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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spH.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
HACKETT Olive Nancy hg5-216 Tree Austin Emory WAMPLER
HACKLER hm7-268 Tree Lephia Dove WAMPLER
HADDOCK Carol Ann hp8-34 Tree Brent Lee WAMPLER
HAHNEY hp5-54 Tree Susanna WAMPLER
HAINES Katrina Gay hm8-149 Tree Bruce Edward WAMPLER
HAINEY Bethany hm4-104 Tree Galen E WAMPLER
HAINEY Chasley C. hm4-107 Tree Sarah Jane WAMPLER
HAINEY Erasmus N. hm4-112 Tree Arthenia P WAMPLER
HAIR Lois Mollie hm6-312 Tree Javen S WAMPLER
HALE Agnes Mae hg5-250 Tree Wythe Fielder WAMPLER
HALE Debra Kaye hm8-238 Tree Charles Larry WAMPLER
HALE Delfie Susan hp6-156 Tree Homer Jacob WAMPLER
HALL Rebecca hg3-1 Tree Jeremiah WAMPLER
HALSEY Christine Mae hm8-10 Tree Burlie Gus (Burley) WAMPLER
HALTON Lucille hg6-8 Tree Robert Guy WAMPLER
HAM Wendell hm7-156 Tree Phyllis WAMPLER
HAMEL Edward L. hm8-219 Tree Janice Sue WAMPLER
HAMILTON ? mc4-3 Tree Gertrude WAMPLER
HAMILTON Jenny Lynn hm8-180 Tree Paul Elbert WAMPLER
HAMITON Otha hm6-194 Tree Irene WAMPLER
HAMM Lloyd T hm7-153 Tree Beulah WAMPLER
HAMMOND-MCCONNEL Elizabeth hm6-18 Tree William Henderson WAMPLER
HAMMOND-MCCONNELL Elizabeth hm5-23 Tree Henry M WAMPLER
HAMRICK Diane hg8-153 Tree Terry Lee WAMPLER
HANKINS Norman hm7-73 Tree Marilyn WAMPLER
HANNA Emma hm6-86 Tree John Franklin WAMPLER
HANNSPACHER Marie Eva jc1-1 Tree Hans George WAMPLER
HANNUM Eliz hm9-55 Tree Robert Dale WAMPLER
HANSON Leonard Glen mc2-38 Tree Rose Marie WAMPFLER
HARBIN Mary Jane hg5-50 Tree James Mitchell WAMPLER
HARBIN Prudence I hg5-65 Tree Joel Frederick WAMPLER
HARDEN -?- hm2-3 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
HARDY Joseph M hm5-164 Tree Emma Christina WAMPLER
HARMER Matthew hp6-194 Tree Rowena WAMPLER
HARMON Polly (Mary Jane) hm3-11 Tree Soloman (Solomon) WAMPLER
HARMON Emaline hm3-9 Tree Frederick WAMPLER
HARMON Mary Jane hm4-78 Tree Issac (Jesse Issac) WAMPLER
HARNEY Nancy Jane (Jennie) hp5-39 Tree Daniel Horace WAMPLER
HARRELL Edward L. hm6-111 Tree Dorothy Ann WAMPLER
HARRELL William hm4-42 Tree Mary WAMPLER
HARRINGTON Helen hg7-90 Tree Dallas Merlin WAMPLER
HARRIS W J mc2-62 Tree Dortha WAMPLER
HARRIS William hp5-126 Tree Mamie WAMPLER
HARRISON Martha hg3-57 Tree Harvey S WAMPLER
HARSHEY John jc4-9 Tree Sabina WAMPLER
HART Annie E hp5-115 Tree Jacob Franklin WAMPLER
HARTER Nannie hp6-186 Tree Charles W WAMPLER
HARTMAN Birda Jane hm5-200 Tree Bruce E WAMPLER
HARTMAN Solomon C hp6-163 Tree Nelia (Nellie) M WAMPLER
HARTMAN Walter hp6-157 Tree Elsie Frances WAMPLER
HARTSOCK Elizabeth hg3-5 Tree Jefferson H WAMPLER
HARTSOCK Henry hm6-45 Tree Myrtle M WAMPLER
HARVEY Estella hm6-87 Tree Homer M WAMPLER
HASSLER Dorothy hm6-193 Tree Robert WAMPLER
HATCH William hg8-215 Tree Gale Jean WAMPLER
HATCHETT Wilmer hm8-130 Tree Susan Lynn WAMPLER
HAWBAKER Glenna hp7-109 Tree Garland Joseph WAMPLER
HAWKINS Sarah hp4-29 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
HAWKINS Tony hm7-24 Tree Deila Ester WAMPLER
HAWKINS John hp4-39 Tree Susannah WAMPLER
HAWKINS Lenora R hg6-192 Tree Harvey WAMPLER
HAWKINS Theadore Frances jc4-11 Tree Mary Matilda WAMPLER
HAWKINS Vivian hg6-193 Tree Charles WAMPLER
HAYES Paul hm7-149 Tree Betty Lou WAMPLER
HAYNES Harold J. na9-12 Tree Linda Rae WAMPLER
HAYS Warren hm6-209 Tree Samantha WAMPLER
HAYS Lenzy hm8-118 Tree Wilma Jean WAMPLER
HAYS Rella hg7-131 Tree Maurice Leathers WAMPLER
HAZEL Elbert hm7-150 Tree Glodyne (Clodine) (Goldine) WAMPLER
HEAD Alice M. hp7-100 Tree Clarence (Turk) WAMPLER
HEADY Ruth hm6-189 Tree Ira WAMPLER
HEATH hm7-271 Tree Shirley Fern WAMPLER
HEATHER Harry E na6-9 Tree Nina Elsie WAMPLER
HEATON Margaret hm6-196 Tree Carl A WAMPLER
HECK Maria Magdalena he1-15 Tree Johann Ludwig WAMPFLER
HEDDINGS Marie hp7-106 Tree Ray Elwood WAMPLER
HEDDINGS William S hp7-105 Tree Frances WAMPLER
HEDRICK Mary L hm7-142 Tree Dean WAMPLER
HEIBER James Everett hm8-227 Tree Phyllis Yvonne WAMPLER
HEITMAN Chas hm5-14 Tree Sarah E WAMPLER
HEITZ Rose M hg6-152 Tree Wayne Walter WAMPLER
HELMICH Alfred Ernest mc2-71 Tree Judith Marie WAMPFLER
HELTOR Naomi hm7-147 Tree Burl WAMPLER
HEMMER Doris hg7-174 Tree Gene Edward WAMPLER
HENDERSON Bertha I hg5-36 Tree James Leonard WAMPLER
HENDRICKS Jos hp5-30 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
HENRY Colleen A mc1-62 Tree Stephen Craig WAMPLER
HENRY America na4-4 Tree Daniel H WAMPLER
HERNANDEZ Armandina (Dina) mc2-73 Tree Frederick Walter WAMPFLER
HERREN Verena he-3-1 Tree Heinrich WAMPFLER
HERREN Verena mc0-1 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
HESLER William hm5-157 Tree Mary M WAMPLER
HESS Garnie Fair hm7-28 Tree Ira L WAMPLER
HICKS Charles hm5-140 Tree Christina WAMPLER
HICKS Flora May hg5-126 Tree William Frank WAMPLER
HICKS Jess A. mc1-63 Tree Lena R WAMPFLER
HICKS W. C. hg5-296 Tree Mollie A WAMPLER
HIGGS Ruth hp6-140 Tree Hobert Johnson WAMPLER
HIGHSMITH Ethylinda (Ethelinda) hg4-27 Tree Henry WAMPLER
HILDEBRAND John Henry hp5-204 Tree Mary Susan WAMPLER
HILL Chester hm8-4 Tree Ruth WAMPLER
HILL Dorothy hm7-322 Tree Darwin Doyle WAMPLER
HILL Dorothy Lucille hm7-322 Tree Darwin Doyle WAMPLER
HILL Elvi Rachel hm8-160 Tree Loyd Hollis WAMPLER
HILL Nathan hg4-3 Tree Mary Ann WAMPLER
HILL Ramson Isaac hg6-223 Tree Emma Catherine WAMPLER
HILLENBURG Barbara hg2-2 Tree John WAMPLER
HILLER Dorothea jc2-1 Tree John WAMPLER
HILLIGOSS Canzadia mc2-8 Tree Joseph Fletcher WAMPLER
HILLJE Louise na7-17 Tree Harold Tracey WAMPLER
HILLMAN Ezra hm6-77 Tree Lois G WAMPLER
HILLMAN Mark hm6-77 Tree Lois G WAMPLER
HILLMAN Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) hm5-40 Tree Nathanial Buchanan WAMPLER
HILLMAN H K hg5-292 Tree Ellen WAMPLER
HILLYARD Eva hp6-154 Tree Galen WAMPLER
HINES William Dale jc6-2 Tree Anna Marie WAMPLER
HINKLE Katie hm7-93 Tree Don Wayne WAMPLER
HIRT Avery hg7-12 Tree J Phillips WAMPLER
HITE Felix hg3-43 Tree Mary WAMPLER
HITE Grace hg7-172 Tree William E WAMPLER
HITE hm7-282 Tree Elaine WAMPLER
HITKMAN Harry hm6-252 Tree Helen WAMPLER
HOBBS Joyce hm8-129 Tree Gary Carl WAMPLER
HOBSON Marvin W hg7-190 Tree Dorothy Elaine WAMPLER
HODGES John F. hm6-88 Tree Lora Estelle WAMPLER
HODGES Nancy Marie mc1-68 Tree Wade Franklin WAMPLER
HODGSON Faith Elizabeth hm10-21 Tree Darrell Lee WAMPLER
HOECHST Daniel hp6-50 Tree Goldie Irene WAMPLER
HOECHST Ernest hp6-53 Tree Mabel Millington WAMPLER
HOFFEINS George jc1-6 Tree Margaretha WAMPLER
HOFFMAN Edward A hp6-228 Tree Grace WAMPLER
HOFMAN Karen hg7-189 Tree Dennis Frank WAMPLER
HOLDEN John H na5-10 Tree Laura WAMPLER
HOLDER Barbara hp2-5 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
HOLLAND Edward hm5-165 Tree Sarah F WAMPLER
HOLLAR Ada Catherine hp6-29 Tree Frank Wilbur WAMPLER
HOLLAR Christopher Columbus hp4-62 Tree Anna A WAMPLER
HOLLOWAY W. W. hp6-228 Tree Grace WAMPLER
HOLMES C. E. (Arnie) hp6-16 Tree Annie Agnes WAMPLER
HOLMES Grace F hm6-142 Tree Cleon M WAMPLER
HOLSINGER Daniel hp5-149 Tree Susannah WAMPLER
HOLSINGER J Frank hp5-66 Tree Rebecca S WAMPLER
HOLT Edna Mae hm7-325 Tree William Walter WAMPLER
HOLT Arleta Mahala hg5-216 Tree Austin Emory WAMPLER
HOLT Arlety hg4-122 Tree Austin C WAMPLER
HOLT hm7-18 Tree Thelma WAMPLER
HOLTER Juanita hm8-179 Tree James Richard WAMPLER
HOLTON David hg4-171 Tree Mary Ann WAMPLER
HOLTON David hg4-172 Tree Sarah King WAMPLER
HOLTZCLAW Dorlene hm7-132 Tree Albert Allen WAMPLER
HOLZHAUSER Joyce hm8-66 Tree James Harold WAMPLER
HOOPER J. R. hm5-188 Tree Malinda WAMPLER
HOOPER John hg4-40 Tree Susanna WAMPLER
HOOSIER Wiley Thomas hm7-32 Tree Josie WAMPLER
HOOVER Pearl hp5-76 Tree Frederick Jacob WAMPLER
HOPKINS Belmont hg6-18 Tree Hazel Maude WAMPLER
HOPKINS Donna Jean hm8-220 Tree John Frederick WAMPLER
HOPPENRATH Joyce hg7-177 Tree Lloyd C WAMPLER
HOPPER Effie hg5-6 Tree George Lincoln WAMPLER
HORMS Nina hm6-100 Tree Robert Glen WAMPLER
HORNE Gladys hm7-65 Tree Herbert Fred WAMPLER
HORNER Mary C. jc4-43 Tree James L WAMPLER
HORTMAN ? hp2-4 Tree Ann WAMPLER
HORTON Avis M hg7-207 Tree Dan Ward WAMPLER
HOUK Martha hg6-83 Tree Golda Floyd WAMPLER
HOUSE Ralph G hp6-185 Tree Maurine WAMPLER
HOUSER Edward Preston jc5-24 Tree Georgianna WAMPLER
HOUSTON Kate hm5-77 Tree Jacob 'Dudley' WAMPLER
HOUSTON Mary (Molly) hm5-67 Tree Ephraim M WAMPLER
HOUSTON Rebecca I hm5-75 Tree John Henry WAMPLER
HOWARD Jerry hm8-150 Tree Donna WAMPLER
HOY Sidney Van hg6-93 Tree Emma J WAMPLER
HUBBARD Ellen hm4-55 Tree Isaac Jackson WAMPLER
HUBBARD Virginia hm7-239 Tree Eulys WAMPLER
HUBER -- jc4-37 Tree George E WAMPLER
HUBERT Mary hp5-173 Tree Daniel Silas WAMPLER
HUDDLE Frances hg5-230 Tree John Austin WAMPLER
HUDLIN David hm5-153 Tree Angeline WAMPLER
HUDSON Bertha hp5-133 Tree Louis WAMPLER
HUESTON James hm9-54 Tree Judith WAMPLER
HUFF Andrew I hm4-92 Tree Mary WAMPLER
HUFF E.J. hm5-6 Tree John W WAMPLER
HUFFER James Jacob hp5-193 Tree Mary Susan WAMPLER
HUFFMAN Zola hp5-64 Tree Charles Weldon WAMPLER
HUFFMAN ? hp6-110 Tree Anna Elizabeth WAMPLER
HUFFMAN Harold hg7-100 Tree Marjorie Hope WAMPLER
HUGGARD David hp9-20 Tree Laurie Ann WAMPLER
HUGHES Clara hm6-315 Tree Ray Pierce WAMPLER
HUGHES Eileen Hazel hm6-316 Tree Ernest Levi WAMPLER
HUGHES Jerry hg8-62 Tree Ronald WAMPLER
HULSE Arlene Mary hm8-217 Tree Randall Carson WAMPLER
HUMPHREY Absolum hm6-236 Tree Nannie WAMPLER
HUMPHREY Nancy E hm5-60 Tree John William WAMPLER
HUMPHRIES Emma Louise mc1-47 Tree James Egeleton WAMPLER
HUNGATE Josie hm6-203 Tree Louis Edward WAMPLER
HUNSAKER Juanita Louisa hm7-143 Tree Leo Edward WAMPLER
HUNSUCKER Martha E.(Mattie) hm5-16 Tree John Ransome (Johnnie) (Hoggie) WAMPLER
HUNSUCKER Sarah hm5-13 Tree Israel Franklin WAMPLER
HUNSUCKER William hm6-3 Tree Surelda (Serelda) WAMPLER
HUPP Leon hm8-128 Tree Martha WAMPLER
HURT Clairbel hp6-5 Tree Elmer Charles WAMPLER
HUSER Madel mc1-91 Tree Balthauser WAMPFLER
HYLLE mc1-81 Tree Kay WAMPLER
HYLTON Cythia Diane hm9-14 Tree Roger Lee WAMPLER

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