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2011 Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy Newsletter

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I am reviving the "Newsletter" idea after a long hiatus so that a variety of information about contributors, about the site itself and about changes in it are in one convenient place. Still, "Newsletter" is a misnomer, since I will not be sending it out to a mailing list. We all have too much spam in our mailboxes as is. For now, it will be linked to the main page and highlighted there.

The contents are:

An announcement of a change in Web hosting
Notes of updates
In Memorium: Donna Wharton and Peggy Zink
Descendants of Michael Wampler (1724-1789) Recognized by the DAR
Important Acknowledgments


Return to TOP of page One reason for the changes detailed here is because maintenance of the site itself has been lax for so long. It has become difficult to edit the site where it was hosted and I let those little things get me out of the habits necessary to keep it up. Recently, I was encourage by one of your e-mails to make the effort to bring the site more up-to-date. Since the difficulties with editing it at the University could not be resolved (even with technical support's help), I decided to move it to another host. So the first announcement of this Newsletter is that the SITE HAS MOVED! The new URL is:


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The form and format of the site will stay the same with a few simple additions. The updates page will continue to keep you apprised of the changes as they occur. I won't repeat that information here.


Return to TOP of page Thanks to Heather McCaine for letting us know that Donna Ann Wampler Wharton has died. Donna's obituary is linked here:

Both Donna (1935-2011) and her sister Peggy Zink (1930-2003) (see obituary) were very kind to my wife and I when we visited Knob Noster on a couple of occasions. They showed us the original house built by my great-great-grandfather, Edward Wampler, the location of the Church built with bricks made on the farm, the Wampler Cemetery north of town and some wonderful family pictures from family reunions and Brethren "Love Feasts" held in the area. Sadly, the house has outlived another generation of Wamplers-- a testimony to the quality of the bricks, the skill of the builders and careful maintenance by their family over the years. For more about Edward and his house, CLick Here.


Return to TOP of page Stevie Hughes, a descendant through Michael Wampler Jr. who took his family to Greene Co, TN about 1810 wrote to let us know that the Greene County, TN, branch of the family has been recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) under the service of (Hans) Michael Wampler Sr of Wythe County, VA.

The ancestor search engine at Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Research System lists George Wampler (~1756), George Wampler (1736), John Wampler (~1745), John Wampler (1761) and Michael Wampler Sr. (1724). The descendants search gives 257 entries associated with these Wamplers and Wampler women that married into other DAR families.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Recent Contributions to the Site

Return to TOP of page Another reason for reviving the "Newsletter" is to acknowledge some very important contributions to the continuation of this project. Some published works make big contributions by giving us substantial groups from one or more of the family trees represented here. I've added an annotated reference list to the resources group of pages. This page details more carefully the full reference, where you can find the source and, in some cases, what you might expect to find there. For this update, the Hurley book was particularly helpful adding to the data on the Hans Michael line. The Kundahl book on the Confederate engineer, John Morris Wampler, and a biographical sketch of his son, James Thomas Wampler, gave us another unlinked line of Wampler starting with [mc0-39] Thomas Jefferson Wampler.

As the Internet grows with so much useful genealogical material, there are some very useful new web sites (see here) as well as some much updated older ones. The list of sites with specific Wampler information has been updated. Of particular help to this update is the "Rudisill, Sponseller, Deardorff, Blettner and Allied Families" site maintained by Vanessa Rudisill Stern. Her World Connect pages linked there have data on 109 Wamplers and many allied families.

Still, the contributions from mail and e-mail communications continue to be very valuable. The following are acknowledged for sending in a block of material that expanded our database significantly. The abbreviations in {} brackets point to the Bibliography.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Don Matson's Early Contributions

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