 Tree Nancy Ann WAMPFLER
BURCH MaryAnn hm4-56 Tree Adam E WAMPLER
BURKE Nina C. hm6-74 Tree Rufus A WAMPLER
BURKHARDT Joseph hm4-64 Tree Barbara Elizabeth WAMPLER
BURNS Fred hg6-209 Tree Grace M WAMPLER
BURRIS Samuel hm6-232 Tree Alma WAMPLER
BURTON Isaac hm5-5 Tree Amanda Jane WAMPLER
BUSE Michael jc3-9 Tree Eva (Mary Eve) WAMPLER
BUSKIRK Cerra Gordo van hg4-16 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
BUTCHER William hm6-253 Tree Laura WAMPLER
BYARS Jane hg3-13 Tree David WAMPLER
BYER Francina (Frances Anna) jc4-42 Tree Francis (Frank) A WAMPLER
BYERS Marie hg7-183 Tree Robert Wayne WAMPLER
BYERS Israel Fay hg5-46 Tree Mary Ann (Polly) WAMPLER

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