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iii. Contacts

Last update: 9/26/'11

We are intersted in building our database of Wampler and Wampfler ancestors and in recording anecdotes, stories, and other biographical data. Limited amounts of narative information can be incorporated into the database files themselves as notation lines. More extensive biographical data can be included on the Biographies pages. Please see the guidelines for submitting a biographical sketch.

Before submitting data, please review the Database Policies Document, Section 2.7.

A. For quidelines for sending a small amount of data for the Database, (see Below)

B. For guidelines for sending a larger amount of data(see Below)

Addresses for most of the folks who have submitted data are found on the resources pages, Section 1.9.f. For your data to be included, you must provide your name, address and contact (phone number or e-mail address) information and agree to have your name and contact information included on the resources page.

A. Guideline for sending a small amount of data for the Database

An entry from the database (illustrated above) shows the basic information we need to construct an entry. To link a new person into the existing data, we need to know about their parents, grandparents and other relatives. NOTE: ID numbers are assigned by the site administrator, please do not try to assign these numbers. However, if you are updating existing information for someone already in the database or know the ID number of a relative from the database, then please do give that ID number to properly link your data to the rest.

You may send data by e-mail to the site adminstrator (see address below). If you send it this way, please follow the format detailed below.

Please use the subject line: Data for the Wf-Database

Use the first line of your message to describe the type of information, for example:

Updated information on [hg3-9] Henry WAMPLER Next, give the source for your information, for example: A record in the book "Wythe County VA Genealogy," page 115, in the Wythe County public library gives and then give the information itself, for example: his birth date as May 11th, 1790. Finally, give your contact information (name, address and e-mail contact and/or phone number): My contact information is: Joe Wampler
100 County Road
Wythe, VA

B. Guidelines for Sending a Larger Amount of Data

If you have large amounts of data, it is probably more convenient to submit it by mailing a CD or DVD containing the data. Data may be in a simple Text, Word Perfect or Word file. GEDCOM text files from programs like Family Tree Maker (R) or an Excel (R) database file are also acceptable. In any case keep the format simple, one item to a line or comma or tab separated. Printed material may also be sent, but it may take longer to process. Mail your material to the address below.

IF YOU WISH TO SUBMIT DATA AS AN E-MAIL ATTACHMENT, PLEASE CONTACT THE WEB SITE ADMINISTRATOR AT THE E-MAIL ADDRESS BELOW WITH A DESCRIPTION. If you send e-mail with data, you MUST clearly identify yourself as source with your name, address and a contact e-mail address. If you include attachments, the message text must clearly identify and describe the nature of the attachment in specific detail or it will be discarded.

Submitters should examine the policy statement concerning these pages. Submitters MUST provide a mailing address and e-mail contact address or phone number. Please also indicate, if you want put your mailing address on the web pages. Submitters names and e-mail contact (or phone number) are automatically included in the source reference for the database. No data received via e-mail will be posted without the submitters name and e-mail contact address (or phone number) or without a mailing address on record.

You may also submit data for archiving that you do not want included on the web pages. Such information will be treated as a personal correspondence and kept in off-line records. You must make it explicitly clear what data you wish to remain private.

Please examine the format of entries in the database before submitting your data and, if possible, follow the punctuation and abbreviations illustrated there. If that is not possible, please clearly indicated the meaning of any punctuation, abreviations or other symbolism used.

If you wish to send a correction or message concerning a particular database entry by email (see above), please give the IDtag from the database for the entry you are discussing.

This material is not for commercial use or sale.
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