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Summer 2002 Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy Newsletter

Section 1.8.a.9


As has been my recent behavior, this newsletter and my responses to your many helpful messages are late in coming. I have no excuse except for too many interests and not enough time. In any case, I truely appreciate all your mail messages and helpful material. With this newsletter I will have processed mail up to mid June, 2002. If you sent something and it does not appear on the Web site and/or you received no response to date (June 18, 2002), then your message probably fell through the cracks... JW

Those of you who have been involved with Wampler and Wampfler genealogy for some time will be interested in the recently provided linkage between the Wampflers and the Wamplers in America. This data supplied by Betsy Johnson now ties the family tree originally provided by Ted Thrasher to the descendants of Heinrich Wampfler. The new lineage of patriarch of this tree, [ja-3-1] Christen, WAMPFLER (1745), is

l. [he-3-1]Heinrich->[he-2-1]Hans->[he-1-4]Hans (Johannes)->[he0-6]Christian=>

I am trying to continue to organized the web site so that a printed version will make sense. Thus, the contents page will list everything on the site either as parts of the two major sections or the Appendex material. The real problem with printing it is the volume of material in the database itself. While everything else will fit in a 1" notebook, the printed database and family trees require 2 large notebooks. I'm trying to reformat these large files to have less white space and more information per printed page. I'll let you know when and if this works... JW

Change in Source References: In the interest of economy of space a source will now be mentioned only at one entry in the database and other entries will be by reference to that one.

For other changes and additions see the Updates Page.

The database if full of information in a dry and condensed format, but the lives that this information refers too have often been complex and exciting. Indeed, much of the material of interest in one of our family member's lives is in the details. Thus, I've begun to write short biographical sketches for selected individuals from the family where I have enough information to make a fairly complete story. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WRITING SUCH A SKETCH FOR ONE OF YOUR WAMPLER OR WAMPFLER ANCESTORS, PLEASE SUBMIT IT FOR CONSIDERATION. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A SKETCH OF ANY LIVING PERSON. FOR NOW, LET'S ONLY POST SKETCHES FOR PEOPLE BORN BEFORE 1900. KEEP THE WORD COUNT SOMEWHERE SHORT OF 3000 WORDS. PLEASE INCLUDE ALL REFERENCES AND DO NOT QUOTE PUBLISHED MATERIAL WITHOUT ATTRIBUTION. WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE FOR ACCOMPANYING PHOTOS. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT, EDIT OR REFORMAT ANY SUBMITTED MATERIAL.

The first two of these sketches are of

Philip Wampler [hp3-1] of Maryland and Ohio

Edward Wampler [hp4-2] of Dayton, Ohio, and Johnson County Missouri

This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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