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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spW.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
WADSWORTH Martha hg5-88 Tree Francis Marion WAMPLER
WAFFLER Elsbeth mc2-87 Tree Niklaus WAMPFLER
WAHL Henry Ethan hm6-106 Tree Maude Pearl WAMPLER
WALDROP Carrie hg6-78 Tree Winfield Silas WAMPLER
WALDROP Sharon hg8-114 Tree Thomas Ray WAMPLER
WALKER A J hp4-49 Tree Kate WAMPLER
WALKER Clayton mc2-45 Tree Gladys WAMPLER
WALKER Mary Jane hg5-193 Tree Abraham Benjamin WAMPLER
WALKER Melvin hm8-49 Tree Helen Imogene WAMPLER
WALKER Mildred hg7-175 Tree Richard O WAMPLER Jr
WALLACE Herbert hp6-234 Tree Esta WAMPLER
WALLACE Edward hm5-93 Tree Florence WAMPLER
WALLACE Thomas Marquis jc4-23 Tree Mary Armanda WAMPLER
WALLS Norman hm8-191 Tree -- WAMPLER
WALSNER hp6-183 Tree Laura WAMPLER
WALTER Elizabeth jc4-10 Tree Daniel WAMPLER
WAMPFLER John ja1-7 Tree Magdalena (Lena) WAMPFLER
WAMPFLER Magdalena (Lena) mc0-14 Tree John WAMPFLER
WAMPLER Mae Wine McDorman hp5-64 Tree Charles Weldon WAMPLER
WAMPLER Mary Susan hp5-91 Tree Joseph Benjamin WAMPLER
WAMPLER Alice V hg4-151 Tree John McTeer WAMPLER
WAMPLER Elizabeth hg3-38 Tree Martin WAMPLER
WAMPLER Florence B jc5-46 Tree Allen C WAMPLER
WAMPLER Guy Benjamin hp8-92 Tree Sherrie Kimberly WAMPLER
WAMPLER Jacob hp6-125 Tree Ruth Elizabeth WAMPLER
WAMPLER John Henry hg3-15 Tree Margaret WAMPLER
WAMPLER Joseph Benjamin hp5-81 Tree Mary Susan WAMPLER
WAMPLER Margaret hm3-20 Tree Henry WAMPLER
WAMPLER Martin hm3-13 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
WAMPLER Millie Jane hg4-128 Tree William Ray WAMPLER
WAMPLER Nora hm5-196 Tree Dempsey William WAMPLER
WAMPLER R E hg4-123 Tree David J WAMPLER
WAMPLER William Ray hg4-105 Tree Millie Jane (Milly) WAMPLER
WARD ? hp2-10 Tree Barbara WAMPLER
WARD Everett M hg6-260 Tree Fred Isaac WAMPLER
WARD John T hp2-10 Tree Barbara WAMPLER
WARD John Wells hm8-51 Tree Judy Lynn WAMPLER
WARD Rebecca Jane hm6-276 Tree Thomas Jessie WAMPLER
WARNER Minerva hm6-292 Tree Lloyd Elliott WAMPLER
WARNER Paul hp8-64 Tree Mae Catherine WAMPLER
WATKINS Keith Autman hg8-194 Tree Shirley Jo WAMPLER
WATSON Elva hm6-206 Tree James Berry WAMPLER
WATSON George Raymond hp7-14 Tree Mildred Lee Anna (Leona) WAMPLER
WATTS Mary hg5-27 Tree Charles E WAMPLER
WEAVER Darrell hm7-148 Tree Mary Ruth WAMPLER
WEAVER ? hm4-45 Tree David WAMPLER
WEAVER Bertie Ellen hp5-62 Tree Joseph Daniel WAMPLER
WEAVER Fannie E hp5-78 Tree John Crawford WAMPLER
WEAVER George hm5-72 Tree Flora Belle WAMPLER
WEAVER Jody hm8-167 Tree Zed Junius WAMPLER II
WEAVER McClelland hm5-70 Tree Emma C WAMPLER
WEAVER Roy hm7-162 Tree Lorene WAMPLER
WEBSTER Clifford O mc2-69 Tree Carolyn Ann WAMPFLER
WEFLER Elizabeth Emma jc5-17 Tree Paul David WAMPLER
WEIMER Ethel hm6-207 Tree Alonzo WAMPLER
WELCH George Clark hp7-7 Tree Gretchen Martha WAMPLER
WELCHON Virgil hp6-70 Tree Letha Alice WAMPLER
WELDON ? hp7-48 Tree Jodie WAMPLER
WELL Faith hg6-203 Tree Ernest WAMPLER Jr
WELLER Taylor hp5-124 Tree Bettie WAMPLER
WELLINGTON Ward hg6-95 Tree Mary Colista WAMPLER
WELLS Abigail hm4-1 Tree James Israel WAMPLER
WELLS Bessie mc2-103 Tree James Thomas (Tommy) WAMPLER
WELLS Clerinda hm5-9 Tree George B WAMPLER
WELLS David Crockett hm6-7 Tree ReAllie Victoria WAMPLER
WELLS Edna Lou hg6-62 Tree David Newton WAMPLER
WELLS Effie Mable mc3-9 Tree James Neel WAMPLER
WELLS Virgie hm7-296 Tree James Logan WAMPLER
WELLS Wm Harry hm7-318 Tree Alma Elizabeth WAMPLER
WELSH Alice Cornelia hg4-96 Tree Asahel Hezekiah (Zala) WAMPLER
WELTON Man hg5-118 Tree Mary Isabelle WAMPLER
WEN Suzie hp9-4 Tree Francis Marion WAMPLER III
WENGEN Christian ja0-4 Tree Magdalena WAMPFLER
WENGER Solomon hp5-69 Tree Minnie Catherine WAMPLER
WENGER Nancy hp4-50 Tree John L WAMPLER
WERREN David ja-1-1 Tree Susanna WAMPFLER
WESSON William Watkins hm7-240 Tree Meridith WAMPLER
WEST Eva hm6-226 Tree James William WAMPLER
WESTENDORF Martha C. jc5-31 Tree Parker WAMPLER
WESTFALL Theresa hg6-84 Tree Ralph Phillippe WAMPLER
WETSEL Daniel hp5-105 Tree Lydia V WAMPLER
WETZEL Poly (Mary Maria) hm3-3 Tree George Christian WAMPLER
WEYBRIGHT Joseph hp4-7 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
WHARTON E. Dale hp7-70 Tree Donna Ann WAMPLER
WHEATLEY Marion hm5-15 Tree Lydia Margaret (Margaret Lydia) WAMPLER
WHEELER Irene M hg5-139 Tree Martin Lewis WAMPLER
WHEELER Marie Belle na6-3 Tree Edward Vance WAMPLER
WHETSELL Mary hg3-42 Tree Christian WAMPLER
WHISENAND Elsie R hm6-124 Tree John Elmer WAMPLER
WHISENAND Susanne hm4-24 Tree Hiram WAMPLER
WHITAKER Marg hg5-180 Tree Ernest WAMPLER
WHITAKER Martha hg4-101 Tree Abraham Welch WAMPLER
WHITCHCHURCH Katherine (Catharine) hm4-57 Tree Paris Gorman WAMPLER
WHITE mc2-75 Tree Celeste WAMPFLER
WHITESELL Lucy hm6-245 Tree Ross WAMPLER
WHITMORE Charles hp6-171 Tree Eula WAMPLER
WHITSON E. hg4-58 Tree Adaline WAMPLER
WHITSON William hg4-64 Tree Nancy Ann WAMPLER
WI Arietta Brown, Rice Lake mc1-26 Tree Emil WAMPFLER
WIBLE Nota hg6-5 Tree Charles Austin WAMPLER
WIDMER Christen ja1-4 Tree Lisette WAMPFLER
WILBUR Ross hm6-250 Tree Joseohine WAMPLER
WILCOX Inez Marie na6-7 Tree Henry Oscar WAMPLER
WILDER Suzanne hg6-181 Tree Willard Roscoe WAMPLER Jr
WILKINSON Mary Ann hm8-205 Tree David Brian WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Lula hg6-7 Tree John Wesley WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Nancy hg4-164 Tree John Jacob WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Anita G hg7-220 Tree George Edward WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Bette Diane hm8-12 Tree Everette Lawrence WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Cora Belle (Rosa C) hm5-73 Tree James Madison WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Ester mc2-58 Tree Virgle WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Eugene hm7-248 Tree Elva Imogene WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Julia Ann hp5-111 Tree Michael David WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Ray hp6-226 Tree Cecile WAMPLER
WILLIAMS Susan J hg4-167 Tree Oswell Rush WAMPLER
WILLIAMSON Susan C hg4-9 Tree Thomas WAMPLER
WILLIS Maude hm7-2 Tree Worley Lee WAMPLER
WILSON Barbara R hm7-327 Tree Gene Tunney WAMPLER
WILSON Tracy hm8-205 Tree David Brian WAMPLER
WILSON Barbara Ruth hm7-326 Tree Jack Dempsey WAMPLER
WILSON Mary hg4-8 Tree George W WAMPLER
WILSON Mintie May hm5-111 Tree William Marco WAMPLER
WILSON William David hp5-58 Tree Mary WAMPLER
WILT J. na4-5 Tree Mary WAMPLER
WINE J C hp5-138 Tree Eliza C WAMPLER
WINE Magdalena (Magdalene) hp3-8 Tree Samuel WAMPLER
WINFREY Rebecca Leann mc3-47 Tree John Anthony WAMPLFLER
WINGARD S A na6-17 Tree Nettie J WAMPLER
WINGATE Donna Benay hm8-221 Tree Wayne Carson WAMPLER
WINGO Fred hg6-50 Tree Pearl Marie WAMPLER
WINKLER Mary Ann hm8-188 Tree Lloyd E WAMPLER
WISNER Catharine mc1-42 Tree Abraham WAMPLER
WOFFORD Harold hg6-292 Tree Rebecca Ollivene WAMPLER
WOLCOTT O P hg5-210 Tree Martha A WAMPLER
WOLF Rebecca hp4-2 Tree Edward WAMPLER
WOLF Lydia hp4-9 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
WOLF Mary Magdalena hm2-5 Tree Peter WAMPLER
WOLFE Beverly K hm8-30 Tree Fred Benny WAMPLER
WOLFE Lillian hm7-5 Tree John Sevier WAMPLER
WOOD Ruth hp7-120 Tree Richard Clarence WAMPLER
WOODHOUSE Sally hg7-9 Tree Thomas Lee WAMPLER
WOODS Lester hm7-204 Tree Eva WAMPLER
WOODS Nelson hm6-42 Tree Sophia M WAMPLER
WOODWARD Sarah hm3-21 Tree Adam WAMPLER
WOOLF Christopher James hm7-223 Tree Dollie Elayne WAMPLER
WOOTEN David hm7-291 Tree Wanda Frances WAMPLER
WORKMAN Joe hm7-201 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
WORKMAN Evelyn hg7-3 Tree Richard Lincoln WAMPLER
WORLEY Ben hg5-74 Tree Helen Elvira WAMPLER
WORLEY Frank hm5-142 Tree Ella Nora WAMPLER
WORLEY Hazel hm6-75 Tree Roy WAMPLER
WORRELL Alex hm4-43 Tree Sally WAMPLER
WORSTER Chas hp5-136 Tree Elsie WAMPLER
WRIGHT Dorothy Lee hp7-111 Tree Glenn WAMPLER
WRIGHT Helen V hg6-267 Tree George Milton WAMPLER
WRIGHT Kenneth Laverne mc2-67 Tree Beverly Ruth WAMPFLER
WRIGHT Rebecca Frances hp5-85 Tree Joseph Frederick WAMPLER
WRIGHT Samuel hg4-23 Tree Hannah WAMPLER
WYCHOFF Richard hm7-145 Tree Naomi WAMPLER
WYMAN Jeffrey hp9-18 Tree Tracy Lee WAMPLER
WYWN - hg6-233 Tree Estes WAMPLER

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