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John Wampler, 1841 Will

Appendix B.2.d


Transcript of: John Wampler will, signed 1841 ammended 1844, probated 8July1844.

Transcribed by: Barbara S. Wampler (newsletter Book 2).

Source: Wythe county VA, Will Book 6, page 225

Executor: George Wampler (refused, see below)

I, John Wampler of Wythe County and State of Virginia, do make [my] last will and testament and form as followeth that is to say;

1st I want all my just debts paid as soon as possible.

2nd It is my will that my beloved wife Susanna Wampler shall keep possession of all my plantation as long as she remains in widowhood, and if it shall appear to her that she can sell the plantation to advantage and move to the west, I wish her to do so it will perhaps be the best for my wife to make sale of some of the personal estate and put the money to the best use she can mato promote the interest of all of my children. If my wife gets married again it is my will that my executor shall immediately take possession of everything except what the law allows my wife and make sale of it and put the money on interest till my youngest child is of age and let it be equally divided among all my children and he shall then have the management of the plantation to sell it to the best advantage to promote the interests of all my children as it is my will that my plantation shall not be cut to pieces, but all sold together.

I also leave in the hands of my executor one ____ beast saddles and bridle, one bed, one cow and calf to afford some assistance to my daughter Amy Buck, not one dollar of which shall be under the controls of David Buck or sold to pay any of his debts. And I do hereby appoint my son George Wampler my lawful Executor. In Witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of September 1841.

s. John Wampler

If my son George Wampler shall stay and work on my farm till he is 21 years of age, it is my will that he shall be paid fifty dollars per year for the two last years of his time to be paid out of my money that may be made out of my estate and it is my wish that my two younger sons shall have the same chance if they will stay and obey their mother and if not, I wish my executor to bind them out to some good trade. Witness my hand and seal.

s. John Wampler

Abraham Wampler
Charles Comer

I, John Wampler, do hereby _____[ammend] this article to the above my last will and testament, that if either of my two younger sons shall refuse to comply with the above offer that I make to my son George Wampler to stay at home and obey their mother till they are 21 years of age that they shall not be paid but twenty five dollars per year for the time that they stay after they are nineteen years of age and if either of my two younger sons leave their mother at the age of nineteen years of age they shall have as much as I give my sone Joel Wampler, and no more, and the house or any property they get to be rated as high in proportion to the value as I charged my sone Joel for the property he got. Witness my hand and seal March 25, 1844.

s. John Wampler

Witnessed by George Porter and Sophia Nys

Virginia at a court held for Wythe County at the courthouse on Monday 8 July 1844.

This the last will and testament of John Wampler, deceased, was proved according to law and by the oaths of Abraham Wampler and Charles Comer the subscribing witnesses thereto, and the codicil was proved by the oaths of George Porter and Sophia Nye the witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded; and the executor named in the said will having appeared in court and refused to take upon himself the burthen of the execution thereof; On the motion of Susanna Wampler, the widow of said John Wampler dec'd, who made oath and together with Peter Hackler, George Porter, George Wampler, Abraham Buck and Jacob Stanger her securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $4,000 conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted the said Susanna Wampler for obtaining letters of administration on the said decedents estate with the wil ____[ammended] in due form.

Teste. J. P. Mathews C. C.

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