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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spV.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
VANCE William B. mc1-6 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
VASQUEZ Mary Ann hg8-214 Tree Danny Joe WAMPLER
VAUGHN Willis hm4-54 Tree Dulcina (Delsenna) WAMPLER
VAUGHT Andrew J hm4-52 Tree Sarah WAMPLER
VAUGHT Delcenia (Della) hm6-230 Tree John Washington WAMPLER
VAUGHT Henry hm3-23 Tree Mary Magdalena (Molly) WAMPLER
VAUGHT Malinda hg3-18 Tree Felix WAMPLER
VAUGHT Mary Jane hg4-145 Tree Austin Alexander WAMPLER
VAUGHT Peter hm3-16 Tree Mary Magdalene (Magdalena) (Molly) WAMPLER
VAUGHT Sarah Alice hg4-154 Tree Isaac Texas WAMPLER
VERNON David Wilkes hg8-125 Tree Dee Ann WAMPLER
VESSELY Elizabeth hg7-242 Tree Richard M WAMPLER
VEST hm7-283 Tree Teresa WAMPLER
VIDITOE Texie hm4-51 Tree Joseph WAMPLER
VINT Cynthia Ann hm4-27 Tree Jacob WAMPLER Jr
VINT Jane hg3-46 Tree Paris D WAMPLER
VINT Joshua hm4-32 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
VOGEL Paul Allen mc3-21 Tree Nancy Ann WAMPFLER

Select: , A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

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