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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spC.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
CADMAS Lisa Jane hp9-6 Tree William Gordon WAMPLER Jr
CAIN Arminda Ellen "Minnie" hm5-151 Tree Andrew Jackson WAMPLER
CALDWELL Ann hg5-64 Tree Isaac Scomp WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Amanda Lee hg5-68 Tree George W WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Donna hp8-69 Tree Neal Frankline WAMPLER
CAMPBELL G. P. hp6-202 Tree Grace L WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Garry hm8-27 Tree Theresa Diane WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Harriet Elizabeth mc2-48 Tree Edward Lewis WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Hattie mc3-57 Tree Frank Cook WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Izora A hg4-150 Tree George W WAMPLER
CAMPBELL Lilliard Theodore hm7-329 Tree Barbara Gay WAMPLER
CANALES Frank jc4-15 Tree Martha Alice WAMPLER
CANDLER Harriet D hm5-25 Tree William A WAMPLER
CANNADAY Charles hg5-207 Tree Ada E WAMPLER
CANNON Arlie hg6-64 Tree Avah WAMPLER
CANTRELL Loyd R hm6-105 Tree Gladys Marie WAMPLER
CANTRELL Robert hm8-182 Tree Jenifer Elaine WAMPLER
CARDEN Hattie mc2-57 Tree Lania WAMPLER
CARDWELL Serepta hm5-126 Tree William Addison WAMPLER
CARICO Ella hg5-293 Tree David C WAMPLER
CARLOS Julian Francis hm6-297 Tree Mabel Marie WAMPLER
CARMICHAEL Jessie hm8-110 Tree Jewett WAMPLER
CARNAHAN Clotilde E hg6-79 Tree William Fletcher WAMPLER
CARNWELL Clarence H hm8-14 Tree Virginia WAMPLER
CARR Ferne Maude mc1-65 Tree John Jacob WAMPFLER
CARRICO Mildred R hg7-105 Tree Ancile Lee WAMPLER
CARRIER Lawrence hg7-248 Tree Nancy Ann WAMPLER
CARTER Cordelia hm5-139 Tree William Paris WAMPLER
CARTER Margaret A hg6-264 Tree Elbert Hale WAMPLER
CASH Lloyd H hg7-245 Tree Eleanor Jean WAMPLER
CASSIDY Maggie S hp5-156 Tree Joshua WAMPLER
CAVINESS Malloy hg6-185 Tree Roland WAMPLER
CAZA Marguerite na7-17 Tree Harold Tracey WAMPLER
CECIL Estelle hm6-331 Tree Eugene Blake WAMPLER
CHAMBERLAIN Opal A hg6-123 Tree James Hugh WAMPLER
CHAMBERS Anna hg5-122 Tree William Franklin WAMPLER
CHAMBERS Elisha hg5-163 Tree Dollie Arabell WAMPLER
CHAMPANO Catherine hp2-5 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
CHAMPANO Catherine na3-1 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
CHANDLER Bessie hm6-242 Tree John WAMPLER
CHANDLER Rena hm5-129 Tree John W WAMPLER
CHANDLER Dorothy E hg4-135 Tree Harvey G WAMPLER
CHANDLER Dorothy Elizabeth hm4-21 Tree Harvey George WAMPLER
CHANDLER Harriett hg4-137 Tree William WAMPLER
CHANDLER Isaac hm4-67 Tree Christina WAMPLER
CHANSLER Pearl hg6-101 Tree Herman WAMPLER
CHAPMAN Mary hp4-29 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
CHAPMAN John C hg4-170 Tree Nancy Catherine WAMPLER
CHAPMAN William jc5-44 Tree Catherine Isabella WAMPLER
CHARLEEN Jane hm8-45 Tree Wyatt Henry WAMPLER
CHASTEEN Elijah hm6-181 Tree Serepta WAMPLER
CHESTNUT Oatis hm5-210 Tree Cora Ellen WAMPLER
CHILDRESS Rev John hm7-30 Tree Maude WAMPLER
CHITWOOD Charles hm7-193 Tree Helon WAMPLER
CHITWOOD Don hm7-196 Tree Carol Lee WAMPLER
CHRISTILLUS Justina Magdalena jc1-2 Tree Christian WAMPLER
CHURCH Elizabeth (Betty) hm4-2 Tree John Wilson 'Hokie' WAMPLER
CISCO Evaline hg5-34 Tree William Henry WAMPLER
CLARK Charley hm6-178 Tree Lydia WAMPLER
CLARK Fuget hm5-162 Tree Hannah E WAMPLER
CLARK Jane A. hg4-103 Tree Martin J S WAMPLER
CLARK Malinda Ann mc0-24 Tree John Anderson WAMPLER
CLARK Parmelia hm5-158 Tree Michael WAMPLER
CLAY Arch hm5-165 Tree Sarah F WAMPLER
CLAYBORN Marie hm7-29 Tree Arthur WAMPLER
CLEMENTS Jessie Lee hg6-234 Tree Emeory Otis WAMPLER
CLEMENTS Arthur hp6-51 Tree Leona Rose Etta WAMPLER
CLEMMENS Marietta Josephine na5-1 Tree Alexander Henry WAMPLER
CLENDENING Pat hg7-10 Tree Don Michael WAMPLER
CLEO hm6-263 Tree James W WAMPLER
CLIFFORD Cathleen hp8-1 Tree Paul Christopher WAMPLER
CLINE ? hp7-31 Tree Eva WAMPLER
CLINE Eliza Susan hp5-95 Tree William Crawford WAMPLER
CLINE Elizabeth hp4-43 Tree Daniel Silas WAMPLER
CLINE Elizabeth E hp5-98 Tree David B WAMPLER
CLINE Frederick Kipps hp4-25 Tree Frances (Fanny) WAMPLER
CLINE Irvin Grove hp6-26 Tree Merle Sanger WAMPLER
CLINE John W. hp5-94 Tree Susan Catherine WAMPLER
CLINE Martha hp5-68 Tree Joseph William WAMPLER
CLINE Mary hp3-10 Tree John WAMPLER II
CLINE Mary hp4-42 Tree Joshua WAMPLER
CLINE Mary Susan hg5-160 Tree Pleasant Clinton WAMPLER
CLINE Roy Franklin hp6-43 Tree Fleta Mabel WAMPLER
CLINE Susan M hp5-101 Tree John Franklin WAMPLER
CLISTER David hp10-9 Tree Jennifer Lynn WAMPLER
CLOUD Elizabeth hg5-35 Tree Thomas Calvin WAMPLER
COBBLE John hm3-7 Tree Anna Mary (Maria) WAMPLER
COBBS Gertrude Ellen hp6-14 Tree Oliver Nelson WAMPLER
COBURN Joseph D. jc5-41 Tree Mary Ellen WAMPLER
CODDINGTON Edward hm7-214 Tree Gladdys Marie WAMPLER
COFFMAN Dan hp5-18 Tree Mary Catherine WAMPLER
COINER Gladys Eliza hp6-218 Tree John Earl WAMPLER
COLBAUGH Corine hm7-330 Tree Bobby Ray WAMPLER
COLE Lila Larelia hp5-4 Tree Philip WAMPLER
COLE Mary Lillie hp5-44 Tree Ira WAMPLER
COLEGROVE Dora May hg5-103 Tree John Fletcher WAMPLER
COLLIER Nora hg6-306 Tree George Washingon WAMPLER
COLLIER Abel hm5-31 Tree Serepta F WAMPLER
COLLIER Lillian Belle hm5-71 Tree Thomas Benton WAMPLER
COLLIER Verona hp6-7 Tree George E WAMPLER
COLLINS Epsie M hm5-107 Tree Robert Isaac WAMPLER
COLLINS Howard hg7-62 Tree Mary Gwendolyn WAMPLER
COLLINS Mary C hm5-92 Tree William Crockett WAMPLER
COMBS D E hm6-43 Tree Callie L WAMPLER
COMBS hm7-276 Tree Jane Ellen WAMPLER
COMPTON Ellis hm7-237 Tree Delphia WAMPLER
CONE Jack hg7-170 Tree Evelyn WAMPLER
CONLEY Maggie hg6-306 Tree George Washingon WAMPLER
CONNERLY Anna H hm5-105 Tree John Harbison WAMPLER
CONNERLY Nancy Jane hg4-70 Tree Milton WAMPLER
CONSTABLE William hm5-64 Tree Amanda Jane WAMPLER
COOK Rose Mary hg6-91 Tree John Edward WAMPLER
COOK Amanda hg4-66 Tree Martin J WAMPLER
COONS Susan hg4-100 Tree James Whitcomb WAMPLER
COOPER Alford hm6-219 Tree Mary WAMPLER
COPENHAVER Elizabeth hm3-26 Tree Michael W WAMPLER
COPENHAVER Minnie hg4-160 Tree Charles Pomeroy (Pum) WAMPLER
COPENHAVER Thomas Ransome hg4-162 Tree Emma Florence WAMPLER
COPPITT James hm8-216 Tree Wanda Muriel WAMPLER
CORBLY Owen H hg6-208 Tree Vesta B WAMPLER
CORMANY John J hg4-37 Tree Polly WAMPLER
CORNELIUS Jesse hp6-57 Tree Edna May WAMPLER
CORNETTE Stephen hg3-56 Tree Martha G WAMPLER
CORNWELL -- hp5-131 Tree Mary Catherine WAMPLER
CORRELL Nancy J hg8-70 Tree Carl Duane WAMPLER
COTTERMAN Catherine hp5-21 Tree John WAMPLER
COTTERMAN Eliz hp5-20 Tree David WAMPLER
COUNTS---- Jeann hm7-65 Tree Herbert Fred WAMPLER
COWDEN Margaret hm4-25 Tree Andrew WAMPLER
COWDEN Margaret C hm4-30 Tree Henry WAMPLER
COX Clarice Edna hm7-320 Tree Raymond Carson WAMPLER
COX Grace R hp6-136 Tree Lewis David WAMPLER
COX Eliza Indemile hg4-75 Tree William Jackson WAMPLER
COYL ?-- hp5-1 Tree Jesse (Jessie) WAMPLER
CRAGER hg8-24 Tree Judith Ann WAMPLER
CRAIG Ott hg6-288 Tree Besse WAMPLER
CRAMER Carl E. hm6-110 Tree Elizabeth Esther WAMPLER
CRAMER Thelma N. hm6-114 Tree Franklin Wayne WAMPLER
CRAUN - hp7-57 Tree Kathryn WAMPLER
CRAVATT Elece hm8-212 Tree Benjamin Kenneth Jr. WAMPLER
CRAWFORD Mollie hg5-13 Tree John WAMPLER
CRAWFORD na5-11 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
CREE Roxie Elizabeth hm5-209 Tree Emmet Jackson WAMPLER
CREEK hm7-3 Tree Cicero Patrick WAMPLER
CRENSHAW Grey hm5-141 Tree Georgia Lake WAMPLER
CRIGGER Elizabeth hg3-47 Tree Austin C WAMPLER
CRIST Jacob hp4-23 Tree Rebecca WAMPLER
CRIST Sarah hp4-41 Tree Samuel WAMPLER II
CRITCHER Charles S. hg5-206 Tree Emma H WAMPLER
CROHN Isaac hg3-36 Tree Theresa WAMPLER
CRONK Nellie hm6-218 Tree David WAMPLER
CROUSE Mary Lydia jc3-16 Tree Lewis WAMPLER
CROWEL William jc2-14 Tree Anna Rosina (Rosey) WAMPLER
CROWELL John hg6-50 Tree Pearl Marie WAMPLER
CRUM Don hm8-130 Tree Susan Lynn WAMPLER
CRUSEY William H. hp5-168 Tree Birdie WAMPLER
CRYDER Harry hm7-64 Tree Dorothy Elizabeth WAMPLER
CUE Mabel Glenn Mc hp5-103 Tree Isaac Samuel WAMPLER
CULLOP Francis Virginia hg4-146 Tree Ephriam Ward (Wythe) WAMPLER
CULVER na5-18 Tree Anna M WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Cora hg7-183 Tree Robert Wayne WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Adolph hm6-248 Tree Flossie WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Carl hg6-30 Tree Myrtle WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Catherine (Kate) Nugent mc1-142 Tree John Morris WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Charles hm6-224 Tree Ophia Myrtle WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Chas hm6-217 Tree Maude WAMPLER
CUMMINGS Glen hm6-249 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth hp5-47 Tree Ephriam S WAMPLER
CUNNINGHAM James hg5-2 Tree Emma B WAMPLER
CUNNINGHAM Lucille hg6-19 Tree Mark Hanna WAMPLER
CUPP Anna Belle hp6-33 Tree Byron Joseph WAMPLER
CURRIER Karen Deanna hg8-202 Tree Kurt Evan WAMPLER
CURRY Ira B. hg6-228 Tree Dicy Mae WAMPLER
CURRY hg8-165 Tree Teresa WAMPLER
CURTIS Hugh hg7-1 Tree Ruth WAMPLER
CUTRIGHT Rebecca Ann hm4-65 Tree John G WAMPLER
CYZESKA Mary Ellen mc6-1 Tree Allan Edwin WAMPLER

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