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Table of Contents, Newsletter 4

Last update: 02/05/'04
1.8.B.2.h Newsletter 4

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Barbara S. Wampler's "Wampler Ancestors and Descendents in America, Newsletter 4"
Item page
Cecil Ross Wampler 50th anniversary 1
Revolutionary War records 1
Odds and Ends 1
Immigrants 1741 & 1747 1
County Records, Wythe Co VA, Marriages 1
Church Records, Hill Church, PA 1
County Records, Wythe Co VA, Marriages 2
County Records, Monroe Co IN 2
County changes in VA 2
Henry Wampler, Will abstract 2
Martha Victoria Wampler death 2
Cemetery records, Covey, Lawrence Co IN 2
County Records, Lawrence Co, IN 2
County Records, Owen Co IN 2
Virgie L Wampler quiry 2
Ernest Ray Wampler family records 3
County Records, Nodaway Co MO 3
Josiah Wampler, Will abstract 3
Leonard Littz, Will abstract 4
Josiah Wampler/Elizabeth M. Leitz family 4
Thomas Wampler/Lillie Collier bible records 5
Dorothy Marie Cantrell Hamm bio 5
Recipe- Beer Bread 5
David Wampler family 5
Mike Wampler baby born 5
Henry Wampler, Civil War record 5
Galen E. Wampler/Bethany Hainey family 6
Marriages, Indiana 1958 7
Marriages, Indiana 1959 7
Marriages, Indiana 1960 7
Norma Wampler Girias family 7
William Wampler will abstract 8
William Wampler/Julia Ann Zunbrum family 8
Christian Wampler Jr deed to Jesse Wampler 9
John W. Wampler/Hannah Edith Wampler family bible 10
Dicy Mae Wampler Curry death 11
Correction re. Lovice Wampler 11
Note on -in ending of surname for unmarried women 11
Swiss Wamplers 11
County Records, Lawrence Co, IN 11
John Franklin Wampler/Susan Cline family 12
Elizabeth Wampler Olvis death 12
Note to Mollie Wampler Yost 12

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