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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spD.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
DAHLIN Sophia mc4-8 Tree Robert James WAMPLER
DAHN Edna hm8-159 Tree James Edward WAMPLER
DAMERELL Alta hm6-104 Tree James Holland WAMPLER
DANFORTH Alice hg6-26 Tree Miller Ashbrook WAMPLER
DANIEL Florence hm4-57 Tree Paris Gorman WAMPLER
DANIEL ? O' hm8-196 Tree Michelle WAMPLER
DANIELS hm6-272 Tree Louisa Emory WAMPLER
DANKS Eliz Hannah hp5-109 Tree John Cyrus WAMPLER
DAUGHERTY Bent hm6-68 Tree Mary WAMPLER
DAUGHTERTY R M hm6-31 Tree Danna (Dana) WAMPLER
DAVENPORT George hg5-17 Tree Maryetta WAMPLER
DAVIDSON Amanda Jane hg4-30 Tree Joel WAMPLER
DAVIDSON James hm5-144 Tree Margaret Matilda WAMPLER
DAVIS George hm2-1 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
DAVIS Martha hg4-9 Tree Thomas WAMPLER
DAVIS Alberta Smith mc3-56 Tree Nelson WAMPLER
DAVIS Jane mc2-5 Tree William P WAMPLER
DAVIS Linkous hm6-21 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
DAVIS Marian hg6-174 Tree Leonard WAMPLER
DAVIS Murle Mae na8-7 Tree Gordon David WAMPLER
DAVIS Roberta hm8-58 Tree Kenneth Frank WAMPLER
DAY Pearl hm6-12 Tree James Patrick WAMPLER
DE hm7-295 Tree Dorothy WAMPLER
DEAL Becher hm8-170 Tree June Bernice WAMPLER
DEAL Irene hg6-118 Tree Clyve Ancile WAMPLER
DEAN Luther hm6-77 Tree Lois G WAMPLER
DEBROOK A. N. hm5-195 Tree Lydia M WAMPLER
DEBUSK Willis hm5-20 Tree Lettie WAMPLER
DECKARD Mary hp2-8 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
DECKARD Adam hm4-53 Tree Mary Ann (Polly) WAMPLER
DECKARD Daniel hm4-26 Tree Anna WAMPLER
DECKARD Mary Ellen hm5-146 Tree Henry Christopher WAMPLER
DEGENHART Charles hg7-68 Tree Mildred Louise WAMPLER
DEHOF Heinrich (Henry) jc3-8 Tree Susanna WAMPLER
DELAP Reno hm6-83 Tree Perry 'Dick' WAMPLER
DELAPP Mary E. hm5-63 Tree Doctor Franklin WAMPLER
DELPH Hanna Martelia jc5-40 Tree Joshua L WAMPLER
DELPH Larken jc5-42 Tree Sarah Jane WAMPLER
DENNY Charles E mc1-61 Tree Augustus WAMPLER
DERR Mamie Frances mc2-53 Tree Henry Elias WAMPLER
DERR Sarah Ellen hg6-173 Tree Randolph Willard WAMPLER
DERRICKSON Louisa J hp5-19 Tree John William WAMPLER
DEVOTIE William Anthony hm5-197 Tree Cora Margaret WAMPLER
DEWITT Brydon M hp7-125 Tree Louise Muriel WAMPLER
DIANE Gayla hg8-155 Tree Jim DeWayne WAMPLER
DIEHL Frank hp5-122 Tree Ida WAMPLER
DIEHL Harvey J hp5-83 Tree Margaret Eve (Maggie) WAMPLER
DIEHL John William Enoch hp6-38 Tree Maude Clara WAMPLER
DIEHL Kenny M. hp5-82 Tree Sarah Catherine (Kate) WAMPLER
DIGGS Kathy hg7-146 Tree Lonnie Gene WAMPLER
DILL ? mc1-9 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
DINGER Anna hp5-188 Tree David Flory WAMPLER
DINGER William hp5-187 Tree Hannah Mary Anjaline WAMPLER
DIXON Nina hm7-251 Tree Hillard James WAMPLER
DOHNER Scott Irwin na9-11 Tree Peggy Lee WAMPLER
DOLCH Clarice R hg7-227 Tree Hartwell Harrison WAMPLER
DONAHAY Stella Ethyl hg6-116 Tree Floyd Gerald WAMPLER
DOUB Neal hm6-301 Tree Rena WAMPLER
DOUB William hm5-130 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
DOUGHERTY John hm4-11 Tree Patricia Martha WAMPLER
DOUGLAS Henry S. na7-18 Tree Levina Murriel WAMPLER
DOWNEY Luther A hg4-94 Tree Elelia W (lilly) WAMPLER
DOWNS Robert hp6-48 Tree Hester Lee WAMPLER
DOZEL David hm8-96 Tree LeeAnn E WAMPLER
DRAKE Jan Christine na9-14 Tree Bradley Ray WAMPLER
DRAKE Mary hg5-25 Tree James W WAMPLER
DRIVER Emma hp5-211 Tree David Solomon WAMPLER
DRIVER Anna hp4-40 Tree Benjamin WAMPLER
DRIVER Annie hp4-22 Tree Frederick WAMPLER
DRIVER David hp4-14 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
DRIVER Lewis hp4-15 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
DRIVER Mary E. hp5-154 Tree William WAMPLER
DRIVER Samuel hp3-15 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
DRIVER Samuel Homer hp5-128 Tree Jennie WAMPLER
DRIVER Susan Rebecca hp4-64 Tree David Franklin WAMPLER
DRODDY Neva Mae hm7-22 Tree Holly Elisha WAMPLER
DRUMMOND Ella hm6-214 Tree Oscar WAMPLER
DRUMMOND Oscar hm6-216 Tree India WAMPLER
DUCETTE William P hm9-97 Tree Dianna Lee WAMPLER
DUNCAN ? mc3-3 Tree Nell WAMPLER
DUNCAN ? mc3-5 Tree Minnie Payne WAMPLER
DUNCAN ? mc3-6 Tree Ettie Bell (Etta) WAMPLER
DUNN Anna Mary hg4-62 Tree Abraham WAMPLER
DUNNING John hg3-41 Tree Sally WAMPLER
DUPIRE Clara hg7-104 Tree Hollis D WAMPLER
DUPREE Ernest hm6-182 Tree Phoebe E WAMPLER
DUSENBERRY Ethyl hg6-28 Tree Louis E WAMPLER
DUTTING Sally hg4-32 Tree George WAMPLER
DYRDAL Chris hg6-25 Tree Nellie Fay WAMPLER

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