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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spF.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
FAHNESTOCK Boreas jc3-32 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
FAIRCHILDS Joseph Vern hp7-117 Tree Betty Barnhart WAMPLER
FAIRSE Joan Adell hg7-107 Tree John Nelson WAMPLER
FALTZ mc1-80 Tree Mary WAMPLER
FARMER Brenda Gail hm9-20 Tree Ronnie Lee WAMPLER
FARMER Vaught hm6-319 Tree Iris Ellen WAMPLER
FARR Roscoe hm6-92 Tree Grace C WAMPLER
FAYETTE Nelson Lee na6-5 Tree Aeriadna Ruth (Ariadna) WAMPLER
FEASEL Jack hg7-23 Tree Judith Ann WAMPLER
FERGUSON Fletcher hm8-112 Tree Frances WAMPLER
FERRELL hm7-269 Tree Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER
FIELDER Randolph hg3-54 Tree Evalina Esther WAMPLER
FIELDER Tabitha hg4-147 Tree Leftwich Porter WAMPLER
FIELDS Virginia Lydia hm7-33 Tree Nathan WAMPLER
FINE Cora Celadine hm6-355 Tree Charles Frederick WAMPLER
FISHALL hp5-135 Tree Minnie D WAMPLER
FISHER Ernest mc2-42 Tree Bertha WAMPLER
FISHER Laura na6-22 Tree Obadiah WAMPLER
FIZZ Marlene hp8-33 Tree Kenneth Early WAMPLER
FLAKE Daniel Gerald hm9-51 Tree Melissa Beth WAMPLER
FLEENER Evelyn hm7-192 Tree Dale WAMPLER
FLEETWOOD James hm6-209 Tree Samantha WAMPLER
FLETCHER Fayreen hm8-173 Tree James Buford WAMPLER
FLETCHER Fred hm7-197 Tree Phyllis WAMPLER
FLETCHER Quannie E hm6-70 Tree Arnold G WAMPLER
FLICK Hugh hp6-145 Tree Virginia Margaret WAMPLER
FLORA Martha M. hm4-41 Tree Josiah Beatty WAMPLER
FLORY Daniel hp4-20 Tree Susanna WAMPLER
FLORY Matt hm8-234 Tree Christi Dawn WAMPLER
FLY Anita M hg8-211 Tree Jacky Lon WAMPLER
FLYNN Ida hp5-203 Tree William Martin WAMPLER
FORE Lois hg6-94 Tree Dexter Alexander WAMPLER
FORTH Lulu May hg5-194 Tree Henry Jacob WAMPLER
FORTUNE Delilia F (Dee) hm7-265 Tree Earl William WAMPLER
FOWLER mc2-92 Tree Helen WAMPLER
FOX Anna Mary (Polly) hg3-16 Tree George W WAMPLER
FOX Annie mc2-50 Tree Cyrus J WAMPLER
FOX Dora Armeta hg5-52 Tree David WAMPLER
FOX Estell hm7-170 Tree Sarah (Sally) WAMPLER
FOX Frank hg6-10 Tree Elelia May WAMPLER
FOX Henry hg5-116 Tree Eliza Jane WAMPLER
FOX John P hg4-52 Tree Mary C WAMPLER
FOX Peter hg3-17 Tree Anna WAMPLER
FRANCISCO Elizabeth hm5-38 Tree William Thurman WAMPLER
FRANK Elizabeth hp4-46 Tree Jonathan WAMPLER
FRANKLIN Mary A hg4-85 Tree Joseph Harvey WAMPLER
FRANKLIN Nancy Jane hg5-177 Tree Joseph Riley WAMPLER
FRANKUM Jesse Dell hp6-71 Tree Verna May WAMPLER
FRASER Morris Emmett jc5-28 Tree Edith Mae WAMPLER
FREEMAN Alice hm6-187 Tree William Wayne WAMPLER
FREEMAN Bertha L hm6-138 Tree Harry Leland WAMPLER
FREEMAN Joseph hg5-20 Tree Emma WAMPLER
FRENCH Paula hp8-13 Tree Harold Ray WAMPLER Jr
FRENCH Ruby Janice hm5-215 Tree Edward Bruce WAMPLER
FREY Edna hg6-49 Tree Harmon Valentine WAMPLER
FROST Maud hg5-43 Tree John Arthur WAMPLER
FRY William hm5-160 Tree Martha Jane WAMPLER
FRY Catherine hm4-90 Tree Henry WAMPLER
FRY Henry hm4-91 Tree Maria Barbara WAMPLER
FRYER Catherine mc1-62 Tree Stephen Craig WAMPLER
FUGATE N. C. hm6-318 Tree Alice Belle WAMPLER
FUHRMAN Hattie Marie mc2-56 Tree Benjamin Franklin WAMPLER
FULLER Carrie B hm5-242 Tree Thomas Jefferson WAMPLER
FULLER Mary hm6-314 Tree Charles Abel WAMPLER
FUNCK Susanna jc2-17 Tree Ludowich WAMPLER Jr
FUNK Henry N hg4-21 Tree Angeline WAMPLER
FURR Mary C. hp4-43 Tree Daniel Silas WAMPLER
FYFFE Rebecca hm5-63 Tree Doctor Franklin WAMPLER
FYFFE hm5-65 Tree Sarah E WAMPLER

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