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John Wampler, 1855 Will

Appendix B.2.e


Transcript of: John Wampler will, dated 19Feb1855

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Source: Will book 3, page 174, Tazwell County VA


In name of God Amen Know all men that I John Wampler, in the town of Jeffersonville, Tazwell Co. Va. being in a sound state of mind do name this to be my last will and testament, First, I bequeath to my wife Catherine Wampler the sum of two dollars lawful money of Virginia to be paid to her within twelve months after my decease. Secondly, I will and bequeath t omy beloved daughters Elizabeth and Polly Ann Wampler all the balance of the money which is due me after the payment of all my debts is made to be paid to them on the day that they receive their twenty First year of age to be equally divided between them the proceeds to be invested in Bank by John W. Johnston. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of witnesses.

/s/ John Wampler

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