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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spS.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
SADLER Joseph hg5-5 Tree Rosa WAMPLER
SALMON Wiliam hm7-112 Tree Donna Jean WAMPLER
SALYER Delores J hm8-43 Tree Fred Cash WAMPLER Jr
SALYER Emory hm6-24 Tree Maude Virgie WAMPLER
SAMUEL Glen J hp6-54 Tree Bessie Lee WAMPLER
SAMUELSON Nina hm6-295 Tree Luke Maurice WAMPLER
SANDERS Allie mc1-132 Tree William Robert WAMPLER
SANDERS Jacob hm4-14 Tree Sarah (Sally) WAMPLER
SANDY Elizabeth A hp5-200 Tree Levi D WAMPLER
SANFORD Charles A jc4-28 Tree Annie E WAMPLER
SANGER Mary Susan Byrd (Bertie) hp5-88 Tree Walter Benjamin WAMPLER
SANGER William H. hp5-75 Tree Hettie Virginia WAMPLER
SARGENT William hm6-311 Tree Elizabeth Jane WAMPLER
SATTERTHWAITE John Lewis na6-5 Tree Aeriadna Ruth (Ariadna) WAMPLER
SAUVAIN Ada hg6-110 Tree Alfred WAMPLER
SAYLER John Milton hp5-164 Tree Jane WAMPLER
SAYLOR Jenallen hg6-276 Tree Clayton Hartford WAMPLER
SAYLOR John hp5-13 Tree Harriet WAMPLER
SAYLOR Milton hp5-167 Tree Jennie WAMPLER
SAYRE John Earl hp7-110 Tree Gaynelle WAMPLER
SCALES Winnie V hg7-84 Tree Lloyd William WAMPLER
SCANNELL Robert (Rob) Vincent hm8-157 Tree Jami Lee WAMPLER
SCENTERS Martha hm7-42 Tree Jack Herndon WAMPLER
SCHERER Marion hm7-165 Tree Carter WAMPLER
SCHMIDT Patricia A hm8-31 Tree Robert Lee WAMPLER
SCHMIDT hp5-170 Tree Wilbur C WAMPLER
SCHMUCKER Elizabeth Royer jc3-24 Tree Samuel WAMPLER
SCHOLL jc4-50 Tree Henriette WAMPLER
SCHRECANGAST Harry na7-7 Tree Electra WAMPLER
SCHWEINGRUBER Christene ja-3-1 Tree Christen WAMPFLER
SCHWEITZER Harold Mervin hp8-30 Tree Loretta Faye WAMPLER
SCOTT George W hm3-24 Tree Christenia WAMPLER
SCOTT Rosetta hg5-125 Tree Henry Allen WAMPLER
SCOTT Walter mc2-40 Tree Elaine Bernice WAMPFLER
SCRUGGS Janet hp7-124 Tree Jerry M WAMPLER
SEAMAN Nathaniel jc4-51 Tree Clarissa A N WAMPLER
SEARLES Evelyn hm8-181 Tree Michael Keith WAMPLER
SEAY Jesse hg6-1 Tree Thomas WAMPLER
SECHREST Andrew hg3-14 Tree Mary WAMPLER
SECRIST Ed hg5-140 Tree Georgia Ann WAMPLER
SEE Sarah (Sally J) hm3-21 Tree Adam WAMPLER
SEHNERT Alma hm6-227 Tree George Milo WAMPLER
SEIGLER Linda mc2-73 Tree Frederick Walter WAMPFLER
SEILER Veronica hm6-298 Tree Edward Eugene WAMPLER
SEIRP Martha E hg5-51 Tree Theodore WAMPLER
SEISS Anna Mary jc3-4 Tree Johann Friedrick (Frederick) WAMPLER
SEITZINGER G hg4-71 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
SEITZINGER Rebecca hg4-26 Tree George WAMPLER
SELLERS Sarah hm5-167 Tree John Francis WAMPLER
SEREGELY Donna Marie hp9-6 Tree William Gordon WAMPLER Jr
SERIEP Wm hg5-70 Tree Anna Elizabeth WAMPLER
SERRICCA Janelle Lee hp8-38 Tree Barry Dale WAMPLER
SERVICE Janice Kaye hm8-224 Tree Richard Duane WAMPLER
SESEMAN hp6-216 Tree Mary WAMPLER
SHACKLEFORD Marg hg4-68 Tree William Lane WAMPLER
SHAFER George hg5-80 Tree Margaret E WAMPLER
SHAFFER Catherine (Kate) jc4-29 Tree Lewis WAMPLER
SHANER Jane E hp8-29 Tree William Gordon WAMPLER
SHANK Frank hp5-31 Tree Kate WAMPLER
SHECK Arnold C na7-13 Tree Mary Alda WAMPLER
SHEETS Rachel Ann hm4-47 Tree Henry Mitchell WAMPLER
SHEETS Walter A hp6-32 Tree Minnie Lydia WAMPLER
SHEETS hp5-186 Tree Lydia Elizabeth WAMPLER
SHELDON Beatrice H hp6-58 Tree Lawrence Daniel WAMPLER
SHERRILL Juliliah (Julia) hm4-63 Tree William Henry WAMPLER
SHICKEL Lois Elizabeth hp7-112 Tree Harold W WAMPLER
SHIELDS Cleave Rosetta (Rozetta F) hm7-169 Tree Aaron WAMPLER
SHIELDS Clyde hp5-134 Tree Bessie Viola WAMPLER
SHIELDS Julia C hm5-150 Tree George W WAMPLER
SHIELDS Margaret hm6-185 Tree George W WAMPLER
SHIFFLETT Irene Frances hp7-52 Tree Julius Evermond WAMPLER
SHINNEMAN Mary Alice hg7-165 Tree Claude WAMPLER
SHIPLEY Dorothy Marie mc0-10 Tree Wesely Allen WAMPLER
SHIPLEY Ida Mae hp6-55 Tree David Clifton WAMPLER
SHIREMAN Sarah hm6-108 Tree Jacob Lewis WAMPLER
SHIVELY Juliana jc3-22 Tree Lewis WAMPLER
SHOEMAKER Lois hp7-96 Tree Daniel William WAMPLER
SHOOK Andrew hm4-29 Tree Sarah (Sally) WAMPLER
SHOPE Charile hm7-237 Tree Delphia WAMPLER
SHORTHILL Harold hg6-291 Tree Ida Hazel WAMPLER
SHORTRIDGE Cecil hm8-169 Tree Pauline WAMPLER
SHOUP Lydia hp5-49 Tree Jacob B (Jake) WAMPLER
SHOUP Sarah hp4-4 Tree David W WAMPLER
SHOUP Daniel E (or Miller) hp4-6 Tree Maria (Hannah) WAMPLER
SHOUSE Nancy Jane hg4-165 Tree Stewart C WAMPLER
SHOVER Mary Mollie hp4-36 Tree Benjamin F WAMPLER
SHOWALTER Arthur Wendell hp5-65 Tree Pearl Catherine WAMPLER
SHOWALTER Sarah Frances hp5-97 Tree Jacob Monroe WAMPLER
SHULL Raymond hp7-121 Tree Patsy Izona WAMPLER
SHULTZ Helen hg6-22 Tree Daniel Herbert WAMPLER
SHUMATE hm7-281 Tree Bonnie WAMPLER
SIEWERT Alvina Augusta mc1-24 Tree Jacob Gottlieb WAMPFLER
SIEWERT Harvey mc2-36 Tree Evelyn Lorraine WAMPFLER
SILVA Glenna hm7-292 Tree Francis Reuel WAMPLER
SILVERS Homer hg6-289 Tree Stella Edith WAMPLER
SIMMONS Dorothy Ann hp8-32 Tree Richard Dee WAMPLER
SIMMONS J. M. hm7-301 Tree Anna Lou WAMPLER
SIMONS Jacob hm6-89 Tree Maude E WAMPLER
SIMS hg8-85 Tree Joan WAMPLER
SINGLETON Ted hg8-6 Tree Judith Lyn WAMPLER
SINK Edith hg6-24 Tree Archibald Glen WAMPLER
SIPE Janet hp7-9 Tree Claude Leroy WAMPLER
SIPE Janet P hp7-114 Tree Byron Joseph WAMPLER
SIZEMORE Marion hm6-309 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
SKAGGS Beverly K hg7-151 Tree Charles W WAMPLER
SKAGGS William hg7-24 Tree Geraldine E WAMPLER
SKEENS Lydia Jane hm5-239 Tree William Henry WAMPLER
SKEGGS Rebecca hp5-76 Tree Frederick Jacob WAMPLER
SKELTON Olive hm5-76 Tree Joshua 'Buck' WAMPLER
SLAUGHTER Ruby May jc5-25 Tree Samuel Earl WAMPLER
SLAUGHTER Sarah J hg4-110 Tree William W WAMPLER
SLEMP Sara Melvina hm5-238 Tree Samuel Logan WAMPLER
SLEMP Zollie Myrtle hm6-324 Tree Benjamin Patrick WAMPLER
SLIEFER Billie R hm8-32 Tree Olos Patton WAMPLER Jr
SLIGER Allie hg5-223 Tree Tennie Walter WAMPLER
SLINKARD Amanda hm4-56 Tree Adam E WAMPLER
SLINKARD Catherine E. Neal hg4-36 Tree John Jacob WAMPLER
SLINKARD Sam hg4-44 Tree Mahala WAMPLER
SLINKARD Susanna hg4-38 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
SLOCUM Suzanne hm8-217 Tree Randall Carson WAMPLER
SLUSSER Sarah Lula (or Lula Sarah) hp5-86 Tree Solomon Luther WAMPLER
SMELCER Maggie E hm5-192 Tree John Wesley WAMPLER
SMILEY Lucinda (Louisinda) hp5-195 Tree Joseph D WAMPLER
SMITH Barbara Sue na8-1 Tree Gerald Everette WAMPLER
SMITH Cynthia J hm4-51 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
SMITH John S na6-2 Tree Maud Beatrice WAMPLER
SMITH William Irvin hp6-39 Tree Mollie Vernala WAMPLER
SMITH Alice mc3-1 Tree Reason Welch WAMPLER
SMITH Belva Irene hm7-130 Tree Kenneth Wayne WAMPLER
SMITH Ernest F hg7-246 Tree Helen Kathryn WAMPLER
SMITH Gladys L hg6-71 Tree Joel Riley WAMPLER
SMITH Harry hg7-85 Tree Eloise WAMPLER
SMITH Janet Whitmore jc6-7 Tree Atlee W WAMPLER Jr.
SMITH Katie hg6-240 Tree Jessie WAMPLER
SMITH Lewis hg6-177 Tree Gladys WAMPLER
SMITH Lulu hg5-179 Tree Thomas WAMPLER
SMITH Margaret A jc4-44 Tree John Thomas WAMPLER
SMITH Nathaniel Kelsor hm5-36 Tree Helen Josephine Jane WAMPLER
SMITH Randall David mc3-22 Tree Becky Kay WAMPFLER
SMITH Robert hg6-212 Tree Amy Rebecca WAMPLER
SMITH Sandra hg7-144 Tree Gail WAMPLER
SMITH William hg5-129 Tree Jenny WAMPLER
SMITHWICK Anita hg7-42 Tree Jimmy Wayne WAMPLER
SMOOT Sharon hm9-57 Tree Ronald WAMPLER
SMYER Elizabeth jc4-2 Tree Joshua Martin WAMPLER
SNEITHER ? Rebecca he1-2 Tree Hans Peter WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.d, File: hp1-tre.html Jr
SNEITHER Mary Barbara he1-2 Tree Hans Peter WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.d, File: hp1-tre.html Jr
SNIDER Sara hp4-45 Tree Joseph F WAMPLER
SNIDER David hm3-10 Tree Susanna (Susannah) WAMPLER
SNODGRAS Edna A hm6-52 Tree Henry I WAMPLER
SNOOKS Edith hm7-83 Tree Alva WAMPLER
SNOW T. Greg hp7-127 Tree Caroline WAMPLER
SNYDER - hg4-20 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
SNYDER Gene hg6-238 Tree Marie WAMPLER
SNYDER Jesse hg5-148 Tree Bertha I WAMPLER
SNYDER Sue hp4-44 Tree Martin V WAMPLER
SNYDER hp5-175 Tree Anna WAMPLER
SOLLARS Opal B hp6-65 Tree Fred M WAMPLER
SOLOMON Anna B hm4-82 Tree George W (Greg or Gary) WAMPLER
SOLOMON John Henry hm4-110 Tree Viola F WAMPLER
SOURS Charlie hp6-148 Tree Edna Pearl WAMPLER
SOUTH Trua Fae hp6-217 Tree Barney Edward WAMPLER
SOWERS Frankie Mae hg6-214 Tree Roy Forth WAMPLER
SPANGLER Martin O L hp7-113 Tree Mary WAMPLER
SPARKS Clarence hm6-186 Tree Hester WAMPLER
SPICER Otis hg6-16 Tree Hattie Grace WAMPLER
SPICHER Joseph na4-1 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
SPITTS John hg5-69 Tree Susanna Rebecca WAMPLER
SPITZER Amanda hp4-45 Tree Joseph F WAMPLER
SPITZER Hannah Hollar hp4-61 Tree Samuel David WAMPLER
SPITZER Noah hp4-18 Tree Magdalena WAMPLER
SPRINGATE William hp5-54 Tree Susanna WAMPLER
SPRINKLE Sarah hp5-8 Tree William WAMPLER
SPROLES ? hm5-3 Tree Corintha (Carrintha) WAMPLER
STACY Dr John W hg6-215 Tree Mary Daisy WAMPLER
STACY Ellen jc5-47 Tree Jacob B WAMPLER
STAFFORD Cora Belle na6-1 Tree Mortimer Clemmens (Clemmons) WAMPLER
STALEY Susan hm4-44 Tree George WAMPLER
STALLARD Cary hm7-66 Tree Emma Sue WAMPLER
STALLARD Mary Elizabeth hm5-33 Tree John C WAMPLER
STANDISH Edna hp5-189 Tree Elisha Henrick WAMPLER
STANFIELD Robert I hm7-285 Tree Betty May WAMPLER
STANFILL Donald G na9-9 Tree Wendy Anne WAMPLER
STANGER Melvina Jane hg3-53 Tree Ephraim W WAMPLER
STANGER Pearl hm6-116 Tree James Madison WAMPLER
STANGER Rev John (Johannes) hg2-6 Tree Anna Magdalena WAMPLER
STAPLES Raymond hg6-213 Tree Irene V WAMPLER
STAPLES Shirley Ann hm7-135 Tree George Fred WAMPLER
STARK Louise hg6-17 Tree Samuel Jerry WAMPLER
STEEL Mary Ann hg4-2 Tree John M WAMPLER
STEFFEY Barbara hm3-1 Tree George WAMPLER Jr
STEFFEY Elizabeth he1-8 Tree Hans George File: hg1-tre.html WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.b
STEFFEY Elizabeth hm3-2 Tree John WAMPLER
STEFFEY Elizabeth (Dancie) hg2-4 Tree George WAMPLER Jr
STEFFEY John hg4-49 Tree Ann Elizabeth WAMPLER
STEFFEY Joseph hg5-117 Tree Alice Eliz WAMPLER
STEPHAN Rick hm8-95 Tree Ronda E WAMPLER
STEPHENS Russell hg7-22 Tree Barbara Alice WAMPLER
STEPHENS Sarah mc0-5 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
STEPHENS Thomas Jeffereson hm7-34 Tree Dorothy WAMPLER
STEPHENSON Margaret hp4-59 Tree Issac WAMPLER
STEVENSON John hg4-71 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
STEWART John Vincent hm6-291 Tree Bertha May WAMPLER
STEWART William C hm6-332 Tree Mattie Elane WAMPLER
STIDHAM David M. hm5-4 Tree Leanna (Leannah) WAMPLER
STIEGEL Angeline Sarah hp5-92 Tree David Samuel WAMPLER
STILES Marjory L hg7-54 Tree Wesley Earl WAMPLER
STILWELL Richard William hg8-193 Tree Linda Sue WAMPLER
STINE Sarah M hm5-58 Tree James Harvey WAMPLER
STOATS Franklin Page hm9-24 Tree Sharon Marie WAMPLER
STOELTING Madeline C hg6-74 Tree Harmon Earl WAMPLER
STONE Freddie Ray hp7-122 Tree Gladys Elizabeth WAMPLER
STONER Elizabeth hp4-2 Tree Edward WAMPLER
STONER Elizabeth hp5-24 Tree Moses WAMPLER
STONER Ezra jc4-46 Tree Clarissa Ann WAMPLER
STORER Alden hg5-203 Tree Carey (Carrie) WAMPLER
STORMS Calvin hm5-136 Tree Sarah Matilda WAMPLER
STOVER Jim hg6-239 Tree Tessie WAMPLER
STRADLEY Jay Oakley hp7-15 Tree Lucille Susan WAMPLER
STRAIN Eva R. mc2-44 Tree Harold WAMPLER
STRAIN Joseph Alexander hm4-108 Tree Susannnah Ellen WAMPLER
STREET Dorothy V hm7-41 Tree Lacy Lee WAMPLER
STRONG Mary B hm4-56 Tree Adam E WAMPLER
STUCKY Dr. John Meredith hg4-88 Tree Esther Elizabeth WAMPLER
STUMP Fay F hm7-53 Tree Henry W WAMPLER
STUMP Guy hp6-36 Tree Eva Rebecca WAMPLER
STUTZMANN Anna Margaretha he1-17 Tree Johann Michael WAMPFLER
SUMMERS S. Henry hp5-53 Tree Sarah Jane WAMPLER
SUMMERS Susan hp5-5 Tree Jehu WAMPLER
SUMMIT Daniel hg5-176 Tree Martha Victoria (Vicky) WAMPLER
SUNDAY Robert hg7-33 Tree Jane WAMPLER
SUSSENY Mary Sanchwick hp2-7 Tree David WAMPLER
SUTHERLAND Leonard hg4-33 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
SUTHERLAND Orval A hg5-236 Tree Virginia Theresa WAMPLER
SUYDAM Jerry mc3-46 Tree Shelley Lynn WAMPFLER
SWANK jc4-5 Tree Ann Catherine Swank WAMPLER
SWEARINGEN Herbert hp5-116 Tree Elsie WAMPLER
SWEAZEA John hg6-225 Tree Millie Adeline WAMPLER
SWEET Helen Eva hm6-153 Tree Ivan Harold WAMPLER
SWIFT Norma Jeane hm8-226 Tree Wallace Steven WAMPLER
SWING Lousetta J hg4-164 Tree John Jacob WAMPLER
SWIRES Thomas hg5-297 Tree Candace America WAMPLER
SYLVESTER Forest Edward hm6-231 Tree Sarah Eliz WAMPLER

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