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E-mail 1 from John McPhee concerning Eve and Henry Kinsey

Appendix C.2


A few more items while Iím dwelling on Wamplers & Kinseys [Formating added]:

1. The HISTORY OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA [Franklin Ellis & Samuel Evans, Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1883, vol. I, pp 31-32] offers some details about the French and Indian War in the Lancaster county area and mentions that ď...several Indian forays were made in the region bordering the Susquehanna in the summer and fall of 1757, and also in the following year...". It states that 300 white prisoners were released by a treaty of Nov 1764, seven years after the abduction, and that a formal treaty was signed in 1765. I havenít found any lists of those 300 prisoners - and havenít searched much. I can email my transcript of this data if you havenít seen it. One would think such happy news would have been published - somewhere - in a newspaper or a military account

2. A brief reference to the abduction is found in HOLSINGER'S HISTORY OF THE TUNKERS & THE BRETHREN CHURCH [H.R. Holsinger; Bio. of Elder Elias Caylor; Pacific Press Publishing Co., Oakland, CA, 1901; reprinted 1962; p304] "... [John CAYLOR] married Salome KINSEY, whose mother [Eva WAMPLER] had been stolen by the hostile Indians, prior to the War of the Revolution, and had lived in captivity seven years, but had been restored to her friends by a treaty of peace, and married [Henry] KINSEY, whose daughter Salome now became the second wife of John CAYLORĒ

3. Another mystery is the signature of Henry Kinseyís wife in a document found in Montgomery county, OH, re the sale of his Virginia land, where she signed ďMaryĒ. This is the only record Iíve found wherein she used what I suspect was her middle name. I researched Bedford and Frankin county, Va. records for Henry Kinsey and found no other Henry Kinseys, nor have I found any others in Montgomery Co., OH in this particular time period so it must be the same couple. I would object fiercely to this hypothesis if I hadnít seen a similar case before - where Anna Elizabeth (Wagaman) Kinsey signed her name either Anna or Elizabeth or Betsey.

4. I received this cryptic record abstract from a Kinsey researcher and have not followed up on it, I eventually plan to get a photocopy to see if it refers to Wampler estate records or some transaction made by Henry and Eva which might suggest that they lived in Maryland before they settled in Va. This would upset my theory that they migrated directly to Va. from Pa. as tax records for Lancaster county, Pa. and Bedford county, Va. imply:

Maryland State Archives - Chancery Records 54 p 318 - Kinsey 1802/09/11 MdHR 17, 898-5679, MSA S 512-5719; 1/37/2/84, Eve w/o Henry Kinsey, Bill/Exhibit, 4 Sep 1802, Auditors Stmt, Oct 11, 1803, 126 Acres "Resurvey on Hunting Lott" to John Fox.
[Editor's NOTE: Sharon Mills had a note sent to here discussing this record: "...a complaint filed in Chancery Court, Frederick Co., MD by David Wampler ...against the [heirs] of Peter Wampler, deceased. Sept 04, 1802 reference, pp. 318-325, includes named heirs of Peter Wampler including Eve wife of Henry Kinzey (crossed out and replaced with Kinsey.) The researcher from whom I received this information is methodical and thorough. However, I suggest that someone look at this record. Perhaps it will clear up the matter of Eve parentage. Source: Chancery Court document, Frederick Co MD, June Term 1802, pp. 318-325."]

5. In the estate file for Henry Kinsey is a receipt for Eve Kinseyís coffin - apparently she died shortly after he did - the receipt is not dated.

6. I believe the traditional story that Henry and Eve Kinsey lived in Botetourt County, Va. is a little foggy - as is the date of 1738 - which is more likely Henryís birthdate than Evaís. Although I havenít looked into Botetourt records, there are sufficient land and tax records in Franklin county to suggest that he settled there in 1781/82 and he was definitely in Ohio by 1806. He continued to pay taxes on his Virginia land after he settled in Ohio, and finally sold it in 1809. This 100 acre tract was his original, Virginia purchase on the the north side of Cahes Knob or Knobs (now Cahas Mountain) and on Maggodee Creek. Several, related Kinsey families did in fact settle in Botetourt and stayed there long after Henry had left Virginia and I think that is why we find so many references to Botetourt in Kinsey records - another guess.

7. The name Jacob Wampler appears twice in a 1785 list of Bedford County, Va. petitioners. I donít know who this was, I figure he or they were related to Eva - it will take a Wampler specialist to solve this one. This and another petition are transcribed in the Virginia Genealogist, Vol.24, #3. The part of Bedford county where Henry Kinsey settled became part of Franklin in 1786.

CORRECTION: the two Virginia petitions are found in TVG vol. 24, #2 & #3.
...John MacPhee
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