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Who's This Wampler?

Section 2.8

Last update: 9/26/'11

This page is devoted to those Wampler/Wampfler's of unknown lineage where a public record exists, but where we don't know how or if they are related to others in the database. The miscellaneous family trees of the file mc0-tre.html give the known descendents of some of these people (indicated by an ID-tag).

Who's....(Bill) William WAMPLER, born September 1867 who married Lineller Edna BROWN?
This query was about Charles [mc0-6], but was pushed back one generation by data from Randall Curtis Wampler. This data was merged with the original data from his third cousin Kimberly A. Wampler. It expanded the tree with siblings of Charles and some of their decendants.

Who's....Eveline Wampler POFF (26Jan1844), married John David MILLER on 2Feb1859.
Eveline may have been dau of Charles POFF and Mary HEDERICK where Mary was daughter of William and Eveline WAMPLER HEDERICK (b. 12Aug1778, m. 20Jun1798, r. Wythe Co VA). Info from Eric Walden,

Who's....Fred WAMPFLER, 1890's immigrant?
Fred [mc0-3] (with his brothers John and Jacob) immigrated from Switzerland and settled in Wisconsin (from Ivan Wampfler).

Who's....Gustavus Vint WAMPLER (female) who married Eliza Sussana BARNITZ?
see line at [mc0-12](source: Swope Family History).

Who's....Henry WAMPLER who married Teresa Marie POINSETTE?
Henry died in 1932 in Merryville MI. He and Teresa had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann (info from Kim Jackson).

Who's....Jacob WAMPLER, pioneer of Westmoreland County PA?
Jacob [mc0-1] settled in Westmoreland County PA. His son, Joseph [mc1-1], was an early (perhaps the earliest) microscope and telescope maker in our country (see the 1998 Newsletter). Jacob's ancestry is not known (see notes at his entry).

Who's....Jacob WAMPFLER who immigrated around 1900?
Jacob [mc0-4], with brothers Fred and John came to America from Switzerland and settled in Wisconsin. (from Ivan Wampfler).

Who's....Jonathon (Jonathan) W. WAMPLER buried in the Wampler Cemetery, Norton, Wise Co.
VA. Born April 11, 1882, Died July 18, 1981, married Eva Wampler also buried there, born Nov. 14, 1882, died Sept. 17, 1972. Cemetery listing on

Who's....Johannetta WAMPFLER who immigrated in 1828 with Nicolaus Willig?
Johannetta (Henrietta) and Nicolaus settled in New Orleans. Henrietta born 1813 in Herbitzheim, Alsace Lorraine and died 7Feb1894 in New Orleans LA. Nicolaus also from Alsace Lorraine. Children were Sophia (25Jan1836); Charlotte (25Jan1836); Annetta (9Sep1845); Louise (20Mar1839); John (18Sep1843). All info from Heather Wright {hew}.

Who's....John WAMPFLER who immigrated around 1900?
John [mc0-2], with brothers Fred and Jacob came to America from Switzerland and settled in Wisconsin. (from Ivan Wampfler).

Who's....John Henry WAMPFLER, 1870's imigrant?
John settled in northeast Ohio (info from Al Weiler).

Who's....Joseph WAMPLER who married Rachel MILLS?
Joseph and Rachel lived in Madison Co. IN and he died in the 1860's (info from Shawn Gray).

Who's....Mary WAMPLER daughter of Solomon, married Adam FRY.
Who's....Packard G WAMPLER from Jasper Co Missouri 1900 census.
Packard married Emily M AUSTIN (b. Webb City MO, 10Jun1908). source: Lisa Vaughan {ljv}

Who's....Reese WAMPLER of Montana who married a JORDAN around 1880. (info from Rebecca Mock,
Who's....Rhear WAMPLER born 20Oct1895, died 13Dec1897. Buried in Jasper Co. MO

Who's....Robert WAMPLER, husband of Sarah and father of William Robert? Line starting with [mc0-29].
Who's...Rolle WAMPLER listed in Jasper Co, MO records.

Who's....Ronald Maston WAMPLER, husband of Mary Jane MCCARTY and father of Ronald Paul (m. Edna Shirley PALMEROY)? This family mostly in Ohio. Info from Kae Wampler
Who's....Walter Jack WAMPLER, born around 1910, Wytheville VA, married Katherine UMBERGER (~1861). Walter's mother named Josephine.

Who's....William H WAMPLER, a farmer and teacher, born around 1857, married Rosa KOONTZ (~1861), both born in Missouri. They had a child, William, born 25Nov1883, McDonald Twp, Jasper Co, MO.

Who's....Ulrich WAMPLER of late 1700's PA?
Ulrich is found in several early records along with other of our immigrant Wamplers. Assessment records of Lebanon Township (then of Lancaster County) in Pennsylvania in 1750 and 1755 list Ulrich as well as Michael and Matthias Boger (husband of Anna Magdalena Wampler). Ulrich is a common name in the records of Swiss Wampflers that were found by Fred Wampler (1986 book, chapter 14).

Who's....Urie Savana WAMPLER who married Myra Nell GILES?
Urie was born 18Apr1896 in Green County TN. (info from Gail Ungerer).

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