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Descendants of Heinrich WAMPFLER of Diemtigen Switzerland


Last Update: 10-31-2011

True MAIN SOURCE: the book by Fred B. Wampler {fbw-2} and other references in the Bibliography

In the case of the immigrant families, this tree extends to other files as indicated by the Section and file name link at the progenitor of that branch.

Other sources are given on source lines (sc.) at the entries. In some cases sources are referenced by abreviations in {} at the individual database entries or by reference to another entry. For details and contacts for all sources see source list.

The format of this family tree file has each generation aligned vertically. See Appendix A.9. How to Read Family Trees.

To see an entry, click on the name in the family tree (Note: some of the data files are rather large (~250K bytes).

[he-3-1] Heinrich, WAMPFLER (1590) [he-2-1] Hans, WAMPFLER (1616) [he-1-1] Christian, WAMPFLER (1654) [he0-7] Hans Peter, WAMPFLER (1701) [he1-1] Anna Magdalena, WAMPFLER (1720) [he1-2] Hans Peter, Jr, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.d, File: hp1-tre.html (1722) [he1-3] Hans Michael, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.c, File: hm1-tre.html (1724) [he1-4] Anna Veronica (Fronica), WAMPFLER (1726) [he1-5] Anna Barbara, WAMPFLER (1729) [he1-6] Anna Elizabeth, WAMPFLER (1732) [he1-7] Anna Catherina, WAMPFLER (1734) [he1-8] Hans George, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.b, File: hg1-tre.html (1736) [he1-9] John (Hans) Adam, WAMPFLER (1930) [he2-6] Maria Barbara, , WAMPFLER [he1-10] Eva (Eve Mary), WAMPFLER (1738) [he0-8] Johann Christian, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.e, File: jc0-tre.html (1685) [he0-9] Anna Magdalena (Madlen), WAMPFLER (1692) [he0-10] Johannes (Hans), WAMPFLER (1696) [he1-11] Maria Eleonara, WAMPFLER [he1-12] Johann Tilman, WAMPFLER [he1-13] Anna Margaretha, WAMPFLER [he1-14] Eva Maria, WAMPFLER [he1-15] Johann Ludwig, WAMPFLER [he2-1] Johnn Ludwig, WAMPFLER [he2-2] Justina Eva Margaretha, WAMPFLER [he2-3] Johann Ludwig, WAMPFLER [he2-4] Susanna Catherina, WAMPFLER [he2-5] Johann Hartmut, WAMPFLER [he1-16] Georg Adam, WAMPFLER [he0-11] Johann Michael (Hans Michael), WAMPFLER (1702) [he1-17] Johann Michael, WAMPFLER (1736) [he1-18] Johann Jacob, WAMPFLER (1729) [he-1-2] Peter, WAMPFLER (1649) [he0-1] Anna, WAMPFLER [he0-2] Christian, WAMPFLER [he0-3] Peter, WAMPFLER [he0-4] Anna, WAMPFLER [he-1-3] Hans, WAMPFLER (1651) [he-1-4] Hans (Johannes), WAMPFLER (1660) [he0-5] Anna, WAMPFLER [he0-6] Christian, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.f, File: ja0-tre.html [he-1-5] Anna, WAMPFLER (1666)

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