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Table of Contents, Book 4

Last update: 02/05/'04
1.8.B.2.d Book 4

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Wamplers 80 years old and beyond 1
Thomas Benton Wampler/Martha Jane Amers, family 8
John Anderson Wampler/Malinda Ann Clark, family 9
Wampler Records from Dorothy Hamm 10
Jessica Dawn Ely, birth 10
Franklin Wampler daughter, birth 10
John Anderson Wampler/Malinda Ann Clark, addenda 10
Wampler Reunion, Des Plaines IL 1978 11
County Records, York Co PA 11
Theodore Wampler/Darlene Panciera marriage photo 12
Joseph Wampler letter to son Robert B 12
Mary Lenora Wampler records 13
County Records, Morgan Co IN, marriages 13
Lewis Abel/ Elizabeth Wampler quirey 14
Census, Indiana 1850 16
County Records, Montgomery Co, VA 16
Swiss Wamplers 16
Census, VA counties 1850 16
Photo Page 16
Barbara Ann Wampler, application for Widow's Penson 17
Odds and Ends 19
County Records, Auglaize Co OH 20
Fellowship of Brethren Geealogists 20
Herbert D. Wampler family 20
Census, Montgomery Co OH 1850 21
Census, Russell Co VA 1850 22
Census, Lawrence Co IL 1840 22
Ronald Wampler, stone carver 22
Miami Valley Ohio Pioneers 22
David Jonathan Hylle birth 23
Wamplers in "Pennsylvania Oaths of Allegiance" 23
Cemetery Records, Alexander , Owen Co IN 23
County Records, York Co PA 24
Military records, Lord Dunsmore war 25
County Records, Monroe Co IN, deeds 25
County Records, Greene Co IN, marriages 25
County Records, Morgan Co IN, Deaths 25
Esther Elizabeth Wampler/John Merideth Stucky family 26
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wampler quirey 27
Donars list 27
Joseph Beattie Wampler/ Elizabeth Leitz family 28
John Wampler/Magdalena Garber family 29
William Creed Wampler ancestors 29
Valentine Wampler/Angelina Rawlins family 30
Cemetery Records, Fairview, Jack co TX 30
County Records, Parker Co TX 30
Cemetery Records, Old Greenwood, Weatherford TX 30
Thomas Jeffereson Wampler/Nancy Ray family 31
John Wampler/Magdalena Garber family 33
Jonas Wampler family 35
John Wampler/Magdalena Garber family 35
Reunion, undate Des Plaines IL 1978 37
Andrew Wampler/Margaret Cowden family 37

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