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Wampler/Wampfler NewsLetter, Oct. 1996

Section 1.8.a.1


Wampfler/Wampler Genealogists and Family Members:

As per my previous messages to many of you, I have combined the information that you as a group have provided and some modest research of my own to post a preliminary version of a web page for the Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy. Currently the major resource is a database of ~2800 persons, the descendants of Heinrich Wampfler and his descendant immigrants to America in the 1740's. I have also placed some limited information on a couple of other immigrant families in the Family Trees section.

The big holes in this material are as follows:

     1) descendants of Daniel Wampler who arrived on board the Junius
          from San Salvador, Brazil in 1818
     2) descendants of Juan and Lewis Wamfler, farmers, who arrived on
          board the Providence in 1832 at the Port of Baltimore
     3) descendants of J. P. Wampfler who arrived from Herbitzheim, Alsace
          in 1837
     4) more recent descendants of Johann Christian Wampfler
     5) descendants and ancestors of the 1900's immigrants, particularly
          those that retained the Wampfler spelling.

The home page is at--

This biggest contributions came from Terry L. Wampler, Galen Wampler (provided by his brother Marion) and the books of Fred B. Wampler. These and other sources are acknowledged in more detail on the Bibliography page.

Any and all feedback on this material will be appreciated..JW

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