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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spL.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
LAKE Don hm7-188 Tree Olive WAMPLER
LAKIN Frank hp5-27 Tree Isa WAMPLER
LAMBERT Eileen mc1-29 Tree Fred Albert WAMPFLER
LAMBERT Roosevelt hm7-236 Tree Fannie Mae WAMPLER
LAND Dorothy hg7-123 Tree Fleming Willis WAMPLER Jr
LANE Rebecca hm4-13 Tree John W WAMPLER
LANGDON John hg5-120 Tree Sarah Ellen (Sara) WAMPLER
LANGFORD Dallas hg7-55 Tree Lois Marie WAMPLER
LANGSTON Fannie hp5-49 Tree Jacob B (Jake) WAMPLER
LANGWELL Thomas hm4-31 Tree Sophia WAMPLER
LASITER Annie hg6-230 Tree Milton Francis WAMPLER
LAUGHLIN Retta hm6-211 Tree Charlie WAMPLER
LAUTERBACH P. H. jc5-32 Tree Annie WAMPLER
LAVERTY June hp8-28 Tree Francis Marion WAMPLER Jr
LAWRENCE Annette Marie mc3-20 Tree Dale Robert WAMPFLER
LAYMAN James hp4-48 Tree Mary WAMPLER
LAYMAN Ruth Elizabeth hp6-27 Tree Rollin Horace WAMPLER
LAYMANCE Alice hg5-223 Tree Tennie Walter WAMPLER
LAYMON Alfred hg4-174 Tree Tracy C WAMPLER
LEAP Patricia A hg7-15 Tree Jerry Hamilton WAMPLER
LEATH James hg3-7 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
LEATHERS Elva hg6-160 Tree Leonard Leslie WAMPLER
LEISURE Mabel hm6-140 Tree Ernest Silver WAMPLER
LEITZ Elizabeth M hm4-41 Tree Josiah Beatty WAMPLER
LEMON Mary hg6-9 Tree James Vernon WAMPLER
LEON Audrey hg7-21 Tree Robert Glen WAMPLER
LERWILL Marjorie hm7-50 Tree Howard Douglas WAMPLER Sr
LESEVERE Prosper jc3-34 Tree Julian WAMPLER
LESTER Clyde hm7-40 Tree Cuba Arbutus WAMPLER
LESTER Rosa Belle hm6-18 Tree William Henderson WAMPLER
LETTEN Peggy Louise hm7-138 Tree Donald Richard WAMPLER
LEVERS PerLee jc5-21 Tree Margaret Jane WAMPLER
LEVI George Albert hp6-150 Tree Lydia Belle WAMPLER
LEVIEN George August Carl hm7-26 Tree Delpha Ellen WAMPLER
LICITAR Glenn N hg7-187 Tree Betty Lou WAMPLER
LINDAMOOD Maude hm6-149 Tree Morris Glen WAMPLER
LINDSAY Frank hg6-23 Tree Mary Mabel WAMPLER
LINDSAY Wanita V hg7-67 Tree Donald Floyd WAMPLER
LINVILLE Mary V hm6-137 Tree Ralph Earl WAMPLER
LIPPY Elizabeth mc1-41 Tree William Jacob WAMPLER
LISKEY Perry hp6-158 Tree Sadie WAMPLER
LITTLE Elizabeth Sophia jc3-18 Tree George WAMPLER
LITTON Aline hm6-113 Tree John Joshua (Pete) WAMPLER
LITTON Aline hm7-101 Tree William James (Pete) WAMPLER
LITTON Etta hg4-91 Tree Clinton Lafayette WAMPLER
LLOYD John Delbert hg7-87 Tree Emma Katherine (Kate) WAMPLER
LOCKER Robert hp9-13 Tree Lee Ann WAMPLER
LOCKHART Pansy Lee hm7-231 Tree Zed Junius WAMPLER
LODEN ? hm8-174 Tree Jeanette WAMPLER
LOFGREN Carole hp8-41 Tree Richard Carl WAMPLER
LOGAN Helen D hg7-178 Tree Argyle T WAMPLER
LOGERMAN Donna J hm7-89 Tree Robert Glen WAMPLER Jr
LONAS George hm4-94 Tree Sally WAMPLER
LONES James L hm4-103 Tree Martha WAMPLER
LONES James L. hm4-80 Tree Martha WAMPLER
LONG Anna hp3-13 Tree David WAMPLER
LONG Catherine hp3-18 Tree Jonas WAMPLER
LONG Charlene Jean hg8-219 Tree John Gregory WAMPLER
LONG Charles Edward hp6-6 Tree Alberta Mae WAMPLER
LONG Ethyl May hm6-205 Tree Thomas WAMPLER
LONG Ida hm6-75 Tree Roy WAMPLER
LONG Marguerite A hp6-239 Tree Robert Franklin WAMPLER
LONG Susan (Susie) hp3-16 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
LONGABECK Ellen mc2-2 Tree John WAMPLER
LONGNECKER Mahala (Mahaley) mc1-4 Tree Wesley WAMPLER
LOOMIS Charles Harper hm5-213 Tree Martha Belle WAMPLER
LOOMIS Laura May hm5-214 Tree Erasmus C WAMPLER
LOONEY Maggie mc2-47 Tree John T WAMPLER
LORD Celia Helen jc5-29 Tree Samuel Wilton WAMPLER
LOUKOTEK Mary hg7-184 Tree Harlan James WAMPLER
LOUKS Charles hp6-225 Tree Hattie WAMPLER
LOWER Marion W hp5-206 Tree Sarah Elizabeth WAMPLER
LUCAS Debra hg8-25 Tree Jerry Hamilton WAMPLER II
LUCAS Gloria hp8-49 Tree Kenneth Eugene WAMPLER
LUCAS William T. hg7-27 Tree Frances Ellen WAMPLER
LUCAS Yvonne hg7-11 Tree James David WAMPLER
LUDY Catherine jc4-8 Tree James WAMPLER
LUKE Edgar Joseph hp7-73 Tree Treva WAMPLER
LUKENS Myrtle B. hp6-203 Tree Homer D WAMPLER
LUNDY Porter hg4-4 Tree Emaline WAMPLER
LUNG Anna Veronica he0-7 Tree Hans Peter WAMPFLER
LUSK Margaret mc0-25 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
LUTTRELL Rhoda Thompson hp5-84 Tree David William WAMPLER
LYLE Alonza jc4-27 Tree Ella Pat WAMPLER
LYNCH Stanley hg7-14 Tree Mary Lou WAMPLER

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