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Email 2 from John MacPhee concerning Eve and Henry Kinsey

Appendix C.3


[here are some more notes sent by John MacPhee, NOTE: Formating added:]

The attached file includes deed and land tax records for Henry Kinsey which suggest to me that Eve and Mary Kinsey were the same person. If I can prove that John Kinsey of Botetourt county, agent of Henry and Mary Kinsey of Montgomery county, Ohio, was the same John Kinsey who purchased 147.5 acres of Henry Kinsey's land in Montgomery county [OH] in 1815, then we will have further proof that Eve/Mary was his mother. Maybe some of your Wampler-Kinsey contacts have already looked into Botetourt records for this John Kinsey, my great great great grandfather.

I hope the publication of this additional mystery on the web page will stimulate further debate and research. If Mary wasn't Eve, then I'd sure like to know who she was!

John MacPhee

15 Sep 1784, Bedford co, VA; 100 acres more or less "on a branch of Magthay Creek on the south side & on the North side of Chahes Nobs crossing the forks of two branches..." purchased by Henry Kinsey from Thomas Arthur, both of Bedford county, for 30 pounds; book 7, pp 416-417.

[NOTE:]1786, Franklin co. was formed from parts of other counties, including part of Bedford co.
1 Sep 1794, Franklin co, VA; 328 acres on the North fork of Griffith's Creek, a branch of the Blackwater River, purchased by Henry Kinsy from Moses & Nancy Greer, all of Franklin co, for 150 pounds; book 3, p 178.

1797, 1798, 1799, 1802, 1803, Franklin co, VA; land tax records for these years show Henry Kinsey with 100 & 328 [or 326 - unclear] acres. These tax records establish that one Henry Kinsey was paying taxes on 100 and 328 acre tracts.

The following deeds show these two tracts were sold by Henry and Eve Kinsey in Franklin co, Va, and Henry and Mary Kinsey in Montgomery co, Ohio.

16 Aug 1804, Franklin co, VA; 598 acres on a branch of Little Creek sold by Henry & Eve Kinsey to Joseph Nafe, all of Franklin Co., for 300 pounds; book 4, p 637;

NOTE: When did Henry Kinsey purchase the 270 acres not yet accounted for? He had purchased 328 acres on Griffiths Creek in 1 Sep 1794 which was, as the details of the land boundaries in both of the deeds show, part of this 598 acre tract.
1804, Franklin co, VA; land tax records show Henry Kinsey with only 100 acres, his original purchase.

30 Jul 1806, record made in Montgomery co, OH and recorded with deeds in Franklin co, VA;

"... I Henry Kinsey of Montgomery County... Ohio... appoint John Kinsey of Botetourt County... Virginia my true & lawful attorney for me and in my name to ask demand and receive of Peter Kover of Franklin County... Virginia all monies due to me by bond or otherwise, & also whatever may be due to me as aforesaid from every other person within the sd. County of Franklin and... upon the receipt of the purchase money to make execute & deliver to the said Peter Kover a good warranty deed in fee simple for a tract of Land lying within the County of Franklin... on a branch of [Maggodee] Creek on the south side, and on the North side of Chahes Knob & is supposed to contain one hundred acres more or less, hereby satisfying... all legal acts of my sd. attorney which he may think proper to do or perform for me... as if I were personally Present...";

signed Henry & wife Mary Kinsey; power of attorney exhibited in Franklin co. court 2 Apr 1810; book 5, pp 700-701.

NOTE: it is likely that this John Kinsey was Henry’s son or another relative.

7 Oct 1809, Franklin co, VA; 100 acres on Magotty Creek & on the North side of Chahes Knobs sold by John Kinsey [relationship unstated] of Botetourt Co., Va., agent of Henry Kinsey, to Peter Coger of Franklin Co. for 100 pounds; book 5, p 697;
NOTE: This record was signed by John Kinsey who signed as the agent of Henry & Mary Kinsey.
The earliest, Montgomery co, Ohio record I have for John Kinsey, the son, is a land tax record for 1812 so he may have in fact resided in Botetourt co. after his marriage in Franklin co. in 1804.
This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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