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Wampler/Wampfler Spouse Surname Index,
File: index-spT.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.4

Each table lists the SURNAME OF THE SPOUSE, GIVEN NAME OF SPOUSE, the ID Tag where this entry is found in the database and the given name at that entry. Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
Given Name
ID Tag
Link to Tree
TANKSLEY Grace hm7-168 Tree William E WAMPLER
TARLETON Robert H. hg4-120 Tree Elizabeth S WAMPLER
TARNOW James hg7-13 Tree Betty Lee WAMPLER
TARR Raymond na7-5 Tree Ethyl F WAMPLER
TAYLOR Lavinia hp5-47 Tree Ephriam S WAMPLER
TAYLOR Bonnie hg6-171 Tree Walter Nathan WAMPLER
TAYLOR Dennis hg7-19 Tree Doris Kay WAMPLER
TAYLOR Fred hm7-177 Tree Bessie WAMPLER
TAYLOR George Barnes hm6-330 Tree Lucinda Elizabeth WAMPLER
TAYLOR Gladys K. hm6-303 Tree Carl Edward WAMPLER
TAYLOR Wanda F hm8-37 Tree Howard Douglas WAMPLER Jr
THOMAS Perry hm5-153 Tree Angeline WAMPLER
THOMAS Jennie hm4-106 Tree George Alfred WAMPLER
THOMAS Mitchell Levi hg5-237 Tree Corlie Easter WAMPLER
THOMAS Rev. Oliver hm7-286 Tree Josephine WAMPLER
THOMAS Velma hm7-87 Tree Wade H WAMPLER
THOMPSON Polly (Poly) mc1-1 Tree Joseph P WAMPLER
THOMPSON Sarah E hg5-50 Tree James Mitchell WAMPLER
THOMPSON Bessie Edith hm7-175 Tree Marshall Thomas WAMPLER
THOMPSON Ray hg6-11 Tree Zelema Ellen WAMPLER
THOMPSON Robert hm6-251 Tree Amy WAMPLER
THOMPSON Robert H. hp6-184 Tree Florence Etta WAMPLER
THOMPSON Scott hg5-133 Tree Cora M WAMPLER
THORN Olive hg6-91 Tree John Edward WAMPLER
THORNTON Luraney (Lurany) B hp5-48 Tree Amos WAMPLER
THORNTON Elizabeth R hp7-107 Tree Leonard WAMPLER
THORNTON Leo hg7-32 Tree Geraldine WAMPLER
THORNTON Milton hp5-46 Tree Catherine WAMPLER
THURMAN Danny hm7-205 Tree Amy WAMPLER
TILLER Perry hm7-35 Tree Roxie WAMPLER
TILLER Roy hm7-31 Tree Myrtle WAMPLER
TILLEY Judy Eliz hg8-104 Tree Allen Wayne WAMPLER
TN Susanna ? (1765->1850, Green Co hm2-4 Tree Michael WAMPLER Jr
TOBIAS Samuel Franklin hp7-65 Tree Pauline E WAMPLER
TOHILL Martha hg7-130 Tree Lloyd Ellsworth WAMPLER
TOITT Robyn hp8-5 Tree David Lee WAMPLER
TOLLEY Doris hp7-10 Tree John William WAMPLER
TOLLEY Doris E hp7-116 Tree John William WAMPLER
TOREY Edward hp6-234 Tree Esta WAMPLER
TRABANT Martha hg6-106 Tree Josiah WAMPLER
TRACEY ? na6-6 Tree Laura Estella WAMPLER
TRACHSEL John mc0-15 Tree Katherine WAMPFLER
TRACY Martha hg7-158 Tree Earl Eugene WAMPLER
TRASK Eugenia hg6-45 Tree Elrey Cloud (Elray) WAMPLER
TRAVIS Dorothy hg7-176 Tree Glasten Verl WAMPLER
TRAVIS Manuel L hm5-193 Tree Nolan V WAMPLER
TRITTEN Anna he0-8 Tree Johann Christian File: jc0-tre.html WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.e
TROITT Robyn Eloise hp8-78 Tree David Lee WAMPLER
TRONE Ellen Elizabeth mc1-43 Tree Daniel David WAMPLER
TROWBRIDGE Dovie hg7-75 Tree Charles Ralph WAMPLER
TRUAX Victoria hg6-29 Tree Bert S WAMPLER
TRUMBO Hanna jc3-1 Tree John Lewis WAMPLER
TUCKER Frank jc5-48 Tree Agnes Savannah WAMPLER
TUNNY Bruce hg8-27 Tree Cristi Lynne WAMPLER
TURNER John hp2-10 Tree Barbara WAMPLER
TURNER Mary Iowa hm6-20 Tree Elbert Ezra WAMPLER
TURNER Effie Jane hm6-90 Tree James Curtis WAMPLER
TURNER Ethel hp6-207 Tree Frank B WAMPLER
TURNER John jc2-7 Tree Barbara WAMPLER
TURNER John B hm6-23 Tree Hattie WAMPLER
TURNER John N hg3-3 Tree Elizabeth WAMPLER
TWIGG Mary hg5-8 Tree Tilman Milton WAMPLER
TWIGGS John hm6-10 Tree Hannah Caroline WAMPLER

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