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Late Fall 2000, Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy Newsletter
Last update: 8/4/'02

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With this newsletter the Wampler/Wamplfler Genealogy Web site contains data on 3257 individuals with the WAMPLER or WAMPFLER surname and on 1623 of their spouses. There are 1100 surnames represented in the database. The index to the individuals with the Wampler/Wampfler surname and the index to the spouse surnames both give direct access to the database entries for each individual. APPOLOGIES AGAIN...

As seems to be my habit, I've been very slow in responding to those of you who have sent in information and requests. Each contribution IS greatly appreciated. My only excuse the slow response is a funny one, I retired! This, of course, should have given me more time to answer e-mail and work on the web site, but...


After a long time receiving much help and data concerning the story of Eve WAMPLER, I've posted an update and several e-mail messages and other support information. These include:

The Puzzle of Eva Wampler, Revisited

Eve's Story from J. Derald Morgan

Misc. Records concerning Eve and Henry Kinsey family from John MacPhee

A summary of land records concerning Henry Kinsey from John MacPhee

A note concerning Jacob Wolf's (husband of Eve's daughter) military service from John MacPhee

Data on several different Henry Kinseys from David Kinzie

Transcript of the Will of Peter Wampler (1792)

Transcript of the Will of Barbara Wampler (1800)

Marguerite Stetson sent us copies of the E.V. Wampler notes and family tree that are central to The Puzzle of Daniel Wampler. This page has been updated and the data she provided has been linked in.

Central characters in the branch of Wamplers originating with Hans Peter Jr. and both of the Puzzles discussed above are the Peter Wamplers of colonial times. Several miscellaneous pieces of information have come to our attention that make a bit more sense of this puzzle. The new page "The Tracks of Peter Wampler" discusses and tabulates the various records we have in the 1740-1800 period. This page also includes some speculation on the lifetime of Hans Peter Jr.

MISC. Information:

Bob Balaka ( tells us that there is a Wampler Lake in Michigan near Brooklyn. The lake is about 1 mile by 3 miles. He would like more information on the historyof this lake.

Help Needed:

Al Weiler ( would like help with information on his grandfather "John Henry WAMPFLER who came to the US sometime around the late 1870's and settled in northeast Ohio."

Ben C. Evans ( would like information on Benny MERCY (b. 12/13/26), son of Jack D. WAMPLER, a farmer of Moshiem TN and Thelma A MERCY of the same location.

Several people have sent information about WAMPLERs and WAMPFLERs who served in the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Mike Wampler has started a database of the data for some of these and we will add to it and post it soon. Any additional information would be welcome.

Joe Cameron ( would like to know if there are original records of the marriage of Henry STEFFEY and Louisa PHILLIPPI, the parents of George WAMPLER's [hg2-4] wife Elizabeth.

Sidney C. Presley ( offers to share information on the Christopher [hm2-7] and Elizabeth Kettering WAMPLER family.

Dawn Eberly Wampler ( requests informaton on the David Benjamine WAMPLER family of Bridgewater VA.

Gail Ungerer ( is searching for information on Urie Savana WAMPLER (b. 18Apr1896), Green County TN. He married Myra Nell GILES.

Becky Carroll ( is looking for information and connections to the following line:

  Robert (b. 1836, Illinois) and Sarah ((b.~1836, Arkansas) WAMPLER
      William Robert (b. Jun1873, TX) and Allie Sanders? WAMPLER
           Claude WAMPLER (b. 20Aug1898-2Jul1951, Midland TX)
                  Carl Euian WAMPLER (b. 13Feb1921-Dec1975, Oklahoma City)
                      Carla Jean WAMPLER (b. 1944, Texas)
J. D. Newton ( is looking for information and connections to the following line:
  Jessee (b. VA) and Tabita Gibson WAMPLER
     Baxter Ola (b. 17Apr1863, Russell VA; d. 19Apr1932, Webster co. MO) and Mary Sutherland WAMPLER

SPECIAL THANKS to J. Derald Morgan, John MacPhee and David Kinzie for sending their data on Eve Wampler and Henry Kinsey and their family.

Sandy Wilson - supplied the surname of her grandfather Herbert's [hp5-119] wife, Ethey Louis EVANS.

Mike Wampler - Excel Database of military service records.

Charles Hillman - sent data on John Wesley HILLMAN, father of Nancy, wife of Nathaniel Buchannan WAMPLER.

Kathy Kane - information on her family.

Shirley M. Lloyd - sent information on Isaac Scomp WAMPLER [hg5-64] and his descendents.

Danny Wampler - sent information on the William Ray WAMPLER [hg4-128] family.

Donna Dixon - sent further information on Ephriam Ward WAMPLER [hg4-146].

Marguerite Stetson - sent copies of E. V. Wampler's journal notes mentioned by Barbara S. Wampler in her newsletters and of a family tree for the Daniel WAMPLER line [hp2-6] or [na3-1].

Randy Eutsler - data on Ada May EUTSLER, wife of Earnest (Ernest, Erie) WAMPLER [hm7-114].

Susan Wampler - update on Stephen Michel [hg8-15]

Paul Wampler - information on Harry Leeroy [hm7-117]

Bryan E. Wampler - information on the line of Isaac [hm4-55]

This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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