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E-mail 1: from David Kinzie regarding Eve and Henry Kinsey

Appendix C.1


The Frederick Co., MD area finds also a Henry Kinsey, son of Christian Kuntzy. This Henry would be the uncle to Eva's husband Henry. To further complicate matters, this elder Henry also had a son Henry.

Now the elder Henry married a woman by the name of Barbara, and he was born about 1742 and died about 1839. If you note the birthdate, it is very similar to that assigned to Eva's Henry.

What we do know, according to Christian's will of 1774 in Berks Co. PA he mentions the elder Henry and also mentions Henry, the son of his deceased son Johannas. The younger Henry, and the one assumed to be the husband of Eva was mentioned in the will as "already received his share of the land". Now, common sense would tell us in 1774 this younger Henry would have been near legal age to obtain land on his own, which I'm assuming would be close to 21 years. The other 3 children of the deseased Johannas were mentioned in a manner which would lead one to believe they had not yet attained legal age. All this taken into consideration, and given a lot of room for speculation I would guess the younger Henry (and the one assumed to be the Henry identified in Montgomery Co., OH) to be born somewhere nearer 1750.

Now, to further confuse the issue, as if I haven't done enough. In the Maryland area there is also other lines of Kinsey's completely seperate from the above mentioned Christain. One line was mostly Quakers and decends from David Kinsey. Another line is the Hugh Kinsey Line, then throw in a John Kinsey line and we suddenly find the possiblity of a host of Kinsey's in the area.

Most of the researchers working on the Eva and Henry line assign him as the son of the deseased Johannas of the Christian line, However in 27 years of research I've not found one shread of evidence to prove this theroy. And if he is the G'son of Christian somebody is going to have to explain the B'date confusion.

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