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Wampler/Wampfler Given Name Index,
File: index-gnA.html

Last Update: 10-31-2011

Section 2.3

Each table gives the indexed words from the Given Name line of the entry (first names, middle names, aliases and alternates are all indexed here) followed by the Full Name, the ID Tag of the entry and the approximate birth year (if in the database). Click on the ID to load the database file and jump to the entry or click on the Tree link to see their family tree.
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NOTE: the ID Tag links in this table load FULL LENGTH database files. Some of these are quite large (>200KBytes).
ID Tag
Link to Tree
~Birth Year
A A Belle WAMPLER jc5-6 Tree 1858
A A L WAMPLER hg5-60 Tree  
A Alcoba A WAMPLER na6-28 Tree  
A Anna A WAMPLER hp4-62 Tree 1843
A Carl A WAMPLER hm6-196 Tree  
A Catherine A WAMPLER hm5-79 Tree 1860
A Clarence A WAMPLER hg5-295 Tree 1874
A Clarissa A N WAMPLER jc4-51 Tree  
A David A WAMPLER hm4-22 Tree 1844
A Ella A WAMPLER hm5-108 Tree  
A Ephriam A WAMPLER hp6-182 Tree  
A Francis (Frank) A WAMPLER jc4-42 Tree 1829
A Frank A WAMPLER hg6-211 Tree 1910
A Fredrick A WAMPLER hg6-278 Tree 1906
A Grace A WAMPLER hm4-40 Tree 1847
A Isaac A WAMPLER hg3-52 Tree 1812
A Issac A WAMPLER hm5-176 Tree 1867
A J A WAMPLER mc1-77 Tree  
A James A WAMPLER hm5-128 Tree 1868
A James A WAMPLER hm5-190 Tree 1870
A Jane A WAMPLER hg3-48 Tree  
A Janet A (Jana) WAMPLER hg8-224 Tree  
A Jason A WAMPLER hm9-90 Tree 1988
A John A WAMPLER hg5-58 Tree  
A John A WAMPLER hm4-81 Tree 1872
A Jon A WAMPLER hg8-142 Tree  
A Julia A WAMPLER hg4-121 Tree  
A Laura A WAMPLER hg5-91 Tree 1865
A Laura A WAMPLER hg5-261 Tree  
A Lawrence A WAMPLER mc2-9 Tree 1858
A Leonard A WAMPLER hm5-181 Tree 1891
A Lottie A WAMPLER na6-16 Tree  
A Malla A WAMPLER hm6-55 Tree 1895
A Margaret A WAMPLER hp5-194 Tree 1860
A Martha A WAMPLER hg5-210 Tree  
A Mary A WAMPLER hg7-4 Tree 1905
A Mary A WAMPLER hm5-47 Tree  
A Matilda A WAMPLER hg4-157 Tree 1861
A Milvia A WAMPLER na6-29 Tree  
A Minnie A WAMPLER hg5-132 Tree 1877
A Mollie A WAMPLER hg5-296 Tree 1866
A Nora A WAMPLER hg6-42 Tree  
A Ollie A (Ollia) WAMPLER hm6-27 Tree  
A Ollie A WAMPLER hm5-180 Tree 1895
A Paul A WAMPLER hp7-99 Tree 1905
A Pearl A WAMPLER hm6-41 Tree  
A Rachael A WAMPLER hm4-109 Tree ~1849
A Rebecca A WAMPLER hm4-37 Tree 1836
A Richard A WAMPLER hm6-360 Tree 1895
A Robert A WAMPLER hg6-197 Tree 1910
A Robert A WAMPLER hm6-146 Tree  
A Rosetta A WAMPLER hg5-84 Tree 1870
A Rufus A WAMPLER hm6-74 Tree  
A S A WAMPLER hg5-61 Tree  
A Sandy A WAMPLER hp6-222 Tree 1912
A Sarah A WAMPLER hg4-124 Tree  
A Seldon A WAMPLER hm6-30 Tree  
A Susan A WAMPLER hp5-28 Tree  
A Thornton A WAMPLER hg5-134 Tree 1885
A Wesley A WAMPLER mc1-110 Tree 1868
A William A WAMPLER hm5-25 Tree 1852
A William A WAMPLER hm6-340 Tree 1889
A William A WAMPLER jc4-38 Tree  
A. Mary A. WAMPLER hm4-18 Tree ~1823
A. Ronald A. WAMPLER Jr hp9-25 Tree 1971
Aaron Aaron WAMPLER hm6-210 Tree  
Aaron Aaron WAMPLER hm7-169 Tree 1889
Aaron Jason Aaron WAMPLER hm8-69 Tree 1972
Abel Charles Abel WAMPLER hm6-314 Tree 1906
Abigal Maria Abigal WAMPLER jc5-14 Tree 1856
Abraham Abraham Benjamin WAMPLER hg5-193 Tree 1873
Abraham Abraham WAMPLER hg4-62 Tree 1831
Abraham Abraham WAMPLER hm3-27 Tree 1800
Abraham Abraham WAMPLER jc3-15 Tree 1791
Abraham Abraham WAMPLER mc1-42 Tree 1841
Abraham Abraham WAMPLER Jr hm4-71 Tree 1832
Abraham Abraham Welch WAMPLER hg4-101 Tree 1849
Achel Maurice Achel WAMPLER hg7-122 Tree 1917
Ada Ada Crockett WAMPLER hg5-254 Tree ~1878
Ada Ada E WAMPLER hg5-207 Tree 1876
Ada Ada Naomi WAMPLER mc3-31 Tree  
Ada Ada Rebecca WAMPLER hp5-217 Tree 1888
Ada Ada WAMPLER hp6-11 Tree  
Adaline Adaline WAMPLER hg4-58 Tree 1849
Adaline Reba Adaline WAMPLER hp6-24 Tree 1907
Adam Adam E WAMPLER hm4-56 Tree 1855
Adam Adam WAMPLER hm3-21 Tree 1811
Adam Georg Adam WAMPFLER he1-16 Tree  
Adam Hans Adam WAMPLER jc1-8 Tree  
Adam John (Hans) Adam WAMPFLER he1-9 Tree 1930
Adamson Dale Adamson WAMPLER hp9-38 Tree 1974
Addie Addie WAMPLER hm5-83 Tree 1868
Addie Addie WAMPLER hm6-28 Tree  
Addison William Addison WAMPLER hm5-126 Tree 1862
Adelaide Adelaide WAMPLER mc4-11 Tree  
Adele Edith Adele WAMPLER hg7-89 Tree  
Adeline Millie Adeline WAMPLER hg6-225 Tree 1884
Adell Elaine Adell WAMPLER hg8-99 Tree  
Adison Adison WAMPLER hg5-1 Tree 1851
Adkins Margaret Adkins WAMPLER hg5-239 Tree 1883
Adlin Laura Adlin WAMPLER hg5-213 Tree 1851
Adney Adney WAMPLER hm6-344 Tree ~1893
Aeriadna Aeriadna Ruth (Ariadna) WAMPLER na6-5 Tree 1874
Agnes Agnes E WAMPLER hg6-172 Tree  
Agnes Agnes Savannah WAMPLER jc5-48 Tree ~1865
Agnes Agnes WAMPLER hm6-300 Tree 1899
Agnes Agnes WAMPLER hm7-38 Tree 1922
Agnes Annie Agnes WAMPLER hp6-16 Tree 1880
Agnes Lila Agnes WAMPLER hm6-225 Tree ~1883
Agness Agness Ann WAMPLER na6-20 Tree 1859
Al Roy Al WAMPLER hg8-102 Tree  
Alan Alan WAMPLER hm8-65 Tree 1962
Alan Bruce Alan WAMPLER hm9-88 Tree 1964
Alan Thomas Alan WAMPLER hg8-10 Tree 1960
Alana Mikayla Alana WAMPLER mc3-54 Tree 2003
Albert Albert Allen WAMPLER hm7-132 Tree 1938
Albert Albert Eldon (Mick) WAMPLER hg6-314 Tree 1900
Albert Albert Eldon WAMPLER hg6-149 Tree 1900
Albert Albert Jacob WAMPFLER mc2-35 Tree 1927
Albert Albert M WAMPLER hg4-127 Tree  
Albert Albert Mitchell WAMPLER hg6-65 Tree 1886
Albert Albert Victor WAMPLER hg5-283 Tree 1900
Albert Albert WAMPLER hg4-107 Tree  
Albert Albert WAMPLER hg6-226 Tree  
Albert Albert WAMPLER hm6-172 Tree  
Albert Albert WAMPLER na6-23 Tree 1868
Albert Charles Albert WAMPLER hm5-99 Tree 1873
Albert Charles Albert WAMPLER hm6-143 Tree  
Albert Clarence Albert WAMPLER hm6-163 Tree 1905
Albert Fred Albert WAMPFLER mc1-29 Tree 1910
Albert George Albert WAMPLER mc2-51 Tree 1873
Albert John Albert WAMPLER hm5-145 Tree  
Alberta Alberta Mae WAMPLER hp6-6 Tree 1898
Alberta Alberta W WAMPLER hg4-156 Tree  
Alberta Edna Alberta WAMPLER hm7-319 Tree 1913
Alberta Jessie Alberta WAMPLER hp6-170 Tree  
Alcoba Alcoba A WAMPLER na6-28 Tree  
Alda Alda L WAMPLER hg5-105 Tree  
Alda Alda May WAMPLER hp7-33 Tree 1908
Alda Mary Alda WAMPLER na7-13 Tree 1891
Aletha Aletha WAMPLER hg6-141 Tree  
Alexander Alexander Henry WAMPLER na5-1 Tree 1842
Alexander Alexander WAMPLER hm3-22 Tree 1812
Alexander Austin Alexander WAMPLER hg4-145 Tree 1845
Alexander Dexter Alexander WAMPLER hg6-94 Tree 1883
Alexander James Alexander WAMPLER hm5-175 Tree 1864
Alexander Ronald Alexander WAMPLER hp8-15 Tree 1948
Alexander Stephen Alexander WAMPLER hm4-60 Tree 1846
Alexandra Alexandra WAMPLER mc2-102 Tree  
Alfred Alfred Raymond WAMPLER hp6-45 Tree 1903
Alfred Alfred WAMPLER hg6-110 Tree 1899
Alfred Alfred WAMPLER hg6-157 Tree  
Alfred Alfred WAMPLER hg6-254 Tree  
Alfred Charles Alfred WAMPLER hm7-270 Tree  
Alfred Clarence Alfred (Alfred Clarence) WAMPLER hm6-54 Tree 1892
Alfred Clarence Alfred (Alfred Clarence) WAMPLER hm6-54 Tree 1892
Alfred George Alfred WAMPLER hm4-106 Tree 1846
Alice Alice Belle WAMPLER hm6-318 Tree 1915
Alice Alice Elaine WAMPLER na7-4 Tree 1911
Alice Alice Eliz WAMPLER hg5-117 Tree 1856
Alice Alice Gertrude WAMPLER na6-4 Tree 1872
Alice Alice Marie WAMPLER hm8-126 Tree  
Alice Alice May WAMPLER hg6-58 Tree 1923
Alice Alice Victoria WAMPLER hg4-142 Tree  
Alice Alice WAMPLER hg5-290 Tree 1861
Alice Alice WAMPLER hg6-166 Tree 1904
Alice Alice WAMPLER hg6-302 Tree  
Alice Alice WAMPLER hp8-55 Tree  
Alice Alice WAMPLER mc1-79 Tree  
Alice Barbara Alice WAMPLER hg7-22 Tree 1934
Alice Frances Alice (Fannie) WAMPLER hp5-80 Tree 1864
Alice Laura Alice WAMPLER hg5-240 Tree 1885
Alice Letha Alice WAMPLER hp6-70 Tree 1896
Alice Lydia Alice WAMPLER hp5-55 Tree 1872
Alice Maggie Alice WAMPLER hp5-73 Tree 1875
Alice Martha Alice WAMPLER jc4-15 Tree 1857
Alice Mary Alice WAMPLER hg5-40 Tree  
Alice Mary Alice WAMPLER hg7-193 Tree 1944
Alice Mary Alice WAMPLER mc1-122 Tree  
Alice Sarah Alice WAMPLER hm5-187 Tree 1860
Alice Surelda Alice WAMPLER hm6-11 Tree 1885
Alieen Alieen WAMPLER hg6-68 Tree  
Aline Leona Aline WAMPLER hg6-140 Tree  
Allan Allan Dahlin WAMPLER mc5-1 Tree 1931
Allan Allan Edwin WAMPLER mc6-1 Tree 1957
Allan Gregory Allan WAMPLER hg8-111 Tree  
Allan Kim Allan WAMPLER hg8-93 Tree  
Allen Albert Allen WAMPLER hm7-132 Tree 1938
Allen Allen C WAMPLER jc5-46 Tree 1860
Allen Allen James WAMPLER mc4-13 Tree  
Allen Allen Jones WAMPLER hg5-263 Tree  
Allen Allen Keith WAMPLER hm7-219 Tree 1935
Allen Allen WAMPLER hm6-343 Tree ~1899
Allen Allen Wayne WAMPLER hg8-104 Tree 1948
Allen Bertha Allen WAMPLER hg5-274 Tree  
Allen Christopher Allen WAMPLER hm8-90 Tree 1970
Allen Gregory Allen WAMPLER hg8-33 Tree 1964
Allen Henry Allen WAMPLER hg5-125 Tree 1864
Allen Jeffrey Allen WAMPLER hg8-35 Tree 1965
Allen Lonnie Allen WAMPLER hg9-15 Tree  
Allen Michael Allen WAMPLER hg8-154 Tree 1946
Allen Perry Allen WAMPLER hg8-181 Tree  
Allen Richard Allen WAMPLER mc1-71 Tree  
Allen Robert Allen WAMPLER hg7-112 Tree  
Allen Timothy Allen WAMPLER hm8-233 Tree 1958
Allen Wendell Allen WAMPLER hg7-48 Tree 1925
Allen Wesely Allen WAMPLER mc0-10 Tree 1959
Allene Allene R WAMPLER hp6-66 Tree 1907
Allyne Tracie Allyne WAMPLER hg8-200 Tree  
Alma Alma Elizabeth WAMPLER hm7-318 Tree 1912
Alma Alma WAMPLER hg6-165 Tree 1903
Alma Alma WAMPLER hm6-232 Tree 1879
Alma Mary Alma WAMPLER hg6-129 Tree  
Almira Dora Almira WAMPLER hm7-23 Tree 1901
Alonzo Alonzo WAMPLER hm6-207 Tree 1889
Alonzo Arnold Alonzo WAMPLER hg5-289 Tree 1869
Alphin Anne Alphin WAMPLER hp8-2 Tree 1972
AltaBelle AltaBelle WAMPLER hm6-208 Tree 1874
Alva Alva WAMPLER hm7-83 Tree  
Alverta Alverta Elizabeth WAMPLER hm6-313 Tree 1904
Alverta Alverta WAMPLER hg6-297 Tree  
Alverta Alverta WAMPLER na6-26 Tree  
Alvin Alvin Leon WAMPLER hm8-18 Tree 1946
Alvin Alvin WAMPLER hm6-363 Tree ~1895
Alvira Alvira Jane WAMPLER hg4-28 Tree  
Alvonia Alvonia WAMPLER hm6-323 Tree 1867
Amanda Amanda C WAMPLER hp5-99 Tree 1859
Amanda Amanda Ellen WAMPLER hm5-131 Tree  
Amanda Amanda Jane WAMPLER hm5-5 Tree 1849
Amanda Amanda Jane WAMPLER hm5-59 Tree 1854
Amanda Amanda Jane WAMPLER hm5-64 Tree 1848
Amanda Amanda Joanne WAMPLER hg9-11 Tree  
Amanda Amanda Kay WAMPLER na10-3 Tree 1986
Amanda Amanda WAMPLER hm4-33 Tree 1839
Amanda Anna Amanda WAMPLER jc5-12 Tree 1853
Amanda Lucy Amanda WAMPLER hg5-159 Tree 1856
Amber Amber Jo FLEMMING WAMPLER na10-4 Tree 1976
Amelia Amelia C WAMPLER mc1-45 Tree 1855
Amelia Amelia C WAMPLER mc2-49 Tree 1868
America America F WAMPLER hg4-138 Tree  
America America WAMPLER hg4-18 Tree  
America America WAMPLER hm5-155 Tree 1858
America Candace America WAMPLER hg5-297 Tree 1853
Amos Amos Jacob WAMPLER jc5-20 Tree 1870
Amos Amos WAMPLER hp5-22 Tree 1854
Amos Amos WAMPLER hp5-48 Tree 1858
Amy Amy Christine WAMPLER hm9-52 Tree  
Amy Amy Elaine WAMPLER hp9-23 Tree 1974
Amy Amy Jo WAMPLER na9-6 Tree 1971
Amy Amy Kristen WAMPLER hp9-31 Tree  
Amy Amy Lynne WAMPLER hm9-117 Tree 1981
Amy Amy M WAMPLER hm9-89 Tree 1985
Amy Amy Marie WAMPLER hp9-19 Tree 1964
Amy Amy Michelle WAMPLER hm9-46 Tree  
Amy Amy Myrtle WAMPLER hm6-133 Tree 1885
Amy Amy Rebecca WAMPLER hg6-212 Tree 1914
Amy Amy WAMPLER hg9-32 Tree  
Amy Amy WAMPLER hm6-251 Tree  
Amy Amy WAMPLER hm7-205 Tree  
Ancile Ancile Lee WAMPLER hg7-105 Tree 1930
Ancile Clyve Ancile WAMPLER hg6-118 Tree 1906
Anderson James Anderson WAMPLER hm6-1 Tree 1866
Anderson James Anderson WAMPLER hm8-8 Tree  
Anderson James Anderson WAMPLER Jr hm9-12 Tree  
Anderson John Anderson WAMPLER mc0-24 Tree 1845
Anderson Ray Anderson WAMPLER hg5-284 Tree  
Anderson William Anderson WAMPLER hm4-79 Tree 1851
Andrew Andrew Felix WAMPLER hg5-147 Tree 1874
Andrew Andrew Issac WAMPLER hg7-88 Tree  
Andrew Andrew Jack WAMPLER hg6-241 Tree 1917
Andrew Andrew Jackson WAMPLER hg4-98 Tree 1841
Andrew Andrew Jackson WAMPLER hg4-119 Tree 1848
Andrew Andrew Jackson WAMPLER hm4-66 Tree 1828
Andrew Andrew Jackson WAMPLER hm5-55 Tree 1839
Andrew Andrew Jackson WAMPLER hm5-151 Tree ~1851
Andrew Andrew M WAMPLER hm6-356 Tree  
Andrew Andrew WAMPLER hg3-39 Tree 1804
Andrew Andrew WAMPLER hm4-25 Tree 1817
Andrew Andrew WAMPLER hm4-93 Tree 1831
Andrew Andrew WAMPLER hm5-184 Tree 1853
Andrew Andrew WAMPLER hm9-124 Tree  
Andrew Andrew WAMPLER mc0-27 Tree  
Andrew John Andrew WAMPLER hm4-87 Tree 1829
Andrew Mark Andrew WAMPLER hg9-21 Tree 1971
Andrew Sam Andrew WAMPLER hg6-170 Tree 1913
Anemald Anemald (Ann E) (Anennald) WAMPLER hg4-108 Tree  
Anennald Anemald (Ann E) (Anennald) WAMPLER hg4-108 Tree  
Angela Angela D WAMPLER hg8-144 Tree  
Angela Angela WAMPLER hm8-70 Tree 1974
Angeline Angeline WAMPLER hg4-21 Tree 1825
Angeline Angeline WAMPLER hm5-153 Tree 1855
Angline Angline Victory WAMPLER hm6-273 Tree 1870
Anita Kathy Anita WAMPLER hm8-183 Tree 1951
Anjaline Hannah Mary Anjaline WAMPLER hp5-187 Tree 1868
Ann Agness Ann WAMPLER na6-20 Tree 1859
Ann Anemald (Ann E) (Anennald) WAMPLER hg4-108 Tree  
Ann Ann Catherine Swank WAMPLER jc4-5 Tree 1813
Ann Ann Elizabeth WAMPLER hg4-49 Tree 1831
Ann Ann Louisa WAMPLER hp5-45 Tree 1854
Ann Ann WAMPLER hm4-46 Tree 1838
Ann Ann WAMPLER hp2-4 Tree  
Ann Barbara Ann WAMPLER hg7-113 Tree  
Ann Barbara Ann WAMPLER hm9-25 Tree 1959
Ann Beth Ann WAMPLER hg8-77 Tree  
Ann Beth Ann WAMPLER hg8-140 Tree  
Ann Beth Ann WAMPLER hm9-87 Tree 1961
Ann Betty Ann WAMPLER hm8-236 Tree 1956
Ann Carolyn Ann WAMPFLER mc2-69 Tree 1932
Ann Christy Ann WAMPLER hg8-98 Tree  
Ann Clarissa Ann WAMPLER jc4-46 Tree 1837
Ann Cora Ann WAMPLER mc1-115 Tree 1881
Ann Danna Ann WAMPLER hm9-16 Tree 1961
Ann Deborah Ann WAMPLER hg8-75 Tree  
Ann Deborah Ann WAMPLER hm9-41 Tree  
Ann Debra Ann WAMPLER hg8-95 Tree  
Ann Dee Ann WAMPLER hg8-125 Tree 1964
Ann Dolores Ann WAMPLER hp8-31 Tree 1933
Ann Donna Ann WAMPLER hp7-70 Tree 1935
Ann Dorothy Ann WAMPLER hm6-111 Tree 1895
Ann Edna Ann WAMPLER hp6-139 Tree 1898
Ann Eliza Ann WAMPLER mc1-83 Tree 1856
Ann Elizabeth Ann (Betty) WAMPLER hm4-96 Tree 1841
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hg6-126 Tree  
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hg7-99 Tree 1969
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hg8-51 Tree 1961
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hm7-90 Tree 1932
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hm7-269 Tree  
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hp5-150 Tree 1858
Ann Elizabeth Ann WAMPLER hp8-48 Tree  
Ann Georgia Ann WAMPLER hg5-140 Tree 1886
Ann Janice Ann WAMPLER hm8-59 Tree 1932
Ann Joyce Ann WAMPLER hg8-4 Tree 1951
Ann Judith Ann WAMPLER hg7-23 Tree 1939
Ann Judith Ann WAMPLER hg7-73 Tree  
Ann Judith Ann WAMPLER hg8-24 Tree 1944
Ann Julia Ann DECKARD hp3-6 Tree 1837
Ann Julia Ann WAMPLER hg8-18 Tree 1956
Ann Julia Ann WAMPLER jc3-23 Tree 1816
Ann Julie Ann WAMPLER hg9-25 Tree 1971
Ann Juywina Ann WAMPLER hm10-15 Tree 1972
Ann Karen Ann WAMPLER hg8-108 Tree  
Ann Karrie Ann WAMPLER hg8-201 Tree  
Ann Kathy Ann WAMPLER hp8-39 Tree 1954
Ann Kimberly Ann WAMPLER hm9-33 Tree 1970
Ann Kimberly Ann WAMPLER hm9-137 Tree 1969
Ann Laura Ann WAMPLER hm6-6 Tree 1877
Ann Laurie Ann WAMPLER hp9-20 Tree 1965
Ann Lee Ann WAMPLER hg8-44 Tree 1963
Ann Lee Ann WAMPLER hp9-13 Tree 1957
Ann Lidia Ann WAMPLER hp5-159 Tree 1855
Ann Lillian Ann WAMPLER hm9-10 Tree  
Ann Lori Ann WAMPLER hg8-141 Tree  
Ann Lori Ann WAMPLER hm9-53 Tree 1964
Ann Lydia Ann WAMPLER hp8-17 Tree 1954
Ann Margaret Ann WAMPLER hg7-218 Tree  
Ann Martha Ann WAMPLER hg6-266 Tree  
Ann Martha Ann WAMPLER hm7-72 Tree  
Ann Mary Ann (Polly) WAMPLER hm4-53 Tree 1844
Ann Mary Ann (Polly) WAMPLER hg5-46 Tree 1839
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hg4-3 Tree ~1829
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hg4-87 Tree  
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hg4-171 Tree  
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hm4-61 Tree 1842
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hm5-82 Tree  
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hm6-328 Tree 1873
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hm7-120 Tree  
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hp4-1 Tree 1816
Ann Mary Ann WAMPLER hp5-12 Tree  
Ann Michelle Ann WAMPLER hp9-10 Tree 1966
Ann Monica Ann WAMPLER hg8-45 Tree 1955
Ann Myrtle Ann WAMPLER hm6-293 Tree 1890
Ann Nancy Ann WAMPFLER mc3-21 Tree 1964
Ann Nancy Ann WAMPLER hg4-64 Tree  
Ann Nancy Ann WAMPLER hg7-248 Tree  
Ann Nichole Ann WAMPLER hp9-11 Tree 1969
Ann Nikki Ann WAMPLER hg9-42 Tree 1984
Ann Patricia Ann WAMPLER hg8-180 Tree  
Ann Patricia Ann WAMPLER hm8-153 Tree  
Ann Phoebe Ann WAMPLER hg8-189 Tree 1950
Ann Phyllis Ann WAMPLER hg8-147 Tree  
Ann Rachel Ann WAMPLER hm5-56 Tree 1843
Ann Renee Ann WAMPLER hp9-9 Tree 1959
Ann Ruth Ann WAMPLER hp8-88 Tree 1954
Ann Sarah Ann WAMPLER hp6-106 Tree  
Ann Sarah Ann WAMPLER jc4-32 Tree  
Ann Shelley Ann WAMPLER hg8-134 Tree  
Ann Sue Ann WAMPLER hm8-87 Tree 1975
Ann Teresa Ann WAMPLER hg8-178 Tree  
Ann Theresa Ann WAMPLER hm9-32 Tree 1962
Ann Vicki Ann WAMPLER hg8-61 Tree  
Anna Anna A WAMPLER hp4-62 Tree 1843
Anna Anna Amanda WAMPLER jc5-12 Tree 1853
Anna Anna B WAMPLER hm6-95 Tree 1891
Anna Anna Barbara WAMPFLER he1-5 Tree 1729
Anna Anna Barbara WAMPFLER mc1-102 Tree 1840
Anna Anna Bell WAMPLER hm6-302 Tree 1893
Anna Anna Belle WAMPLER hp6-3 Tree 1883
Anna Anna Catherina WAMPFLER he1-7 Tree 1734
Anna Anna Catherine WAMPLER hp6-132 Tree 1879
Anna Anna E WAMPLER hg5-3 Tree 1856
Anna Anna Elizabeth WAMPFLER he1-6 Tree 1732
Anna Anna Elizabeth WAMPLER hg5-70 Tree 1864
Anna Anna Elizabeth WAMPLER hp6-110 Tree  
Anna Anna Justina WAMPLER jc2-15 Tree 1762
Anna Anna Laura WAMPLER hm5-8 Tree 1839
Anna Anna Liza WAMPLER hg5-282 Tree  
Anna Anna Lou WAMPLER hm7-301 Tree 1923
Anna Anna Louise WAMPLER hp4-12 Tree 1839
Anna Anna M WAMPLER na5-18 Tree  
Anna Anna Mae WAMPLER hm7-133 Tree  
Anna Anna Magdalena (Madlen) WAMPFLER he0-9 Tree 1692
Anna Anna Magdalena WAMPFLER he1-1 Tree 1720
Anna Anna Magdalena WAMPLER hg2-6 Tree 1772
Anna Anna Magdalena WAMPLER jc1-5 Tree  
Anna Anna Margaret WAMPLER jc2-16 Tree 1765
Anna Anna Margaretha WAMPFLER he1-13 Tree  
Anna Anna Margaretha WAMPLER jc2-3 Tree  
Anna Anna Marie WAMPLER hp8-67 Tree 1965
Anna Anna Marie WAMPLER jc3-31 Tree 1795
Anna Anna Marie WAMPLER jc6-2 Tree 1929
Anna Anna Mary (Maria) WAMPLER hm3-7 Tree 1795
Anna Anna Mary WAMPLER hg5-144 Tree 1893
Anna Anna Mary WAMPLER hm3-17 Tree 1796
Anna Anna Mary WAMPLER hp5-215 Tree 1881
Anna Anna Mathel WAMPLER hg6-47 Tree  
Anna Anna R WAMPLER hp6-99 Tree  
Anna Anna Rebecca WAMPLER hp5-71 Tree 1870
Anna Anna Rebecca WAMPLER jc4-14 Tree 1853
Anna Anna Rebecca WAMPLER mc1-54 Tree 1840
Anna Anna Rosina (Rosey) WAMPLER jc2-14 Tree 1756
Anna Anna T WAMPLER hg4-95 Tree 1849
Anna Anna Veronica (Fronica) WAMPFLER he1-4 Tree 1726
Anna Anna WAMPFLER he-1-5 Tree 1666
Anna Anna WAMPFLER he0-1 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPFLER he0-4 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPFLER he0-5 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPFLER mc1-87 Tree 1572
Anna Anna WAMPLER hg3-17 Tree 1809
Anna Anna WAMPLER hg3-31 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hg4-31 Tree 1815
Anna Anna WAMPLER hg5-168 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hm4-26 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hm5-221 Tree ~1906
Anna Anna WAMPLER hm6-122 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hm7-178 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hp3-12 Tree 1796
Anna Anna WAMPLER hp5-25 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hp5-151 Tree 1859
Anna Anna WAMPLER hp5-120 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER hp5-175 Tree 1852
Anna Anna WAMPLER hp7-19 Tree  
Anna Anna WAMPLER mc1-120 Tree 1862
Anna Anna WAMPLER mc4-15 Tree  
Anna Mildred Lee Anna (Leona) WAMPLER hp7-14 Tree 1916
Anne Anne Alphin WAMPLER hp8-2 Tree 1972
Anne Anne L WAMPLER jc5-37 Tree ~1835
Anne Barbara Anne WAMPLER hp5-79 Tree 1861
Anne Edith Anne WAMPLER hm8-194 Tree 1967
Anne Esther Anne WAMPLER mc3-37 Tree  
Anne Harriet Anne WAMPLER hm8-74 Tree  
Anne Jo Anne WAMPLER hm7-290 Tree 1931
Anne Wendy Anne WAMPLER na9-9 Tree 1947
Annetta Hazel Annetta WAMPLER hm7-116 Tree 1937
Annette Joyce Annette WAMPLER hg8-14 Tree 1957
Annette Penny Annette WAMPLER hm9-45 Tree  
Annie Annie Agnes WAMPLER hp6-16 Tree 1880
Annie Annie E WAMPLER jc4-28 Tree 1858
Annie Annie Elizabeth WAMPLER hg6-279 Tree 1907
Annie Annie Erwin WAMPLER mc2-105 Tree 1857
Annie Annie Lou WAMPLER hp6-153 Tree 1877
Annie Annie Rebecca WAMPLER hp5-102 Tree 1864
Annie Annie WAMPLER hp4-16 Tree 1813
Annie Annie WAMPLER hp4-53 Tree ~1839
Annie Annie WAMPLER hp5-145 Tree 1856
Annie Annie WAMPLER jc5-32 Tree  
Annie Annie WAMPLER na4-7 Tree 1814
Anthoni Anthoni WAMPFLER mc1-89 Tree 1580
Anthony Carson Anthony WAMPLER hm9-143 Tree 1983
Anthony John Anthony WAMPLFLER mc3-47 Tree 1970
Antonie Joseph Antonie Henry WAMPLER mc1-125 Tree  
Arabell Dollie Arabell WAMPLER hg5-163 Tree 1876
Arbutus Cuba Arbutus WAMPLER hm7-40 Tree 1955
Archibald Archibald Glen WAMPLER hg6-24 Tree 1905
Archibald Archibald Glen WAMPLER hg6-38 Tree  
Archie (Archie) Eugene WAMPLER hp7-26 Tree 1919
Archie Archie Ernest WAMPLER hp6-147 Tree 1894
Archie Archie WAMPLER hm7-85 Tree  
Archie Archie WAMPLER hp6-242 Tree ~1900
Arden Arden F WAMPLER mc1-112 Tree 1878
Arden Edwin Arden WAMPLER hg7-185 Tree 1936
Arden Phillip Arden WAMPLER hg8-179 Tree  
Argyle Argyle T WAMPLER hg7-178 Tree 1911
Argyle Roderick Argyle WAMPLER hg8-167 Tree 1933
Ariadna Aeriadna Ruth (Ariadna) WAMPLER na6-5 Tree 1874
Ariel Ariel J WAMPLER hp10-4 Tree 1993
Arkansas Arkansas WAMPLER hm5-154 Tree 1858
Arlena Arlena Gail WAMPLER hm8-85 Tree 1966
Arlene Mary Arlene WAMPLER hp6-120 Tree  
Arleta Arleta WAMPLER hg6-229 Tree 1896
Arlie Arlie Catherine (Katharine) WAMPLER hg6-81 Tree 1890
Arlington Fred Arlington WAMPLER hm8-91 Tree  
Armanda Mary Armanda WAMPLER jc4-23 Tree 1845
Armenda Arminda Jane (Armenda) WAMPLER hm5-11 Tree 1846
Armeta Armeta Mavis WAMPLER hg6-85 Tree 1899
Armettia Armettia Jane WAMPLER mc1-85 Tree 1851
Armilda Armilda WAMPLER hg4-114 Tree 1838
Arminda Arminda Jane (Armenda) WAMPLER hm5-11 Tree 1846
Arnett Phyllis Arnett WAMPLER hm8-76 Tree  
Arnold Arnold Alonzo WAMPLER hg5-289 Tree 1869
Arnold Arnold G WAMPLER hm6-70 Tree  
Arnold Arnold Garber WAMPLER hp7-43 Tree 1923
Arnold Arnold WAMPLER hm7-20 Tree  
Arnold Ray Arnold WAMPLER hm9-23 Tree 1957
Arthenia Arthenia P WAMPLER hm4-112 Tree 1852
Arthur Arthur Brink WAMPLER jc5-27 Tree 1891
Arthur Arthur Clyde WAMPLER hm6-134 Tree 1887
Arthur Arthur G WAMPLER hm6-147 Tree  
Arthur Arthur M WAMPLER hm7-304 Tree ~1909
Arthur Arthur Michael WAMPLER hp6-60 Tree 1903
Arthur Arthur W WAMPLER hm6-259 Tree 1892
Arthur Arthur WAMPLER hm7-29 Tree  
Arthur Arthur WAMPLER hp6-75 Tree  
Arthur Arthur WAMPLER mc1-124 Tree  
Arthur Charles Arthur WAMPLER hm9-31 Tree 1961
Arthur Charles Arthur WAMPLER hp6-178 Tree  
Arthur Daniel Arthur WAMPLER na6-8 Tree 1886
Arthur Jeffrey Arthur WAMPLER hp8-36 Tree 1946
Arthur John Arthur WAMPLER hg5-43 Tree 1855
Arvel Arvel Williams WAMPLER hg5-286 Tree  
Arvigene Dorothy Lavada Arvigene WAMPLER hg7-231 Tree 1922
Asa Asa Walter WAMPLER jc6-4 Tree 1892
Asahel Asahel Hezekiah (Zala) WAMPLER hg4-96 Tree 1865
Asahel Asahel WAMPLER hg5-191 Tree 1894
Ashbrook Miller Ashbrook WAMPLER hg6-26 Tree 1913
Ashley Ashley Nicole WAMPLER hm9-130 Tree 1980
Atlee Atlee W WAMPLER Jr. jc6-7 Tree 1914
Atlee Atlee Willis WAMPLER jc5-36 Tree 1871
Atlee Atlee Willis WAMPLER III jc7-1 Tree 1942
Atlee Atlee Willis WAMPLER IV jc8-1 Tree  
August August H WAMPLER jc4-48 Tree 1825
August August Leigh WAMPLER hg7-129 Tree 1919
Augusta Clarence Augusta WAMPLER hm5-223 Tree 1874
Augustus Augustus Haden WAMPLER hm4-105 Tree ~1831
Augustus Augustus Haden WAMPLER Jr hm5-234 Tree ~1876
Augustus Augustus WAMPLER mc1-61 Tree 1855
Augustus Cleo Augustus WAMPLER hm7-144 Tree 1914
Augustus Willard Augustus WAMPLER hg5-137 Tree 1875
Augustus William Augustus WAMPLER hg6-3 Tree  
Austin Austin Alexander WAMPLER hg4-145 Tree 1845
Austin Austin C WAMPLER hg3-47 Tree 1805
Austin Austin C WAMPLER hg4-43 Tree 1831
Austin Austin C WAMPLER hg4-122 Tree  
Austin Austin Emory WAMPLER hg5-216 Tree 1860
Austin Austin Eugene WAMPLER hg7-8 Tree 1912
Austin Austin WAMPLER hg4-106 Tree  
Austin Austin WAMPLER hg6-107 Tree  
Austin Austin WAMPLER hm5-57 Tree 1846
Austin Charles Austin WAMPLER hg6-5 Tree 1883
Austin John Austin WAMPLER hg5-230 Tree 1910
Austin Kent Austin WAMPLER hg6-259 Tree 1906
Austin Pearl Austin WAMPLER hg5-268 Tree  
Ava Ava WAMPLER hm6-26 Tree 1897
Ava Ava WAMPLER hm6-60 Tree  
Avah Avah WAMPLER hg6-64 Tree  

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