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The Wampler/Wampfler Surname Database

Section 2.6

Last update: 03/02/'04

The database now (3/2004) contains about 3900 names for Wamplers and Wampflers descendents most linked to a single progenitor, Heinrich Wampfler of the Diemtigen valley in Switzerland. In addition, about 1300 different spouse surnames and over 1900 spouse names are indexed. The records that we have concerning the spouses are all found with their husband's or wife's entry.

Searching for people in the database is done using the (2.3) Given Name Index, the (2.4) Spouse Surname Index or the (2.5) family tree pages where a click on the ID tag will load the appropriate database subset and jump to the entry for that particular person.

The database subsets may be downloaded here or by clicking on an entry in the Index pages (approximate file size in parenthesis). If you download these files, you may easily search them for individuals and/or family groups using the search character strings described in Appendix A.8:
a. The Heinrich Wampfler and his European born descendents. (16K).

b. The descendents of Hans George Wampfler (241K).

c. The descendents of Hans Michael Wampfler (251K).

d. The descendents of Hans Peter Wampfler JR (152K).

e. The descendents of Johann Christian Wampfler (32K).

f. Ancestors and descendants of Jakob Wampfler (immigrant ~1888) (9K).

g. The possible ancestors and descendants of Daniel Wampler of Armstrong Co. PA (36K).

h. A set of misc. trees unlinked to the others (44K).

This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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