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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spG.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
GALLAHER Elizabeth Catherine hm8-13 Tree Clyde Edward WAMPLER
GALLAWAY hm7-148 Tree Mary Ruth WAMPLER
GALT Cynthia L. hg8-13 Tree John David WAMPLER
GALYAN Pearl hm6-242 Tree John WAMPLER
GAMACHER Elsbeth mc0-21 Tree Jakob WAMPFLER
GANTZ Ivy Margurite hg6-124 Tree Lewis Scott WAMPLER
GARBER Mary Catherine hp5-91 Tree Joseph Benjamin WAMPLER
GARBER Benjamine F. hp6-28 Tree Florence Cline WAMPLER
GARBER George W. hp5-26 Tree Emma Jane WAMPLER
GARBER Joseph hp4-1 Tree Mary Ann WAMPLER
GARBER Leo mc2-63 Tree Susie WAMPLER
GARBER Lillian Elizabeth hp6-168 Tree Clinton Isaac WAMPLER
GARBER Magdalene (Magdalena) hp2-9 Tree John WAMPLER I
GARBER Mary Julia hp6-31 Tree Everett Lee WAMPLER
GARBER Nina hp5-72 Tree John Franklin WAMPLER
GARBER Samuel L. hp5-73 Tree Maggie Alice WAMPLER
GARDNER Floyd hm5-7 Tree Margaret G. WAMPLER
GARDNER Ivan na7-14 Tree Myrtle Letitia WAMPLER
GARDNER Leona na7-16 Tree Franklin Earl WAMPLER
GARMANY Robert hm8-230 Tree Sandra Lea WAMPLER
GARRETT Richard Jefferson hg5-44 Tree Dora Ellen WAMPLER
GARRETTSON Lavinia hg4-111 Tree Peter W WAMPLER
GARTMAN Abraham jc2-12 Tree Mary (Polly) WAMPLER
GARVIN Horace hm7-156 Tree Phyllis WAMPLER
GAYDOU Judy hp8-44 Tree Gary Lee WAMPLER
GEHNER Nellie hg6-176 Tree Glenn WAMPLER
GEORGE Sara E mc3-59 Tree Milton L WAMPLER
GERARE Barbara hm8-129 Tree Gary Carl WAMPLER
GETTINGER Frances hp5-140 Tree George Samuel WAMPLER
GIBSON Ines hg6-234 Tree Emeory Otis WAMPLER
GIBSON Ellen hm6-281 Tree Gordon WAMPLER
GIBSON R hg5-227 Tree Porter Lee WAMPLER
GIBSON Tabitha (Tibithy) Betty hm4-17 Tree Jesse WAMPLER
GIBSON Willie H hm6-35 Tree Cosby R WAMPLER
GILBERT Dana Lee hm8-47 Tree Donald Hubert WAMPLER
GILBERT Ina V hg6-259 Tree Kent Austin WAMPLER
GILBERT William P hp4-55 Tree Nancy C WAMPLER
GILBERT mc2-74 Tree Cecelia WAMPFLER
GILBREATH Florence hg6-31 Tree Frederick Lee WAMPLER
GILL James hp6-230 Tree Gladys WAMPLER
GILL Robert L. hm7-171 Tree Parmelia WAMPLER
GILLASPIE John hm4-62 Tree Leanze WAMPLER
GILLASPIE hm4-61 Tree Mary Ann WAMPLER
GILLEMASTER Larry Wayne hm8-183 Tree Kathy Anita WAMPLER
GILLESPIE Ada C hg7-94 Tree Perry Steen WAMPLER
GILLESPIE Corine hp6-220 Tree Raymond E WAMPLER
GILLIAM Ollie hm6-37 Tree Loy L WAMPLER
GILMORE Goldena hg6-105 Tree Royal Edward WAMPLER
GILMORE Lucinda hg5-135 Tree Marion Harmon WAMPLER
GILMORE Lucretia hg4-65 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
GIRIAS mc2-94 Tree Norma WAMPLER
GLICK Daniel hp3-9 Tree Mary WAMPLER
GLICK Jacob F hp5-96 Tree Mary Magdalene WAMPLER
GLICK Joseph hp3-11 Tree Susanna (Susie) WAMPLER
GOBBLE Winifred hm6-321 Tree Frances Martha WAMPLER
GOCHENOUR Winifred hg6-263 Tree Thorton Garland WAMPLER
GODSEY Eliz hg3-29 Tree David WAMPLER
GODSEY Jane hg3-29 Tree David WAMPLER
GODSEY Sarah Hartsock hg3-30 Tree Hezekiah WAMPLER
GOENNER ? hm7-267 Tree Pauline WAMPLER
GOINS Minnie hm7-235 Tree Jarrett Willis WAMPLER
GOMBORDI Lori hp9-8 Tree Gregory Scott WAMPLER
GOMEZ Steven hg9-37 Tree Lisa Rene WAMPLER
GOOD Martin hp3-17 Tree Magdalena WAMPLER
GOOD Mary hp4-27 Tree Samuel H WAMPLER
GOOD Samuel hp4-19 Tree Sallie WAMPLER
GORDON Olive hm5-68 Tree James Buck WAMPLER
GORGAS Sam jc2-5 Tree Maria Catharine WAMPLER
GOSE Darius hg3-48 Tree Jane A WAMPLER
GOSSERT Clara Ellen hm5-95 Tree Marion Boyd WAMPLER
GRABEAL Peter John hp2-2 Tree Christina WAMPLER
GRAGG Surfina E hg5-215 Tree David Irwin WAMPLER
GRAHAM Violet Eva hm6-268 Tree James Gorman (Jerry) WAMPLER
GRAHAM Enoch hg3-31 Tree Anna WAMPLER
GRAHAM James hg3-32 Tree Mary WAMPLER
GRAYSON Elizabeth jc4-34 Tree Henry H WAMPLER
GREELEY Chester Thomas jc6-6 Tree Olga Wampler WAMPLER
GREEN Ellsworth hg7-53 Tree Vera Mae WAMPLER
GREEN Helen hm7-85 Tree Archie WAMPLER
GREENING Alfred hm6-313 Tree Alverta Elizabeth WAMPLER
GRIFFIN James Albert hg5-240 Tree Laura Alice WAMPLER
GRIFFITH George hg6-172 Tree Agnes E WAMPLER
GRIFFITH John L hg3-33 Tree Esther (Hetty) Katherine WAMPLER
GRIGGS Mary mc1-1 Tree Joseph P WAMPLER
GRINDSTAFF Isaac hg4-1 Tree Susan WAMPLER
GRISBY Ethyl hp6-68 Tree Nalie Ellsworth WAMPLER
GRIZZLE Lydia C hg5-291 Tree William Reeves WAMPLER
GROGAN Catherine hm3-25 Tree John WAMPLER
GROSS Hatie hp6-56 Tree Raymond Gladstone WAMPLER
GROVE Mary F hp4-31 Tree Samuel Long WAMPLER
GROW Frank hm5-165 Tree Sarah F WAMPLER
GRUBB Eva Dorothea hm3-27 Tree Abraham WAMPLER
GRUBB Jackson hm5-131 Tree Amanda Ellen WAMPLER
GRUNEISEN Barbara mc0-23 Tree Jakob WAMPFLER
GRUNER Magdalena he-1-1 Tree Christian WAMPFLER
GULLETT Katheryn hg7-157 Tree Randolph Willard WAMPLER Jr
GULLEY Tony Russell hm8-231 Tree Kathy Dianne WAMPLER
GULLICKSON Muriel V na8-6 Tree Wesley Cecil WAMPLER

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