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Family Record of E.V. Wampler
Uncle to D. Ray Wampler
Copied by Marguerite Stetson on July 8, 2000

Appendix C6

Last update: 7/8/'00

The following journal was kept by Edward Vance Wampler and is now in the hands of the widow of Donald Ray Wampler, son of Mortimer Clemmons Wampler. On July 4, Virginia Wampler, (Mrs, Donald Ray Wampler) loaned Marguerite Stetson the journal kept by Edward Vance showing the family lineage.

The following was copied from that journal:

The Thirty Year War or the Religious Conflict in the middle 1600 caused many and tremendous hardships among the German & Prussian People. The conflict was between the Roman Catholic and the Lutherans. The two main religions in the empire of Germany.

Prussia came into great power during this war. There was a strict selection of the nobelity (sic) as well as common people (men) to form the capable soldiers for this best diciplined (sic) army in all Europe.

They used this army to become one of the greatest powers ever. Punishing & killing any who were in their way.

During this time a officer of German Nobility by the name of Nathaniel Wampler fled for his life to excape (sic) death by the King or Kaiser. On a ship to America landing on the East Coast in apprx the year of 1708 or 1709. He settled in the State of Virginia.

Historians estimate that more than half of the population of Germany had been killed or had starved to death during the years of this war.

Most of the nations in Europe entered into this war for their own interests.


Office In German army at the time of the Spanish Succession 1702-13 fled to America in 1708 or 1709 and settled in Halifax County, Virginia leaving one son at death (i.e.) Peter Wampler.


First marriage was to a native girl who gave birth to one child, a son Nathanial Wampler named after his Grandfather, his mother dying at this birth.

Second marriage. Moved to Pennsylvania and married an English Lady of Rank.


When quite young moved to Indiana and raised a large family. Date of his first marriage not known.

Daniel Wampler son by second marriage was born April 27, 1770.



Born April 27, 1770 Died April 21, 1852

Catharine Champeno his wife was born January 14, 1778

Children born to them 12 in number were:

Elizabeth born December 6, 1803

Catharene " March 28, 1806

David " December 28, 1807

Susana " December 17, 1810

Daniel " April 12, 1812

Annie " November 26, 1814

Henry " December 16, 1815

Mary " August 27,. 1819

Joseph " June 3, 1822

Peter " October 14, 1824

Margret " August 23, 1828

Emmanuel " September 15, 1831


Born April 12, 1812

Married October 1839 @ Lousiana Missouri

America Henry his wife was born August 31, 1817 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Died July 21, 1894

Their children were:

Alexander Henry Born February 23, 1842

Catharine " June 28, 1851

Died July 20, 1907

Joseph Born October 5, 1845

Died June 12, 1868

Laura Born 1846

Sarah Born 1847

Died few weeks later


Born February 24, 1842

Married October 4, 1866 Died January 17, 1920 @ 7:15 p.m.

Josephine Clemmons his wife was

born January 4, 1846

died February 1, 1908 @ 4.17 p.m.

Married at Milton, Illinois. Immigrated to Kansas thence to Washington arriving in fall of 1879 at Olympia with the Washington Colony. Children born were:


Mortimer Clemmons Born July 1, 1867

Maud Beatrice " Feb 2, 1869

Edward Vance " Nov 3, 1870

Aeriadna Ruth " March 24, 1874

Laura Estelle " Sept 24, 1876

Henry Oscar " March 14, 1878

Daniel Arthur " June 17, 1886

Nina Elsie " July 13, 1888

Alice Gertrude " Aug 2, 1872

Died before her first year 1873 buried

in Hutchinson Cemetary Kansas

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