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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spP.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
PA Mary ? (18Sep1782-5Oct1854; b. Huntington Co jc2-11 Tree Christian WAMPLER
PACE Helen Louise hm7-39 Tree Eugene Elden WAMPLER
PADDOCK Nellie hp5-132 Tree Carl WAMPLER
PAGE Emma hm7-51 Tree Fred Cash WAMPLER Sr
PALMER T. Edward hp5-43 Tree Catherine (Kate) WAMPLER
PARKER Sara M hm5-212 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
PARKINS Verona Ann hp6-72 Tree Orvilee James WAMPLER
PARKS Casandra (Cassie) E. hg3-39 Tree Andrew WAMPLER
PARKS Polly hg3-39 Tree Andrew WAMPLER
PARKS Dock Howard hm7-319 Tree Edna Alberta WAMPLER
PARKS Elizabeth hg3-28 Tree Joseph WAMPLER Jr
PARKS Sidney Eugene hm6-223 Tree Ora May WAMPLER
PARKS hg6-310 Tree Lennie WAMPLER
PARNELL Lula (Lou) hm6-204 Tree George Elmer WAMPLER
PARRISH Juel hg7-7 Tree John Lewis WAMPLER
PARSONS Andrew Jackson hm6-272 Tree Louisa Emory WAMPLER
PASSWATER Hazel A hg6-72 Tree Nobel Eldo WAMPLER
PATE Andrew hm5-160 Tree Martha Jane WAMPLER
PATTEN Mary Elizabeth hg3-34 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
PATTERSON Harriet Ann hp5-113 Tree Lewis Miley WAMPLER
PATTERSON William mc2-63 Tree Susie WAMPLER
PATTON ? hm5-2 Tree Melissa WAMPLER
PAXTON Christina hm3-11 Tree Soloman (Solomon) WAMPLER
PAYNE Callie hm5-97 Tree Winfield Scott WAMPLER
PAYNE Louisa hm5-159 Tree William Robert WAMPLER
PEACOCK Howard hg6-186 Tree Ruby WAMPLER
PEARRE Martha M jc4-38 Tree William A WAMPLER
PEARSON Madison H hm5-229 Tree Sarah E WAMPLER
PEASE Naomi hp5-192 Tree Christian Stoner WAMPLER
PEAVERLY Patsy hm8-8 Tree James Anderson WAMPLER
PECK Hazel hg6-211 Tree Frank A WAMPLER
PECK Kathryn Elaine hg8-210 Tree Eric Martin WAMPLER
PECKHAM na5-17 Tree Claudia WAMPLER
PEIFFER Evelyn Mae hp7-16 Tree Whitfield Early WAMPLER Jr.
PELL Raiford Milton hm8-222 Tree Susan Louise WAMPLER
PENNELL Kathleen hp9-5 Tree Paul Kevin WAMPLER
PENNINGTON Greta hg5-153 Tree Willard Roscoe WAMPLER
PENNINGTON Robert hm7-154 Tree Maudline WAMPLER
PEPMEIER Rita Jo hg8-89 Tree Michael WAMPLER
PETERS Sylvia Mae Tilson na7-15 Tree Lyman Everette WAMPLER
PETERS Edna Velera hm6-53 Tree William Sylvester WAMPLER
PETERS Lucian hm6-64 Tree Mary Jane WAMPLER
PETERSON Donna mc2-39 Tree Ernest Gottfred WAMPFLER
PETIT Asahel H hg4-90 Tree Mary Jane WAMPLER
PHILLIPEE Catherine hg4-43 Tree Austin C WAMPLER
PHILLIPPE Eliz A hg5-77 Tree Franklin Pierce WAMPLER
PHILLIPPE Mary Malissa hg5-53 Tree Milton WAMPLER
PHILLIPS Joe hm6-10 Tree Hannah Caroline WAMPLER
PHILLIPS Jack na7-19 Tree Eva Josephine WAMPLER
PHILLIPS Mary E hg4-57 Tree David Fleming WAMPLER
PHILO Lewis Gage na6-2 Tree Maud Beatrice WAMPLER
PHLIEGER Mary Magdalena jc2-8 Tree Jacob WAMPLER
PICKERING Roger hm8-126 Tree Alice Marie WAMPLER
PICKLE Caroline hg4-68 Tree William Lane WAMPLER
PICKLE P. hg4-50 Tree Nancy J WAMPLER
PIEPER Elmer hg7-65 Tree Liveneviene WAMPLER
PIERCE Sidney mc1-118 Tree Mary Virginia WAMPLER
PINDELL Zelma Lee hg6-125 Tree Fleming Willis WAMPLER
PING Elizabeth hm4-63 Tree William Henry WAMPLER
PINKSTAFF - hg4-72 Tree Mary WAMPLER
PINKSTAFF Mary Susan hg5-147 Tree Andrew Felix WAMPLER
PLOUGH Pansy hg6-164 Tree Raymond William WAMPLER
PLUECK Joanne hg7-224 Tree Lee WAMPLER
POLING Eunice M hm6-113 Tree John Joshua (Pete) WAMPLER
POLLEY Noble C hm6-101 Tree Mary Elizabeth WAMPLER
POLLICH Kathryn a hg7-140 Tree Lee Roy WAMPLER
POOL Joyce hg6-262 Tree Graves Wythe WAMPLER
PORTER Mabel Elizabeth hg6-162 Tree John Zehner WAMPLER
PORTER Mary B hg4-140 Tree Mornington W WAMPLER
POST Bonnie Kaye hm8-223 Tree Darwin Doyle Jr WAMPLER
POTTS Joseph Douglas hm6-296 Tree Eva Belle WAMPLER
POWERS Esther hg7-177 Tree Lloyd C WAMPLER
PRATHER Roy S hg6-82 Tree Effie Kathleen WAMPLER
PRESLEY Belle hg5-294 Tree John Taze WAMPLER
PRESLEY Nell Fern hm7-242 Tree Elbert WAMPLER II
PRESLEY Parrott Everette hm7-30 Tree Maude WAMPLER
PRICE Joan hg4-70 Tree Milton WAMPLER
PRICE ? mc4-1 Tree Hazel WAMPLER
PRILL John hp5-32 Tree Eliz WAMPLER
PRINCE C. hm6-239 Tree Hugh WAMPLER
PRINCE William hm5-166 Tree Samantha WAMPLER
PROPHET Eula Catherine hp7-108 Tree Melvin Lee WAMPLER
PRUGH hm8-203 Tree Patricia WAMPLER
PULLEN Jennie hp5-203 Tree William Martin WAMPLER
PUTERBAUGH Catherine hp4-3 Tree Jesse WAMPLER

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