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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spK.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
KANE Garret Kirk hp8-39 Tree Kathy Ann WAMPLER
KANE Lester jc5-49 Tree Rachel E WAMPLER
KAPPHAHN Nancy na8-3 Tree Weldon Oliver WAMPLER
KARR Paula hg7-36 Tree Frederick Lee WAMPLER
KAUFFMAN Violet hg7-167 Tree William Jackson WAMPLER
KEASTER Amanda hp5-205 Tree Samuel Cornelius WAMPLER
KEENE Emmet hg5-174 Tree Candace WAMPLER
KEENE Perry Orville hm7-241 Tree Helen Mayne WAMPLER
KEITH ? Jerry na7-9 Tree Lottie WAMPLER
KELLER Mary hp4-30 Tree John Henry WAMPLER
KELLEY Robert hg7-16 Tree Nellie WAMPLER
KELLINGER George hg2-3 Tree Mary Margaret WAMPLER
KELLY Olive hg6-57 Tree John Henry WAMPLER
KELLY ? na7-11 Tree May WAMPLER
KELLY John A. jc4-33 Tree Lydia WAMPLER
KEMMERER Frank hm6-225 Tree Lila Agnes WAMPLER
KEMPER Mary Susan mc1-41 Tree William Jacob WAMPLER
KENDALL Mary M. hm5-181 Tree Leonard A WAMPLER
KENNEDY Lucy hm6-107 Tree William Grover WAMPLER
KENNEDY James B hm6-327 Tree Emma Rantha WAMPLER
KENNEDY Patrick H hm6-329 Tree Esther Virginia WAMPLER
KENNY George hp6-39 Tree Mollie Vernala WAMPLER
KENYON Alfred Wooster hm7-23 Tree Dora Almira WAMPLER
KERBOUGH John hm3-36 Tree Elizabeth (Betsey) WAMPLER
KERBOUGH Margaret Carolina hm4-88 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
KERKOW Josephine Fannie hp9-6 Tree William Gordon WAMPLER Jr
KESLING George hm3-37 Tree Esther WAMPLER
KESSLER Patsy hp8-13 Tree Harold Ray WAMPLER Jr
KESSLER C. C. hp6-181 Tree Rowena Belle WAMPLER
KETELEEN Joyce hg7-169 Tree Robert Morrison WAMPLER
KETTERING Elizabeth hm2-7 Tree Christopher (Stophel) WAMPLER
KEYS Frank mc2-63 Tree Susie WAMPLER
KIEL Anna Marie hm7-327 Tree Gene Tunney WAMPLER
KILGORE Thelma Marie mc0-16 Tree Charles Ransom WAMPLER
KILGORE Earl hm7-247 Tree Myra Nell WAMPLER
KILGORE Henry David hm6-271 Tree Maude Lillie WAMPLER
KILGORE Luther hm6-2 Tree Hulda Jane WAMPLER
KILGORE Rebecca hg4-130 Tree Jesse WAMPLER
KILGORE Rebecca hm4-9 Tree Jesse WAMPLER
KILLION Mary S hg4-45 Tree Henry WAMPLER
KILLION William hg4-41 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
KIMBLER Mary hm3-27 Tree Abraham WAMPLER
KINCEY Henry hp2-1 Tree Eve (Eva) WAMPLER
KING Jacob hm3-4 Tree Mary WAMPLER
KING Mary Magdalena (Molly) hm3-12 Tree Jacob WAMPLER Sr
KING Eliz hg3-55 Tree William L WAMPLER
KING Florence hp6-61 Tree Frank Bryan WAMPLER
KING Jacob hm3-28 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
KING Nancy C hg4-148 Tree James L WAMPLER
KING Riocky Carah na9-16 Tree Kathy Rae WAMPLER
KING hm5-237 Tree Edna WAMPLER
KINGSLEY Ruth hg6-210 Tree James Henry WAMPLER
KINK Joyce na7-17 Tree Harold Tracey WAMPLER
KINSER George hm2-3 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
KINSER Esther hg2-7 Tree Joseph WAMPLER Sr
KINSER Francis Marion hm4-95 Tree Sarah Jane WAMPLER
KINSER George hg2-5 Tree Katherine (Catherine) WAMPLER
KINSER Jacob hm2-8 Tree Esther WAMPLER
KINSEY Eliz hp5-19 Tree John William WAMPLER
KINSEY Bo Ann jc4-22 Tree George Schmucker WAMPLER
KINSEY Henry A. he1-10 Tree Eva (Eve Mary) WAMPFLER
KINSEY Will hp6-2 Tree Elizabeth (Bessie) WAMPLER
KINSEY William Henry hp6-3 Tree Anna Belle WAMPLER
KIRKHAM Rebecca hm3-19 Tree Peter WAMPLER
KITCHENS J D hp6-232 Tree Bertie Ellen WAMPLER
KLANG James Gary hp8-39 Tree Kathy Ann WAMPLER
KLEPINGER David hp5-17 Tree Laura WAMPLER
KLINE Catherine hp4-61 Tree Samuel David WAMPLER
KLINE John hp3-12 Tree Anna WAMPLER
KLINGMAN --?-- hp5-14 Tree William WAMPLER
KLOSSNER Barbara he-1-4 Tree Hans (Johannes) WAMPFLER
KLOSSNER Gottlieb ja1-2 Tree Susanna WAMPFLER
KLOSSNER Maria ja-1-2 Tree Johannas WAMPFLER
KNAUS Benjamin P. hp5-6 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
KNAUS Jacob H. hp5-7 Tree Lydia WAMPLER
KNIGHT Mary E hm4-55 Tree Isaac Jackson WAMPLER
KNIGHT George hm5-132 Tree Indiana WAMPLER
KNIGHT James F hp6-2 Tree Elizabeth (Bessie) WAMPLER
KNIGHT James F hp6-4 Tree Lena Grace WAMPLER
KNOPP Roy hp8-87 Tree Pamela Lee WAMPLER
KNOWLES Marie hg6-150 Tree Lloyd Thomas WAMPLER
KNUTTI Magdalena he-2-1 Tree Hans WAMPFLER
KOCHLER Ray N hg7-186 Tree Donna May WAMPLER
KOENIG Jacob hg5-142 Tree Mattie Olive WAMPLER
KONELL Chris hp9-9 Tree Renee Ann WAMPLER
KUCHLIN Oileen hp7-22 Tree Harold Ray WAMPLER
KUHL Dennis hp9-19 Tree Amy Marie WAMPLER
KUHN John jc4-32 Tree Sarah Ann WAMPLER
KUNDAHL mc4-11 Tree Adelaide WAMPLER
KUNZ Jacob ja0-11 Tree Susanna WAMPFLER
KUNZ Magdalena he-1-2 Tree Peter WAMPFLER
KYLE Maggie Pearl hg6-307 Tree John Edward WAMPLER

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