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Wampler/Wampfler Database, File: he0


Last Update: 10-31-2011

NOTE: Children of same parent are not listed sequentially! see family tree.

MAIN SOURCE: the book by Fred B. Wampler {fbw-2} and other references in the Bibliography

This database is broken up into several files. The first file (he0) contains the European ancestors and relatives (Wampfler surname) of Hans Peter and Johann Christian Wampfler who immigrated to America in the 1740's. It also includes them and their siblings. Hans Peter's children are also in this file.

Johann Christian's children and their descendants are in a separate file (jc0) as are the descendants of each of Hans Peter's male children except Hans Adam (no current descendant info available) (three files, hg1, hm1 and hp1).

There is a separate file for the descendants and potential ancestors of Daniel Wampler (1770-1852), born in Maryland, died in Pennsylvania (file na0). His lineage may be from Hans Peter Jr. or from a 1708-1709 German immigrant. Most of the data supporting the latter lineage is in the form of a family tradition recorded by Edward Vance Wampler.

In addition, there is a file for the Jakob Wampfler line (ja0), a descendent of Hans Peter Sr.'s cousin Christian, and a file containing miscellaneous other entries (mc0).

In each case, the ID number starts with a letter identifier associated with the file. For example, he-2-1 is the ID number of Hans, son of Heinrich, who was two generations back from the immigrants to America. jc2-109 is the 109th person listed in the second generation after Johann Christian Wampfler who immigrated with his family in 1747 at the port of Philadelphia.

NOTE: With this numbering scheme the children of Hans Peter Sr. (files he0) and Johann Christian (file jc0) are listed as generation 1 even though they were also immigrants. In most cases, the progenitor of each branch of the various family trees is found in the he0.html file.

Follow this link to see Appendix A.9. How to Read a Database Entry.

Follow this link for information about Format & Abreviations, Appendix A.7.

Follow this link to read about the patrilineal form of this database, Section 2.1.


[he-3-1]  Heinrich, WAMPFLER
  b. ~1590, Diemtig Valley, Bern Canton, Switzerland
  m. Verena HERREN (~1592), ~1614, Switzerland
  r. Zwischenfluh; Diemtigen
  ch. Hans[he-2-1]
  l. [?]=>

[he-2-1]  Hans, WAMPFLER
  b. 1616, Zwischenfluh Switzerland
  c. 10Nov1916, Diemtigen
  d. <1714
  m. Magdalena KNUTTI (4Nov1621); 15Oct1647 Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland
  n. Magdalena daughter of Michael and Margaretta KNUTTI
  r. Diemtigen
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich=>

[he-1-1]  Christian, WAMPFLER
  b. 3Dec1654, Diemtigen, Bern Canton, Switzerland
  c. 7Dec1654
  d. 29Jan1715, Sparsbach, Alsace
  m. Magdalena GRUNER, ~1680, Sparsbach, Alsace
  r. Diemtigen; Sparsbach, Alsace
  sc. {kso}
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans=>

[he-1-2]  Peter, WAMPFLER
  b. 18Feb1649
  c. 18Feb1649
  m. Magdalena KUNZ
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans=>

[he-1-3]  Hans, WAMPFLER
  b. 2Jul1651
  c. 7Jul1651
  d. <1660
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans=>

[he-1-4]  Hans (Johannes), WAMPFLER
  b. 7Oct1660
  c. 7Oct1660
  m. Barbara KLOSSNER (1662)
  sc. Barbara's birth year from Betsy Johnson {bj}
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans=>

[he-1-5]  Anna, WAMPFLER
  b. 29Jul1666
  c. 29Jul1666
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans=>

[he0-1]  Anna, WAMPFLER
  c. 8Dec1695
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-2]Peter=>

[he0-2]  Christian, WAMPFLER
  c. 20Dec1705
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-2]Peter=>

[he0-3]  Peter, WAMPFLER
  c. 24Jun1708
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-2]Peter=>

[he0-4]  Anna, WAMPFLER
  c. 24Jan1712
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-2]Peter=>

[he0-5]  Anna, WAMPFLER
  c. 1701
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-4]Hans=>

[he0-6]  Christian, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.f, File: ja0-tre.html
  c. 26Dec1706
  m. Elsbeth BUELER
  n. [ja0-6]  Jakob, WAMPFLER, a descendent of Christian went to America sometime before 1888
  n.  In America this line retains the WAMPFLER spelling
  n. This link to the Jakob Wamplfler tree was established by Betsy Johnson {bj}
  n. The descendents of Christian continue.. Click Here
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-4]Hans=>

[he0-7]  Hans Peter, WAMPFLER
  b. 1701, Sparsbach, Alsace
  d. 24Apr1749, Lancaster Co. PA
  f. German Reformed or Lutheran
  m. Anna Veronica LUNG, ~1719{fbw-2}, ~1721{gaw}
  o. Linen Weaver
  re. Attended Lutheran Church at Cleona, PA {kso}
  r. Sparsbach, Alsace; Hinsingen, Alsace (-1749); Lancaster Co. PA
  n. see The Tracks of Peter Wampler
  n. {kso} gives details of his estate and its administration by wife
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian=>

[he0-8]  Johann Christian, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.e, File: jc0-tre.html
  b. 1685, Alsace
  d. America
  m. Anna TRITTEN (26Jan1686),14May1715
  o. Linen weaver
  n. For the descendents of Johann Christian click here
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian=>

[he0-9]  Anna Magdalena (Madlen), WAMPFLER
  b. 1692
  d. 16Jun1725, Keskastel
  m. Samuel METTAUER
  ch. Hans Jacob (1715), Johannes (1717-1717), Hans Peter (1718-1719),
  ch. Maria Magdalena (1719-1719), Samuel (1721-1721), Anna Barbara (1722-1723),
  ch. Maria Eva (1723-)
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian=>

[he0-10]  Johannes (Hans), WAMPFLER
  b. 1696, Sparsbach, Alsace
  d. 20Mar1776, Herbitzheim, Alsace
  m. 1) Anna Magdalena ?
  m. 2) Christina BREITENSTEIN (7Dec1728-Aug1755)
  m. 3) Ursula JOST (7Feb1757-21Sep1793)
  n. No children by Anna Magdalena
  o. Linen weaver
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian=>

[he0-11]  Johann Michael (Hans Michael), WAMPFLER
  b. 1702/03
  d. 29Dec1760, Sparsbach
  m. Anna Barbara ?, (-Apr1757), Sparsbach
  ch. other children?
  o. Linen weaver
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian=>

[he1-1]  Anna Magdalena, WAMPFLER
  b. 1720, Hinsingen, Alsace, 1727 {kso}
  c. 7JUN1720, Keskastel
  m. Mathias BOYER (BOGER) (1716-27Mar1784), 7Jan1746, Hill Lutheran Church, Lancaster Co PA
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA
  re. German Reformed or Lutheran
  ch. Christian (29Dec1747-29Jul1779), Maria Elizabeth (~1752), Mattias II (~1756), Johann Valentine (1758-1826), Anna Magdalena (1762)
  ch. (10Mar1756-), Valentine (10Mar1758-1826), Anna Magdalena (Nov1762)
  n. Mathias born in southern Germany, son of Hans Paulus and Anna Eva ---
  n. Mathias came to America with father in John Paul in 1732, took oath of allegiance 25May1784
  n. Matias fought in Revolution {kso}, DAR lists him as #AO11725
  sc. Some details from {bsw-j}2 p 17; some from {kso}
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-2]  Hans Peter, Jr, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.d, File: hp1-tre.html
  b. 1722, Hinsingen, Alsace
  c. 4AUG1722, Keskastel
  d. Jun1792, Frederick Co MD
  m. 1) ? Rebecca SNEITHER, 26Sep1743
  m. 2) Anna Barbara BRENNEISEN (-<1800), 26Sep1743?, Lancaster Co PA
  n. both of these marriages (same date) can't be correct, see note on death of Barbara below
  m. 3) Mary Barbara SNEITHER (-<20Jun1800), 
  o. Linen Weaver
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA; Frederick Co MD
  re. German Reformed or Lutheran converted to German Baptist Brethren 1754
  ch. 4 children (names unknown) carried off by Indians ~1757 in PA
  n. For the descendents of Hans Peter Jr click here
  n. List of baptisms by Pfautz into Conestoga Congregation of GBB give both Barbara and Peter baptised
  n.  with note next to Barbara "was killed under a tree". Suggest wife Barbara killed near date April 14, 1754
  n. see The Tracks of Peter Wampler
  sc. Notes above from A History of the German Baptist Brethren by Martin Grove Brumbaugh {mgb}
  sc. will, Liber G. M. No. 2, Folio 444, Frederick Co. MD
  sc. will gives names of 11 children, surnames of husbands of daugthers
  sc. names Barbara, previously Sneither, as last wife, mother of Joseph
  sc.   Wampler and Jacob Sneither inferred from Barbara's will
  sc.   Frederick Co. MD (Liber G. M. No. 3, Folio 392)
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-3]  Hans Michael, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.c, File: hm1-tre.html
  b. 1724, Hinsingen, Alsace
  c. 19Nov1724, Keskastel
  d. 1789, "abroad" {gaw} (or ?1804 {twl}); {kso} Rural Retreat, Wythe Co. VA
  m. 1) Anna Elizabeth ? (d. >1807), ~1750 Lancaster Co Pennsylvania
  m. 2) Cathy RYNOW
  mi. Robert Doack's Co of Militia in Lord Dunmore's War
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA; Fincastle Co (now Montgomery
  r. & Grayson Co.s) VA (~1773)
  re. Hill Lutheran Church, Lancaster Co PA; founder of St. Paul's
  re. Lutheran Church, Rural Retreat, VA
  n. His estate was settled in Wythe Co VA 15Jul1805. 
  n. A deed for settlement of estate found in Wytheville VA deed book 4 p.361-362
  n. For a tree of descendents of Hans Michael click here
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-4]  Anna Veronica (Fronica), WAMPFLER
  b. 5NOV1726, Hinsingen, Alsace
  c. 7NOV1726, Altweiler, Alsace
  m. Johann Jacob BRENNEISEN (17Sep1733), 13Jan1747, Hill Lutheran Church, Lancaster Co PA
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co PA
  re. German Reformed or Lutheran
  ch. Johann Michael (6Nov1747), Johann Jacob (29Sep1749), Anna Elizabeth
  ch. (1750)
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA
  n. She and Husband left Evangelical Lutheran Church and joined Dunkerds (Church of the Brethren)
  n.  This note is found in Henry Egle's Notes and Quiries, Vol 1898 p. 233
  n. The list of the Little Swatara Congregation,1770, Church of Brethren gives Jacob Breneisen and wife
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-5]  Anna Barbara, WAMPFLER
  b. 24Jul1729, Hinsingen, Alsace
  c. 24Jul1729, Altweiler, Alsace
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA
  re. German Reformed or Lutheran
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-6]  Anna Elizabeth, WAMPFLER
  b. 1732
  c. 3Dec1732, Hinsingen, Alsace
  d. 26Dec1732, Hinsingen
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace
  re. German Reformed or Lutheran
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-7]  Anna Catherina, WAMPFLER
  b. 1734
  c. 21Dec1734, Hinsingen, Alsace
  d. 9JAN1735, Hinsingen
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace
  re. German Reformed or Lutheran
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-8]  Hans George, WAMPFLER continues Section 2.5.b, File: hg1-tre.html
  b. 1736, Hinsingen, Alsace
  d. >31May1814, Rural Retreat, Wythe Co VA, bur St Paul's Lutheran Graveyard, rural Retreat VA
  m. Elizabeth STEFFEY (STEPHAN {gaw}) (b.7Dec1738 d.17Feb1807), 5Aug1758 Lancaster Co PA
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA; Wythe Co VA
  re. Lutheran
  n.  Will in Deed Book I-A dated 1May1814. Died in Wythe Co VA 
  n. is probably buried in St. Paul Luthern Cemetery (often referred to
  n. as the German Burial Ground in early records
  n. {ns} {kso} list death on 10May1815 buried in Rural Retreat
  n. {ns} Elizabeth daughter of Ulrich STEPHAN and Anna Marie SCHIRMER, she died in Rural Retreat VA
  n. For the descendents of Hans George click here
  sc. Norm Sechrest {ns}
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-9]  John (Hans) Adam, WAMPFLER
  b. 1930, Hinsingen, Alsas {kso}
  n. Not clear that this is child of Hans Peter
  n. but member of Hills Lutheran Church
  n. possible child [he2-6] Maria Barbara Wampler baptized Hill Lutheran Church, Lebanon Township, Lancaster Co PA, 21May1749
  n. 1750 Taxables place him in Lebanon Township, Lancaster Co PA
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-10]  Eva (Eve Mary), WAMPFLER
  b. 2Jun1738, Hinsingen, Alsace {MB says 2Jun1739, Botetourt VA}
  n. can't be Hans Peter's daughter or even of his line,if born in VA in 1739
  n. Fred Wampler, Book2, did not find a christening record for Eve.
  n. However, he also did not find one for Hans George (also son of Hans Peter)
  d. 1821, Montgomery Co. OH
  m. Henry A. KINSEY (KINCEY) (1746-9Mar1822)
  r. Hinsingen, Alsace; Lancaster Co. PA (if daughter of Hans Peter)
  n. The data recorded here are duplicates of data for Eve [hep2-1]
  n. Except for birth date & place
  n. Refer to the puzzle of Eva Wampler
  n. see also the puzzle of Eva Wampler, revisited
  sc. {bsw-j} #1
  ch. John W. (5Jul1762-Feb1846), Hannah (11Aug1764-<1834),
  ch.  Susannah (16Sep1766), Mary (15Nov1768-1839), Infant (11Sep1772)
  ch.  Elizabeth (26Nov1775-17Jun1848), Abraham (5Jun1777-20Aug1851),
  ch.  Sarah Solome (-1833)
  sc. For more information on descendents of Eva Wampler see Mark Black {mb}
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans=>

[he1-11]  Maria Eleonara, WAMPFLER
  c. 26Feb1731, Keskastel
  m. Carl BACH, 23May1749
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-12]  Johann Tilman, WAMPFLER
  c. 18May1734, Keskastel
  d. 31Jul1735
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-13]  Anna Margaretha, WAMPFLER
  c. 28Jun1738, Keskastel
  d. 28Dec1740
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-14]  Eva Maria, WAMPFLER
  c. 3Mar1757, Keskastel
  d. 6Jun1758
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-15]  Johann Ludwig, WAMPFLER
  c. 1Mar1759, Keskastel
  m. Maria Magdalena HECK, 7Mar1783
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-16]  Georg Adam, WAMPFLER
  c. 29Sep1761, Keskastel
  d. 11Oct1762
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-17]  Johann Michael, WAMPFLER
  b. Jan1736
  d. 4May1776, Sparsbach
  o. innkeeper
  m. Anna Margaretha STUTZMANN (1765-)
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he1-18]  Johann Jacob, WAMPFLER
  b. May1729
  d. 12Jan1776, Sparsbach
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he2-1]  Johnn Ludwig, WAMPFLER
  c. 10Oct1782, Keskastel/Herbitzheim
  d. 18Feb1786
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he2-2]  Justina Eva Margaretha, WAMPFLER
  c. 13Sep1784, Keskastel/Herbitzheim
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he2-3]  Johann Ludwig, WAMPFLER
  c. 23Sep1786, Keskastel/Herbitzheim
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he2-4]  Susanna Catherina, WAMPFLER
  c. 17Mar1789, Keskastel/Herbitzheim
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he2-5]  Johann Hartmut, WAMPFLER
  c. 21Nov1791, Keskastel/Herbitzheim
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->

[he2-6]  Maria Barbara, , WAMPFLER
  c. 21May1749, Hills Lutheran Church PA
  l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-1]Christian->[he0-7]Hans->

Acknowledgements: The information presented on these pages is taken from numerous sources. However, particular recognition and appreciation is due Terry L. Wampler (Cherryville, NC) who provided a large Microsoft Excel database of entries, a copy of the Barbara S. Wampler newsletters, and many other items of Wampler genealogy. Another import set of material that "bootstrapped" this web site was provided by J. M. Wampler of Chamblee, Georgia, who provided copies of materials compiled by his brother Galin L. Wampler who died in 1994. In turn, both of these sources depend heavily on published materials given in the bibliography.

This material is not for commercial use or sale.
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