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The Wampler/Wampfler Genealogy Site Preface

ii. Preface

Last update: 09/23/2011

Purpose: These pages are intended to be an open resource of information, genealogical data, biographical data and sources for the Wampler/Wampfler surname in America.

Navagating the Web Site: The pages of this web site are all referenced directly or indirectly on the "Table of Contents" page. In the case of the surname and given name indices, only the first files of the alphabetically sorted list are referenced. In a few other cases, a group of files may be referenced via a separate listing page, for example the list of files of indices for the Barbara S. Wampler Newsletters. The Coat-of-Arms icon labeled "HOME" (upper-left & lower center of each page) will take your browser to the "Table of Contents" page.

Downloading or Printing the Site: You may download the pages from this web site and/or print them for off-line use. You may not sell copies of these pages. Each page should print with a reference number or label in the upper righthand corner referring back to the corresponding label on the "Table of Contents" page. Except for the database itself, the printed copy of all of the other materials fits in a single 1" notebook. The database itself is not very convenient to use in printed form. All of the database pages and the indices to them with cross links are on the same directory. This material can then be easily browsed off line as long as all of the files are on the same directory.

Caution: These pages are compiled from information from many sources and no attempt has been made to verify the information. Indeed, in some cases major sources did not correlate as indicated in the entries by references enclosed in {} symbols or by notation lines within the entries. The reference abbreviations and some examples of well documented genealogical research can be found on the bibliography page, and, in particular, on the page of anotated references.

History: A personal note from the author about the history of this web site is detailed here.

Acknowledgements: The information presented on these pages is taken from a variety of sources. However, particular recognition and appreciation is due Terry L. Wampler (Cherryhill, NC) who provided a large Microsoft Excel database of entries and J. M. Wampler of Chamblee, Georgia, who provided copies of materials compiled by his brother Galin L. Wampler who died in 1994. These data have been supplemented by many other contributors and by published materials given in the bibliography and acknowledged in the newsletters. The photograph of the Wampfler coat-of-arms from the wall of the city building in Lenk, Switzerland, was provided by John M. Wampler of Nashville, TN.

Dedications: These pages are dedicated to our ancestors and to the many people who have made contributions including the prior work of those sources cited in the bibliography.

Archival Copies: Archival copies of the entire set of information on this web site are kept by the individuals listed on the archives page, Appendix A.4.

This material is not for commercial use or sale.

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